Disclaimer: The following is a KhaosOmega fanfic. While the Amethyst Angel name and appearance are of my design, the girl portraying her, Anise Azeat, and the rest of Galaxy Angel I and II's characters belong to BROCCOLI. Halo belongs to Bungie Studios, while the machinima using the series as its engine, Red vs Blue, belongs to Rooster Teeth Productions. Please support the official release.

Chapter 1: Freelancer Infiltration

One day, many years prior to the events of the Red vs Blue web show, two Freelancers enter a mysterious base. The base is at a cryogenics research facility somewhere in a cold region. One of the Freelancers, wearing orange armor, is trying to infiltrate the base with the second Freelancer, wearing pink armor, follows her from a hiding spot using thermal vision.

"Hey, Murph, you know what?"

"I KNOW it's cold, you idiot. You don't have to keep bringing that fact up every few seconds."

"Whatever, moron." One Insurrection guy then turns his back to look over a different location, when Murph suddenly disappears. the guy then heads where Murph had been last time by following his voice... and right into the orange-armored Freelancer's trap. Apparantly the guy believed it was Murph, who was actually dead above him once he entered the trap.

"Man, that did a little bit of damage to my throat area. I have no idea how Anise managed to learn how to do that without the damage risk." the orange-armored Freelancer told her hidden partner on the radio in her helmet.

"Seriously, Rico, why didn't you just use the voice manipulation device in your helmet?" was the reply.

"Oops. Didn't know i had that device installed in my helmet. Thanks, Milfie." With that, Rico (the orange-armored one) continued to sneak her way through the research facility. Her mission was to obtain some crucial info for a device Project Freelancer was after, and to do it without being detected. Unknown to her and her hidden older sister another Freelancer, wearing purple armor with green trim, had infiltrated the facility as well. All of a sudden an alarm went off.

"NOT AGAIN, SOUTH!" Rico yelled on her radio.

"My bad." While the alarm was blaring, it fortunately made Rico's part of the mission a lot easier, as she quickly grabbed the info needed. She and her partner then proceeded to investigate the commotion South had triggered. South and a second purple-and-green-armored Freelancer, male, were plowing their way through Insurrection soldiers with every method they could throw. After a little while they were surrounded.

"Attention idiots, we have you surrounded. Give up now." One guy, arming a turret, yeled at the cornered Freelancers. Then he was suddenly taken out by a powerful laser attack.

"AW, MAN, IT'S HER!" South yelled out. Everyone was looking around for the culprit when two of the Insurrection soldiers suddenly engaged armor color changes. One's armor turned teal while the other one turned amethyst purple with wine red trim. Rico and Milfeulle then joined the brawl, which despite the Insurrection outnumbering the Freelancers by a hundred forty to six the sheer speed and power of the purple-and-red Freelancer easily took the Insurrection out.

"C'mon, let's go." the teal-armored Freelancer, Carolina, told the others. The six Freelancers then jumped into a Pelican waiting for them and left just as a MAC cannon shot from the Mother of Invention destroyed the Insurrection hideout. Two Longsword fighter craft then engaged a pursuit, but the amethyst armored Freelancer quickly climbed on top of the Pelican, Four Seven Niner, locked onto one of the enemy craft, then extended her left arm forward.

"Engage Chrono Eclipse!" With those three words, a device on her left arm worn over the armor fired a beam of insane power which destroyed both enemy craft on contact - the second craft had made the mistake of following the first one in the line of the shot when it activated.

"Both enemy craft eliminated. Info on target object acquired. South messed up the stealth part of the mission, though." she said.

"Nice work, Star Raider. South Dakota's error will be reported to the Director as soon as possible. Meanwhile, head to the rendezvous point. Zelixeo out."

"Ten-four, Zelixeo."

At this point the Pelican toting the six Freelancers reached the Mother of Invention battleship. After docking the group entered the breifing room.

"Well, this mission was a success. Counselor, add the new points to the leaderboard."

"Yes, Director." The six Freelancers looked up at the board. Star Raider's lead over Carolina got larger, Rico's total enabled her to pass the inactive Connecticut, while South ended up behind her brother North despite having the lead over him entering the mission. South tore off her helmet at this point, revealing herself to have short blonde hair and a scar on her left cheek.

"I thought you said the mission was a success, sir."

"Part of it was, South. But part of the mission was stealth. Your carelessness caused the enemy to become aware of our intentions, which in turn will make our next mission that much harder. You are dismissed." South then walked over to a door, breaking the door control module by punching it. The other Freelancers in the room then walked out to different points in the ship. Each Freelancer had a different holding room for themselves, and they went into their own rooms. North Dakota would quickly be visited by agents Washington and York, Rico went to her older sister's room, and Star Raider would take off her armor.

Once her armor, amethyst purple with wine red trim, was off completely she went to the mirror in her room. She was an extremely beautiful seventeen-year-old girl, the trim on her armor matching the dominant color of her long hair. Her hair also contained a number of pink highlights, her azure eyes were surrounded by some jade green eyeshaodw, she had three pairs of hanging earrings on her ears, and her newest jewelry, a rare Amethyst Star necklace around her neck. While she wasn't wearing her armor she mainly wore a jade green tube top (she possessed a wine red one but this one hid her midriff unlike the red one) under a worn-open teal jacket bearing the XQ insignia, a golden X, near the right shoulder; along with that was a miniskirt, yellow on top with wine red flames on the lower half, shorter than her old all-yellow one, plus a pair of blue thigh high socks and a pair of amethyst-studded platinum-color platform sandals. Her cannon used to eliminate the two Longsword fighters following Four Seven Niner, the XQ-designed Chrono Eclipse Cannon, was usually worn no matter what form she appeared in on her left wrist, a smaller, wrist-equipped Chrono Break Cannon on the other one. To finish her appearance were a ribbon on the right side of her head given to her by Rico, a hairband identical to Milfeulle's behind it (the ribbon hid the right-side flower on the hairband) and a pair of bulbous hair clips behind that yet on top of her head (worn just like Ranpha, who was known for those accessories). While wearing her armor she was known as the top Freelancer, Star Raider. Without it she was the Amethyst Angel, Anise Azeat.

So far things were pretty much normal for the Freelancers. However, things were about to heat up, with a mysterious new recruit, an injury that damages a vital part of one Freelancer's body, a traitor, and many other wild things.