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Chapter 3: Wild Chaos

In one part of a large city theere was a one hundred ten story building. It was controlled by the Insurrection, and contained a number of Covenant gear, along with the Sarcophagus object that Project Freelancer was after. From somewhere above the planet's surface two Pelicans, one of them piloted by Four Seven Niner and containing Anise's team, barreled right for the place before dropping the team off. Wyoming's team was after a different target, and they ended up somewhere else. During the beginning of their search York finds a holographic lock blocking their progress. The Insurrection never knew Project Freelancer was there as the lock was nothing for a simple Unlock Spell Anise cast on it, going so far as to cast it nonverbally.

"Team, i got good news and bad news. Good news is i've found the markings we're after. bad news, it's on that." Washington said. "Oh, and Maine, that's a good look." he added, spotting his ally with a Brute Shot.

"Guys, i found an escape point. Upstairs, door on the roof, helipad." York was heard saying on the radio.

"There might be a window washer unit connected to the building. York, -"

"No need for that Carolina, i got this under control. Speaking of which, engage Gravity Control." With that, Anise and the Sarcophagus were suddenly floating in the air, and within a minute the object landed safely on the roof.

"Package is here. Nice move, Star Raider."

"Thanks. Good thing i underwent that speed level training back at the one base in GX."

"Wait, you're from XQ? Odds are ya had the second in command help ya out with that - i've heard her speed level is off the charts."

"York, did ya leave your radio on again? I thought i just heard ya say something about the GX system's largest anti-crime group."

"That's cause we're on the floor beneath the roof, David."

"How many times did the Director say NOT to use one's real name on a mission, Carolina?"

"Oops." After that the remainder of team A made it to the roof, York locking the door behind them. Then four Insurrection soldiers, with a special logo on their armor, flew in on jetpacks. Their logo looked like a cross between a letter y and a strange symbol. Anise recognized the mark: the Neo Vexus had just gotten involved.

"Aw, man, not you four again?"

"Who's the black-armored one?" one Neo Vexus member asked. The Freelancers, except Anise, turned around. Tex had arrived on the scene. Then the locked door exploded; one Neo Vexus member, quickly pummeled by Anise so much she lost her helmet in the brawl, had hit the door with a Blasting Curse allowing a massive swarm of Insurrection soldiers to surround the Freelancers on the roof.

"COMPLETELY surround them. Keep them in front of me. Thanks for the assistance, Desiree, we were unsure of how we'd get through that locked door." one Insurrection soldier, possibly Elite, told the helmetless ally from the Neo Vexus. However, by stating her name something in Anise's head went off.

"I thought i recognized you from somewhere. Why do you and your buddies keep following me?"

"Wait. Anise? What are you doing here?"

"You know her?"

"Yeah. She was one of that group of four that took down me and my Neo Vexus allies' original team in our home dimension. She knows the weak spots of Kara and Stacy despite not being the original cause of their discoveries."

"That's because Kara got the wrong end of a Dragon Smash combo from X and Stacy broke her ankle attempting a ninja-like drop wearing heels. And the only reason you four currently have jetpacks is because none of ya know how to fly without one, unlike me."

"Hey, that's only due to the fact Nicole's GX version identified ya as an XZ Saiyan."

"GX version? You mean Alpha of the original Team Vexus?"

'OH SNAP, she knows!'

"That's cause i was the one who set the chain of events that eventually broke her into motion, you doof."

"I forgot to tell ya, Nicole, she's also got Psychic abilities."

"Yeah, and there's about to be a MAC Cannon shot through the center of the building in ten seconds. York, i'm sending you and the others, along with the target, back to base via the Tele-other technique." In a flash of purple light the other Freelancers disappeared, and with good timing too; the MAC Cannon shot Anise predicted was coming struck one second later, cutting off one guy's Ken Harrelson imitation attempt by blazing right through him. Anise then took off.

"Well, what do we do now, D?"

"We got no chance of keeping up with her if she goes true-speed on us, so let's just head back to base and regroup."



"Team B, status report."

"Wyoming's down, Star Raider. The guy somehow got away."

"Not with MY speed level he didn't." Within moments the Insurrection official holding the briefcase with the password was dead, via a Starcalibur stab wound in the back triggering the harmful effects of the blade's multiple infusions, and the case itself was unharmed and in Anise's possession. Anise would then remove her helmet to return to the Mother of Invention via Instant Transmission - her helmet intefered with the usage of the technique so she had to remove it in order to pull the teleportation maneuver successfully.

"Nice return method, Star Raider. Perhaps we oughta design some armor with helmets that don't interfere with the technique you just used. Do ya have the briefcase?" Anise showed it to him, stating that after hearing that Wyoming was down she utilized her true speed to catch the target and take him out with a single stab wound from her signature blade.

"Wait, signature blade? I know XQ's second in command has one, but i had no idea you have one of your own." North Dakota, having just turned up, stated. "And just so ya guys know, V and Nano are currently tending to Wyoming's injuries. Those two sure are good at it; they managed to prevent York from losing his left eye after that training incident." Then a girl, wearing regulation blue armor with cobalt trim and dark blue hair, walked up.

"By any chance, did you know of Star Raider's 'signature balde' before now, Spark Bolt?"

"Actually, yes. She showed it to me once long before the twelve -"

"Thirteen, Lily."

"Oh, right. Thirteen - i forgot the fact 004's two personalities were separated into different beings thanks to that one technique from - i think her Zenon Force codename's Crimson - even got here. For the Rune team this is our second endeavor alongside the XQ ally within - the Moon team that preceded us is on their first."

"Wait, there's thirteen different Galaxy Angel girls?"

"Yeah." Jade Slash had just removed her own helmet at this time, revealing blonde hair and a wierd object in it. "It used to be twelve as me and Quiksilver were originally one, but after the original Team Vexus got to manipulating the link Star Raider - the XQ link Lily mentioned earlier - had her XQ ally Crimson - that's her newest codename - pull this one trick she knows that separated us and negated the link. Besides, XQ's second in command has this one method that has more power when i launch it compared to Quiksilver. Might have something to do with one's hair color."

"I knew Star Raider had something to do with that GX group. And your assumption that hair color determines this one move's power is accurate; the technique's creator, XQ's second in command, also happens to be blonde."

"Yeah. And, by the way, you guys are lucky with your helmets; KZ18 and i always have a lot of trouble getting the darn thing on."

"Well, that's cause your hair is so long. XQ's number 2 member doesn't have to worry about that as hers morphs to her hair's appearance."

"I know. Maybe i might go to her and see if she can alter my helmet to have that feature. Maybe add a set of wings so i don't have to rely on ki energy or Gravity Control for flight so much; Brazelica's brother, the captain, has wings on his armor. And you guys might want to watch Connecticut, she might be working for the enemy."

"What are you talking about?"

"Jet's a Red Vs. Blue fan, he told me that in the version in his system you switch sides. I'm just letting the others know ahead of time so it doesn't come as much of a shock."

Anise might be up to something here. What might happen next? Stay tuned for the next chapter of Amethyst Angel Adventures: Freelancer Khaos. This is KhaosOmega signing off for now.