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It contains the following triggers: Anorexia, Self-Harm, Language, and Graphic Details.I think that's everything but if something else comes up I will warn you of it.

Please know that I do not in anyway promote Anorexia or Self-Harm! SO PLEASE DO NOT take this story in that way. If you struggle with any Eating Disorder or Self-Harm or Depression of any form, I encourage you to seek professional help. Things can get better if you just allow yourself to seek the help that is out there.

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Chapter One: I've had enough

I sullenly watched as Sebastian openly checked out my boyfriend for the tenth time in the past five minutes. Blaine and I had been sitting at the Lima Bean, spoiling ourselves with peppermint cappuccinos as we talked merrily about our first Christmas as a couple, which was only a few weeks away, then, out of nowhere, he showed up with that smirk firmly in place as he gave Blaine a small box and told him not to open it till he was alone.

I wanted to pitch the present across the room but Blaine politely tucked it into his bag as Sebastian took a seat beside him. Sebastian tossed me a wink that made my skin crawl as he and Blaine struck up a conversation, completely ignoring me.

Now, nine minutes and thirteen seconds into Sebastian's unwanted presence, I was seething at the man. He looked at Blaine who just smiled as he sipped his coffee. Blaine caught my eyes and a look of concern flashed in his until they were back on Sebastian, who was once again talking about how wonderful Blaine was. I looked down at my coffee, purely annoyed with this by now. "You know, I'm going to head home.",I said and got up, grabbing my bag.

"What?",Blaine asked, sitting up and looking at me with those big, confused, golden eyes. I rolled my eyes, there was only so much of this "innocent Blaine just being nice to the new warbler" thing that I could take. Blaine was oblivious but he wasn't stupid! I continued walking and heard Blaine get up to follow me. "Kurt!",Blaine said as he gently stopped and turned me to face him, "Where are you going? I thought we were going to go to the mall after this to pick out a Christmas present for my dad together?",Blaine asked and I looked back and saw Sebastian looking at Blaine's ass with that stupid smirk still on his stupid face.

"Well maybe Sebastian can help you with that.",Blaine's eyebrows lowered in confusion but I just went on, "Yeah, maybe he can be your boyfriend and just trail you all the time telling you how sickeningly wonderful he finds you.",I snapped and turned to leave again, only to have Blaine grab my arm again making me let out a sigh of annoyance. Couldn't he see that I was pissed and didn't want to be here anymore!

"Kurt, I've told you, Sebastian means..."

"Nothing to you, yeah sure he doesn't.",I finished and Blaine gave me those puppy dog eyes and that usually turned me to goo, but this time they just made me want to smack them right out of Blaine's head, "Blaine! You've told me that, but have you ever once told Sebastian?",I asked and he looked down and bit his lip, "Yeah, that's what I thought.",I said as I watched the guilt flash across his face, "Do you want to know why you haven't told him?" Blaine looked at the wall then back into my eyes with that pout back in place, "It's because you like it!",I said the words with all the loathing I could muster. Not towards him, but towards the fact that I knew he liked having Sebastian around, even if it was just for the ego boost, "You like having mister handsome new warbler following you around, telling you how sexy you are, how your God's gift to the New Directions, and how utterly fantastic you are in general. But I don't have to sit around and watch you let him fawn over you. I've had enough!",I said and with that I walked out of the Lima Bean, leaving my boyfriend to pout.

I didn't really care that I left Blaine without a ride back home. He could always get one from Sebastian! I'm sure the little snake would just be giddy to give Blaine a ride home! Slamming my car door shut, I turned on the engine. When Kristin Chenoweth as Glinda came blasting through the speakers I pulled my I-pod from the jack and threw it in the passenger seat, where, of course, Blaine had forgotten his scarf. He'd have to come by and get it later. I just needed to be angry for awhile and Wicked would only cheer me up.

I was almost home when my phone began to buzz. I ignored it the first few times, knowing it was Blaine, but after the constant buzzing became too much for my current short fuse to take, I picked up the phone and looked at it, surprised to find that it wasn't Blaine who had been blowing up my inbox, but one Santana Lopez. Sighing, I pulled into the parking lot of a small donuts shop so I wouldn't get in a crash. Right now, with my current pissed off state, I didn't trust myself to multitask very well. After putting the car in park I looked at the texts.

-Hey lady face come over, I want to talk to you. (5:32)

-I know it's shocking that I would want to talk to you but sadly I have no choice. (5:35)

-Come on Hummel, fine, I take back the lady face bit. (5:37)

-Um Hello! What are you and Blainers having a hot fuckfest? (5:40)

-Look Hummel, I've got a bottle of diet coke with your name on it... (5:45)

I sighed, after five texts which all sounded pretty urgent, she must really need to talk. Especially if she was so desperate that she was offering diet coke. I decided I had better answer before she released all of her wrath on me on Monday. So I clicked the reply button and typed my response.

What Satan? After a few minutes my phone buzzed again.

What took so long?

I do have a life of my own.

What were you and the hobbit braiding each others hair?

You wanted to talk to me Santana. So talk.

Wow Grumpy, and I believe my words were I want you to come over.

Well, I'm not driving out to Lima Heights, so you'll just have to come over to my house.

What's got your pink panties in a bunch?

You coming or not?

FINE! I'll be over in 30.

I rolled my eyes and tossed my phone into the passenger seat, it landed right next to my discarded I-pod. Suddenly the phone buzzed again. I rolled my eyes for the hundredth time today; I thought we had finished this conversation. Picking up my phone I opened the message.

You were right I'm sorry 3 B

I shook my head. I would love to tell Blaine what he could do with his "sorry." But I didn't want to really talk to him right now. So I full on threw my phone into the seat next to me not really caring so much where it landed. Then I put my car in drive and drove the rest of the way home, seething the whole way.

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