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It was my sixteenth birthday,and I had been dating Cato for about 7 months.

I was home alone,since my mother works as a Peacekeeper in District 6 and my father is Head Peacekeeper in District 10. I wasn't really planning on doing anything,but I got up to check the door

when the doorbell rang.

My face lit up in a bright smile as soon as I saw Cato,holding a tin full of red candy. I invited him in and laughed as he picked me up and spun me around.

I sat down on the couch after he spun me and I invited him to sit by me. As soon as he sat down, his lips were by my ear. He whispered to me," Happy birthday,Clove. Here's some candy for you,my Crimson Queen." I gave him a deep kiss on his lips and laughed.

As I popped a piece of the candy in my mouth,I laughed. It was my favorite type of candy,and it was,as always, spicy but with a hint of sweetness. I tossed Cato one and he caught it in his mouth. I whispered in his ear our joke about this candy," Oh Cato, of course you'd pick the one candy that mirrors your personality." He smiled and wrapped his arm around me.

It was Saturday, so we had the day off from training. I pulled him out the door and headed over to my family's stables. We had 5 horses,all fully trained to be fast as lightning. I tacked up my horse, Thorn,and tacked up my father's horse, Lark, and handed the reins over to Cato. As I mounted Thorn, Cato was standing in the door way of the barn, a pouty expression on his face. I laughed and Cato said, " That's not fair you get Thorn,the best horse in the barn!" I just rolled my eyes and sighed.

"Well,Cato,you wanna race or not?" He sighed and mounted Lark and I said," First one to the pond wins!" and I took off. I turned around and stuck my tongue out at him. It was about five miles to the pond,so it was pretty far,even for Thorn,who was the horse with the most endurance in the barn.

As I dismounted Thorn at the pond to let him drink,I laughed as Cato rushed through the bushes. I smirked and said," Yay!I won!" Cato just shook his head and dismounted Lark to let her drink. I sighed with happiness and got a small patchwork quilt out of my saddlebag and spread it out on the grass. I flopped down on it and patted the space next to me. I gasped in awe as the sun was starting to set. Cato entwined his hand with mine and kissed me gently on the lips. "Today has been the best birthday ever,Cato." Then we stayed wrapped in eachother's arms until the sun set.

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