Finding fate.

Hey, this is my new story; this may cause readers to be upset and uncomfortable as it has mentions of child abuse and rape inside of it. You have been warned. This is about, Esme and Carlisle adopting children, Emmett Bella and Alice come from a horrible background of child abuse and rape. Will they find true happiness?

Chapter 1.

Esme's POV.

"I'm so sorry, Carlisle, Esme, but you can't have children; Esme, after the um…accident, your womb was damaged beyond repair, I'm so sorry." Dr Snow said and left the room.

I burst into tears, sobbing un controllably. Carlisle held me tightly. I looked up at his face, tears ran down his cheeks.

We couldn't have children, ever. What would we do? I'm 22, married and unable to give the gift of life. All Carlisle and I had ever asked for was children, a happy family life. It was so unfair.

I left the room feeling empty, February 17th 2012, the day I lost my children that I would never have.

Emmett's POV.

"Mommy please." I cried. She slapped me again. I cried harder.

"Emmett! You'll be the death of me!" She yelled.

"You know Renee, I read about one Mommy whose son got so annoying that she forced him to lie on the stove and watched him burn." Daddy smiled.

Mommy smiled too.

"Please don't!" I wailed.

She turned on the stove, the blue and orange flames tormented me.

Mommy tried to pick me up. I clung on to her, trying not to let go.

"Get off me you brat!" She growled.

"Please! I'm sorry Mommy!" I sobbed.

She let go of me and grabbed my left arm, she tugged it until it was above the flames, I could feel the heat licking my skin. I squirmed in her grasp, she plunged my arm into the fire. I cried more. She covered my mouth and laughed. Finally she let go, I yanked my arm to my chest, blowing on the angry red burn. It hurt so bad.

Mommy grabbed my sides and twisted me round to look, Daddy was getting closer to Bella, she was forcing me to watch Daddy hurt Bella. I wailed.

"Shut him up!" Daddy snapped.

Mommy shoved a dirty rag into my mouth; it had been used to wash the toilet. Yuck. She held it there.

Bella's POV.

I heard Emmett crying more, that's all I listened to, I couldn't bear to listen to Mommy and Daddy. I kept my eyes shut tight. I could feel Daddy's presence getting closer and closer to me. He did naughty things to me and Alice. But Alice was at Granny's today.

Only Emmett and I are home, being tormented by Mommy and Daddy.

I blocked out all of the pain as Daddy entered me, I blocked out all of my senses. I went numb.

Carlisle's POV.

"John, I don't know what to do!" I complained to my friend John.

"Well, you could adopt kids, the nearest adoption place is in Washington, so you'd have to move to be in that area." He said.

"That's it!" I smiled and hugged him. I ran to my car and rushed home to Esme.

"Great news." I kissed her.

"What?" She kissed me back.

"Adoption." I smiled.

"Carlisle, there are no adoption centres for miles."

"I know, but John told me about one in Washington, he said that you have to live in the area." I explained. She gave me a confused look. "Think about it love, we can get away from here a whole new beginning, with kids and you can decorate a new house. It'll be perfect." She caught on quickly.

"Oh Carlisle!" She wrapped her arms around me.

"Honey, how many kids do we want?" She said. I couldn't help but smile.

"I'm not sure, not just 1 but no more than 4." I said.

"So a 6 bedroom then? 4 kids bedrooms just in case it is 4, one bedroom for us and a play room or a guest room." She asked.

"Perfect." I nodded and kissed her nose.

We went on the Washington adoption centre website and got a phone number.

"Hello, Washington adoption centre, how may I help you?" I woman answered.

"Hello, My name's Dr Carlisle Cullen and I would like to come and visit, to look around and maybe adopt." I said, sounding excited.

"Well, I'll be very happy to help you Dr Cullen, my name's Jade, I manage this place. When are you thinking of coming?" She asked me.

"In about a month." I said.

"Brilliant, are you bringing anyone with you, such as a spouse?"

"Yes, my wife Esme." I smiled and winked at her.

"Wonderful, now what are your e-mail addresses?" She asked me.

"Well mine is and my Esme's is ."

"Thank you, I will e-mail you both some forms to fill out online and some people to call, then give you the all clear to visit, will that be okay?" Jade asked.

"Yes, that's brilliant, thank you."

I hung up.

We would be going to Washington next week to look at houses and hopefully buy one. I couldn't believe this was happening.

Alice's POV.

Granny dropped me off at the end of the drive way, I tiptoed to the door, scared.

I opened the door quietly. I heard a slap and a Bella sounding wail. I crept inside.

"Alice! Get in here now!" Daddy yelled from the living room.

"Please don't." Emmett whispered. Daddy probably kicked him because I heard a thump and a yelp.

"Stop hurting him!" Bella yelled bravely.

I reluctantly went into the living room. Emmett was lay on his back on the floor in a ripped faded orange shirt and torn up grubby jeans that ended just above his ankles. He had a very red cheek and more bruises on his stomach, I could see through the rip. He also had an angry burn on his left arm. He looked tired out.

Bella was sat next to him in a holey white vest and grubby denim cut offs. She had some new bruises on her arms and legs, they were in the shape of hands. She too looked drained.

Daddy was in the arms chair in his work suit. Mommy was on the sofa in her nice jeans and white blouse.

I stood in the middle of the room before them.

"Did you have a nice time Alice?" Mommy asked.

"Yes Mommy." I said, making sure not to look into her eyes.

"Did you hide your bruises?" She asked.

"Yes Mommy." I said again.

"Good, now come here." Daddy barked.

I gulped and stepped forwards.

He leaned into my face, he grabbed my jaw and kissed me sloppily on the lips.

"Get off her!" Emmett yelled from the floor.

He let go and stood up, Mommy kicked him in the leg. He hissed in pain.

Daddy bent down to his level and pulled him up, he grabbed a fist of his shirt and pulled him close to his face.

"Now listen her boy, you better shut the fuck up or God help me I'll kill you." He spat in his face.

Emmett glared at him and spat back.

Daddy threw him across the room, into the table, he was knocked out.

"Emmett!" Me and Bella screamed.

"Shut up girls! Or do you want round 2?" He hissed.

We shook our heads.

"Good, no get me a beer and your Mother a wine, NOW!" He barked.

We rushed off into the kitchen and got them their drinks. Bella got Daddy's beer and poured it into a glass I did the same with Mommy's wine.

Bella climbed up the counter and reached for the sleeping pills.

"Keep watch!" She whispered to me. I ran to the kitchen door and listened and watched for anyone coming.

Bella got a kitchen knife and chopped the pills in half and poured the powder into the glasses, 4 each! She got a knife and stirred them, mixing in the powder.

She gave me Mommy's wine and she took Daddy's beer. We walked in and gave them to them silently.

Within half an hour they were both asleep.

We ran over to Emmett.

I shook him. Bella shook him. His eyes opened.

I hugged him tight.

"Are you okay?" Bella asked him.

"Yeah, fine, what's going on?" He squeezed his eyes open again.

"We're leaving, Mommy and Daddy are asleep, I used the sleeping pill trick." Bella said.

"We have to go!" I whispered.

We helped Emmett out from under the table and crept upstairs.

Emmett's POV.

I crept into Mommy's and Daddy's room and grabbed a huge sports bag. It would do. I grabbed tons of socks of Mommy's and Daddy's, they would be too big but oh well. I took some of their t-shirts and vests to wear. I grabbed a few blankets and pillows too. Then I took Daddy's mobile phone and stuffed it in my pocket. I took a photo album too. I went into our bedroom I put the bag on our mattress.

"Get all your clothes and shoes and put them in here!" I whispered urgently.

They dove into the pile of clothes in the corner, we have about 3 outfits each.

The bag didn't have much room now. We crept back downstairs then, I took off some coats and put Daddy's on and gave Alice and Bella one of Mommy's each, they put them on. I gave them some hat scarfs and gloves too.

I went into the living room, they were still asleep, I sneaked out a laptop bag from behind the sofa. I rushed into the kitchen and grabbed a few loafs of bread, some cheese, butter. Cookies, crisps and some water bottles. I filled them all up. I stuffed it all in the laptop bag. I rushed back to the hall.

"Bella you'll need to carry this." She nodded.

I grabbed Mommy's handbag and emptied it, I put Daddy's phone into it and her purse back in. I found Daddy's wallet and put that in too. I emptied the savings jar and tipped it onto the bag. I went back to the girls and gave Alice the handbag and an umbrella. I grabbed the house keys and grabbed slung the huge sports back over my chest, it was so heavy, I nearly fell over. We rushed out of the door. We walked into town. As far away from that house as we knew how too.

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