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Stomach Tied in Knots

Chloe's POV
"I only have myself to blame, but don't you think we can start again? I can't live without you; I can't even live with myself." "Goodness Dani, can you please answer your phone." I asked frustrated at her choice of ringtone.

I did not need to hear those lyrics right now. Not after what happened. Derek. I shuddered as the memory came back to me.

"Derek?" I whispered unbelievingly. It was Derek that kissed me, he tricked me. He smirked at me. "Miss me?"

I push on his chest hard and open the closet door, stalking away. He keeps up with me though and grabs me by the arm, turning me towards him. "Oh come on. Don't act like you didn't feel that. That was sparks."

I glared at him, slapping his arm off of me. I practically spat the words. "Sparks? Yeah right, more like vomit. You are sick Derek, I don't want to deal with you anymore, just leave me the heck alone."

I started walking away, and this time he didn't stop me, but he did yell something before I was out of earshot. "Do you really think Simon will still love you after he figures out you cheated on him?"

Though I acted like I didn't hear Derek, those words packed a punch. Could it actually happen? I didn't cheat, but would Simon think so? I kissed Derek back, but I thought it was Simon. Surely that had to mean something. Either way I was going to find out as soon as he came home.

Of course on the day I really need to talk to him he decides to have a guy day with Jake. "Chloes? Can we talk?" Tori asked, breaking me out of my reverie. I nodded at her and followed her into our room ignoring the curious stares from both Dani and Kendall.

I sat on the bed as Tori closed the door softly. "I need you to see this." She said grabbing a piece of paper out of her back pocket and showing it to me.

I read it slowly, trying to process the words. "Say goodbye to your life as you know it, things are about to change. Watch your back, one of your friends is not be what they say they are.


A friend. "

"Talk about a cryptic message." I said shaking my head disbelievingly. "Where'd you find this?"

Tori bit her nails nervously and glanced at the note again. "It was in my locker after school. I opened it up and it was there. I tried using a tracking spell on where it came from, but I came up empty."

She sat down next to me and I put my arm around her shoulder, comforting her like only a best friend could do. "It's just someone trying to mess with you, I'm sure it's nothing."

She nodded her head, but she looked about as convinced as I felt. Like people don't mess with us, they set out for revenge. Someone was plotting something, I knew it. The question was who though.

"Honey I'm home!" Simon yelled dramatically down the hallway as he got home. I rolled my eyes inwardly and went to go greet him. Everything would be fine, Simon would believe me. He'd have to.

Surely our love isn't so feeble that a simple thing like this would ruin it. But it wasn't feeble, it was a well thought out plan made by a monster. Derek that is. He tricked me the only way he knew how, in the dark.

When Simon saw me he dropped all the bags he was holding and held his arms out for me. I ran into them and he twirled me around like a little girl. "Missed you." He murmured into my hair.

I squeezed my arms harder against his neck. "Missed you too, but you already knew that." He chuckled and set me down, not removing his hands from my waist.

He smiled broadly at me. "What'd you do?" I asked curiously. He released the hold against my waist and reached into his pocket, pulling out a tiny baby blue box with white ribbon. A tiffany box. Oh my freaking gosh, that must have cost a fortune.

Something must have given away my emotions because Simon chuckled. "Don't worry babe, it was worth it because you're worth it." He said and I immediately felt guilt clutch at the inside of my stomach. If only he knew.

He opened the box and it revealed a beautiful ring. It was simple but elegant with tiny diamonds embedded into the ring. Was he proposing? "I know what you're thinking Chloe, I'm not proposing, at least not yet, this is just a promise."

He looked deep into my eyes before continuing. "A promise that I will always be faithful to you, that I will never let you down. A promise that we will last." He looked down almost nervously and whispered. "That is if you want it."

I looked at him, his brown eyes vulnerable to me. I had to tell him, but telling him now would be a rejection. I would tell him, just when the time is right. So I did what I had to do. "I will always want it. I promise." I whispered.

He smiled and took my shaking hand in his and slipped the ring on it. A perfect fit. I looked down at the ring and saw it had an engraving on it. Forever until the end and even after that. I smiled at him, trying to look reassuring when inside my stomach clenched. Everyone had secrets, but was this one mine to keep?

Alex's POV
"Have you been avoiding me?" Dani asked barging into my room unannounced. I looked up at her from my book but didn't say anything. She sighed and sat on the floor next to my bed.

"I get it, you're mad. But I can't apologize if I don't know what I did." She said looking at me pointedly. I shrugged and went back to my book. I wasn't really mad, not really. I just wish she'd choose me and not Jack.

As quick as a flash the book was out of my hands and thrown across the room. Dani smiled mischievously and I knew then that she used her werewolf instincts to do that. "Answer me now or I might have to kill you." She said flashing her fangs and making me wonder if she was kidding or not.

"Dani I'm not mad at you, I could never be mad. I just haven't seen you that much." I said hoping that would be a suitable answer. She growled at me and I put my hands up in surrender. "Seriously it's like we never talk anymore."

I saw her eyes soften and she tackled me into a hug. "I'm sorry boo; I didn't even know you wanted to hang out." She gushed. I hugged her back, missing the days when we used to sleep in the same bed because she had nightmares. We were just kids, but even then I felt close to Dani.

"We should hang out more. Seriously." She said right when my phone rang. We looked at the nightstand curiously before she grabbed the phone. "Hello?" She asked laughter in her eyes. I smiled at her as she stuck her tongue out.

"Yeah he is." She said as I put my hand out for the phone. She shooed me away and continued talking. I watched slowly as the laughter died out of her eyes as she hung up the phone.

"That was Gwen; she said she can't wait for your guy's date tonight." I could hear the accusing tone in her voice and I inwardly winced before calculating what she said. Gwen? What the heck, isn't that Jack's brother. Why is she calling me?

"I guess I should go so you can get ready for your date." Dani said quietly leaving my room. "Wait Dani it's not what you think! I have no idea why she called me; I have never talked to that girl in my life!" I yelled after her, but she was already gone.

I ran a hand through my hair frustrated. What just happened? Why is this chick calling me? It's like she was trying to ruin my relationship with Dani. I called her back, ready to tell her I had no idea who she was and what business she had calling me, but when I got off the phone I was left with an unsettling decision.

Jake's POV

I couldn't sleep. It was 2 in the freaking morning and I was the only one up, it was sort of scary to hear the house so eerily quiet. Sighing I got up from my bed and went to go find the laptop. I needed to do something, so why not check the blog?

After logging in I noticed something weird, another message from anonymous. Smirking I opened it, thinking that it would be just some prank again, but the thing I saw was anything but fake.

It was a video of my house, with Chloe and Tori just sitting there watching t.v. It wasn't what they filmed that got to me, it was how they got it. They were showing that it was so easy to get into our house and film.

Once the video ended I read the caption under it. "You thought you were safe? Well your girlfriends won't be for long if you don't give me what you want." I ran my fingers through my hair confused.

Why were people cornering me and my family? More importantly, what do they want? I knew I couldn't show this video to the girls, but I had to show it to Simon.

I walked over to his bed and shook his shoulder vigorously. "Simon, dude wake up. I have to show you something." He mumbled some incoherent words and shoved his head under his pillow.

Sighing I grabbed his bed sheets and pulled them as hard as I could, sending him flailing to the ground. With a loud thump he groaned and looked around. "What do you want Jake?" He asked, glaring at me.

"You got to see this." I said shoving the laptop into his face. He grabbed it and watched the video, slowly becoming more awake by the second. "Do you think this is some prank?" he asked.

I shook my head. "I don't think so, they were in our house. That's pretty serious dude." He nodded and got up, walking over to his nightstand and looking through the drawers.

"Here." He said throwing me a folded up piece of paper. "I found this under my pillow this morning. It's why I dragged you along today to get Chloe that ring." Nodding, I unfolded the paper and watched my life crumble from under me as each sentence went past my lips. Things were going to change… it was the end to our chance at normal.

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