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Chapter 1

"Knock it off Emmett! I mean it." Emmett laughs and I shrug still trying to remember to breathe and act as human as possible. I've been doing well as of late not to devour any students or anyone for that matter. Though it's still incredibly hard at times especially if we haven't hunted in a few speaking of hunting we should go tonight I'll bring it up to Carlisle later. The smell of the cafeteria food hits as we walk closer towards it. I wrinkle my nose in disgust and prepare for the usual grabbing a tray and sitting there pretending to eat. What I really want to do is throw the tray across the room and sink my teeth into the nearest vein. I close my eyes and sigh as Alice opens the cafeteria door. I hold my breath not wanting to smell the toxic waste they call food. Alice turns and looks to me suddenly worried. "What is it?" Before I even get an answer she grabs my wrist. "Remember Jasper… Remember who you are and don't breathe!" Too late I catch the whiff of her and immediately turn my head. A pretty brunette haired girl who I wish I could say was staring at me but she wasn't she was staring at my brother. "Jasper…" My sister warns. You're not going to hurt her or anyone in here." Emmett squeezes her hand he always worries about Alice when she sees things we can't.

The girl continues to talk to her friends and eye Edward. For some reason this makes my feelings and reactions far worse. Now I feel jealous and don't know why at the same time I want to pounce over that table and lounge my teeth into her sweet neck. I gasp like I would if I were human some habits are still hard to break. I grab on to the edge of the table as I set down my tray. I eye her as she eyes him. The thirst is unbearable but not only that but the sudden lust I feel. Her scent is intoxicating and sweet. I know I should do as Alice says but I can't stop breathing her in. "DON'T!" Alice says.

"You can't do that Jasper!" My brother's and Rosalie all turn and look at me. "You can't use your ability to coax her into the bathroom and do the horrible things you're thinking!"

"Damn it Alice stop that."

"I can't you know that."

The beautiful girl finally eyes me as if concerned now. "Jasper…" My sister warns again. Emmett rose up and put his huge hand on my shoulder. He's like a damn bear the vampire is huge. "Come with me bro." Emmett demands squeezing. "Go Jasper." Alice says. I eye the luscious girl and licking my lips. Edward looks at me then to the girl. "That girl you're eyeing…" He says propounded. "I can't get a read on her." I look back to him then her as Emmett is escorting me out. Edward's comment however just drawls my curiosity in even more about her. I never knew anyone my brother couldn't get a read on. Emmett continues to drag me outside as I catch a second glance. I see her swallow as she looks at me she then looks back to Edward naturally. Rosalie is pissed she takes Edwards and the girl blushes and quickly turns away as Emmett continues to drag me out the door. I start to pull back and head back in. "Don't be an idiot." Emmett slams me into the brick wall of the cafeteria. "You do it and we all have to up and leave yet again! You'll mess up all we've built to keep here! Not to mention you'll kill an innocent girl!" Emmett grabbed me by the collar. "Go home! Take a day off."

I started to pull away from him.

"Bro I'm not asking. I'm telling you go home! Tomorrows a new day I suggest you learn how to deal with this girl."

"He's right Jasper." I hear Alice's voice carry on behind him. I roll my eyes. "If you stay your path is dark and she won't exist. You've already planned to charm her into the bathroom and…"

"JASPER!" Alice and Emmett chorus as I take off.


"Who are they?" I asked the girl from my Spanish class, whose name I'd forgotten.

As she looked up to see who I meant though already knowing, probably from my tone suddenly he looked at her, the thinner one, the boyish one, the youngest. He looked at my neighbor for just a fraction of a second then his dark eyes flickered to mine. He quickly looked away. The beautiful blonde hair girl looked over at me as well then back to him. I turned in embarrassment as he quickly darted his head away from me. My neighbor giggled in embarrassment, looking towards the table the way I did.

"That's Edward and Jasper Cullen, and Alice and Emmett and um Rosalie. They all live together with Dr. Cullen and his wife." She said under her breath.

I glanced back at the boy, who was looking down to his tray picking a bagel to pieces. The blonde sat back in her chair arms folded. His mouth was moving very quickly lips barely open. The others looked away except for the longer haired boy whom seemed to be having an inner battle of some sort. In fact he stared at me long enough to make me uncomfortable and I started down at my tray blushing yet again. "Apparently he's too good for anyone at this school so don't even try it." Jessica said. I felt hot under the collar at Jessica's words now knowing that she had tried to hit on Edward before or at least something to that effect. That however wasn't where my attention was at the moment. The boy with the longer reddish blonde hair kept staring and grasping the table as if in pain. The cute one Jessica called Edward kept staring down at his tray. Suddenly the feeling of spiders crawling up my spine hit as I saw the bigger brother Emmett drag the other out. I swallowed losing my appetite not that I really had any. Mike came over and stole my apple with a smug smile about his face. "Mike!" The other girl said. He shrugged. "What? She wasn't going to eat it." He winked at me then plopped down in a seat beside.

Everyone the in cafeteria jumped as we heard a loud bang outside. Immediately I saw Edward and the blonde raise. They nodded at one another and went outside. "Wonder what that was about." Mike smiled putting his arm around me. Jessica rolled her eyes. "Wow you're like the new toy!" I was still focused on the cute boy that rushed off with the blonde. The attention from the other boys well this was certainly new to me. I'm not sure how to act but I'm also not interested in the least. Actually they are a bit too friendly. Eric pecks me on the cheek and I see Angela's face light up and she turns away. I gather already that she has a bit of a crush on him and visa versa with Jessica and Mike making this far more awkward. The boys are far too consumed with their selves to even notice.

"Well Bella what do you think?"


"Um?" I realized I totally zoned out still staring at the door where the beautiful boy exited.

"Nevermind." Jessica says rolling her eyes yet again and taking a snip off her carrot.

I raised a brow and leaned back in my chair as Mike laughed. "She's thinking about me that's the problem." Mike said proudly. I sighed and rose. "Oh come on." Mike said rising as well. "I think I'm going to be sick." Jessica said Angela smiles warmly at me as if to say ignore her. I try to discipline my thoughts on this Edward guy but it's hard but even so on this Jasper guy now what's his deal I wondered.

Thoughtlessly (or rather full of thoughts like on how attractive that whole family seemed to be and how unfair it was to look so perfect) I dumped my entire tray contents silverware all into the trash. "Whoa Bella waste not…" Eric said digging into the trash and getting my silverware and tray out of the trash. "Sorry." I blushed realizing just how foolish I must look about now. "No prob I got your back Bella." He smiled and I nodded. I tried not to think about the boy but it was impossible especially when I saw him sitting there during lab next to the only empty seat. He looked up at me then promptly back down to his paper. I felt my face flush as I sat next to him. He muttered something incoherent under his breath. "Pardon?" I said looking over at him. He closed his eyes and covered his mouth and nose as if I smelt horrible. "Nevermind." He snapped under his breathe. Man did I want to run out of there at that point. "What was his deal?" I sniffed my hair and near my pits but it smelt like strawberries such as the shampoo I use. I don't smell I thought. Oh no did he see me checking him out? I cringed at the thought and sunk down in my chair.

Off and on during class he would look at me with a confused and tortured face. My face continued to burn and I tried to look at anything but him. Once the bell rang I practically run out almost knocking down poor Angela in the hall. "Sorry." I said while helping her pick up her books. "Sit somewhere else next time." I heard Edward say as he passed by us. My mouth few open and I stood there for a moment in shock. He didn't look back he just kept walking. "Ouch." I realized I said out loud without thinking. "Oh did I hurt you?" Angela asked. "I ran into you." I stated then handed her the books I had picked up. "Right…" She said as if studying me. She did her warm smile again and pushed up her glasses. "Thank you Bella." I smiled back and headed to my next class which was my second hell of the day. If it wasn't for Charlie (my dad) I'd want to be shipped back to Arizona ASAP. My mom (Renee) had just got recently married though and they need some time to be well married.

"Seriously I don't play volleyball."

"Come on Bella it's not that hard." Yeah I thought says the volleyball varsity team player. "I mean it Jessica I can't play. I can barely walk and chew gum."

"Come on Bella give yourself more credit babe." Mike said as he tossed a ball into a hoop as we passed by. I said nothing but followed Jessica as she lined me up. "Here Bella you serve."

"I what?" I asked holding the ball.

She giggled just hit the ball Bella she motioned how to and I well attempted to serve. I gasped as I saw the ball fly without warning onto the basketball area where the boys were playing. I see the familiar back of his head and the ball hit. "Oh no." I mutter wanting to hide. He turns irritably at first then breaks into a smile and picks up the ball heading my way. No. No. No I thought. "Isabella? Isabella Swan right?" He asks with a sexy Texas drawl. "Bella actually."

"Right." He smiles and looks me in the eyes. "Well Miss Bella here's your ball back."

"Yeah sorry about that I told them not to let me play."

"Not so sure you got a pretty mean serve." He winked.

It was so weird I felt completely relaxed and stared back into his eyes the entire time. I opened my mouth to say something else but literally forgot what. He put a finger to my lips. "Later Bella perhaps we could meet somewhere a bit more private." I nod. "Wonderful." He nods back and I head back to the game. I see Jasper staring at me off and on during the game. I start to realize he's even cuter that his brother. Of course my last encounter with Edward might have helped with that assumption. It was odd too just how much more collected and calm I felt around Jasper. His eyes were intoxicating. At the end of P.E I started to head to the locker room seeing as I'm the slowest of the girls I was the last one still out in the gym. I reached for the door handle and felt a cold hand upon my shoulder. He motioned for me to follow him. Something came over me and I wanted to more than anything. I turn and see Jasper smiling and we're sure enough all alone. I don't know what made me agree but I took his hand and followed him out. Once we were out of the gym he led me to a secluded place. "Jasper what are we doing?"

"Ah so you know my name after all." He looked truly amused. Then I heard him laugh rather manically.

"Um are you going to tell me wha.."

Jasper grabbed me by the shoulders and pressed me into a tree. "Jasper!" I squealed in fear. He stood there looking at me for a moment. He kept shaking his head as if arguing with himself. "GO!" He growled at me. "What?" He looked me in the eyes and grabbed his gut folding over.

"RUN!" He yelled.

I gasped in shock seeing he was serious. His eyes turned black and he was breathing hard. Someone then picked me up and took off with me. I fought in their arms. "PUT ME DOWN!" The speed was incredible. "STOP IT!" I said as I watched scenery of trees just pass on by like you would in a speeding car. "Stupid girl." He said as he tossed me onto the ground. "Edward?"

"You're going to get my brother in trouble."

"What are you talking about and what the hell just happened?" I say crawling away from him. "I'm not going to hurt you!" He growls again smacking his fist into a nearby tree.


I growl. I can't believe what I was about to do. I was going to feed on her. Just as Alice said I would. I wanted her so bad but her eyes. Her eyes that's all I can think about. "Jasper?" I hear Alice calling me but I can't see her right now. I don't want to see anyone. I have to leave I can't stay here I'll kill that sweet girl. I felt her fear, her confusion. I hate this. I hate me what I am. The old me the human me would have wanted to court her, find any excuse to hang around her. This side of me wants to drain her to the last drop. I've never known temptation like her. I don't know what to do with it. I want her to look at me the way she did my brother. I want her to smile at me. I want to feel her sweet lips on my own more than anything though I want her blood.

"What is it son?"

"I have to leave Carlisle. I almost killed someone."

Carlisle looks at me surprised. "You've been doing so well. What happened?"

"This girl." I sigh.

Carlisle raises a brow. "She's."

Carlisle smiles. "You like her."

"He wants to kill her he likes her so much." Edward my brother so profoundly chimes in.

"Her blood Carlisle it's different it's somehow sweeter and warmer."

"Have you tasted?" Carlisle asked alarmed.

"Don't have to I can smell it." I say still struggling with the desire to go find her.

I kept seeing her face and the way she felt in my hands.

"You can't be with her Jasper. She'll ruin us all." Edward says.

I wish he'd get out of my head.

"I can't do that not at a time like this it's crucial."

Carlisle starts to pace around the room my brother and I know this means he's thinking. "Maybe you don't have to leave and maybe he can be with her. Jasper needs someone just like the rest of us. He's searched long and hard and I know he hasn't showed any interest not until now." Carlisle walks up to me and puts a hand on my shoulder. "Stay home the rest of the week. Stay away from this girl. Just don't go anywhere let's not give up now. We've finally made a home and you've finally found interest in someone." Carlisle smiles and my brother jumps. "You're not going to do that. Tell me you're joking!" Edward yells at our father. "What?" I ask bewildered. "Are you willing to test yourself?" Carlisle folds his arms around his chest. "How do you mean?"

"Carlisle!" Edward warns.

"Isn't there a blood drive at school tomorrow?" He turns to my brother.

"You know there is and I still think that's a horrible idea."

"I suppose we will just have to see won't we?"

"Just make sure Bella donates tomorrow Edward."

"No Carlisle I want no part in this."

Carlisle gives my brother that look. The look that says you won't win this. Edward sighs and leaves. "You stay here I'll give you further instructions later." Carlisle says pointing a finger at me as if I was five instead of well let's not go there on how old I really am. If there's one thing I can honestly say though is I trust Carlisle with my life and anyone else's for that matter. I do wonder what it would be like to be around Bella Swan without the bloodlust but temporarily I laugh in spite of myself at such a foolish fantasy. "Are you alright hun?" I glance up at my mother. "Yes mam." I lie not wanting to have her worry over me. She's the most sensitive of us all next to her is Alice. As for Alice it's for a very good reason. She sees the future or well what might be the future at that moment. People change their minds all the time though so it's hard on her to see everything accurately.


"How was school today?"

I was at a loss of words as he asked me this. I was still thinking about the Cullen's and the events of the day.

"You alright Bella?"

"Yes dad it was just a long day."

My dad looked concern.

"Don't like your new school?"

"It's fine dad." I lied still thinking about Jasper's strength and Edward's speed. It just wasn't normal. They aren't normal.

I continued to think as I started some supper for Charlie and I. I was racking my brain with a solution to all this or were they just all indeed crazy. Jasper was for certain and Edward well Edward just hates my guts. That was fast first day of school and I already got haters. I smile in spite myself that it would be the one boy I thought was cute. Go figure. "Damn It!" I holler as grease pops all over my hand while turning the fries. "Bella you don't have to cook for me you know." My dad says sipping on his beer. "I know dad I want to."

"You want to cook?"

"Yes dad."

"Well ok then." He smirks and takes a long swig.

"Oh and Bella I don't want you going out into the woods alone ok."

"Um ok? Something happen?"

"You could say that seems there have been some accidents." My father's face though says it all. He looks honestly worried. "Ok dad I won't."

"Good and keep your phone on you Bella."

"Ok dad." I say as I put down his plate.

"I got to say Bella having you here sure beats microwave dinners."

I wrinkle my nose in disgust. I detest microwave dinners.

I put my plate down and jump as the doorbell rings. "Jesus Bella it's just the doorbell." My dad looks at me puzzled and rose. "I'll get it dad just go ahead and eat before it gets cold."

"It's probably Billy with more fish." My dad says biting into his burger.

I open the door and just stand there. "You going to let me in or not?"

"No." I say still remembering how cold he was.

Edward pushes past me inviting himself in. "What do you want?" I say just as cruelly as he was towards me. "That's your dad?"

"Is that what you came here for to ask who my dad was?"

Edward rolled his eyes. "Look just be at school tomorrow and make sure you donate at the blood drive." I narrow my brows and almost laugh until I see that he's serious. "So you care about blood donation?" I asked unsure what that was all about. He said nothing just looked around my house noisily. "Is there anything else? I hinted still holding the door in hand as he fiddled with one of Charlie's trinkets. "Nope that's pretty much it." He put down the trinket and headed back out the door. "Take your iron." He said then was gone.

"What the hell?" I said softly to myself as I shut the door and locked it. Just then another knock sounded. "What do you want now Edward?"


"Jacob." I smiled.

"Nice to see you too Bella."

"That Jacob?" Charlie called from the dining room table.

"Yes dad."

"Come on in Jacob."

Jacob smiled. "May I?" He asked me warmly. "Of course." I said. "Smells good." Jacob sniffed the air. Jacob has perfected the timing of when supper is on the table. "Come join us Jacob!"

"I don't want to intrude."

"Since when?" I teased as Jacob was already piling veggies on a hamburger.

My dad laughed when Jacob took a huge bit then answered. "I don't always intrude." He said with food in his mouth. "EWW Jacob!" I threw a napkin at him. Charlie laughed again. "That boy's got some appetite." Jacob smiled after swallowing and I laughed as a piece of lettuce hung from his teeth. "Um you got something." I pointed. "Want to get that for me?" He whispered as my dad had already left the room and was putting a game on. "Jacob!" He shrugged. "Can't say I didn't offer." The phone rang and I answered. "Hello?"

"So you're ok…"

"Um yeah…"


"Um who is this?"

Silence fills the line.


"I'll leave you alone just wanted to make sure you were alright. Have a good night Bella Swan."


Jacob looked at me waiting for an explanation but I didn't have one.

"Who was that?"

"I've not the faintest idea."

"Hmm." He says looking me over as if making sure I wasn't telling a fib.

Finally I sat down and ate.

"So how was your first day at Forks high school?"

"Interesting to say the least." I said in-between bites.

"Too bad I have to be on the reservation." He sighed.

"Yeah it would have been nice to have known at least one friend."

He smiled Jacob had an infectious smile.

"Well why don't you grab some of your new friends and meet mine at La Push this Saturday."

"La Push?"

"It's the beach by the reservation. It'd be fun."

"Um sure if I have any to bring that's when my mind when back to the Cullen's."

"What is it Bella?"

"It's nothing Jake. You're a horrible liar."

I say nothing else on the subject I simply finish my burger and fries. "Bella could you grab me another beer." Jacob laughs. "I got it babe just eat."

"Thanks Jake." I say trying to ignore his babe statement. Jacob tends to think this relationship could go beyond friendship no matter how I act or what I say. Far as I know I've never led him on and if I have it was by far an accident. Don't get me wrong Jacob's a good friend and very attractive but that's where it ends. There's just no appeal that and he's younger than I am by a couple of years. We've known each other since we were tots so to speak he's a good bud.

Jacob finishes up then we talk for a while but I don't tell him about the Cullen's I want to but feel he might think I'm crazy. Who knows maybe I am. I swear there's something with that family the two in particular. After Jacob leaves I notice my dad has passed out on the couch so I wrap a blanket around him and cut the TV off. "Good night dad." I say softly.

"Night Bella." He mumbles and leans his head deeper into the couch.

The next day isn't that much better. The only good sake for me that is anyway is Jasper isn't here. I vainly wondered if it was due to our encounter. Then chills ran up my spine as I remembered the nightmares I had about him. I also realized this morning as I got dressed he left bruises on my shoulders. Great I don't even have a boyfriend yet and already experiencing male violence. Only if there's a next time I'll deck him. I've been racking my brain left and right playing yesterday like a broken record over and over in my head. I've nothing but a bunch of movies references and comic book ideas all in which are lame and unreal. "You ready Bella?" Eric said putting his arm around me. "Ready?" I said half out of it. "You know to drain your blood?"

"Ugh we really have to do that?"

"It's for credit…"

"Then I'm good." I said feeling woozy at the mere thought.

"Afraid of a little needle?" Mike spouted off.

"Come on Bella I'll go with you." Angela offered.

"I don't think I."

I see Edward walk in the door. He eyes me as if he already heard my decision and looks pissed. He sits beside me and roughly sits his books down. "You told me you were going to donate." He mutters under his breath. "Actually no I didn't. You more or less demanded that I was."

"I didn't demand."

"Um yes you did."

"You're impossible."

"And you're an ass." I put my hand over my mouth as I let it slip and I hear Edward start to chuckle. "Maybe I do see what he sees."

"What do mean by that and he who?"

"Just donate."

"Why? Why is this so important to you?"

"Cause you're saving a life."

"Ugh." I say watching as the nurse is taking the students one by one and hooking them up.

"Are you going to donate?"

"I can't." He says as if matter-of-fact.

"Why not?"

He smirks. "Bad blood."


I see Mike being hooked up and I start to feel dizzy as I see the blood began to drain into the bag. "Damn it." I hear Edward mutter.


I can feel the heat of her blood flowing through her body. I hear her pulse speed up as I chase her through the forest. She's no match for me though and I thirst. I plunge my teeth into her neck and began to feed. It'll have to suffice as this isn't what I want. I picture Bella and sink my teeth further into the mountain lion. Then become angry at myself for thinking of her during a hunt. I shake my head and throw the mountain lion across the woods. "ERRRRRRRRRR!" I run my hands through my hair I feel crazed. I don't' know if I can do this. I keep feeding and the thirst won't be satisfied. I laugh even though I want to cry but we can't cry we feel the emotion but it's not like that of a human. It's more like a memory. I lean on one hand against a tree I practice breathing. Blood covers my face and stains my hair. "You alright bro?" I hear Emmett call out.

"Easy save some for us." Alice says.

"Have you heard from Edward yet?"

"He still hasn't come home." Rosalie said sounding a bit miffed and folding her arms which looked funny since she too was covered in blood.

"It's been two hours I say."

"Relax Jasper she's ok." Alice says smiling. "Are you sure?"

"Yes they just had a bit of an issue during the blood drive."

"Issue what issue?"

"She passed out cold before even making it." Edward says as he appears on a tree.

"Passed out?"

"Yes it seems she can't handle blood. Isn't that an irony?" Edward smirks and leaps down.

"Where is she?"

"Relax Jasper she's at home safe and sound. Some boy took her the rest of the way home for me."

"Boy what boy?"

"His name was Jacob. Man that kid doesn't shut up either." Edward laughs and it seems you got a bit of competition if you so wish to take this whole Bella thing further. Which I still think is a stupid idea."


"Are you going to stand there repeating everything I say?"

"What do you mean competition? Is that her boyfriend?"

"Whoa you barely know the girl you look at you."

I fixed my posture as my siblings looked at me worriedly.

"Well?" I say only getting impatient.

"No." Edward laughs. "But that doesn't stop him from the dirty little thoughts he has. I felt like I was reading penthouse. "SHUT UP!" I roared.

Edward laughs again. "Wish I could tell you I was joking but this kid has some mind."

"Does she fancy him?"

"Come on Jasper you've known the girl for what five minutes!" Emmett taunts me and I almost knock him on his ass.

"Did you get her blood?" Carlisle appeared behind Edward.

"Well yes and no." Edward watches my expression and smirks.

"Edward?" I hiss.

Emmett is laughing. Alice looks mortified and Rosalie is picking at her nails. He holds up a shirt of his and the smell hits. I yank the shirt out of his hands and put it to my nose. Carlisle rips it out of my hands." I'll be taking that." We end up in a bit of a tug a war as I pull it back still smelling it. My brother's laugh as Carlisle pops me on the hand like a toddler. It didn't hurt of course but it was humiliating. However it dawns on me and I grab Edward's collar what did you do!"

"Easy bro you know Edward wouldn't hurt her." Emmett says grabbing my shoulders.

"She hit her head when she fell I just used my shirt to soak up the blood. Good for you that is that girl was in no way donating."

"She hit her head? On what?" I say shocked and then glad Carlisle made me stay home today.

"The corner of a desk I turned away for a second I caught her but not before she hit her head. It's hard to react when you can't read her mind."

"So Bella's ok then?"

"Of course she just had a few stitches put in that's all."

I felt sick.

"Interesting." Carlisle said waving the shirt in the air. "You're eyes switched back and you forgot about her blood once you thought of her being hurt." I shifted back on my heels realizing he was right. The desire to feed on her blood was gone once I pictured her hurt. "Keep thinking the way you are right now." Carlisle said tossing me Edward's shirt. I caught the whiff of her scent in the air as he threw it. "Now Jasper think about what you were…" Carlisle warned as I started embracing the shirt. The blood was driving me mad though it took every bit of will power not to sniff her out. I did as my father said though I pictured Bella Swan hitting her head the need to protect coursed through my veins. I felt if I was there she would have hit her head. Edward laughs. "No because she would have been your lunch instead." He rolls his eyes and walks off. I shake my head and watch him walk off wanting to argue but couldn't I know damn well that my brother was right. Edward wasn't always so condescending its being with Rosalie all these that well he's rather picked up some of her bad habits. Emmett is the easy going one of all of us and he's also my best friend. If it wasn't for me being the youngest newborn in our coven still learning to control my desires I'd be a lot like Emmett I feel. Emmett gets me and he knows also when to give me my space. Edward not so much he's nosy, picky and stuck up most of the time. Don't get me wrong Edward's a good guy but he seems to think he's always right no matter the situation and expects everyone to follow his ways. Thus being how he can read all our thoughts. I smile in spite myself at the thought. Well everyone but Bella's. I wipe some of the blood on my sleeve and head home.

Carlisle is waiting for me at the door. "Are you ready?'

"Ready for what?"

"For my test there was a reason I wanted her blood you know."

I see Emmett and Edward waiting outside my room like a couple of bouncers. "What's going on?" I ask half scared of the wicked smile upon my father's face. "Let's just say when we're done you won't be having any more trouble being around Bella." He raises a brow and if I were human chills would have ran down my spine at that very point. "Not in there." Carlisle motions my brothers and I a certain way. Alice has her eyes closed and is sitting on the couch. Rosalie is nowhere to be seen probably out hunting. "Why in there?" I ask as my father points me out to our safe room. Not that we need one. We're vampires but anyhow. "So you won't escape and kill a certain someone you happen to like." Carlisle explains as my brother's lead me inside. Carlisle throws me the bloody shirt. "Good luck my son. I know you can do this."

They slam the door shut and lock it. I go to put in the code and open it. "Changed it." I hear on a speaker. "We will give you the code when you succeed." I stare into the speaker as if he were standing right there. "This isn't funny Carlisle let me out!"

"We can't Jasper. Alice has already seen it. If you don't succeed you kill Bella Swan."

I feel sick and sink down to my knees. The cotton pickin' smell of her blood isn't helping. I kill Bella? I think to myself as if in shock. Then feel stupid when I remember what I pulled the other day. Hell I could have killed her then. The images run through my head of different ways I could kill her all of them ending in horrible bloodshed. I keep seeing her frightened face knowing that'd be the last thing I'd see or remember of her. I run my hands through my disheveled hair like a mad man. The blood is taunting me but the need to keep her safe is balancing along the side. I should have left like I planned. "You can't." I hear Edward say in the speaker. "That's how you kill her. After trying to run away from the situation you go mad and long to see her but when you come back it's too much to bare and you…"

"SHUT UP!" I yell. "Just shut up!" I yell again my voice cracking and I want to rip something apart. "I long to be human longing for a normal life hell I'd take the infantry again if that's what it meant. Even my days of war seemed easier than the times I've faced as a vampire. At least then all I wanted to do was kill the enemy and not everyone with a blood driven pulse. I wanted to devour myself and rip my flesh limb from limb at the mere thought of hurting that girl. I thought of her snowy skin, long strawberry smelling hair beautiful brown eyes. I throw the shirt across the room as I caught myself cradling it and sniffing it. This was going to be an ordeal we don't sleep. There's no books, no TV, no internet nothing. Just me four walls and Edward's Bella tainted shirt. I stared at the shirt as it lay across the room. I laughed at my stupid thought wondering if Edward took that off in front of Bella and if she might have checked him out. The jealousy was so ridiculous considering she wasn't even my girl. Hell I might go through all this just to be around her and she might decide she wants nothing to do with me. But could I really blame her I told myself remembering our last encounter and knowing I must have scared the piss out of her. "Hell she'll never want anything to do with me again."

"Those buds of yours?" Charlie asked as he pointed his fork towards the window of the diner.

"Yeah they're good buds dad." I said going back to my salad.

"You ever really get full of that stuff?" My dad asked wrinkling is nose as if I were eating live mice.

"It's good dad."

"Whatever." He said cutting into his usual steak.

"So how's school going?"

"You mean besides me fainting in front of all my class the other day?" I point to my forehead and my dad laughs. "Hey."

"Well that is pretty Bella of you. You always were a bit clammy over blood." My dad laughs again.

"Very funny dad I hit my head and have to get stitches and you're having a grand time."

"Not really I'm the one paying for the bill." My dad winks and Mike is doing some sort of weird dance with his friends in the window trying to get my attention.

I never understood why guys assumed it was attractive to show off like apes around women. Maybe we really do derive from apes I thought as Mike put his hand under his pit at that point letting out a holler. The guys laughed watching my expression in the window. I forced a smile so not to hurt Mike's feelings but I could care less. I went back to sipping on my soda. "Want to go play with your friends Bella?" My dad asked. I looked at him oddly. "I doubt you want to sit here with your old man."

"It's fine dad and for the record we don't go play that would be appropriate if I was still 8 years old."

"Oh well whatever it is you do."

I forced myself not to laugh as my father caught what he said and his eyes grew as big as saucers like he wanted to correct himself but was scared he'd only give me further ideas so he kept quiet and stuck to looking nervous. I shoved some salad in my mouth so I wouldn't have to talk and I noticed my dad did the same with his steak.

We get home and Charlie goes on to bed. Meanwhile I'm in my room and can't sleep. I lay awake staring at my ceiling with the window open for some fresh air. The curtain moves along with the night's breeze. Jasper's face pops into my head. The desperation in his eyes and the way he yelled but not like he was trying to scare me though believe me I was but more like he was trying to warn me. I thought of Edward's speed as he rushed me out of there. I sigh as the flashes come and go Jasper's eyes leaving a permanent mark in my mind. The desperation the fear chills run down my spine. I lay in my bed thinking of the Cullen's until sleep finally finds me.

I'm running I don't even know what from. All I know is I'm scared and cold I hear the footsteps keeping pace behind me. I start to run faster. My heart is raising and I hear them breathing… "Breathing?" I say shooting out of bed realizing something. "Jasper wasn't breathing." I laugh at my nonsense and lay back down. Yes he was at least at first but towards the end when he yelled at me. I shook my head angering myself. "This is so lame." I go to the bathroom and rinse off my face. I looked upon myself in the mirror rolling my eyes. I go back into my room and almost scream. He smiles and shrugs. "Jacob Black what the hell!"

"Sorry I heard you scream."

"No you didn't!"

"UM yes I did."

"What from the freaking reservation?"

Jacob laughs. "OH come on Bella I was just in the neighborhood."

"Honestly Jake I could have been well."

Well what he wiggles his brows suggestively? "OUT." I start to shove him towards my window.

"Come on Bella. I was just making sure you're ok."

"If Charlie catches you in my room he'll get his gun!"

Jacob laughed. "Nah your dad loves me."

"Ugh Jake. Out!"

"Alright alright fine I'm out." He says still smiling. "Later Bella."

I say nothing else and shut the window rather annoyed. Jacob was my friend but entering my room like that… I jumped again as I heard another thump at the window. "Jacob Black I told you." I froze in midsentence as I saw the menacing eyes staring back at me.

I awake to find that last night must have been a dream. Those eyes though I shuddered. Wait was Jake here then or not did I dream that up too? I think as I wash my face off and get ready for school.

I decide it must have all been a dream as I go back to my room and see my window is still open as I had it when I went to bed. I rush to get out the door not even eating my usual cereal before school but I overslept and I got a little ways to drive in order to get to school.

Jasper didn't come to school today. I watch as the Cullen's all pull up in the same car and exit. The one with the short hair I believe to be Alice smiles at me but heads towards the school building. Edward eyes me in a way I don't quite understand but it isn't all friendly. Emmett and Rosalie head off following Alice. This goes on for another three days until Friday. When Jasper finally decides to return to school…