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Just let me burn the night away
Oh, baby let me burn the night away
By thinking of the simple things you say to me
That get me through the day
You keep me wide awake.
You keep me wide awake.

After they ate, Takeshi tried to come up with something, he decided to not make a joke cause Gokudera seemed to hate them, even if Yamamoto always caught a small smile in his lips after scolding Takeshi for being so stupid.

"So... what did you think?"

The only answer he got was a confused look and a silver eyebrow slightly raised, and even if Gokudera didn't say, the raven understood what he meant; 'About?'

"About.. the match, today..." He feared that Gokudera really did ignore the whole match.

"A idiotic game for idiotic people..."

Takeshi expected that the silver-ette would say that.

"...But you were... good." Gokudera finished the sentence looking sideways. Like hell he would admit that the baseball idiot was good at something. But Hayato didn't miss the never faltering grin on the idiot face that almost, almost brought a small smile on his own.

"Thank you. I thought you missed the entire game." Yamamoto said with a laugh.

Just cause he averted his gaze whenever the idiot looked at them didn't mean he didn't pay attention to the game. Asshole.

"Tche. If I did or not, it's none of your business."

And with that, Gokudera picked one of his cancer sticks and lit it, they were in Takeshi's room, Gokudera thought that it wouldn't be so bad.

"This is bad for your health."

"Like I don't know it."

Yamamoto sighed and ran a hand through his hair.