Hi guys. I came up with an idea for story a couple days ago after reading another fanfic. The boys don't come in until like chapter 2 or 3 I don't know. But it'll be worth it.

Chapter 1 is the introductory chapter, so it'll change .P.O.V. a couple times. The story is in multiple people's .P.O.V.

[Edit: 2/26/13: The trailer is live on YouTube. It's sucky since I edited it myself and I'm new with editing, but it's still a trailer nonetheless. Hope you enjoy reading this fanfic.]

[2/28/12: I need a new trailer for this fanfic since YouTube is a load of shit and made me delete the video just because of the song Skyscraper used in the back ground. The trailer needs sadder, and also happy clips of Selena Gomez (Alison), Miley Cyrus back during before she cut and dyed her hair (Nevah), Demi Lovato (Lexi), Kendall Schmidt (Kendall), James Maslow (James), Logan Henderson (Logan), and Carlos Pena (Carlos.) I can provide pictures of myself (Ashly).

Alison's .P.O.V

I'm Alison. I have a twin sister named Ashly. We've been abused by our parents. So have our friends, Nevah and Lexi. We're making our escape tonight, along with mine and Ashly's little sister Sarah. We told our teacher, Ms. Norris about what's been going on. she promised not to tell anyone and she's helping us make our escape. Around midnight she's taking all of us to her house for the night and in the morning were going to the airport. We finally have enough money to pay for 5 plane tickets, and 4 months rent for two apartments in case we didn't find jobs right away.

Everything was packed. We just had to wait until midnight 5 more minutes. I shuddered as a bad memory ran through my brain. It was when dad was drunk and when me and Ashly came home from a friends house, he beat us so badly we could barely walk. Luckily though it was a Friday night so we had time to heal before school on Tuesday, since we had Monday off.

Ashly's .P.O.V

I stared at the clock. 11:59 it read. 1 minute to midnight. I carefully picked up Sarah from the couch where she fell asleep. "Alison." "Yeah." "It's 11:59." "Ok we need to get going then. " She grabbed her suitcases and our carry ons. since I couldn't grab mine with Sarah in my arms. She's 5 years old, but she was asleep so I needed to carry her. I looked at my watch. It read midnight. "It's time." "Alright."

We walked out the door. Ms. Norris' car was already here. After we said our goodbyes to the neighborhood we grew up in we went inside Ms. Norris' van. After we got in Sarah woke up. "Where are we?" "Were in ' van." "Who's Ms. Norris?" "My teacher. She's helping us escape remember?" "Oh yeah" Sarah said and her eyelids started to close. "Goodnight Sarah. Tomorrow's a new day." "Goodnight sis." I smiled. She is so cute. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and she smiled in her sleep. I made sure Ms. Norris knew where to go and then I fell asleep since I was really tired and needed some sleep. Alison was already asleep.

Nevah's .P.O.V.

I'm Nevah. My name is heaven spelled backwards. If my mom named me that, then why would I get beaten you ask? Well my dad never liked me, but since he loved my mom, he left me alone, but then my mom kept trying to have another child but she couldn't so she started using drugs and then my dad started hurting me.

I had everything packed. I was thinking about what it would be like in LA since I didn't want to think about any bad memories. It was midnight so I grabbed my stuff and walked out the door. At 12:08 Ms. Norris got here.I got into her van. Alison and Ashly were asleep so I shook Ashly awake. "Ashly" "Yeah" she said sleepily. "Are you awake?" "I am now. Thanks for waking me up." "Sorry I just want to talk to someone."

"What do you want to talk about?" "Los Angelas. What if we meet cute boys in LA?" "Then we'll meet boys. Ugh you have boys on your mind 50% of the time." "Sorry. That's just me. Do you promise that we'll always be friends and stick together?" "I promise. After all the hell we've been through, and the fact that now we're moving to LA together to escape from everything, we're going to stick together no matter what." "I love you Ashly." "I love you too Nevah. You're beautiful don't let anyone tell you otherwise." she said and gave me a hug.

Lexi's .P.O.V.

I'm Lexi. My mom died when I was three or four, I don't remember and then my dad stared beating and he blamed me for her death. All of my stuff was packed. I walked out the door. Shortly ' van got here. I left without looking back. I was leaving for my own good. If my father misses me I don't care. It was his fault for pushing me away.

"Hi Ashly. Hi Nevah." "Hey Girl." They both said and pulled me into a tight hug." "Guys, I can't breath." "Sorry. We just missed you." "It's alright guys. I love you guys." "We love you too." We talked the whole way to Mrs. Norris' house. We got there and she showed us the guest bedroom with 3 beds where we were going to sleep. Alison, Ashly and Sarah shared a bed, Sarah sleeping in between them. Me and Nevah shared a bed. I know there is another bed, but we felt safe like this. "Goodnight Ashly, Goodnight Alison" I said but received no response. They must be asleep. "Goodnight Nevah. I love you." "Goodnight Lexi. I love you too."

No one's .P.O.V.

In the morning they all got dressed and went downstairs. As they went in the living room to watch a little bit of TV/ ask what the morning plans are, she stopped them.

Mrs. Norris' .P.O.V.

"Girls I have a surprise for each of you." "Ok." "Close your eyes and hold out your hands." In each of their hands I placed a box that contained a iPhone and an iPod. I know 4 of each of those would be expensive, but from when each of them told the situation, I had been saving up for them. "You can open your eyes now." You should have seen the looks on their faces as the opened the boxes. "Mrs. Norris, you shouldn't have." "I wanted too. Now Alison and Ashly, you should go wake Sarah up and get her dressed so we could a move on to the airport before Rush hour starts."

After they did that, we left for the airport. When we got there, we said a tearful goodbye and I promised to call and visit when I had time. Sarah gave me a huge hug and said "I love you. Thanks for helping us." "I love you too. You're welcome. No one should have to go through what you guys went through."

Mrs. Norris is my actual Language Arts Teacher. The song for the chapter will be Skyscraper. The song didn't inspire the fic, but the title fits. What do you guys think? Comment, Vote and Fan. I love you guys.



(Btw, this was started back when I was in 7th grade.)