Life can change in an instant.

Bella and I watched ad Dr. Banner picked up the folder from the counter that held the results of her pregnancy test.

We both watched as he sat down and opened the file.

And we both waited anxiously as he began to read the results.

Bella was gripping my hand tightly, the both of us listening to Dr. Banner prattle on about some medical mumbo jumbo that I couldn't make heads or tails of.

"Just explain it to us in plain English doc," I interrupted, my eagerness to know getting the better of me.

"Sorry," Dr. Banner replied. "I do have a tendency to get a bit bogged down in the medical details at times, but the simple answer is this. You're going to be parents."

Dr. Banner's words echoed in my head as I looked at Bella, watching her reaction. Despite all of our honestly, I still had a bit of fear that she was going to freak out and run away, too afraid to have a child near me and my hoarding. As I watched her, I couldn't help but get lost in my own fantasy world of what our family would look like. And, despite all my progress, I couldn't help but wonder if when I got home if I should go online and order some Tummy Stuffers and Stretchkins to put in the baby's nursery. After all, what child doesn't like stuffed animals?

"Edward?" Bella said loud as she shook me. "Are…are you okay?"

I didn't understand why she sounded so nervous, and only then realized as I heard the door click that Dr. Banner had left the room.

"Where'd Dr. Banner go?" I asked.

"Well, I was asking you if you were happy about the news, but you were so lost in your head…I think he just wanted to give us a moment of privacy to process everything."

Looking at Bella again I could see her worry clear as day on her face. I felt so bad for making her worry.

"To answer your question Bella," I replied as I pulled her close to me. "I am beyond happy about the news. I was just getting lost in imagining my family…our family once our baby is born."

Bella seemed to relax a bit as she heard my explanation. "You're sure?"

"Bella, how could I be anything other than happy? You're giving me everything I've dreamed of but never thought I would actually get to have. I love you. I love our baby."

Bella turned towards me and kissed me. I could tell she was much more relaxed after hearing what I had to say. I guess we got lost in the moment as we only pulled apart from each other once we heard Dr. Banner clearing his throat as he walked back in the room.

"Well, I can assume everyone is happy?" He asked.

Bella and I both nodded and neither of us could stop grinning like fools as Dr. Banner went on about prenatal care and setting up our next appointment.

The whole car ride home, Bella was grinning and holding my hand.

"I know this is all happening fast Bella," I said to her. "Much faster than either of us planned, but I'm happy. You're it for me, I want you to know that. I want my future with you. I'll be by your side every step of the way."

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