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Draco POV

It was the start of term and Draco Malfoy was already bored. He'd woken up earlier than normal just to be sure that there was nothing he was missing. And there wasn't. But as soon as he walked into the great hall, his eyes landed on something. Something with great curves, a flawless complexion, and who stood out.

She sat alone, the only green one in a sea of red. Draco couldn't resist her. It was love at first sight. He went to sit with her, and the red ones parted for him, whispering to themselves about how cute he was and how dare he pick the loner. He reached out and touched her cool, smooth cheek, dreaming about the pale white flesh that lay beneath her clothes.

She ignored him, staring straight ahead as if she was pondering something. Unable to stop himself, he picked her up, gently caressing her body and whispered, "I'm sorry if this is going a bit fast, but I just can't resist you." That said, he pressed his lips to her skin.

She smelled like apples. He nibbled on her, and a symphony of flavors exploded into his mouth. Tartness, sweetness, a little bitter, he sucked on it trying to memorize the taste. Too soon it was gone and he regretted marring her perfect skin. He took another bite and moaned softly to himself, relishing how she tasted. He took yet another bite, and another, unable or unwilling to stop himself.

Harry POV

He stared at Draco, watched as he bit into the apple. His ears picked up on something, was that moaning? He shook his head to himself. Draco Malfoy was a crazy git.

Draco POV

He ate and ate, only stopping when he tasted the bitterness of the seed. He stared at the apple core, regretting more than ever taking that first bite. He gently placed her on his plate, trying to hold back tears. He lifted his head and saw a flash of green.

It was another green apple. He weighed the options. Was it worth it to go over to the Gryffindork table and have the taste of apple in his mouth all over again, or should he stay where he was and wait for the next morning's bowl of fruit, hoping that there was a Granny Smith?

He stood up and walked over, but stopped. He watched, heartbroken, as Potter picked up the apple and jammed it into his mouth.

Harry POV

Everyone stared as Draco Abraxas Malfoy curled up into a ball and cried like a baby in the middle of the great hall. He shrugged and took another bite of the delicious apple in his hand. This only proved his theory that Malfoy was totally insane.