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I was trying like really, really hard but this face wasn't coming out. There's something I still need. His eyes are supposed to be mysterious; his body with different shadows to make the muscles; and the V hiding under his jeans wasn't looking really good, you know.

"Shit" I murmured to myself. I don't remember how it was supposed to look! Ugh, this is what you get when you're trying to draw what you dreamed. Man, not cool. At all.

Not working!

My iPhone was plugged to the new awesome black and blue speakers Luke had bought me three days ago and I technically had a concert in my room.

I erased his face for the twentieth time and started doing it all over again, for the twentieth-first time.

"But I set fire-e-e! To the rain!" I sang

"Clare-bear!" I heard someone shout. I took the speaker's remote and hit pause. I turned to the door and there was Luke, raising both of his eyebrows.

"I've been knocking for like five minutes" he said exasperated

"Sorry, I was playing deaf" I said grinning. Luke rolled his eyes and stepped outside my room

"I need you in the living room. We have guests" he said.

"But Lukeee" I whined


"But, Luke I was trying to-"


Oh shit, not the Clarissa tone

I sighed and put down my sketchbook. I jumped from the bed and went past Luke, murmuring under my breath

"I'm actually considering hating you soon" I said with false anger. I think he said under his breath 'You'll hate me much more in no time'

"See you later, Mr. Boom boxie" I said toward my room, already missing my speakers. Luke made a disgusted sound at my stupidity and closed the door, separating me from my A.W.E.S.O.M.E bedroom. Luke had bought a new apartment, that was ridiculously incredible and my bedroom was… *sigh*

When I walked into the big living room I stopped dead in my tracks. Literally


"What the fuck?" I breathed.

"Language, Clare-Bear" Luke said, walking into the living room

"What's happening here? Why do you have these…people here?" I asked, glaring at both of the Herondales. Stephen, the father, was looking serenely at me. The golden boy, Stephen's son, was looking bored, but had a disgusted look on his face.

"Clary, can you take a sit and let me explain?" said Luke trying to make me sit in one of the leather couches across from the Herondales. Fuck it. My mom has told me enough to know that the Herondales could've been conceived by Satan himself.

"Like hell I will" I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Clary, sit down. Now" said Luke, looking serious. Damn, he scared the crap out of me.

"I want to know what is happening here!" I shouted

"Would you sit down and shut up? I wanna know what this is about" said the golden boy. Jace Herondale. I glared at him.

"No one asked for your opinion, asshat" I said

"No one asked for yours, dwarf" he replied with a mocking smile. Oh, this just got personal

"Oh, you better watch your mouth, Herondale!" I said giving two steps in his direction.

"I can't. I'm watching the pretty lips you have on yours" he said. Luke grabbed me before I could touch a single golden hair. And he's lucky, because I was so going to rip every single strand of hair, with its head attached and all, stab his eyes with a fork, and cook them over the bonfire I'm going to build, so I can burn his body inside, too.

"Ok, kids. Can you sit down and shut the hell up?" Luke exclaimed. He was obviously annoyed. Golden boy and I glared at each other as we sat down in opposite sides of the living room. Father and son looked a lot alike…like damn. They sat one beside the other, looking at me and Luke, who finally decided to sit beside me. After giving me an apologetic look, he talked.

"Stephen and I came out with a very sensitive agreement" he said, looking between me and golden boy. I saw anxiety in his eyes.

"The Fairchilds and Herondales have been in war before any of us were even born"

"No shit, Sherlock" I muttered. Luke sighed

"We need to end this. Really soon. The Archangel Incorporation Body wants to put, Fairchilds and Herondales, like owners for the rest of the existence. Both families have showed they can be efficient, so The High Proceator wants both of the families to own the company. We certainly can't do this while the families are at war. It would end the company"

"Where are you going with all this?" murmured golden boy

"We want to unify the family. And there's only one way to do it" mentioned Stephen, looking directly to Luke.

"We're planning a wedding" said Luke at last. Oh wow…

I saw how golden boy's eyes widened.

"Um…I certainly didn't know you were playing for the other team Luke" I said.

"Clary, you and Jace are getting married in a month" said Luke, turning his head in my direction. Both golden boy and I jumped to our feet instantly.

"What?" we said in unison.

"You're totally going nuts here, Luke!" I yelled.

"What's this about, dad? Are you mad!" shouted Jace, in his dad's direction.

"I'm really sorry guys, but…there's nothing else to do about it" mentioned Luke, rising to his feet.

"Oh, believe me. There is" I said, turning on my heels.

"Where are you going?" asked Luke, grabbing me by the arm, and frowning down at me.

"I'm running away!" I shouted, and struggled with him to let me go.

"Clarissa Fairchild, shut up and listen to me! There's only one way to avoid losing the company, who is actually giving us everything we own right now, and you know it. We've never asked you guys to sacrifice anything before. But we're asking you now. You guys are the only ones, who can actually save the company from falling on the hands of the enemy. We-"

"You want me to marry that fuckin' jerk face? You want me to spend the rest of my life attached to a manwhore?"

"It's not called manwhore, poodle. It's called being popular" said Jace.

"You, shut the fuck up!" I yelled, pointing a finger at him, and then turned back to Luke

"And you. From which corner are you smoking pot, huh?" I asked exasperated.

"Clary, you have to listen to me. Please!"

"I'm not marrying her, dad! Certainly not her!" Jace was saying to his dad.

"I'm going to be honest with you guys. There's nothing else you can do. It's our decision and you guys are going follow it"

"What the hell?" I said with wide eyes.

"Yes, Clarissa"

"Are you guys in drugs? Hallucinates, weed, or crack?" said Jace.

"Does mom knows about it?" I asked.

"There's the trick, Clary. Neither of your mothers can know about this. Yes, they'll know there's a proposal, but they'll think is because you guys fell in love. They cannot, I repeat cannot know this is a forced or arranged marriage. Do you guys understand me?" he said with a high and strong voice, wide eyes looking between me and Jace.

"And there goes my life" said Jace to himself.

"Why? Why us? Why me… with him?" I shouted desperate

"You guys are the only child, from each of the families. Fair chance that is a boy and a girl" said Luke more to himself than for us. At this point I was hyperventilating.

"You guys are going to be staying together for a month, until the wedding, so the story will be more credible" mentioned Stephen.

"Woah, woah, woah. What exactly are you meaning by 'staying together', father?" said Jace, looking at his father with wide and incredulous eyes.

"You guys are going to live together in the new apartment I bought for you three hours ago"

"WHAT?" Jace and I said together in unison again.

"AOL Time Warner Center, Columbus Circle. You guys are going to love it" said Stephen, smiling apologetically.

"Believe me when I say, I won't!" I said growling.

"You guys should start packing. We're dropping you there in three hours" said Luke.

"What?" I said, my voice breaking.

"Clare-Bear…I'm sorry. But there's nothing else we can do to change this. Your mother will be here tonight and she needs to hear the news of the engagement from my mouth" said Luke, looking at me in the eye. Both of the Herondales were looking at us right now. I think I saw Jace clench his fist at each side of his body, trying to control his breathing. I pulled my arm from Luke's grasp and gave two steps back.

"It's totally true what you said before we walked into this room. I hate you much more now" I said and then walked out of the living room.

C ~ J C ~ J C ~ J

I'm not going to cry. And certainly not when that fuckin' asshole is gonna see me in less than two hours.

I spent more than an hour taking out all my turquoise and brown Juicy Couture suitcases, and throwing clothes inside. When I finished with that I started with shoes. I let the trunk for the end, to organize my perfumes, jewelry and personal stuff.

I placed my art things in a handbag and then changed into some red tank top with skinny jeans. I put some black knee-high boots and passed my fingers through my wild, red curls. Done.

I didn't count to ten when Luke knocked and the opened the door, looking from my luggage to me looking dead-like in the bed.

"C'mon, Clare-bear" he said, walking to where my luggage was.

"Don't 'Clare-bear' me, Luke" I said. Luke actually cringed. I took a suitcase and my handbag and walked passed him and into the living room. Stephen and Jace were there, but they had changed clothes. I guess they went to their house so Jace could pack his things.

"Everything ready?" asked Stephen. Jace was looking at the ceiling, like asking God for tolerance.

"Everything ready. You called the taxis?" asked Luke, walking to the exit door.

"They're downstairs" answered Stephen. I started walking to the door

"Wait, Clary, there's something else" said Stephen. I stopped, breathed in deep and slowly turned in his direction. He searched inside his coat and took out a small black box, then opened it.

A ring

"Oh damn, there's a ring" murmured Jace, running his hand through his golden hair and turning away from us.

"Obviously there's a ring" mentioned Stephen. I looked at the beautiful ring shinning.

A fucking ring. I'm fucking getting married.

"Come here Jace. C'mon, boy. No one's going to eat you" said Stephen, turning to his son, who had a petrified look in his face

"I'm delicious, dad. Why wouldn't someone want to eat me?" he said narrowing his eyes.

"Move your ass, Jonathan Christopher" he said more serious. Damn, that's scary. Jace gave some steps and stopped beside his dad, giving him a dead glare.

"Here" said Stephen, giving the box to his son. He took it, a confused look in his eyes.

"C'mon, you can do it" said Stephen. I raised an eyebrow.

"What the fuck, dad! I don't know anything about this shit, you know" said Jace with wide eyes.

"Oh, for Christ's sake. Kneel. Don't look at me like that, Jace. Do it. Now"

"Damn! Ok! Ok!" said Jace exasperated and going down in one knee.

Wait, what? Is he gonna fucking propose? You freaking serious?

"Ask her" said Stephen with his arms crossed over his chest, looking down at his son.

There's. No. Way. In. Hell

"Hey, you know, this is totally not necessary" I said, trying to walk back

"Jonathan!" growled Stephen

"My God! Don't rush me! Jesus Christ. Do you, um, accept to marry me?" he asked exasperated. I rolled my eyes.

"My gosh, I'm dying of love" I said with a bored tone

"Obviously you have to say yes, so I don't know why I'm even asking"

"As if I had a choice" I said.

"Well, I guess that's a yes" mentioned Stephen.

"As if I cared" muttered Jace

"The feeling is mutual" I told him.

"Can you put the damn ring on her and get done with it?" murmured Stephen. Cursing under his breath Jace pulled the ring out of the box and technically ripped my hand from my embrace, pushing the ring on my left hand as far as it could go, hurting my finger in the process. I cursed, silently at him and pulled my hand from his hand, walking past the father and son and stepping out of the apartment.

C ~ J C ~ J C ~ J

"Ok, here we are" said Stephen, stepping outside his taxi along with golden boy. Damn this building is huge. And when I say huge I mean it.

Both of us (yeah, Jace and I, unfortunately) looked up and we couldn't see the top of the building.

"Let's go in" said Stephen, already to the doors to reception. After Stephen sent some doormen to bring our luggage, we went into the elevator. Oh, and guess what?

Stephen actually bought the damn penthouse, thank you very much.

"You've got to be kidding me" I muttered. The bell in the elevator rang when we stopped on the eightieth floor.

"Good to know that if there's a terrorist attack we'll be the first one to know" muttered Jace. I rolled my eyes. Luke snorted. Stephen glared at his son. When the doors opened my jaw almost hit the floor.

The apartment was….extraordinary.

The first thing I saw was the beautiful and extensive view of New York. It had huge glass windows facing the living room, where you could sit and admire the view. The place was huge itself. The furniture was a mix of white fabric and black wood. White fluffy rugs, dark wooden tables, white comfy couches…it was a dream.

Ugh, well, one I had to share with a personified pain in the ass.

Jace whistled

"Two bedrooms, four bathrooms, two living rooms, master kitchen, diner room, and there's two room, one for each, designed specially for you"

I breathed deeply.

"Ok, so…please, I'm actually begging you, guys. Please, don't kill each other before the wedding" said Stephen, concern in his eyes

"A tempting offer" said Jace.

"So…see you guys soon" said Stephen Herondale, touching his son's shoulder before walking past us and getting in the elevator. I felt a hand in my arm and there was Luke.

"I hope you forgive me some day" he said. Then he pulled me to him and hugged me. I put my arms around him, feeling like I was five. I loved the protection of Luke's arms

"No matter what happens, I'm gonna be here for you. Forever, ok?" he said against my head. I nodded.

"I love you, Clare-bear" he whispered, and after giving me a soft kiss in the forehead, he went to the elevator with Stephen, and both of them disappeared. I sighed silently, and turned to Jace.

"I'm going to tell you this just once, and I want you to listen very carefully, Jonathan Christopher Herondale. I want you out of my way. I don't want you near me. I hope you have all your plans made, because I will not be stupid enough to fall into your tangled thorns. And I hope you respect what I'm asking you" I said with my most bossy voice. Jace dared to give a lopsided grin. Fucking asshole

"And if not…what? What can you possibly do to me, little one?" he said, smiling. His teeth were shinning.

Asshole, dammit

"You don't know me, Jace Herondale. But I can promise you it won't get nice if you meet my true self" I said, glaring at him. He now had a ghost of a smile. He walked toward me, and I didn't give more than five steps and I was already against the white wall. He pressed himself to my body, putting his palms in each side of the wall, over my head, locking me in. I could feel the heat of his body and a strong male perfume, reach my nose. He pressed his face to mine, but I turned at the last second, feeling at the end his lips against my ear, hot and soft.

"Bring it on" he whispered.

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