Title: To Defy, to Comply

Rating: T for now, eventually M.

Summary: Loki deserves the same chance as Thor, a chance to redeem himself. So he is sent to Earth just as Thor was, though when he arrives he does not find help, instead he ends up at the mercy of humans of a much darker nature. For months he suffers, wondering if this is how he is supposed to learn humility, only to be stumbled upon and "saved" by the very Avengers that should hate him.

Warnings: Mentions of rape, noncon, prostitution, violence in later chapters

Pairing: I think… FrostIron … not gonna lie, only time this has ever happened but when I started I didn't know if it was FrostIron, Thorki or Captain Mischief… but Loki seems to have chosen for himself.

Author's Note: I've tried to resist because I have so many stories I'm working on, but Loki is completely irresistible. It is a WIP but I know where it's going. And for the love of… it must be a Loki thing, I honestly have never had trouble making characters do what I want them too but… Loki will not stop being snarky no matter how broken he is and even in the most serious of situations – Tony's mind is on sex. It's ridiculous, but I'm working on them the best I can!

Days had been spent in a cell, and they hadn't even removed the muzzle and chains, leaving him uncomfortably curled in a corner. Thor came frequently, tried to talk to him, to tell him that their father was deliberating but he refused to look at him. Finally the doors opened and Thor came in, face troubled. "Father wishes to see you." He glared Thor off when he tried to help him up, but there was nothing he could do as the guards grabbed his arms and dragged him towards the main hall.

Loki refused to be led into the room, jerking his bound hands away from the guards holding him. They glanced to Thor, who nodded, and let him walk on his own towards the throne. He came to an unsteady stop a decent distance away from the throne, his legs refusing to bring him any farther.

It was impossible to not hear the whispers through the room, the jeers, and with the muzzle clamped over his face there was not much he could do to stop them. He whipped his head around, trying to glare down as many of them as he could, only raising the pitch of laughter in the room.

His frantic movements were abruptly stopped when Thor was just suddenly there in front of him, grabbing his jaw, twisting Loki to face him. Surprisingly the hold was gentle as Thor met his eyes. "Loki, be still."

Be still? Be still? Did he not understand that Loki was standing here to face punishment? He had never had to face it for his deeds in the past, falling had saved him that disgrace even if it had brought so many more on him. How could he be still? His jaw ached with the desire to scream at the other man, to do anything, being silenced was torture for him. He tried to let every hateful feeling show in his eyes, making sure that Thor knew exactly what he thought of him.

The moron just continued to look at him, eyes big and sad, and Loki would have sneered if he could have. The sorrow couldn't be real, he was only a war criminal, dragged home so Thor could once again be showered in praise from his father and all of Asgard. Finally after too long Loki jerked his head away, eyes averted not in submission, he just couldn't stand the look in Thor's eyes a moment longer. He blinked rapidly, wishing his hands were free so he could swipe at his face, unsure if he would be able to hide the tears that were threatening to fall.

"Loki Odinson, you stand for judgment."

He had nearly forgotten Odin and shook himself out of the shock of hearing his name, he had not expected to come back and still be considered … Finally really paying attention he knelt before he thought about it, as he always would before the all father. A few sounds of approval drifted through the crowd and then Thor was at his side, kneeling before Odin as well. He glanced sideways at him, and never would he admit the difference it made that he wasn't kneeling there alone, a ridiculous urge to hold Thor's hand rose up, making the shackles clang when he realized he had moved his hand to do just that.

The guards lurched forward, unsure of what he planned on doing, but Thor's eyes were on the quite obvious, at least to him, movement. A glare sent them back to their places and he reached out, taking Loki's hand. He would give his brother the support he needed, even as Loki trained hateful eyes on him. Let his brother put up his defenses, it didn't change that Loki didn't let go of his hand.

He didn't look at Odin, his eyes going to his mother… yes, he would fight with Odin and Thor about if they were related but his mother… would always be his mother. She was giving him a sad smile, her eyes falling to where the two boys held hands, a small hope on her face. When she met his eyes he could see that she was crying, and that made him feel worse than anything Odin could say.

"You have caused deaths and destruction on a planet not capable of protecting itself, showing a blatant abuse of power."

He felt his eyebrows go up, a planet not capable of protecting itself? He recalled being defeated and literally beaten in to the floor. Seems they protected themselves just fine. Thor's hand tightened momentarily and he glanced at him, and for a brief moment he saw the exact same thought on his face. Under other circumstances it would have almost been enough to make him smile.

"You are not fit to be an heir to the crown, to be a member of the royal court."

Even though he was sure he would be disowned, at the very least, the words still ached and he looked to the ground. He couldn't change what was happening but he could at least keep them from knowing how badly it hurt.

"Your brother knows what it is to rule, and what it is to be unprepared. I will give you the same chance that I gave him. You will be stripped of your magic and your godhood, and sent to Midgard to learn humility, Loki."

Thor let out a sudden happy sound, surging to his feet, keeping ahold of Loki's hand so he was forced to awkwardly stumble to his feet as well. Loki protested, both being manhandled and the sentence, but all that came out was a muffled sound. He was being banished? He wasn't… Odin hadn't disowned him… and why the hell was Thor so happy?

He grabbed Loki's shoulders and shook him, smile splitting his face, "This is good news brother! You will go to Earth and you will learn, you will learn what a wonderful realm it is, and then you will come home!"

He knew his eyes were wide, wild. How ignorant could Thor be? Odin wanted to strip him of his powers and magic and send him back to the planet he had tried to take over? Knowing words were impossible he did his best to make a concerned sound, Thor had to understand how dangerous it would be for him on Earth.

Those blue eyes caught on faster than he would have thought and a hand wrapped around the back of his neck, entangling in his hair. His shoulders stiffened at the intimate gesture, he was not a child anymore and did not appreciate him taking the liberty. "Do not fear brother, you will be safe. When I landed I was taken care of, you will be too." He looked to the AllFather, "Father, may I remove the muzzle?"

To that Loki made a high pitch sound, yes, he would like that as well. Odin nodded, "Yes, of course, he deserves to speak in his defense." His eyes hardened the slightest bit, "Do not attempt to flee Loki, this is a fair sentence and the next will not be so forgiving."

He couldn't spare him a glance as he waited impatiently for Thor to remove it, unable to stop a small whimper from escaping when it was pulled off, lips dry and sore. Thor's large hand was at his face, sleeve wiping across his mouth, making him flush as he realized he must have been drooling. "Get off me!" His voice broke, he had been gagged so long that he couldn't sort through what he wanted to say first. He pulled away from Thor to face Odin, "You'll have me killed." He was going for angry, but his voice came out full of hurt, and Odin's face softened in response.

"No, I want you to learn something Loki." He moved down from the throne and Loki tried to cringe back but Thor was there behind him, keeping him in place. Odin placed hands on both Loki's shoulders. "We love you Loki, but you have done horrible things and we want you to understand." He pulled away and nodded to Thor, "Say your goodbyes."

The crowd around them was silent, Loki didn't know if that meant they approved of the sentence or not. "Thor, brother, please…" He was more ashamed of the brother than the please. He could tell the other they were not family… but the minute he was panicked he sought his older brother.

Thor was looking at Odin though, "Can I go with him?"

"No, he must learn this on his own."

Thor was troubled by the fear on Loki's face and again wrapped his hand around the back of his neck pulling him forward until Loki pliantly laid his head against his shoulder. "You will be fine brother, and I will come as soon as I am allowed." He pulled back to place a kiss on Loki's forehead, "Be safe Brother, and know you are loved."

Loki shook his head at that in silence, the muzzle was gone but he knew if he tried to say anything the tears he was fighting would win and he would not let the last image of him to be one of him humiliating himself with tears. He did not tell Thor he loved him as well and he would not look at his mother, only faced Odin and hunched his shoulders, waiting.

Odin nodded and recited the words that had sent Thor away once, "I now take from you your power, in the name of my father and his father before me, I, Odin Allfather, cast you out." The words were more subdued than they had been with Thor, spoken out of careful consideration instead of anger, but the results were the same.

Loki had a brief moment to see his brother and try to reach for him, barely time to make a frightened sound and then he was falling.