The rivalry has been going for what feels like forever. It's always bickering and sabotaging. Why can't our kingdoms get along? I'm Princess Isabella Swan of Arizonishire and I'm going to turn eighteen in a month. For centuries, my kingdom and our neighbor kingdom, Forkshire, has been in verbal war. I tried forever to persuade my father to stop this stupid war and make a truce between our two kingdoms, but it hasn't happened yet. I begged and cried but he just wouldn't budge.

This war started in the mid 1800s. My father is King Charles the Third. His grandfather, King Charles, had a bitter rival, King Harold of Forkshire. Trade was big during their time. Many people started to trade goods and other products around the world. Arizonishire and Forkshire both had common goods most people needed. The two kingdoms competed against each other on who would have the most traders come to their kingdom during the trading season. Every year they were neck and neck. After the first two years they declared war on each other. Both kingdoms were small in population and still are today, so they didn't have enough soldiers to start an actual war. Most wars that broke out between small kingdoms ended up in a verbal war.

The war is at its peak now. That means that the war, to me, is getting out of hand, but to everyone else it's a time for celebrating. A ball is arranged for this evening. I'm forced to attend this horrible gathering. I'm currently in a make-up chair while my best friend, Alice Brandon, fixes my hair and does my makeup. I love Alice but she can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

"Okay, Bella... almost... done..." she said as she applied eye glitter and blush on my face."Ta da! I'm done!" She showed me a mirror and I have to admit I do not look half bad. She applied eyeliner, light colored eye shadow, mascara, and glitter on my eyes, reddish-pink lipstick under clear lip gloss to bring out shine on my lips, and blush to hide my real blush I usually reveal at every social gathering. Alice didn't need to apply a lot of make-up on my face because she says I have "natural beauty" but I bet she only says that to make me feel better. My hair went down to the middle of my back in loose curls. My tiara was placed at the top of my head. It had blue sapphires and an opal in the middle part of the tiara. The intricate loops and swirls make it look elegant. Alice helped me in my ball gown. The gown was a blue halter with sparkles all over the skirt and a bow on my waist. This was designed none other than Alice herself. I hate it when she goes overboard with the dresses. This dress is way too poufy for my standards, but it fits me very well. But the shoes will kill me. I mean stilettos? What was Alice thinking? I'm the clumsiest princess Arizonishire has ever had. I mean I'm a princess I'm supposed to be graceful and beautiful. Well, I'm definitely neither of those. I have boring brown hair and boring brown eyes, and my skin's is almost as pale as a vampire's. There's nothing really unique about me that makes me stand out from the rest of the crowd. I sighed as I twirled around in my dress.

"Thank you, Alice," I said as I hugged her.

"You're welcome, Bella," She said as we released our embrace. She looked at me. "I can't believe you don't think your beautiful Bells, come on, you're the most gorgeous girl in the kingdom." I smiled and thanked her again.

I waited outside the double doors to the grand entrance. My nerves started kicking in. The last event we had I tripped on the stairs and had gotten a broken leg.

"Hey, honey, you okay?" my mother asked throwing me into her warm and welcoming embraces.

"Yes, I'm fine," I said trying to make my voice stay calm. She looked worried.

"Bella, if you think you are going to trip, I could asked one of the guards to escort you..."

"No, Mom it's fine. I'll watch my feet."

"You better. The last time you fell almost gave me a heart attack."

"I'll be careful, I promise." Just after I said that, my father came over to us and hugged us both in a tight embrace.

"I can't believe the war has made it so far throughout these years," he said. I tried to hide my grimace. The trumpets sounded which signaled us to make our way through the doors.

"Announcing Queen Renee and King Charles the Third." Mom and Dad walked gracefully down the stairs, and stood behind the grand podium. I took a deep breath and waited my turn.

"Announcing Princess Isabella." I walked down the stairs trying to stay as graceful as I could be. I looked at my feet the entire time I walked down. I looked up to see people clapping. I smiled and went to join my parents.

"As you all know," my dad said to the people in front of us, "the war is at its peak." A few whistles and clapping came from the audience. "This has happened before with my father, King Charles the Second, but he was unsuccessful of ending the war, and I believe that I will be able to end the war with victory!" Everyone cheered. Then he explained how the war started and yeah... Then the band started playing some so of classical song. I walked around the ballroom and mingled with other people, and then I saw him. I walked quickly the other direction watching my feet the entire time.

"Hello Princess!" I froze and turned around slowly.

"Uh... hi Tyler," I said softly. He bowed and I did a small curtsy.

"Wow! You look fantastic!" He said while looking at me from my feet to my face.

"Thanks. Uh... you don't look so bad yourself." Sir Tyler has a crush on me. He would never leave me alone. He's cute but he's the second most annoying person on the planet in my opinion. The first is Mike. I internally shuddered.

"Oh Isabella!" *sigh* Thank the Lord!

"Sorry Tyler, someone's calling me."

"Okay, um... bye!" he said with a little disappointment. Jeez, can't he see I'm not interested in him? Even my parents noticed I'm not. He walked away. Alice came running toward me with Jasper, her boyfriend, in tow.

"Thank you so much Alice," I said with enthusiasm.

"Um... I don't know what I did but you're welcome!" she said while bouncing up and down like a pogo stick, while Jasper was trying to calm her down.

"You saved me from Tyler," I said with acidly on his name.

"Oh! Well, screw you're welcome! Bella, you are very, very welcome!" I laughed along with Jasper. Alice was still bouncing.

"Bella!" I froze. Alice stopped bouncing. Crap! It's Mike. Alice quickly led me through the crowd.

"I'll distract him you go outside." Alice said. I nodded and hurried through the double doors that led outside. As I halted to a stop and looked back to see if the coast is clear. I sighed in relief. I started to turn around but all of a sudden, I ran into someone. I fell to the floor and heard a gasp.

"Oh my gosh, are you okay?" said a velvety voice. I looked up to see the most gorgeous green eyes I have ever seen.