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Stone Cold

Sam screamed in pain as the gorgon went for his neck, her fangs about to rip open his jugular, and he felt his back protesting as she crushed him with her mighty tail. Bobby looked on in horror, wondering what he could do to stop her before she killed Sam. Her tail was coiled over the sword, but she hadn't gotten to the bag. Diving in desperately, Bobby pulled out the lance, extended it and then plunged it into the gorgon's back viciously.

She screamed, jerking in pain, and by so doing sending Sam spiralling out of her grip, and he slammed into the wall, dropping down with a thud while she coiled, drops of blood fizzing on the carpet as they fell from her wound. She writhed in pain, and then pulled the lance from her back, firing it at Sam, who, with his eyes closed, managed to get out of the way and run for the door. Taking the stairs two at a time, he heard her taunting laugh as she slithered after him, his heart pounding as he fled, terror making his hands shake.

"Medusa always preferred her prey trapped and stationary. I always preferred chasing mine. You can run all you want little Ssam, all you're doing is making me hungry." She taunted, lance back in hand as she wound up the stairs, her tongue tasting Sam's terrified scent.

Sam cursed as he entered a room that was full of statues. There was no way to hide in here, not for him and not for her. But while there was no place to hide, there was also no room to manoeuvre. Sam edged between the statues and went still as he heard the gorgon approach the door to the room, wishing Bobby were with him, or at the very least he had a weapon.

"Come out and play little Sam! Come out for poor hungry Euryale." She taunted, arching her body high to try and see Sam.

She uncoiled her tail and began to leave through the statues, determined to find him and turn him to stone just like his brother. Sam heard her approach and backed away from her, and once he reached the wall, he closed his eyes and pulled himself to his feet. She heard him move and automatically turned her head, her snakes spitting venom at him, but Sam was already on the move, darting through the statues, and he jumped through the door, making her yelp in surprise as he trod on her tail. Howling in annoyance, she thrashed her tail, right into one of her statues, shattering it completely.

"No!" she screeched.

Sam looked back, seeing the rubble roll from the doorway. It was obvious. The more statues he got rid of, the weaker she would become, deprived of her food source. That still didn't help him much when there were statues all through the house. But if Bobby helped...

"Bobby!" Sam yelled, hearing the Euryale slither back out into the corridor as he dashed into a drawing room with statues in it.

"Sam, we need to get out of here, she's too powerful!" Bobby said urgently, but Sam shook his head.

"I can't, Dean's still trapped here and she's in the way anyway. Go to the other wing and start smashing statues, that should weaken her!" he said, and Bobby looked at him in worry.

"Don't get turned to stone!" he ordered, and Sam nodded as he heard Euryale coming up the corridor.

He needed a weapon. If he could get back down the stairs, then he could get to the sword, then he would feel like he had a fighting chance. Before he could even consider his next move, her tail swung into the room, catching him in the stomach and sending him hurtling through the air, and he slammed into a statue. Sam cried out in pain as he did so, but felt a small bit of satisfaction as he felt the statue crumble. He quickly scanned the rest of the room, and saw that there were around ten other statues within the room, all acting as a power source for the gorgon. If he could trick her into smashing more of them, he might stand a chance.

Euryale entered the room and saw Sam, still looking rather appetising in both senses of the word, staggering away from a shattered statue, and she hissed in annoyance. She had now lost two statues. Not nearly enough to bother her or affect her in any way but still it was a temporary inconvenience. She flung the lance, but Sam ducked and moved on.

"Look at me Sam!" she ordered, but he instead ran for the next statue.

Her snakes extended themselves, biting at Sam, but with his long legs he was too quick for them. She spun her body round and bounced, bearing straight for Sam, who chanced opening his eyes a tiny bit as he heard the air whistle. Hearing her coming, he threw himself backwards, landing on his back and allowing her to slam into the wall, dazing herself, the snakes hissing in fury.

Sam grinned, adrenaline flooding through him. While incredibly powerful, she was restrained in some ways. She was too big to adequately move around in the rooms, and once she pounced she was too heavy to stop herself. She was also restrained by the fact that she couldn't destroy statues or else she would weaken herself. He rolled to his feet as she reared backwards, but she danced into his way, seizing him by the front of his shirt and heaved him off the ground, his long legs kicking urgently, his hands prying at her talons, and his eyes tightly shut.

"Open your eyes Sam." She purred, victorious at last, and Sam was shaking all over from fear that his monster was about to kill him.

And then she felt another jolt, as another statue was destroyed. Another one then followed, and sensing her momentary weakness, Sam dug his teeth into her hand, and she yelped in pain, dropping him from her grip. Her tail lashed as he darted past it, and she continued to feel jolts as Bobby caused havoc on the other side of the house. Sam timed his escape just right, darting past her thrashing tail and heading back down the way he had some, the now furiously screaming gorgon at his heels. Sam was determined not to look back and he bounded down the marble staircase just as a coughing sound came from behind him, and he ducked just in time as acid impacted the wall, melting another statue. He looked up urgently, but perhaps thankfully, he saw no sign of the gorgon, until he heard a large thump and shut his eyes just as Euryale landed right beside him, her talons going to rip him open, and the lance coming down to stab him in the gut.

Fuelled by recklessness, anger, adrenaline and a mad desire to survive, he sprang at her.

Catching her in her torso, her entire body bent backwards and he shot over the top of her, snakes biting at him as he did so, landing with a crash at the bottom of the stairs. Hissing in vexation, she turned, swinging her tail at Sam once more, but he had already escaped into her office. Slithering over the banister, she gave chase, her forked tongue fluttering in fury as she pursued her prey, lance tightly in her grip as she stalked Sam.

Sam entered the office, fearing she would be behind him at any minute, and saw a large bookend, and smiled grimly. Grabbing the brass object, he swung it at the nearest statue, and grinned smugly as he heard her snarl in annoyance as she felt another statue get smashed. Bobby must have been causing havoc on the other wing, because she was getting angrier by the minute. Sam quickly ran from statue to statue, smashing them with a well placed smack. He was just about to do the last one when a hand darted down to his right, barely missing him, and in desperate panic, he swung the bookend and turned, eager to escape her.

And was profoundly glad he had swung the bookend as she howled in pain. Her head was reeling, and her left eye was smashed in to her skull, with acidic blood dribbling down her face. She grabbed at him again but he avoided the attack, darting through the thrashing mass that was her tail and headed for the living room where Dean was. Just as he entered, she slammed into him, snakes biting at his face and he skidded along the floor, her taloned hand trying to impale him as he hastily made his retreat. Grinning, he found his knife where he landed, and as she plunged down at him again, he stuck it viciously into her hand, and as a result she dropped the lance that she had brought with her.

The gorgon reared back in fury, spraying acid all over the area, and he barely escaped by rolling behind a couch which took the vast majority of it, turning it into a smoking, blackened mess. He got to his feet, hating the fact that he couldn't fight her properly as he couldn't see her.

Her tail crashed into him, whipping him into his unknowing brother. Grunting, Sam peeked at her, and could see she was circling, ready to pounce once again, and kill Sam and destroy Dean in one swift stroke. He had to find the sword. Her tail darted for him, just as she lunged at him with her taloned hand. He grabbed her hand from the air desperately, and, with a heave of effort, directed it in to her tail, and screamed like a banshee, with fury and pain as she gouged chunks out of her tail. He then ducked under her arm as she swung it back at him, and elbowed her in the back on the way past, knocking her off balance. He dove to the floor, picking up the lance and jabbing it upward as she came at him, determined to smash him into the floor. But the next thing he heard was a pained screech of fury as she recoiled sharply, the lance embedded in her gut. Sam grinned and vaulted over the remaining couch, just as Bobby appeared and swung what seemed to be an axe down at her tail, sticking it into it. She roared in pain, looking around to try to find who had attacked her, and Sam smiled slightly as he realised that she couldn't see ghosts. Bobby flickered to Sam's side, looking up at her warily.

"Told you she'd be a bitch to kill. You couldn't just run for it could you?" he grumbled, and Sam glowered.

"What, and leave Dean here at her mercy? Never. She can't see you obviously. Where did you get the axe?" he asked, and Bobby nodded towards the ceiling.

"She had ceremonial ones on her wall, were a bugger to get down but I managed it eventually. Turns out its quite handy for smashing statues." He said cheerfully, and Sam could hear his heart still pounding as, despite having a lance in her gut, a knife in her hand and an axe in her tail, Euryale was getting ready to attack once again.

"We need to kill her. Where's the sword?" Sam asked, and Bobby stuck his head up to see it over by the door.

"I'll get it to you. Sam!" he cried as Euryale destroyed the couch with a smack of her tail, and Sam dove forward, moving for the chair.

She struck down at him, cutting off his route, her single eye about to turn him to stone, and he hastily shut his eyes, before feeling himself being wrapped up in her bleeding tail, and he could feel the acid burning his skin as she once before began to crush him.

"You little ingrate! I am going to peel the flesh from your bones, grind them into powder and then turn the powder to stone!" she declared and he firmly kept his eyes shut, pleading with whatever gods there were not to let him get turned to stone like his brother.

But sadly, the gorgon had other ideas and she ran her fingers to just above his eyelids and was about to prise them open, when Bobby swung the axe, this time hacking right through her tail. Sam gasped in relief as she dropped him, the end of her vivid green tail twitching wildly while she cried out in pain, hissing viciously. Sam leapt over the tail that was spurting acidic blood everywhere, making for the other side of the room to escape her, and she turned, spitting acid at him. Sam skidded into a slide, coming to a stop at the feet of his stone brother. There was then a sound of metal sliding and Sam picked up the sword, Bobby having thrown it.

"I'll crush him, then I'll kill you!" she roared, and Sam moved away from his brother to protect him, and as expected she started circling, preparing to strike a deadly blow and kill Sam.

Bobby looked at her face, and his jaw dropped as he saw that her other eye had grown back, and her tail was already beginning to grow back too, a small white protrusion coming from the end of it.

"Sam, she regenerates!" Bobby yelled.

"What?" Sam demanded, just as she lashed out with her arms and sent him crashing into the back of a chair, the sword sliding from his grip and banging across the floor.

He rolled to a stop, his body shaking with fright as she advanced on him, slithering towards him to end him. Sam looked up and saw Dean's statue, gazing down at him, and Sam nodded. Closing his eyes, he vaulted the chair, sitting behind it, and once more the sword was shoved towards him, and he caught it, gripping it tightly, prepared to make his final stand.

Bobby came to his side, glaring up at the gorgon who was rearing in order to plunge down and rip Sam's head off.

This was it.

Bobby pulled the small mirror from his pocket, and Sam was allowed at last to behold the gorgon, and he gulped as he saw what he was dealing with. She was swaying, about to strike, and Sam took a shuddering, terrified breath as he watched her in the mirror.

"She's going to attack." Bobby said warningly as she arched her back, and if he were alive he'd be lucky not to be having a heart attack.

Sam ignored him, and was more interested in watching her in the mirror. She was about to attack his left, so he prepared to move, prepared to strike, his heart gripped with terror. He felt some comfort knowing his brother was watching, even though he had no clue that he was, and Sam was terrified that if he failed, he would be killed, and worse, his brother would never be freed from the stone. Sam bit his lip, as she reared back.

"Your left!" Bobby yelled, as she pelted down towards him, victory on her face as she did so.

And Sam threw himself to his feet, and cut up to the right, slicing through her neck as he did so, her hissing head coming off with a terrified scream as it flew into the wall, slammed into it hard and dropped back to the floor, her tongue still hissing, her snakes still writhing and her glare still deadly.

Sam breathed in exhausted relief as her body flailed and spun on the floor, her hands making grabbing gestures and her stump tail flickering, as a geyser of acidic blood spurted out in bursts from her neck, burning a hole into the marble floor.

"I'm confused, she went for your left?" Bobby asked, and Sam grinned slightly.

"Yeah she did, but that was only to give an element of surprise when she went to my right, I saw it on a show so I knew how to frighten Dean." He said, eyeing the hissing snake head worriedly.

"Right, lance." Bobby said, lifting up the spitting head, and Sam had to duck once more as she sprayed acid out at him, her teeth still dripping with venom and acid still falling from her neck. Keeping his eyes closed, Sam turned and eventually found the lance, and upon ensuring that he wasn't in her line of sight, he pulled out the tube of salt and doused the lance with it, both sides, and he could see the blood that was on the ruined blade smoking as he did so.

"No! You can't!" she protested as Sam handed Bobby the lance.

"Yeah, we can." Bobby said grimly and plunged the blade through her skull, slicing two of her snake hairs in the process.

Sam looked at the head on the lance in relief. She was dead. All they had to do now was gasoline her and torch her, and they could get Dean back. And then, to his great surprise, she span around on the lance somehow, her teeth and tongue bared, flinging acid at Sam, who darted behind the doorframe before her eyes froze him.

"What the hell?" he demanded.

"See? She is a bitch to kill. Gasoline!" he shouted urgently, as she was spitting acid at the floor and the lance was beginning to smoke, and if it fell she might escape.

Sam shoved it through to him, and she screeched in horror as he doused her with the stuff.

"No! Let me go! I'll peel the flesh from your bones and suck on your marrow if you do this! Free me!" she screeched venomously, until Bobby clamped her mouth, and she kept trying to bite what would be thin air to her. Sam, eyes tightly closed, approached Bobby, who stopped him, and Sam smiled as he lit the match and threw it forward.

"NOO! I hope your brother is still encased in stone! You will both die senselessly painful deaths! Curse you! NOO!" she screamed, and Sam finally opened his eyes to see the snakes writhing in pain, dropping off her head onto the floor, extra crispy.

Fire erupted from her mouth, and her eyes burnt out, and then flames also escaped from her ears, and with her final hiss in her throat, the gorgon was finally dead, burning to a cinder on the lance.

"Dean." Sam said, and rushed through to the other room, rather wrecked from the battle.

And his heart stopped. His brother was still encased in stone, staring blankly ahead, seeing nothing.

"No..." Sam protested softly, running to his brother's side and shaking him a little, trying to get any response from his brother, but his brother looked on ahead, not knowing that his brother's panic and hysteria was mounting.

"Dean! Come back!" Sam pleaded urgently, and Bobby came through, looking sadly at the statue of Dean. This couldn't be happening. He was supposed to be free, out of the stone. He knew full well Sam wouldn't be able to cope if he lost his brother, and he would struggle himself.

"Dean!" Sam cried, tears coming to his eyes as he tried to shake his brother, tried to get any response out of him, but it was literally like trying to get blood out of a stone.

His brother remained unresponsive, unknowing, unaware and Sam felt tears start to come down his cheeks. No. He couldn't have lost Dean. He couldn't be gone. He just couldn't. Sam fought down tears and tugged at his brother again, touched him, shouted at him, but nothing affected his stone brother.

"Dean..." Sam moaned sadly as tears started to fall down his face and he knelt down at Dean's legs and curled up, as though desperate to be comforted by his big brother, as though his brother would bend down and hold him to him like he used to.

Bobby walked, devastation filling him, to Sam and laid his hand on his shoulder while Sam leaned his forehead against Dean's legs, crying silently. It couldn't be. She hadn't fed, and she was dead. Dean ought to be free. Bobby looked at the statue, and a relieved smile came onto his lips.

"Sam!" he said excitedly, and Sam looked up with red eyes, and saw the cracks that were appearing all over Dean's stone form, and a surge of hope went through him.

And a second later, with a crumbling noise, the stone all fell off of Dean, revealing once more his big brother, looking exactly as he had in the statue. Hair still combed, shirt still open, eyes still surprised, he was exactly the same, and Sam let out a breath he hadn't realised he had been holding.

Dean swayed a little bit and then fell forward, and Sam darted to catch him, lowering his brother to the floor before wrapping him in a relief filled hug, hugging his brother tightly to him, pressing his face into Dean's shoulder.

"Dean..." he muttered tearfully, and Dean's voice finally kicked in.

"Hey Sammy..." he said weakly, and then seeing that his brother was crying, he wrapped his brother in a hug in return, holding his upset little brother to him, making hushing noises as he did so.

Bobby breathed a sigh of relief and delight as he saw the two brothers hug. Everything was back to normal.

"Sammy, I swear I didn't mean what I said, I'm so sorry..." Dean whispered, his voice becoming stronger, and Sam smiled as he pulled apart from his brother.

"So you should be. Do you have any idea how much trouble she was to kill? A freaking gorgon? Who by the way was basically an Alpha? And Bobby and I had to take care of her all on our own! Why the hell can't you just masturbate like everybody else when you need to relax?" he demanded in amused irritation, and Dean smiled.

"That isn't me and you know it Sammy. Wait, what? An Alpha? A gorgon? What did I miss?" he asked in confusion, and Sam and Bobby laughed.


"Wow. She was a gorgon?" Dean asked back in the hotel room, Dean tending to Sam's cuts and bruises with even more tenderness than usual.

"Yes. And you got yourself turned to stone." Sam said, and Dean both frowned and smiled at the little note of fear in his brother's voice.

"Yeah, sorry about that. Bet I was a good looking statue though." He said brightly, and Bobby rolled his eyes.

"She was a right bitch to kill. We stabbed her with the lance twice, stabbed her hand, smashed her eye in, chopped the end of her tail off, decapitated her and stuck her on a lance and she still didn't bloody die!" Sam grumbled, and Dean had to admit he was incredibly proud and impressed with his little brother.

"You did good Sammy, really good. Both of you did." He amended in response to Bobby clearing his throat.

Dean shook his head. He knew that his brother was incredibly freaked out by what had happened to him, he could see it in his eyes, eyes that hadn't left Dean for more than a second since he had been freed from the stone. And judging by the state Sam had been in when Dean had been freed, he'd probably taken a while to get out of the stone, making Sam think he'd lost him. He shifted guiltily.

"I'm sorry Sammy. For all the stuff I said to you, it was like I couldn't stop myself, I just wanted to be with her, and it made me say all those things to you, and I'm sorry." He muttered, and Sam shook his head.

"It's ok. I shouldn't have let it get to me, I...I knew you wouldn't really mean it." He said, and Dean shot him a pointed look at the hesitancy in his voice, which Sam smiled in response to.

"And I'm sorry I took my sweet fat time to get out of there." He added sheepishly, and Sam glowered.

"I thought after everything, basically soliciting myself, drinking that god awful repellent, and fighting a gorgon who was basically an Alpha, and you still weren't coming out, I wasn't doing so good." He said grouchily, and Dean smiled, pretending not to notice that his brother had discreetly moved a tiny bit closer to him. And he had the cheek to say Dean was overprotective.

"Yeah. I really am sorry about all this. But how was she basically an Alpha, I don't get it." He said, and Bobby took over.

"She was Medusa's sister, and Medusa was the first gorgon, the Alpha. And as Stheno, her other sister was killed by some guy called Kratos millennia ago apparently, she was the oldest one left, making her the Alpha." He explained, and Dean looked at him in surprise.

"So Medusa was real?" he asked, and Sam gave him an exasperated look.

"Dean, people don't think angels, demons, ghosts or vampires are real, and we know they are. Why not gorgons? And trust me, after tonight, I'm never going to doubt a gorgon existing ever again." He said, and Dean smiled, dealing with the last of his brother's cuts.

"What's this about anyway?" he asked his brother, nodding towards his hair, and Sam shot him a sour look, indicating whatever was wrong with it was his fault.

"I needed to attract her attention, so I did this so I could save you a bit quicker." He explained, and Dean smiled. Yep, his fault.

"I just feel sorry for all those poor kids. Thinking they're going to get laid, then turned to stone. Extra crappy." He commented, and Sam once more glared at him.

"Yeah, and you nearly joined them." He said, part reproving, part fearful in his tone, and Dean bowed his head contritely.

"I know. And I am sorry I scared you, and hurt you Sammy." He said, and was relieved to see his brother smiling again, and Dean finished patching his brother up.

"Yeah it sort of stinks we could only save one victim." Bobby said musingly, and Dean was sure he heard Sam mutter 'speak for yourself'.

"So did smashing the statues affect her?" he asked, and they both nodded.

"Seemed to, but remember shes been around for thousands of years, that's a hell of a lot of statues to smash. And we had to make sure you didn't get smashed too." Bobby said, and Dean then noticed his brother looking at him curiously.

"What is it Sammy?"

"Did you feel it? Did you feel anything?" he asked, and strange though it was, he wanted to know, he was curious.

Dean considered his answer, running his hand through his hair as he did so.

"I don't know. I mean, I remember her eyes flashing, and I remember I sort of flinched, but that was the last thing I remember doing until you were there. And I kept thinking of how much I must have upset you, it was all I could think about, was you. Nothing else, until I saw you and everything went back to normal." He explained, and Sam shivered a little.

"It must have been terrible, not knowing." He said, and Dean knew he was speaking for both of them, so nodded.

"Either way it was close. So next time you fancy going out with someone, please be kind enough to do three things. Number one, make sure she has no inclination to have a kid with you, human or otherwise. Number two, make sure they aren't a guy and don't have a saliva gland under their tongue. Number three, make sure they don't have snakes for hair, a tail and a stony gaze. Got it?" Bobby asked, while Sam laughed and Dean nodded his agreement.

"Or better yet and take a vow of celibacy." Sam said, and Dean pouted.

"That's no fun. Besides, you've banged your fair share of monsters." He reminded his brother tartly.

"I've not had a kid with any, been turned into one, or been made an attractive garden ornament." Sam said smugly, and he did have to admit he had him there.

He shook his head.

"I can't believe I fell for a snake lady. I hate snakes, and I fell for her, then got entranced, and to top it all off, she had a lousy name, Eunice." He said, and Sam sniggered.

Bobby looked at him in mock surprise.

"But only a couple of days ago you were extolling the virtues of her name and telling us not to laugh. What could have changed?" he asked dramatically, and Dean glowered.

"Being turned to stone funnily enough. Sammy, can I ask you something?" he asked softly, and Sam nodded.

"What would you have done if I didn't get fixed?" he asked curiously, and Sam averted his eyes, which was all the answer Dean needed. He'd so the same thing he would if he lost his brother.

"Much the same as you probably. Either that or got a trailer and hauled you around everywhere, I'm sure seagulls and pigeons would appreciate sitting on your overinflated head." He teased and Dean nudged him with his shoulder.

It had been close this time though. Sam had nearly died because he'd had to fight an incredibly dangerous and deadly monster all by himself, and he had nearly lost Dean forever. He smiled slightly at the puppy dog expression Sam was giving him. He was going to drive him crazy, fussing over his big brother for the next little while. Not that he minded that much, and not that he'd tell Sam.

"Seriously, thanks guys. I owe you one. Big time." He said quietly, but Sam shook his head.

"You're my brother Dean, I was willing to do anything to get you back. Besides, you've saved me a lot too." He said pointedly, and Dean smiled, while Bobby poured the two of them a whisky.

"Here you go. To a hunt well done, to an Alpha put down, a brother found, and most of all, to Rufus." He said, and Sam and Dean grinned.

"To Rufus!" they echoed, hoping the old hunter who'd made the rescue possible knew they were talking about him.


It was the middle of the night. Bobby had done whatever it was he did at night and vanished, and the room was silent except for the sounds of the sleeping brothers. At least that was until Sam moaned a little, and Dean sat up instantly, his 'protect Sam' sense going into overdrive as he heard his brother's noise of distress.

"Sammy?" he asked into the darkness, squinting at Sam's bed to see his brother tossing and turning.

"No, Dean, come back...wake up..." Sam moaned, and smiling a little despite the distress his brother was in, Dean got up and sat on Sam's bed, stroking his hair to calm him like he always did when Sam had a nightmare. And it was so much easier to calm him now than it had used to be, he thought thankfully.

"It's ok Sammy. You got me out. I'm free, and I'm not going anywhere." He intoned, and a second later, Sam gave a satisfied sounding noise and wrapped the covers around him before going back into a deep sleep.

"He was freaked out you know." Bobby commented, flickering to life in front of him.

"Yeah, I figured as much." Dean said, judging by how jumpy and upset Sam had been.

"It just, freaked him out I think. You dying, or being turned into a monster, he can deal with that any day of the week. But you being turned to stone, nah, that isn't going to fly. He was nearly hysterical when we found out what happened to you." Bobby said, and Dean smiled in understanding.

"Yeah I suppose I might be a little freaked out if someone had turned him into a statue too. He'll be alright though. He'll be really overprotective, and really annoying, and really bossy, but he'll be fine." He said confidently, running a proud gaze over his brother.

After all, it wasn't many hunters who could virtually go one on one with an Alpha and come out the better party. Dean's heart swelled with pride, affection and thanks every time he thought about what he had done.

"I know. I was just making sure you didn't act like an ass to him while he got his head back on straight. And for the record, you'd do both of us a favour if you kept away from the opposite sex." Bobby said with a smirk, and Dean laughed quietly.

"Yeah, think I'll do myself a favour too. Don't worry, I'll behave, take Sam's advice." He promised, and Bobby nodded cheerfully.

"Good lad. Night." He said and vanished once more.

Dean gave his brother one last proud look before heading back to bed himself.


The car was packed, the barman had earned himself a nice bottle of whisky, which he had been quite pleased about, Adrian was out of hospital and had a girl he knew fussing over him all day to his delight, and his flatmate, on Sam's advice, had taken a marital arts class, which he had informed him of when he had given the boy a box of beer for him and his flatmate after the trouble he had caused. Eunice had disappeared, but the mess of her house led the police to believe that she was involved with the kidnappings, had gone nuts and had vanished.

Needless to say there was no hint of anything gorgon related, as her body had incinerated itself when the head had gone up in smoke for good. The town was finally relaxing, and the boys were ready to go.

Well, at least Dean was.

He was honking the horn on the car of the week at the petrol station. Despite Dean having bought all the groceries, with Bobby in tow (including a victory carrot cake for his little brother which he had more than earned), Sam had insisted on stopping at the garage, but remained elusive when asked why. Dean had threatened not to stop, but a second later he had forgotten he even wanted to know and had gladly obliged, Sam smiling slightly after having flashed his brother a puppy dog look.

Sam climbed into the car and passed the plastic bag to his brother.

"What's this?" Dean asked curiously, opening it.

"Me ensuring that you don't need to go out and look for girls any time soon." He said with a smile, and Dean gave him an amused look.

He had bought him nearly a dozen adult magazines.

"Smart ass." He said, throwing them into the back for later.

Sam looked at him pensively, a teasing smile on his face.

"You know, I can't decide which is worse out of the three major romances you've had recently. The one with the Amazon led to a monster child, which is pretty bad. The one with Nick, well, he turned you gay. And now this one where you got turned to stone. It's so hard to decide." He said, grinning in malicious delight.

"I'm not going to hear the end of this for the rest of my life am I?" Dean asked miserably, and Sam shook his head, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"No way, it's too good." He said, sniggering, and Dean looked away, not wanting his brother to know that he was quite happy to be the butt of his brother's jokes if it made him happy.

"Alright, can we get out of here now? As you've so kindly pointed out, this is hardly the sight of one of my greatest conquests." Dean quipped and drove out of the station.

"Hmm, still reckon the siren was the worst." Sam chatted away, and Dean groaned in despair, while Sam sniggered at his brother's misery.

"That mean you'll shut up now?" Dean asked hopefully, and suppressed his own smile at the look of evil delight on his brother's face.

At least he was enjoying himself.

"Nah. But then again, you did fall for someone called Eunice." He pointed out, and Dean moaned again.

"Dean?" Sam asked after a while, and his brother looked at him, wondering how he would taunt him this time.


"Thanks for coming back. And saying sorry." He said, and Dean smiled at his little brother.

"You're welcome. And thank you for coming to rescue me, even though I said that stuff to you."

Sam shook his head.

"You didn't mean it, I shouldn't have gotten so wound up." He protested, and Dean grinned. That was his little brother alright.

"And you did well. I'm proud of you." He said, and Sam smiled, basking once more in his brother's praise, just like he had used to. And if getting turned to stone meant that he could bring a look of such delight to his brother's face, then he wasn't averse to having his brother rescue him. Even if he did get ripped mercilessly after it. He supposed that was a little brother privilege, never letting something go when he got one up on his big brother. He could live with that.

"Thanks." Sam said as they hit the motorway.

"You're welcome. Bitch." Dean said, unable to help himself.

"Jerk." Sam retaliated as usual, grinning as he did so.

And Bobby, discreetly looking into the bag Sam had bought in the car looked at the boys fondly.


The end!

So, Eunice, or Euryale the gorgon is dead, Dean is (eventually) returned to normal, and everything is alright again between the two brothers.

Dean really should just stay away from any form of relationship whatsoever, at least if it was Sam she fell for she had a chance of dying before she caused any havoc. Anyway, all is well again, and Sam will be fine, I just thought that Dean ought to know how upset Sam was by what happened, but unless something else bad happens to Dean (which I dont intend for a while actually, well not in the physical sense at least), it wont be that much of a recurring theme other than usual, and an excuse for Sam to wind Dean up.

Anyway, I hope you liked this story, I quite enjoyed writing this one. Next time (tomorrow hopefully) a terrible tragedy strikes as an old enemy returns, and I intend to address another couple of loose threads or unanswered questions during it too. But never fear, an old friend we havent heard of in these stories appears to lend a hand, as does another one later on in the story.

So, hope you liked it, hope to see you on my newest story (I'd give a name but I dont have the faintest idea what to call it), and as always, please read and above all review this one!

Bye for now!