Jace POV:

"Captain!" Officer Smith's voice was heard. The Street had been closed for further investigation and NYPD cars were blocking all round. Me and Nate turned around and saw Smith running to us

"Yes" Nate said.

"We have another trail. An officer is finishing interviewing a woman that called 911, 30 minutes ago. She reported screams coming from one of the apartments in her walk-ups. We're sending patrols over there right now"

"I'm coming" Nate said, following his lady. I grabbed his arm

"So am I. I can't stay here, Nate, Clary needs me" I said with a serious face. I'm definitely not letting him go unless he brings me along. Nate looked at me in the eye for some seconds then he sighed and looked down

"Why do you always have to get involved with everything" he breathed out.

Fifteen minutes later we were stopping in front of the small walk-ups. The police had closed the surroundings already and officers were writing stuff down while talking to a mid-forties lady.

"We can't go in. Not yet" Nate murmured. I turned to him quickly

"Why in the hell no?" I asked, practically yelling.

"The police have to finish the interview to fill an order for inspection. With no paperwork or order, the civilian has a right to deny entrance. Unless is an emergency call, a scream, or let's be realistic, a gunshot, I can't just barge into someone's apartment, Jonathan. They can put charges for that" Nate told me quickly, while taking his radio out.

"Is my fiancé in there, Nate. You can't possibly expect me to stand here and wait for a damn scream for you to get your fucking ass in there and get her out. Do you understand how stupid you sound right now?" I growled. Nate put his radio down and looked at me

"Those are regulations, Jonathan Herondale. I can't do anything. Yet. Let's calm down. I'm doing everything I can without getting you in jail and me without a badge, okay?" he said, putting a heavy hand on my shoulder. I looked away and squared my shoulders.

"Hurry up" I murmured and walked away to call Alec.

"Anything so far?" he asked as soon as he picked up. I sighed and passed a hand over my face. I was exhausted, but as long as Clary was missing I won't close my eyes. Hell, I won't even sit down.

"They received a call from 911 saying that there were some screams coming from some walkups in 42nd. They're still interviewing the woman but they won't let us in until we have an inspection order" I said with a monotone voice.

"Fuck, man. What the fuck is their deal. Those can be precious moments" he murmured.

"What the fuck you talking about, Alexander Lightwood?" I heard Isabelle's voice in the background

"None of your business, woman!" Alec shouted back.

"Where are you guys?" I asked. I heard a glass getting shattered

"Man! What's your fucking deal?!" Alec screamed

"Tell me it's none of my business one more time, Alexander!" she screamed

"At your apartment, man" he said, answering my previous question. I raised my eyebrows.

"I hope that wasn't Clary's favorite blue flower glass pot" I murmured. Alec shut up and stuttered

"W-where did you say you guys were?" he asked groaning

"Woman, stop it!" he said to Isabelle. I rolled my eyes.

"42nd street" I answered. Nate was talking to the woman now

"Okay, we'll see you in fifteen" he said and hung up as another glass shattered. I put my phone back in my pocket and sighed.

And they want me to stay and wait?


"Katerine" I murmured, tightening my grip around my baby. She chuckled and closed the door behind her, locking it in the process. I swallowed and eyed the gun in her hand. It was pure metal, shiny, and dangerous. I looked back at her.

"Wow, quite a mess you have here. Look at the floors, Clary. You're gonna have to clean this floor. Is a bloody mess" she said with a smile. I felt a lump in my throat, some quick flashbacks of minutes ago hitting me like a lightning. She walked to me and tried to look at the baby, but I curled the towel around her body and most of her face, keeping Katerine's eagle eyes away from my baby.

"Oh c'mon, Clary. I love babies. Let me hold her" she said softly, a weird smile dancing around. I looked at her quickly. I tried my best to unlatch the baby from me, but she kept sucking, so when I did pulled her away from my breast, the pop and sucking sound she did made Katerine to look down at her. Then Ella started crying. And when I mean crying, I mean loud painful, she-looks-like-she's-going-to-choke-on-her-tears kind of cry. I hurt me…and hell if it hurt me to be keeping the food from her, but I needed to do something. Katerine was in the same room as us, and armed. I couldn't let her get my baby.

"Awe, you heartless mommy. You're making her cry" cooed Katerine in a fake sad voice. She looked like she was gonna reach for the baby

"Get out of the bed" she ordered. I looked at her quickly. After some seconds I stood up slowly, pain erupting from the recent painful birth. I felt warmth sliding down my legs and I realized it was pure blood.

"Well, aren't you making a bloody damn mess in here" said Katerine, looking down at my legs and the floor in disgust.

"When you give birth on your own and with no experience, let me know if you'll give a shit about the mess" I said with clenched jaw.

"Feisty today aren't we" she murmured and I looked away.

"Give her to me" she said and I turned my back on Katerine, my breath becoming agitated by the seconds. I looked down at my baby and saw how her tears were streaming down her smooth cheeks. I felt the lump again and I rush of fear hit me.

Then I felt cold metal on the back of my neck and I gasped quietly.

"Give me the baby, Clary" she said. My heart started racing and my bottom lip quivered

"Please don't do this" I whispered and pressed the baby to my chest, covering her with the towel.

"I'm not asking you, Clary. I'm telling you to give me the baby" she said calmly.

"I'm not giving you my daughter, Katerine" I said between clenched teeth. I tear escaped my eyes and slid down my cheek.

"Turn around" Katerine demanded. I closed my eyes, holding onto the baby, my breath coming hard.

"I said turn around. NOW" she growled, pressing the gun against my skull this time. I was about to start sobbing, the lump on my throat growing by the seconds. I slowly turned around and found the gun pointed at my forehead.

"Please don't hurt her" I whispered. Ella was crying so loud I was surprised nobody was complaining about the nonstop noise.

"Oh you don't tell me what to do" she breathed out, walking closer to me, making me take several steps back, trying to cover my baby with my arms

"Katerine, Please!" I yelled

"Shut up!" she screamed at me, waving the gun around, but still pointing it at us.

"Please, put the gun down!" I sobbed

"I said SHUT UP! Stand next to the wall! Now, you bitch!" she screamed again. I was trying to stay calm but her waving a gun around like it was a toy wasn't helping my nerves. I looked around for something that could be used as a weapon.

Then I saw the long wooden candle holder sitting on the window edge.

Why would she leave that there was beyond my imagination but I decided to use it. Now…how would I get there before the bullet hits my head?

The worst thing was...Ella was still connected to me by the umbilical cord. Not that I should leave her out of my sight but it's safer hiding her away from Katerine than having her in my arms close to the gun.

"To the fucking wall, Clarissa!" she yelled again and I made my way to the wall closest to the candle holder. Ella was red from all the crying and I was growing weaker by the seconds, the blood loss taking ahold of me and the pounding headache that was blinding me.

"Don't move, or I swear to God I will blow your brains out" she spat at me and went to the bathroom, never taking her eyes off of me. In the microsecond she disappeared behind the door I stepped in front of the candle holder, trying to hide it from her. I tried to shush Ella with calming words but she wasn't giving up.

"Where the fuck are the scissors?!" she screamed Katerine. I swallowed

"I don't know. I was looking for them. I needed them. I don't have them" I answered quickly. She narrowed her eyes at me and I swallowed hard.

"For your sake I hope you didn't hide them from me" she said and went back to the bathroom. I was agitated and ready to get a panic attack. In the corner of my eye I saw lights coming from the street, two flights down. I tried to clear my eyes and focus better

Then I realized it was the police.

I didn't think. I just acted

I screamed

And banged on the window as hard as I could.

Then the gun shot came and I screamed, covering the baby with my arms.


"Everybody down!" someone yelled and I turned my head toward the apartments.

"Nate!" I screamed while running to the commotion. He met me halfway

"We're going in" he said, releasing his gun from his holder.

"I'm coming with you" I said quickly

"NO, Jonathan" he said forcefully

"Nate, don't do this" I begged.

"No, Jonathan. You don't do this" he growled. He motioned to two guards and seconds later I was getting pulled back by two assholes in uniforms.

"Get her out! I swear to God, Nate!" I screamed while trying to get out of the officers' hold.

"We need you to stay calm, sir!" one of them growled.

"You don't tell me what to do!" I shouted and got one arm free, and I didn't waste any time. I punched the other guard, making him release me.

Then I ran to the entrance of the walkups.

Clary POV:

We fell to the floor, but not before bringing the candle holder with us.

"You fucking bitch!" I heard Katerine scream at me, running to us. I tried to crawl away fast but she grabbed me by the hair, pulling hard, making me scream and almost making me lose the grip on my baby.

"I'm gonna fucking kill you!" she screamed, reaching for the gun on the floor. I grabbed the candle holder with my free hand, as firm as I could, and turned around quickly, swinging the blow as hard as possible. I hit her cheek, making her fall on the back with a yelp, another gunshot getting released, another scream coming from me.

I looked at her and blood was flowing from the open wound in her cheek, my eyes completely wide. She saw all the blood and then looked at me.

I saw the gun next to the wall.

But so did her.

Getting a firm hold on the baby against my chest I threw myself to grab the gun. Katerine Grabbed my foot and pulled. Hard. I yelped and fell on my face, almost crushing the baby, making Ella scream and me sob.

I turned my face to Katerine and I saw her fierce face. She had the face of a murderer.

She screamed, clawing at my ankle, making me yelp again. But I kicked her. Straight in the face, banging her head backward. I had microseconds to grab the gun. And I did.

At the same second Katerine was throwing herself at me, wild eyes, blood on her face, bloody teeth showing.

I shut my eyes and pulled the trigger.


I ran as fast as my legs carried me. I jumped up every step, almost falling on my face. Officers were holding guns to the chests, waiting on signals. But I run to the next level, where the concentration of officers were.

Neighbors were getting their heads out while other officers told the, to get in their apartments while they dealt with the problem.

There was one door completely opened and officers flowing in and out.

"We need an ambulance!" someone yelled from the inside. My heart jumped and I tried running inside but an officer grabbed me by the collar and pulled me back. I let a flow of curses out

They called emergencies while I was growing anxious and tried to hit the officers that were now circling me

Exactly six minutes later the EMT group was getting in the apartment

"Jonathan!" I looked up and saw Nate. He signaled the officers to let me go and I almost punched each one of them right there.

"What happened, goddammit" I murmured, following Nate into the interior of the apartment.

"We have one survivor, one death" he said and I looked at him

"Clarissa is alive" he said and I almost fell to my knees. I followed him into the room

And the first thing that I noticed was the blood.

On the floor. On the bed. On the blankets. On the walls. A pool of blood here. Another one there.

Then I saw Clary. On the floor. A pool of blood around her

And Then there was my ex….

She was dead.

"Clary…" I breathed out and ran to her.

"God….what happened?! What happened to her?!" I exclaimed, brushing strands of her hair from her face.

"Sir, we need you step back so we can attend her" one of the EMT said and I quickly felt like punching him in the face. But I stepped back. They needed to help her. Now. They started taking vital signs and injecting stuff, putting an IV in.

"Jonathan" I heard behind me and I turned, my heart slowly crushing, air barely getting to me

Then I saw what Nate had in his arms.

It was a baby.

My baby. My daughter. A tight knot got stuck in my throat and I struggled to breathe. I walked to him. Step by step. He slowly gave me the baby. She was bundled up on a bloody towel and her face was red, soft baby whimpers coming from her small fragile body.

"Is she okay?" I asked Nate quickly.

"The paramedic said she was in perfect conditions" he told me and I looked down at my daughter. She was beautiful and I swallowed hard. I pressed her to me and closed my eyes, breathing out slowly.

"We need to take her to the hospital now. She still hasn't delivered the placenta and she need a blood transfusion now. She lost way too much blood during the birth" one of the paramedics said. I looked back at Clary. Then I saw something else

"She's hurt" I said. The paramedics turned to me

"She got shot!" I shouted and attempted to go to her but Nate held me back. The paramedics saw what I was talking about. The cut the dress open and saw the source of the blood.

"She got shot in the hip. It looks like a deep bullet graze" he said. After setting everything up, they took Clary in a stroller, me right behind them with my daughter in arms. The neighbors were watching the whole scene while they rolled Clary out.

"I have a patrol ready for you, Jonathan" Nate said beside me and I nodded, pressing the baby to me, trying to protect her from the cold. She was starting to get agitated in my arms but I just kept walking. Then I saw Alec and Isabelle standing outside the 'crime scene' tape around the whole officer patrols.

"Jace!" he called. I nodded and the officers let them through.

"She's gonna be okay, mate" Nate told me and put a hand on my shoulder.

"Thank you for everything, Nate" I told him. He gave a nod and walked away to finish the paperwork.

"Oh my god! Is that the baby!" I heard Isabelle shriek.

"Holy shit! She gave birth in there?" Alec asked next to his excited sister. I nodded and looked down at my daughter. She was yawning and hiding her face against the cloth.

"Oh my god, she's gorgeous! Look at her eyes!" Isabelle shrieked and Alec smiled down at the baby.

"I need to go to the hospital. They're taking Clary there. You guys can come with me in the patrol" I told them. They followed me and we all got in the car.

Clary Pov:

When I opened my eyes I felt like I had been sleeping for years. My body was as weak as a leaf and my throat was dry as hell.

"You're up" I heard to my right and saw Jace sitting on the chair. And he had Ella in his arms. I smiled

"I see you met your daughter" I said softly and he chuckled, standing up and walking to me with the baby in arms. She was wearing a tiny white and purple polka dot onesie, her blondish hair wild and free.

"She's perfect" Jace murmured looking down at Ella. I watched him. The baby looked so fragile and he looked so secure of himself. Carrying the baby, I mean. Like he's done this before.

He looked up at me and slowly gave me the baby. She was starting to fuss around and I quickly latched on, Jace watching my every movement.

"How are you feeling?" he asked softly. I nodded

"Kinda good. Exhausted" I said chuckling softly. He smiled at me

"You did an awesome job, Clary. She was in perfect shape when they gave her to me" he said, brushing my hair away from my face. I smiled.

"The human body works perfectly okay" I said softly and he chuckled, kissing my forehead. Ella made a sucking sound and Jace chuckled, looking down at her.

"I love you, Clary" he said and I looked up at him, swallowing hard.

"I Love you more, Jace" I whispered and he leaned down, kissing my lips softly. He cupped my cheek and kissed me again.

"I can't wait to bring you girls home." he said softly against my lips and I smiled.

"Don't ever leave me again, babe" he whispered





-Kristi 3