AN: First I just wanted to say that I changed the image for this fic to something that is from the actual comic. Second the first six chapters won't deviate from the original plot too much. (Those were my favorite issues) Third the characterization might be a bit off from time to time, and I apologize for that in advance. And finally, as I forgot to mention it in my first chapter, there will be eventual character death. I may not follow the comics in the same way with the character death, but there will certainly be character death. Other than that, enjoy.

Pride & Joy

Part 2

The kids stared down at their parents through the one-way mirror. Quinn squeezed Rachel's hand while using her free hand to muffle the singer's scream. The six of them continued to watch, hoping, praying that their parents wouldn't start getting any ideas. Their hearts started racing as the twelve adults gathered round the mirror, staring them all in the eye.

"It sounded like… screaming," Mr. Chang pointed out.

"The Catacombs!" Mr. Evans exclaimed. Gabrielle gasped and grabbed onto Rachel's other hand. The kids shared glances and quickly, but quietly went back from where they came.

"Catacombs?" Hiram Berry questioned angrily. "You ensured us this place was secure!"

"Don't act so smug," Mr. Evans retorted, still facing the mirror. "It's not like you don't have tunnels in your lair."

"Relax boys," Mrs. Avery pips in. "It's probably just psychic residue from the sacrifice. It's common," she ensures, but the rest of the adults aren't convinced.

"Regardless we have to be sure. Russell, Judy, sweep out the tunnels," Mr. Evans ordered. "Sweetheart," he now spoke to his wife. "Why don't you check up on the kids?" She nodded and left the library, ready to make her way upstairs just as the kids were doing the same.

"God forbid those kids see us like this," Mr. Avery voiced out, leaning into one of the bookshelves as his wife put a hand on his shoulder. He took a deep breath as she leaned his head down.

"We always knew they'd find out sooner or later," Mr. Chang pointed out.

"But they're not ready!" Mrs. Cohen-Chang argued. "They're not supposed to find out about this until they're eighteen!"

"It's what the Abstract dictates," Leroy Berry adds.

"It's okay, everyone," Mr. Evans says. "I'm sure our kids are just fine."

Upstairs: 9:51 P.M.

"Sam?" Mrs. Evans calls as she ascends the stairs. When she reaches the top she hears a lot of movement, and arguing. "Are you okay up here?" she asks, slowly approaching the game room. No one answered, and she reached out for the doorknob. When she opened it she found her son as well as all of the other kids in a pile on the floor over a Twister mat. "Sam, are you all alright?" she asked uncertainly at the unexpected scene.

"Yeah, just playing one of your old games," the blonde boy replied as he crawled his way out of the heap of kids. "And you say that some of my games are inappropriate," he added for that extra sense of believability, earning a blush from Rachel, who had just seconds ago had her butt in Quinn's face. "Why, is there something wrong?"

"No, we just heard screaming and thought- Nevermind," she put on a bright, fake smile. "As long as everything's okay. We're almost done, so you guys might want to finish up your game." She stepped back through the door. "Just try not to break anything," she finished, closing the door and heading back downstairs.

The kids shared sighs of relief.

"Do you think she bought it?"

"I don't know."

"I've never run that fast in my life, not even during Cheerios practice."

"I think I'm sick." They all looked down at Gabrielle who was still on her knees on the Twister mat. She hand one arm around her stomach and her other hand covering her mouth. Rachel crouched down and got to her knees as well. She placed her arms around Gabrielle's shoulders and pulled the other brunette in for a comforting hug.

"It's okay," she said, as she rubbed circles on the younger girl's back while Quinn fought the urge to glare at her.

"Okay?" Sam yelled, incredulously. "We just saw our parents kill someone!"

"Hey! It was your dad who stabbed her!" Mike pointed out.

"What? So it's only my parents who are evil?"

"Maybe; all I know is that my parents aren't!"

"Yeah, well-"

"Both of you shut up!" Rachel screamed, causing both boys to still. "Can't you see Gabby's not feeling well?" She released Gabrielle to shoot disapproving looks at the two of them. "Quinn, help me get her up." The blonde complied and bent over to get her squad mate up onto the couch. Rachel sat down next to her and Quinn went back to the rest of the group, uncertain how much more she could take.

"Besides," Tina chirped in, "It's probably not the best idea to be yelling about that with them within earshot. No telling, what they'd do to us if they find out we know." Mike opened his mouth at her accusations of their parents being evil, but decided against it. There was a silent agreement that regardless of whether their parents were super-villains or not, it wouldn't be wise to talk about it where they could listen in. They sat in awkward silence until Russell Fabray opened the door.

"We're just about done kids. Did you have fun Quinnie?"

"Yes, Daddy."

From further down the hall, Tina's dad came down lugging a large trunk. He stopped in front of the door and placed it down. "Tina, can some of your friends please help me in bringing this down to the car? It's a lot heavier than I thought."

"Um, sure. I guess. What's in it?"

"Just some antiques that the Evans' were generous enough to donate," he explained.

"Quinn and I can do it," Rachel jumped in after she was done tending to Gabrielle, who fortunately none of the adults had noticed. "Due to my morning routine I'm surprisingly strong for my size. And Quinn has built amazing upper body strength through cheerleading," she said with a fake, but believable smile.

"Yeah," Quinn joined in. "Coach Sylvester's practices are a great workout," she said while flexing her muscles, something that Rachel would have found cute if it hadn't been for the frightening situation that they had found themselves in.

"Just be careful Quinnie. Wouldn't want you girls getting hurt."

The pair shared worried looks before Tina's father handed them his car keys. They lifted up the trunk, exited the room and slowly descended the stairs. They were quiet, and even when they were out of ear shot, decided not to speak until they were safely outside.

"You don't think that- that's she's…" Rachel nodded towards the trunk they were holding.

"Don't be silly, Rach." Quinn shook her head.

"Quinn?" The blonde ignored her. "Quinn please. I think we need to talk about this. I've got all our numbers, so I'll text you all later so we can meet up," she proposed. Quinn still had her head turned away, but she knew that she wouldn't be able to deny Rachel her request.

Lima Community Parking Lot: 1:03 A.M.

"Where is she?" Quinn questioned aloud. Rachel had said to meet up and 1:00 and she was never late, but so far only Mike, Sam and herself were at the meeting place. The two boys were leaning against a fence while Quinn paced, worriedly. She checked her phone every few seconds for the time, a possible text or call. It was probably a bit irrational, but she couldn't help but worry.

"Hey," someone called out. Quinn turned to the voice and felt a wave of relief wash over her as Rachel walked towards her with Tina in tow. "Tina doesn't have her permit yet, so I had to pick her up," she explained. "We should start."

"Wait, what about Gabrielle?" Sam questioned.

"She texted me back saying that she wasn't feeling well."

"And you just told her it'd be okay?" This time it was Tina who spoke. "Just because she's the youngest doesn't mean you should baby her, Rachel. She's only a few months younger than me," she pointed out.

"She wasn't feeling well!"

"Because she couldn't accept that our parents are evil."

"Our parents aren't evil!" Quinn yelled, tired of such accusations. "My family's Christian. We go to church every Sunday. My parents donate to charities. They couldn't be evil," she spoke, unconvincingly.

"Well, I'm sorry Little Miss Princess, but do you really think that any family can be that perfect?"

"I never said they were perfect!" the blonde spat. "And we don't even know what was happening down there! It could have been some stupid game!" she concluded weakly.

"Yeah, I think she's right," Mike agreed. "Who's to say that our parents don't have a weird superhero obsession like Sam here?"

"Like I'm the only one who likes superheroes? Besides, did that girl look like she was acting?" No one answered. "Thought so. I think we should call the police." His words caused another slew of arguments to arise as the five of them yelled at on another for a time.

"You know, forget it!" Mike yelled causing everyone to quiet. "We're not getting anywhere. I say we put it to a vote," he suggested. "All in favor of calling the cops?"

"Wait, what about Gabby? She should have just as much say in this as we do."

"We can't wait for her Rachel." The brunette reluctantly agreed. "Anyway, all in favor of calling the cops?" Tina's hand shot up with Sam's soon following. "All opposed?" Mike raised his own hand with a pale hand joining it. "Rachel?" he questioned as she was the only one who had yet to vote.

"Think about it Rach," Quinn piped in. "Your dads' are the nicest people I've ever met." Brown eyes met hazel ones, as Quinn tried to convince Rachel to forget everything they saw. "You know they'd never kill anyone." The tiny singer nodded her head slowly.

"I know, but…" she trailed off for a second. "But, that girl… she wasn't much older than we are." She broke eye contact with Quinn when she noticed the light in her eyes fade. "I think that we should at least look into it for her sake."

"Well that settle it," Sam declared as he pulled out his phone. He dialed the number and waited until some on the other end picked up.

"Homicide Two, Douglas."

"Hello, I'd like to report a murder. My parents and a bunch of their friends just killed a girl in our library," he said calmly. The officer on the other line asked him to describe what he saw in further detail. "My friends and I wanted to see what our parents did when they got together. They were dressed weird and they were preforming some sort of ritual," he said quickly as the others stared him down for letting certain words slip out.

"Dressed weird and rituals, huh?" the officer question, clearly un-amused. "Let me guess, they had secret passages too? You almost had me going kid, but we get calls like this all the time."

"But I'm serious!"

"Even if you are, we're just cops. We're not trained for this kind of thing," he explained. "You should try getting in touch with the Avengers. I think they've got a number."

"I know! I've been calling it since I was seven! It's only an answering machine! Hello? Hello? Fuck!" He put his phone away and locked eyes with the others. "Looks like we're on our own." Mike shook his head and turned to walk away. "Hey where are you going?"

"I'm not a part of this," the Asian boy simply said. "I'm not convinced that our parents are evil, and even if they were we have no way to stop them."

"All we need is evidence," Tina replied.

"Yeah," Sam agreed. "But we don't have anything."

"Actually," Rachel spoke up, instinctively raising her hand. "I think we might."


"Quinn please." The blonde dropped her and allowed to continue. "That trunk that Quinn and I help Tina's dad with. I think the girl is…"

"You think?" The brunette nodded.

"All of you stop, don't you think they'd get rid of the evidence?" Mike asked with a shrug.

"Actually, I saw them bring it in when we got home. It should still be there."

"If you guys are really going to go through with this, at least let me drive."

Freeway: 1:59 A.M.

"I'm starting to think this is a bad idea," Tina said while in the back of Mike's car. The boy in the driver's seat groaned out, and was tempted to slam his head onto the steering wheel.

"Why?" Rachel asked.

"Because we're going back to my parent's lair," she answered. "Shouldn't we be going in the opposite direction?" Rachel knew, if they were correct, that Tina's point was quite valid. She chose not to answer and was glad when the girl sitting next to her didn't push her for one. The singer just hoped that Quinn and Mike were right and that they were just overreacting.

"Why couldn't we have taken my car?" Quinn whined in front.

"Cause I'm not driving your car," Mike answer, suppressing a laugh.

"I could have driven."

"Yeah, but I'm oldest. As such I'm responsible for you guys.

The Cohen-Chang Residence: 2:43 A.M.

The five kids descended the stairs to the basement of Tina's house. They already searched through the first floor and parts of the second floor. Though they had yet to stumble upon the trunk from earlier nor anything that would prove to be even the slightest bit incriminating.

"How can you're parents sleep through all this?" Mike whispered after lifted his foot off an unusually squeaky step. Tina shrugged and continued to lead them down. There were tons of cases down here, and although none matched the one they were looking for it looked far more promising than the upper two floors.

Quinn took hold of Rachel's arm and took her to the far side of the basement as the other three searched near the stairs. Case after case was opened only to reveal antiques, family mementos, or random junk. The cheerleader felt relief wash over her. It was clearly all just a big misunderstanding. She felt a smile tugging at her lips when Rachel called them over.

"What is it?"

"It's one of those security keypads."

"Well if they're going to hide anything it's going to be in there."

"But we don't know the password."

"Well it looks like it has five digits," they all nodded and hummed in agreement. "And it has a three, a four, and a seven." Quinn turned around to see the others quirking their eyebrows at her.

"How do you know that?" Rachel was the one to ask.

"Well those keys are bit darker than the rest," the blonde pointed out. "It's from the oil on your fingertips."

"You're like a detective. That's so cool." Quinn turned away to hide her blush.


"I've got it!" Tina exclaimed before clapping her hands over her mouth for being a bit loud. She dropped her hands and continued, "It's Pride," she said although no one seemed to understand. "The password; it's Pride, the name of their little group" The four others share skeptical looks. "I know it's unoriginal but that's how my parents are. Trust me."

"You know if we get caught, we're dead."

"I know." They parted, letting her through. She punched in the code and they heard an affirmative click. "See," she boasted, as part of the wall moved off to the side.

"Can't believe it actually worked."

"Wonder what's inside."

They started to make their way inside and froze when something roared and rushed out at them.