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As they walked through the dark, Hawke was going tired. It'd been four days walking, wandering through the deep roads.

"All right, let's stop. I'm about to fall out." Hawke wasn't the only one. Anders, Varric and Carver were all breathing heavily.

"We rest here. Two on two off! Varric, Carver, you get first rest. Anders, got anything to do to keep us awak?" The dwarf and the younger Hawke collapsed into makeshift beds while the magic wielding Hawke and Anders sat on the ground, lighting a fire.

"Not really. We could talk."

"All right, what do you want to talk about?" Hawke replied.

"I've told you that I've been with men before... and you've shown interest in me... but have you been with men before?"

"I have."

"Really? Then who was your first? You know mine was Karl." Hawke smiled as he recalled his first.

"An elf called Jamon. Long red hair, gorgeous grey eyes. He was a sweetheart."

"What happened to him?"

"No idea. Family full of mages remember? We had to move," Hawek replied.

"I guess you're no different than any other mage. Who was your best?"

"You first," Hawke replied. Anders laughed.

"Fair enough. Nathaniel Howe. He joined the Wardens around the same time I did. Didn't like me much at first, but he came around. Never anything more, just sex. Honestly, I don't recall a very real relationship ever. So who was your best?" Anders asked.

"Darrien. He was a friend of Carver's that stayed at our house for a while. Shortly after he became my boyfriend. Carver wouldn't speak to me for months."

"Think he was jealous?"

"No. He likes women. He just hated it when I turned one of his sparring partners into my boyfriend."

"Your brother is really nothing like you," Anders noted.

"We've always been different. Our looks are about the only thing we share. Both of us look like dad, but I have mom's eyes."

"There's something different about you though... more than just your magic. You have a... maturity that Carver lacks. Not just your personality, but your looks too. Carver is still a boy, but you're a man." Hawke smiled.

"If you're trying to get me into bed, you're doing a very good job," he joked. Anders laughed. The two talked for several hours, before getting to rest themselves.

A few hours later, they were getting close to the end. Carver was in rough shape. Anders saw it first. As they stopped to rest for a moment, Carver fell over.

"Carver!" Anders explained that Carver was tainted by the darkspawn, and how to fix it; joining the Wardens.

They found the Wardens, and Hawke reluctantly gave them Carver. He was silent the rest of the trip home.

When they arrived, Hawke went to his home.

"Anders... can I come by later?"

"Of course Hawke."

When Hawke arrived and Anders' clinic, it was quiet. He looked over the mage, sitting at a desk, writing. Hawke loved everything about him. The passion in his eyes when he fought, the sexy tone in his voice when he was tired from working for hours in his clinic, and most of all, the quiet moments where Anders didn't even have to speak, but Hawke loved every second of it. He took a few silent steps toward Anders, who still hadn't seen that he'd entered. His lanterns were out for the night. Hawke couldn't help it, he was in love with Anders.

"Anders... are you busy?" he turned around.

"Not too busy for you," he said. Hawke sat down next to Anders.

"What are you working on?"

"A manifesto of our people..."

"Mages? Maybe I can help." Anders smiled.

"You could. But I want to make sure you're okay."

"I am. I miss Carver... but he'll write. Can I help?" Anders nodded, allowing Hawke to see his work.

"This is great. You're really going to fight to the end aren't you?"

"We deserve our freedom. People like you and me aren't any less than anyone else." Hawke smiled. He was lost in Anders' brown eyes.

"I'll stand beside you."

"I knew you would."

"I will always stand beside you..."

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