A/N: Hey! It's me again with another Jisbon story! I would be working on the other one but I'm kinda stuck on what to do with it. Anyway, this takes place in the episode, "Red Sky at Night", the one where we first see Bertram. So spoilers for that.

Oh, and it is in both Lisbon and Jane's point of view in this chappie. Most of the things in italics are Lisbon's thoughts. The whole story isn't going to be a case-fic, but the first few chapters have scenes from that one episode. Oh, and it might be a little boring at first. It'll get better, I promise. And I added some extra things in there that didn't actually happen in the episode. I also changed some dialogue, too.

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Lisbon glanced over at the city cops as he said, "You can't park there." She rolled her eyes and listened to what her curly haired consultant had to say in reply to that instead of the person who she was on the phone with.

"Sure I can," he said as he continued walking, then pointing his finger towards his baby blue Citroen, "Look,"

She had to smile at that. Lisbon watched as he walked over to her, past the bloodied hood of the car to where she was crouching over the dead body. She quickly glanced back down and snapped her phone shut, putting it back into the pocket of her jacket.

"There you are!" Lisbon said with annoyance lining her words.

"Here I am," he said simply. God, he was infuriating sometimes. "Morning,"

He noticed her facial expression and asked, "Why so glum?"

"This is Harvey Dublin," she handed him a picture of a chubby man with a head topped with fluffy white hair.

She turned back towards the body that was sprawled on the ground in the alleyway, three bullets in his chest. "That's his chauffeur, Peter Russo with three bullets in 'im. That's his car, Mr. Dublin's gone. Abducted, it looks like."

Jane stepped towards her, then looked back at the body. "Harvey Dublin," he said, clueless.

"Big time state house lobbyist, lawyer, kingmaker, famous, more connected,"

"Ah, evil twins," Jane said as he looked around at the crime scene, and found a dead rat. He grimaced.

"Press and media's going to be all over this like a sucker fish," Lisbon rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Oh, Just give it to the FBI," Jane told her. "They love that stuff."

"Oh, I wish. It's too late, the new boss is here going on camera. It's our baby,"

"The new boss?" Jane asked. "I thought Hightower was boss,"

"The boss of Hightower, the director of the entire division?" Lisbon said, trying to bring back his memory. "Remember, I told you about him last week? You're memory's going,"

"My memory is a mighty fortress, Lisbon," he told her defensively, "where no fact can ever escape once committed. Now, when you tell me boring things, I set them go immediately. This thing's overcrowded,"

Lisbon rolled her eyes once again, then watched the new boss talk to the reporters. "Harvey Dublin is missing," he said, "it looks like a kidnapping. Presumably for a ransom, but we can't be sure as of present. You'll have to wait further developments. Harvey is a pillar of this city. One of the good guys. We are all praying for his safety. Thank you,"

He turned around and headed over towards them.

"Hah," Jane scoffed. "Idiot,"

"You and your judgments," Lisbon scoffed. "What is he supposed to say?"

"Why does he have to say anything at all?"

Lisbon looked at him for a second, then turned away. "What's your take on this?" She asked him.

"Hmm," he said, "I don't know," He looked back over to where the boss was standing, then back to Lisbon. "I think I'll give this one a miss."

Lisbon gave him a you've got to be kidding me looks.

"What do you mean a 'miss'?"

"I just …feel this one is not for me. I-I'll catch the next one, I promise,"

That infuriating man.

A man in a black suit walked up to them. "Agent Lisbon, I believe, and Mr. Jane?" He asked her.

"Yes, hi," Lisbon told him.

"Mr. Bertram will speak to you now. He's on a super tight schedule. He appreciates facts of brevity, okay?" He backed up as Bertram stepped forward to shake her hand.

"Agent Lisbon," Bertram smiled at her. He turned towards Jane. "And you must be our boy wonder, Patrick Jane. I've heard a lot of good things about you,"

"HI," Jane said, his lips forming a straight line. "Nice to meet you,"

"I want this resolved ASAP," Jane stopped listening to what he was saying after that. He only perked up once he heard Lisbon say, "Yes, Sir, we are on it,"

"Uh, yeah," Jane piped up, "I won't be working this particular case, but I like what you said,"

Yeah, right. I could see the dazed look in your eye. You weren't listening to a thing he said. Lisbon couldn't believe he had said that. She looked back and forth in horror at the two men as they spoke.

"Well, state house lobbyist, abductions, it's ah…not my cup of tea," Jane told Bertram.

"That's kind of unprofessional, don't you think?"

"Ah, yeah, but I'm not a professional,"

God, Jane, you're stupid.

"You see, why are you here? Aside the cameras,"

He asks the stupidest things,

Lisbon wasn't listening to everything, either. But she watched as Jane turned around and Bertram's assistant stopped him by putting his hands on Jane's shoulders. That was a no-no.

"You just put your hand on me."

"No, I mean yes,"

"Yes, you did, don't ever do that again," Jane told the young man.

"Hah," he laughed, "Or else what?"

Jane leaned in close and whispered something. Lisbon was too distracted over ways to get back at him to hear what he had said. The next thing she knew, the man stripped himself of his suit jacket, looking for a rat. She had to admit, he did look kind of funny.

Jane said to Bertram, "Good to meet you," then at Lisbon, "Sorry, Lisbon,"

Then Bertram turned to Lisbon, question on his face. "He had a rough summer," she frowned.

Hightower was asking her about Jane. She tried assuring her that he would be okay, but her voice got high pitched like it always did when she was lying.

Hightower told her to change his mind about working the case. How was she supposed to do that?

Hightower looked at her like she was supposed to know something. "We all know he'll do whatever you want, if you persuade him the right way,"

Was it just her, or did Hightower actually say that? She did NOT have anything sexual going on with Jane.

"Well I do have an idea, but it isn't ethical,"

She could've shot herself for saying that. She knew how it sounded. Hightower gave her an amused look. With that, she went to go look for the man.

Lisbon found Jane up in the attic. "Nice place," she told him.

Yeah, I like the view. Nice place." His eyes scanned the dirty windows in front of him. He was lying, she could tell. She decided not to say anything, though.

She stared at him, then softly said, "And what do you do, with all the quiet?"

"Just thinking,"

She wanted to ask him what he was thinking about, but she didn't. Because she knew. The whole thing with Kristina Frye was getting to him.

"You need to stop blaming yourself," she kept telling him that.

He laughed. "I'm not working the Dublin case," he told her.

"It'd be good for you to have a break," she said. Jane could hear the worry in her voice. He would make it go away, but he couldn't.

"I need a personal favor," she told him hesitantly.

Jane wondered what she could need him to do. He hoped she knew that he would do anything for her.

He looked up at her expectantly.

"I'd like you to come and meet someone,"

"Who?" He asked her.

"I can't tell you. I promise it has nothing to do with Harvey Dublin,"

"You're trying to play me, somehow,"

Damn, Jane knew her well. She tried to act like she was telling the truth. "No," she protested.

"Yes, you are. I guess I owe you a shot,"

He stood up with his jacket in his hand and headed to the door. He paused when he got to Lisbon. He put his right arm on her left, right above the elbow. He kissed her on the cheek. "Don't worry about me. Please?"