A/N: After writing the gaps in the cannon Fenris/MHawke story, I decided I'd go for Anders as well. Why not? I have nothing better to do. This version of Hawke is Dante, a mage... also mostly sarcastic, like the one in my Fenris one. But with a little less honor.

Small Comforts

Hawke left Gamlen's hovel sighing. He'd had another argument with Carver. He missed his sister. Bethany had always managed to come between them and stop the fight. Now anything could happen. Hawke loved his brother but sometimes he really wanted to kick his ass.

Without really thinking, Hawke found himself in Darktown. He decided since he was there, he might as well check on Anders.

"Hawke? Do you need something?" he asked.

"Somewhere quiet where my brother can't yell at me would be nice."

"At it again with him?" Anders asked crossing his arms over his chest.

"Always. We are brothers. And we're both like our father... hard headed." Anders moved a stack of papers from a bench. Hawke took the hint and sat down.

"You don't talk about your father much."

"Would you like to hear something about him?" Anders sat down next to Hawke.


"Malcom Hawke... He was a mage, but you know that of course. He loved us. Taught Bethany and I magic. He even supported Carver in learning how to use a sword and joining Calin's army. Carver never saw it, but dad was always proud of him. It feels like dad died so long ago."

"Did he die when you were young?" Hawke shook his head.

"Not really. I'm not near as young as I look."

"How old are you Hawke?" Anders asked.

"Well, Carver is nineteen, and he is my younger brother, so take a guess."

"Twenty one?" Hawke laughed.

"Twenty five." Anders' jaw almost dropped.

"I thought you were a lot younger."

"I'll take that as a compliment. Thank you."

"For what?" Anders asked.

"Giving me a place to hear myself think." Anders smiled.

"You're always welcome here Hawke."

"You know, no one has used my first name since my dad died. Mom, Bethany and Carve I guess... but to everyone else it's just Hawke."

"I've never heard your first name."

"Would you like to?" Anders nodded.

"I'd love to."

"It's Dante."

"Strong. It fits you." Hawke leaned forward, looking over Anders.

"What's your real name Anders?"

"Far less interesting than yours. It's not important. No one has used it since I was a small child."

"Fair enough. Feel free to use my first name."

"All right... Dante." Hawke smiled. He couldn't help but admire Anders. Sure he'd eluded the templars his whole life, but Anders had escaped and been recapured, again and again. Not to mention he found himself undeniably attracted to to the rouge warden.

"Can I sleep here?" He wanted to see Anders' response more than he really wanted to stay the night.

"Sure. You can take that bed there."

"Ah, a gentleman. I think I'm in love." Hawke slid out of his boots, and pulled off his shirt. He refused to wear robes... he was feminine enough without wearing a skirt. He didn't need to give Carver any more reasons to mock him. As he stretched his shoulders, he could feel Anders' eyes on him. His eyes met the Warden's, and he quickly looked away. Anders blew out the laterns, and went to his own bed-on the other side of the room. Hawke chuckled to himself as he closed his eyes.

A/N: That got away from me. XD I suppose that's what happens when Adam finds a CD I burned for last year's trip, including Korn, Marylin Manson, Smashing Pumpkins, and other such music on it. I apologize if it updates slow, but I adore Fenris, so I've seen his romance a lot of times, and I don't recall Anders' as well, so I'm playing through it again. I also just realized how short this is, and I apologize. They will be longer in the future. Reviews are welcome. ^^ I also apperciate critisim as long as it is constructive.