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Chapter 40: The Race for Life

Sebastian's P.O.V

I slowly walked down the hall of my large home with a grin spreading across my face. I heard my father typing away on his lap top and the grin turned into a smile as I tucked the papers under my arm and knocked twice on the large oak door.

"Yes?" My father's voice called and I opened the door to reveal myself standing there. "Ah Sebastian, what can I do for you my boy?" My father asked and I tried to hide my smile away as I entered the room.

"Excuse my interruption dad but I was hoping you could sign some papers for me before it gets too late." I said and my dad motioned me forward. "They are the... um... restraining order papers against Kurt Hummel. The lawyer has already signed them and so have I but I need your signature to as I am underage." I said as I placed the papers on his desk.

"Yes," my father said as he picked up a fine point pen. "Let's see here," he said and began reading the papers.

"Oh no dad, I just need you to sign, you don't have to read them." I said frantically and reached for the papers but it was too late. My father looked up at me slowly.

"These are papers to get Kurt locked up by the state?" he said in surprise. I saw the look cross his face and I shook my head. "You're trying to abuse my power as a State Attorney and get this kid locked up for the rest of his life?" he asked me as he stood up behind his desk.

"Mother believes it's the right thing to do," I said and my looked down at the papers. "Look what he did to me dad," I said and pointed to my scared face. "Do you really want a menace like that running around freely in Ohio?" I asked and my father looked up at me.

"I will go visit this child, and then if I decide him to be a menace, I will sign these papers. But until then, go to your room and study Sebastian, I'm busy." He said and I felt my jaw tighten.

"But Dad!" I tried but he had already taken a seat in his chair and was typing away. I let out a growl of frustration before turning around and storming out of my father's study. Kurt was going to be out of my way even if I had to go over my father's head! I stormed down the hall way to my room and grabbed my coat. Sometimes if you want someone gone you have to take care of it yourself.

Blaine's P.O.V

I was out of the drive way and down the road before the book even hit the concrete. I desperately looked around trying to find an unlocked car or a bike I could borrow. Suddenly I heard a honk behind me and looked to see Rachel's little silver car behind me. "Get in!" she said and I jumped in to the passenger seat and before I had the door closed we were speeding down the road. "Take some deep breaths Blaine, I'm sure Kurt's okay," she tried to soothe me even though I could hear the panic in her voice.

"Drive faster," I said and she pushed harder on the gas. I tried not to cry even though I could feel that painful tightening of my chest and my vision got blurry but now was not the time to cry! I angrily wiped my eyes and glared out the front window as the street signs whizzed by.

Rachel arrived on the interstate quicker than I've ever seen anyone and she didn't slow down. She was a woman on a mission passing each car and dodging Semi's if I wasn't so concerned about saving Kurt, I'd be in definite worry about my own life. Rachel merged three lanes and got on the exit to Wilber's. "Faster Rachel!" I demanded and she obeyed by driving down the roads faster still. Soon the lights of Wilber's came into view she tore into the parking lot and dropped me at the door.

"Save him Blaine!" she called as I ran up the steps. "I'll be right behind you!" she yelled before pulling away to find somewhere to park. I suddenly heard sirens and saw two police cars pull into Wilber's and stop in front of Rachel. I decided not to stay and watch so I ran up the rest of the stairs to the front doors which were thankfully still unlocked. I ran through the lobby up to the front desk and banged on the glass. A woman with long red hair and a doctor's coat came up to it and opened the window.

"Sir it's past visiting hours." She said and I shook my head.

"I'm not visiting," I said and she blinked in surprise. "I'm saving the man I love!"

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