Emma pov- Maybe Chase didn't care that I didn't come hasn't called or came over. I should have gone over there I really like him and I think I am going to go over there and explain why I wasn't there but what excuse can I use maybe about my brother Luke got sick and I had to help, I didn't feel good so I decided to stay I should tell him the truth that I wasn't really sure if I should have gone. I hope he is not mad at me. I walked over the Chase's place and I stood at the door deciding if I should knock.
*Knock knock*I waited for a answer.
"Oh hi come in."I think her names was Tasha said and let me in.
"Are you here for Chase?"Tasha asked.
"Yeah."I said nervously.
"CHASE EMMA'S HERE FOR YOU!"Tasha yelled. After a few minutes he came out from somewhere and came to the living room.
"Hi." Chase said coming up to me,I am super nervous.
"Hi Chase." I said
"I will just leave you to alone." Tasha said walking away making it awkward.
"Um Chase I am sorry for not coming over my brother got sick and I had to help Jessie." I said in the normalest way I could.
"Oh I totally understand, I am sorry to here that tell your brother I hope he feels better." Chase said.
"I will tell him. Are you busy tonight 'cause last night I couldn't make it."I said
"Okay sure"Chase said
"Okay see you later Chase."I said and kissed his cheek and left.
Chase P.O.V- I will be super mad if she stands me up again. I have 5 days to impress her or 5 days I might spend alone.
"So how'd it go?"Tasha asked coming out of a room.
"I have a maybe chance she will show tonight."I said looking at the ground
"What do you mean you have another date with her don't you, wow you guys have to be in love."Tasha said excitedly
"She didn't show last night she said tonight she is making it up for not coming."I said
"Why didn't she show what she stood you up?"
"Her brother was sick so she had to help Jessie"I said
"I went over there this morning and Luke and Ravi were perfectly fine."
"She lied to me. I guess she doesn't like me after I should go over there and check on her brother." I said walking out the door and going to Emma's.*knock knock*
"Oh hi Chase what are you doing here I said I'd see you tonight." Emma said
"Yeah just was checking on your brothers."I said
"Oh their fine bye."Emma said trying to shut the door in my face but I put my foot in the way,and Jessie came to the door.
"Oh hi Chase whatcha doing here?"Jessie asked
"Emma said Luke was sick so I wanted to check on him."I said
"Luke's not sick he is fine see."Jessie said opening the door wider and I saw Luke run into the kitchen and saw me and stopped.
"Hmmm." I said
"Can I talk to you outside?" Emma said coming out and shutting the door behind her. I crossed my arms.
"Let me explain." Emma said
"Then explain"
"Okay I was afraid to come over last night because I really like you and I was scared that you were probably a bad boy and I didn't want to get hurt. Tonight I will make it."
"First I was afraid, Second I am not a bad, Third I wont hurt you."I said
"YAY!" Emma screamed then I kissed her cheek as she turned and I didn't kiss her cheek I kissed her and didn't pull back tell the door opened and we went flying away from each other.
"Might I say you to separate really fast." Jessie said crossing her arms then uncrossing them making me more nervous then I already was.