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Stone Cold

"I can't believe I'm doing this, I never go home with a girl." He college attending boy said with a nervous smile, and she stroked his face tenderly.

"Trust me, after tonight you won't go home with another girl ever again." She said, kissing his cheek.

The boy smiled eagerly, undoing his shirt, while flicking his spiky hair into the appropriate position.

"Pretty cocky." He said, leaving his shirt hanging open, and she ran her hand down his chest, smiling while she did so.

"You weren't very nice to your roommate were you? Don't you think you were a little harsh?" she asked, wiggling her fingers, and the youth's face fell.

He had been horrible to his roommate. He had told him all sorts of horrible stuff, that he was simply using him, that he laughed about him behind his back, that he had slept with his girlfriend, that he wasn't his friend, he was just someone who got a laugh at his expense. He remembered seeing the hurt expression on his roommate's face before had stormed out of their flat, bound for the local bar.

Why had he been so horrible to him? That wasn't like him, his roommate was his best friend, he wouldn't turn on him like that. He would never mean all those things he had said, but he had still said them, and couldn't think of any justification as to why he had.

"Ahh, the shock and horror of what you said to him is kicking in, the pain you caused, the pain he feels, it's building within you, it makes me strong! And like I said, you will never go home with another girl again." She said, her eyes flashing green and yellow, and he knew no more.


After their recent encounter with a siren who had come back to life due to Castiel's actions in freeing thousands of lost souls from Purgatory, Sam and Dean had quickly made their way away from Delaware, as Dean had found a potential case. Several college boys had all disappeared the last week without a trace, and no one was any the wiser as to what could have happened. The only thing connecting the cases was that each and every missing person had had a fight with whoever they were closest to right before they had disappeared, which of course was making the police suspect them. Sam and Dean weren't quite so sure.

As such, they were now on the campus, and Sam was finding it hard to make his brother concentrate on the task at hand, sighing in impatience as Dean checked out every girl who went past.

"Dean, we have a job to do." Sam scolded, and Dean waved his hand impatiently.

"I know we do Sammy, but after Delaware I need to find me a girl!" he protested, and Sam rolled his eyes.

To be fair to his brother, the siren who had been resurrected had made Dean into his own version of a love slave, while also turning him into a siren. And Sam certainly didn't begrudge his brother the chance to go and find a girl and blow off steam. Just not when they were working.

"Dean!" Sam yelled as his brother strode off to flirt with a pretty redhead.

"Hi there." She said cheerily as Dean approached.

"Hi. I was wondering if you know any good places to get a drink around here?" Dean asked, and she nodded.

"The union is pretty cheap, and its open to outsiders on weekends. Why?" she asked coyly, not noticing as Sam approached, also not noticing the evil grin Sam had on his face.

"Because if I'm free later, you might let me buy you a drink?" Dean asked hopefully, and she smiled at him.

"Dean! Forget it dude, if its not happened with a girl by now, it ain't going to happen. Nick said the same thing, and I don't see how sleeping with a girl could possibly help you get back at him, it would just seem petty." Sam said, grinning triumphantly.

Dean looked at his brother in horror, and the girl patted him on the shoulder sympathetically.

"Stick at it sweetie, if you're into the all male crowd there's no point switching sides this late in the game." She said kindly and walked off, leaving Sam to face the furious glare Dean was giving him alone.

Sam however didn't notice this glare as he was too busy laughing his head off at his brother's expense.

"There was no call to do that." Dean said in a voice of determined calm, and Sam finished laughing and looked at him slightly apologetically.

"Sorry bro, but we have a job to do. You can flirt later, after we find out what we came here to find out." Sam said softly, and Dean nodded reluctantly, and followed Sam into the living halls.

"Fine. But next time you flirt with a girl, I'm telling them you're married." Dean said, a pout on his face.

"Yeah, but being married is partially socially acceptable. A gay guy trying to chat up a girl is just sad." He teased, and Dean resisted the urge to kick his brother as they climbed the stairs to the last kid who went missing's room.

"How many have gone missing again?" Dean asked as they approached the door.

"Five at last count, but there could be another one by later today. Twenty four hour thing and all that." Sam explained, straightening his tie as they knocked on the door.

They were once more dressed in the suits that came with their FBI disguise, and Sam had positively run out of the room when Dean had suggested he do something with his hair. It wasn't that he minded his little brother having long hair, but when they were posing as FBI agents, he could at least make it look a little tidier than it did usually, even if he had swept it behind his ears. There was definitely something supernatural about this case, Dean could feel it. Five young healthy males just didn't vanish all of a sudden and never come home, especially after they had dropped significant emotional wounds on the people they were closest to before they did it.

The kid who opened the door was around the same height as Dean, slim, dressed in a white shirt with upturned collar, and his hair was swept to the side with product.

"Oh, hi." He said nervously, and they showed him their badges.

"I'm Agent Marks, this is Agent Spencer," Dean said, referring to a shop, not that the kid seemed to notice, "and we were wondering if we could ask you a few questions about your roommate?"

The kid nodded and invited them in to the flat. There were two bedrooms, a bathroom and a communal kitchen. As the boy led the way, Dean turned to Sam.

"Seriously, you liked living in places like this?" he asked, and Sam grinned.

"Yeah, but remember, I went to Stanford, which is a bit more upmarket than this place. Besides, the lack of dad made it heaven." He said, and Dean rolled his eyes, not sure what to make of that.

He had always been the one who had been closest to their father. All through his childhood, his dad and Sam had butted heads, his father wanting them to become hunters to help him track down their mother's killer, while Sam had just wanted a normal life. As the years went on, and Sam focused more and more on his education and less on his father's obsession for revenge, and that had further widened the already considerable gap between father and son. The fact that Sam had gotten into one of the best universities in the country, all under his own steam without any support from his father hadn't matter to John, no, all that mattered was the fact that Sam wasn't doing what he wanted him to do, and so when Sam had left, Dean had been forced in the middle, and his father had been too proud to admit he might have gotten it wrong, and Sam was too stubborn to apologise, even though Dean had come to admit that the fault was mainly with their father.

Nowadays, Dean didn't know what he felt about his father. While he had been closest to his father, his father did have many faults. He had never raised his sons as sons, rather as hunters in training. He had also left them alone for hours maybe even days at a time when they were far too young to have something done, and as a result Dean had basically had to raise Sam himself. His father's obsessive and abrasive personality had forced Sam away from his big brother. And his father, it transpired, had known full well that Sam was being set up by the demons, and he had also told Dean that if Sam should go dark he should kill him. The bastard had been so focused on getting one up on the bad guys who killed his wife that he was willing to have his son killed if it meant screwing them over one last time. There was also the fact that he had kept every piece of information he had found out quiet and let his sons stumble around in the dark while he sat with knowledge that could potentially have helped them. Dean had always stuck up for his father, but with everything they had found out in recent years, especially the knowledge that John had known what Azazel had planned for Sam and rather than tell the boys to put them on guard had kept it quiet and had just ordered Dean to kill him, along with the discovery of a little brother that they never knew they had, he just wasn't so sure anymore if he was worth the effort.

Lost in his reverie, he didn't react until Sam poked him sharply, indicating the kid.

"So what happened the night he disappeared?" Sam asked, and he glowered sullenly.

"He went off on one, we had a major fight. He was saying all this stuff, like he wasn't really my friend, that he'd been sleeping with my girlfriend behind my back, all that sort of thing, and then he stormed out of here, said he was going to meet with some woman. Jerk." He said angrily.

Sam looked at the boy sympathetically. He recognised all the symptoms: covering themselves in an armour of fire because someone close to them had hurt them badly. He ought to know, he'd done it enough times with Dean.

"Do you know who this woman was?" Dean asked, frowning at Sam, an unpleasant feeling coming into his stomach.

"No, but he was at the union earlier yesterday before we had our fight. Why, you reckon she might have put him up to it?" the boy asked hopefully, and Dean shrugged.

"At this point we're not ruling anything out." He said diplomatically, and the kid cast his eyes downward.

"Look, we had a fight, and he might be a jerk, but I don't want anything bad to happen to him. Could you find him? Smack him then send him home." He said, and Sam nodded.

"Of course. Thanks for your time." He said, as they left the kid in the flat.

"Seems weird, even for us." Dean commented, and Sam narrowed his eyes as he looked at the notes he had taken.

"Could be a siren?" he ventured, and Dean looked unsure.

"I don't know. The thought did cross my mind, but parts of it don't add up to being a siren. I mean, why make them fight the people they love first? Seems pretty low, even for a monster." He reasoned, and Sam shot him a pointed glance.

"Nick made us fight each other." He reminded him, but Dean shook his head.

"Yeah he did, but that was different, he did that the first time because we were such big players in the Apocalypse, and last week because that crazy bitch Becky was working with him and he wanted revenge for getting killed. It isn't their usual method." He said, and Sam shrugged.

"So what do we do? Split up and go and ask the others who were staying with the victims?" he asked, and Dean hesitated, making Sam smile a little.

He knew it made sense, and so did Dean. They could be finished in two hours at most if they split up and asked them individually, whereas it would take a lot longer to go around together. It wasn't that Dean didn't trust Sam, but in the last few months they had both gotten into a lot of trouble when they were alone.

Both of them had been captured by a pair of Vetala a few months back. A few weeks after that Dean had been sent back in time by Chronos, a time god. The two of them had been kidnapped by old enemies Walt and Roy a few weeks before, and Dean had been captured by another old demon enemy recently too. Sam had then gone off due to Lucifer's meddling, leaving Dean alone and had gotten himself stuck in a mental hospital, and just last week, Becky had worked with Nick the siren, and had kidnapped Dean all in some twisted attempt to get Sam to fall in love with her. After everything that had happened recently, and ever since Dean had had a sort of epiphany in Dillimore when he had almost killed Sam due to drinking too much, Dean had been even more overprotective than usual, and even more so after Walt and Roy had nearly killed the two of them in El Quebrados. As such, Dean was now facing a primordial conflict between two base reactions: gank the nasty and save the day, and protect Sam by keeping him with him at all times.

Sam watched, silently enjoying the struggle between the dominant parts of Dean's nature, and wondering how the logical option was going to get around the hardwired 'protect Sam' aspect, which recently had also doubled as a 'overprotect Sam and drive him crazy' option.

"Alright fine, we'll split up. But I swear, you come back with so much as a stubbed toe, you and me, issues." Dean warned, and Sam shook his head.

"Dean, two things. Firstly, when are you going to stop this overprotective streak? You're driving me crazy. I can do some things on my own." He grumbled, and Dean winked.

"I know, part of my charm." He said, grinning.

"And secondly, just for the record, it was you who got kidnapped last time. Then it was you who kidnapped me." He reminded his brother tartly, and Dean glowered at him.

"Yeah, don't rub it in. Look Sam, I know I'm pissing you off, but just humour me ok? You're the one who wanted your normal big brother back." He reminded him softly, and Sam smiled.

"I know I did, and I'm glad he's back. Thing is, I forgot just how much of an overprotective pain in the ass he can be after something bad happens to me." He said ruefully, and Dean grinned.

"I know, I know. Alright, go off, you take the ones in the two halls over there," he said, pointing, "I'll take the ones over there, and we'll meet..." he said hopefully, but Sam cut him off.

"Back at the car, I want out of these clothes, they itch." He lamented, fiddling with his suit, and Dean pouted.

"Oh come on, I'm not asking for much! You can go and hit on girls nearly half your age later on tonight if you really want to." Sam said reluctantly, and Dean smiled.

"Score. See ya Sammy. Don't take ages!" he warned, and Sam, shaking his head in exasperation at his brother walked away.

A minute later, his phone dinged and he took it out, peering at it curiously. And rolled his eyes.

Dean had turned on the GPS on his phone.

"Overprotective idiot." He moaned, but was slightly amused by it as well and headed off to find the next witness.


Back in the motel room, Dean was rubbing his hair with a towel while Sam looked over the reports of the disappearances, their resident ghost, Bobby, helping him. After being shot by Dean with a salt round in Palomino Creek, he was perfectly friendly again, and was once more helping the boys.

"So all the kids said the same thing? They all had a big blow out and that was it, never saw the other ones again?" Bobby asked, and Sam nodded.

"Yeah, we have distraught girlfriends, worried roommates, unrequited lovers, all sorts, all of them had some sort of deep personal connection to the victim, and then the ones who said the stuff to them were never seen again." Sam said worriedly, looking at the campus newspaper, which was claiming that some sort of serial killer was kidnapping them.

"Could it be a curse, like the mystery spot?" Dean asked, wondering if they had all gone to some specific area and vanished from this space and time.

Sam flinched at the mention of the mystery spot, and Dean smiled a little ruefully. Bringing that up always got to Sam, considering how many times Dean had died there, and he had been forced to watch his brother die again and again thanks to the machinations of the archangel Gabriel. Angels really were dickheads.

"Maybe, but that would mean all of them would have to go to the exact same place and meet the conditions to fall through. No, seems a little off to me, if there was some sort of tear, we'd have more people missing than we have." Bobby reasoned.

Sam frowned at the paper. Perhaps it was just a random human nasty, that would explain the disappearances but not the arguments, and there couldn't be that much of a coincidence.

"What about anger spirits, feeding on suppressed rage? Make them let everything go, they storm out, get angrier with themselves until they combust?" he asked, but Bobby shook his head.

"Nah, I can't help but feel that we're missing something. We need more information." He said, and Dean looked at Sam hopefully, and Sam rolled his eyes.

"Fine, go to the union if you want." He said.

"Finally! Lock up your daughters." he said cockily, pulling a proper shirt from his bag.

"You going?" Bobby asked, and Sam shook his head.

"No, if I go I'll need to endure the story of his inevitable conquest twice, once will be bad enough. Besides, I'd rather not see him sticking his tongue down some random woman's throat, enough to curdle your stomach." He said with a grin.

"No arguments here. Leave me here too. There's a David Attenborough wildlife program on tonight I want to watch." Bobby said, and Sam snorted.

"Great. Condemned to spending the night watching my brother stick his tongue down the throat of random women, or watching Bobby get excited about wildebeest." He said, opening his book.

"While you surf porn sites." Bobby said rudely, and Dean snorted.

"Try and find out some information at the same time. Don't hit on a girl more than half your age. And try not to get arrested for solicitation." Sam said patiently as Dean spiked his fringe up.

"Shall do! Night guys." He said with a big grin and practically bounced out of the room.

"Would it be mean to sabotage him?" Sam asked with a wicked grin, and Bobby looked at him innocently.

"Not irreparably, just enough to make sure he does some digging first? I don't see any problem with that." He said mischievously, and Sam grinned, and searched the college on his laptop.

He needed the number for the union.


Dean found himself relaxing as soon as he walked into the union. Yeah, he loved it when he and Sam, with the presence of Bobby, just hung out, watching movies, relaxing, ignoring the fact that the world was going straight to hell again as it usually was, when they could just be normal brothers and have fun, like the night when Sam rented the entire Matrix trilogy for them to watch, which they topped off with a drinking game, which Sam surprisingly won.

But, he also loved when he met up with girls, and it had been so long that his libido was running slightly out of control. And with the added insult of having been fondled by a drooling, perverted siren, who he had apparently kissed while under its spell, he was more determined than ever to have some fun with a girl.

Sitting down at the bar, he ordered a beer, no hard stuff, and looked through the room. The only ones present were a few lecturers, most in tweed suits, and a few fresh faced first years, chatting about their essay workload. He may as well, hello what have we here?

A group of what looked like fourth years walked in, all dressed glamorously. So what, only six years, and a few of them looked a little older than university age. He was just about to head over to see if he could talk to them, when the bartender, who had come back from answering the phone, poked his head round the corner.

"Hey, is there a Dean Marks in here? If so, your boyfriend says you're to do what you're meant to be doing first!" he called out, and Dean went scarlet as everyone looked at him, the obvious newcomer.

He was going to kill Sam, especially when he saw a couple of the girls survey him, looking disappointed. Maybe he'd shave his hair in the night or something. But Sam was right, they were also here on a job, and it seemed like this might be a place to dig some stuff up.

"Hey, you heard anything about these disappearances?" he asked the bartender, who nodded.

"Yeah, it's all so weird isn't it? It's bad enough that they're all vanishing, but all of them were in here right before they headed home, apparently for some big argument like it says in the paper." The barman said conversationally, and Dean arced his eyebrow curiously.

"All of them were here?" he asked, and the barman nodded.

"Yeah, and that's what I found was strange. I recognised a few of them, they would sit down, order a drink, finish it then leave. I mean there's nothing wrong about that, but afterwards they all went home to have their big blow up and weren't seen again." The barman said curiously.

"Anything that connects them all?" Dean asked, and the barman suddenly looked suspicious.

"You the police?" he asked, slightly worriedly, and Dean smiled and shook his head.

"Not really, I'm just someone who's interested in finding out what's happening to those boys, they can't just be disappearing." Dean said, and the man seemed to relax again.

"Yeah, it's disturbing, they might close the union if it goes on, the dean's trying to suppress that they were all here before hand, but eventually it's going to click that something bad is here." He said.

Dean pondered the situation. While he highly doubted the union was involved in any way, other than as a location for whatever else was going on, it made sense to have a look if he could.

"Did they all drink the same thing?" he asked, and the barman shook his head.

"No, all different. Why, you think my stuff's laced with something?" he demanded, equal parts fear and anger, and Dean hurriedly shook his head.

"No of course not. Just wondering." He said, and the barman shrugged before disappearing into the back room.

So, their drinks weren't connected, and once more the only thing that they had in common was the fact that they had all been in the union before they had gone home to start the fight with their loved ones. What else was linking them all?

Dean spent the next hour going round the bar, asking people for any information they might have, but all that he got were reports of how each of the boys who had disappeared were usually nice and would never just up and leave, or upset their loved ones the way they did. Something had to be connecting them, he just couldn't figure out what the hell it was.

Dean was sitting at the bar, only halfway through his second beer, when another woman entered, and Dean grinned a little. She hadn't heard Sam's smartass announcement, he'd done some work even if he had gotten nowhere, it was time he earned himself a reward.

She sat down at the far end of the bar, and Dean watched her out of the corner of his eye, waiting until her glass of white wine was nearly depleted, when he asked the barman to give her another one on him.

She accepted the glass in surprise, and after a word with the barman, she turned and looked at Dean, smiling and gesturing him for him to take the seat beside her.

He studied her intently as he sat down. A striking woman with long legs, she was clad in a deep green dress that accented her slim, curved form. She had long fingers, and her face was soft and kind, with sparkling green eyes. On top of that was long black hair, that caught the lights of the union as she moved.

"Dean." He said cheerfully, holding out his hand.

"Eunice." She said, smiling widely as he kissed her hand romantically.

"Interesting name." He said, raising his bottle to her, and she cocked her head at him in interest.

"That's not all about me that's interesting." She said sweetly, and Dean grinned.

"So, what's a girl like you doing in the union?" he asked, sipping his beer while not taking his eyes off of her.

"I could ask what a handsome guy like you is doing here too you know." She pointed out, smiling and showing her beautiful smile.

"I asked first though." Dean said, self consciously spiking his hair a little more, eager to make a good impression.

Eunice studied him intently. A little taller than her, with green eyes just like her own, though not quite as bright. Clad in dark jeans and a black shirt, he cut quite the impressive figure. His handsome face was smooth and clear, his eyes bright with interest, a little scar by his eyebrow. His hair was spiked up at the front too.

"Alright. Well, I'm the dean's secretary. I'm here to see if I can find anything out about the boys that are missing, we're attracting all sorts of interest, and all for the wrong reasons." She said worriedly, and Dean nodded grimly.

"Yeah, it's not good. That's why I'm here too, I'm trying to figure out what's happening. I've asked around, seems the kids who've disappeared were all perfectly nice, they came back from here, went apeshit and then disappeared." He said, and she nodded sadly.

"I just wish we could explain it, but we can't. There's no reason they all should have changed like that, unless they were doing drugs but as we can't find them, we can't even find that out." She lamented, and Dean patted her hand tenderly.

"Hey, it'll be alright, I'm sure we'll get it figured out." He assured her, and she frowned as she looked worriedly off into the distance.

"I suppose so. It's their loved ones I feel sorry for, the last things that they said to them being something hurtful, it must torment them terribly." She said sadly, and Dean was crushed to hear how sad she was about someone else, just like Sam would be. From now on, he would work doubly hard to figure this out.

"We'll figure it out, I swear. But enough of this, a girl like you shouldn't be so sad on her night off. Tell me about yourself." He said, and she smiled vivaciously.

"Alright Dean, I will." She purred, and the two continued to talk for hours, as the union filled up around them, and then emptied again.

Dean then walked her to the taxi rank. It was strange, considering how he'd felt earlier, that he just didn't want to rush in and have sex with Eunice. They would be here a couple of days at least. He wanted to take this slow, do it right. Not rush in just so he could get laid.

"Thank you for walking me here, I'm beginning to think the college isn't safe." She said worriedly, pulling her coat tightly around her.

Dean smiled reassuringly.

"Don't worry, I think you're safe if you're not some moody, hormonal frat guy. You should be quite safe." He said confidently, squeezing her hand affectionately.

She smiled up at him, then leaned on her tip toes, bringing her lips to his.

Dean closed his eyes, but he had never felt a kiss like this before. Sweet, seductive, the promise of more, it was all there, and fireworks exploded in his head as they kissed each other, and he could feel his desire for her increasing as they kissed. He felt a sort of pull, and knew he didn't want to ever stop kissing her. But she then broke off, all too soon.

Eunice smiled sweetly, as Dean's eyes became unfocused, making him seem cross eyed. However, it wasn't a comical crossing of the eyes, it was a slow one, and his eyes rolled as they pulled apart. He shook his head to try and clear the fuzziness of his brain, before his eyes went back to their usual position.

"Wow. That was great." He said huskily, and she smiled up at him.

"It was. There's more where that came from, if you come by my house tomorrow night." She said alluringly, and Dean smiled longingly.

"I'll be there." He promised, though he didn't know how he was going to last twenty four hours without another kiss like that.

"Good. I look forward to it." She said, stroking his cheek as she climbed into the taxi.

Dean looked longingly after her. She had to be the most amazing kisser on the planet, to make him be content with just the thought of more kisses. She had been amazing. Eunice. Smiling to himself, he began to walk home.

Yeah, he hadn't gotten laid, but he'd met an amazing woman and that was definitely on the cards. And what was the harm in taking things slowly? They'd be here for a few days, why couldn't he try for a brief relationship while he was at it?


Smiling happily, he took the corner and headed back towards the motel, whistling merrily to himself.

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