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Guess what Fanfiction I've done it again! I decided that while I write the TDB sequel "We Are The Night" I am hence forth going to write this story/animated series. I shall call it...drum roll please...Dammit I said drum roll please!


That's better. Alright I shall call it "Total Drama Super Six: the animated series." Obviously in the title, the animated series part is dropped.

Well it tells the story of 6 of your favorite drama girls and mine: Gwen, Bridgette, Courtney, Heather, Lindsay, and Izzy; and how they are somehow shanghaied into becoming a mystery solving world saving brood all orchestrated and lead by the illustrious Bruce Wayne. (Not Trent).

The girls basically are Kim Possible, Batman, and the Amazing Spiez all smashed together in a big old pot of Nostalgia soup. Yes, of course there's going to be more total drama castmates what do I look like, pervert-ha-ha-ha-ha-don't answer that.

But seriously though this show will be super-freaking fantastic! A lot of the villains and such will be from of course, the big name cartoons we all used to love and enjoy. But of course the heavy hitter, the thorn in the side sort of speak, will be an OC, Scarlet. An evil, redheaded ninja girl, who can best our super sleuths at every turn. All wrapped up in a nice niko56 package...anyone get that joke? No. Okay good.

So guys, this show also features fun favs like, Freakazoid! And his friends, Kim Possible-why not? The Biker Mice, Xiaolin Showdown,The Spectacular Spider-man, and many others. And you guys know as well as I do, I'm not re-dubbing any old TV characters with the cast of Total Drama, not this time, you know damn well that Lindsay's gonna be dumb, Heather's gonna be the queen bee, Courtney's gonna be the bitch, Bridgette's gonna be relaxed and klutzy, Izzy's gonna ruin everything, and Gwen is, well...gonna be Gwen.

I should hope you all read, REVIEW pretty please! And tell me if this is worth your time and mine. So without further adieu, here be the character listing, in hopes no one sues me!

"Total Drama, the Super Six: The Animated Series!"

The Super Six

Megan Fahlenbock: Gwen Hayden (Midnight)

Emilie Claire-Barlow: Courtney Stiletto (Grey)

Kristen Fairlie: Bridgette Mason (Hazel)

Katie Crown: Izzy MacTavish (Phoenix)

Rachel Wilson: Heather Chang (Sly)

Stephanie Anne Mills: Lindsay Brewer (Blue)

Super Six Super Staff

Kevin Conroy: Bruce Wayne (The Leader)

Jess Harnell: Alfred Pennyworth (The Butler)

Corey Burton: Damian McElroy (The Analyst)

Kevin Michael Richardson: Lucius Fox (The Liaison)

Cle Bennett: Chef Hatchet (Trainer)

Mark Hamill: Gary 'Gunny' Grogan (Trainer)

Daran Norris: Clifford 'Cliff' Sanderson (Weapons technician)

Rob Paulsen: Scott Turpin (Mechanic)

Danny Cooksey: John Spicer (Gadgets technician)

Tara Strong: Barbara Gordon (Evidence analysis)

Regular Hero Guest Stars

Kevin Conroy: Batman

Paul Rugg: Freakazoid!

Loren Lester: Nightwing

Scott Menville: Robin

Tara Strong: Batgirl

Niko56: Spider-man (Yeah that's right!)

David Kaufman: Danny Phantom, Dexter Douglas

Christy Carlson-Romano: Kim Possible

Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable

Andrew Sabiston: Lee Clark

Alyson Court: Megan Clark

Peter Cugno: Mark Clark

Julie Lemieux: Tony Clark

Jeff Bennett: The Creeper


Frank Welker: Commissioner James Gordon

Robert Costanzo: Detective Harvey Bullock

April Winchell: Detective Renee Montoya

Kath Soucie: Dr. Leslie Tomkins

Principal Villains

Sparkling-Nexis137: Scarlet

Drew Nelson: Duncan (Slick)

Peter Oldring: Cody (Egg-Head)

Dan Petronijevic: Geoff (Hailstorm) How ironic is that?

Stephanie Anne Mills: Katie

Lauren Lipson: Sadie [the Destructo-Duo]

Jennifer Hale: Katnappe

Julia Chantrey: Eva (Iron Maiden)

Jeff Bennett: Cave Guy, Jeepers, Candlejack, Professor Moriarty

Maurice LaMarche: Longhorn, The Brain

Rob Paulsen: Tetanus, Pinky

David Warner: The Lobe

Tress MacNeille: Cobra Queen

Danny Cooksey: Jack Spicer

Nicole Sullivan: Shego

James Arnold Taylor: Walker

Guest Villains

Mark Hamill: Joker (A boy can dream dammit!)

Arleen Sorkin: Harley Quinn

Diane Pershing: Poison Ivy

Adrienne Barbeau: Catwoman

Steve Blum: The Green Goblin

Mae Whitman: Black Cat

Richard Moll: Two-Face

Cree Summer: Valerie Grey

Jess Harnell: Ronaldo Rump

That's all I got for now sports fans, if you have questions, you know where I'm at! If there's a character YOU want on this show, just lemme know, they may see the light of day yet again. Again, I got graduation this evening, and then most unfortunately thanks to project graduation, and then orientation at Wilkes U, I'll be out of Commish' till Monday. Sorry guys, just please R&R, and uh...tell me whatcha think, stay tuned...

I do however draw the line at the following cartoons, either cause I don't cause I don't like them, or they won't fit in this show, DON'T EVEN ASK:

Adventure Time

Regular Show

Totally Spies

The Powerpuff Girls

Any preschool show

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

South Park

Family Guy

The Cleveland Show

Spongebob Squarepants

Avatar: the Last Airbender