Author's Note: This is my fifthteenth episode of Epic Rap Battles Of History. This episode, Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit Vs. Lola Bunny from Space Jam. I don't own the characters in the rap battle or the ERBOH series themselves. This was requested by XenaTheAlienChick.

BTW, if you want to work with me on a rap battle, tell me. I'm already working on a project with SSBBFan. Go check out his ERBOH series. They're quite good.

Epic Rap Battles Of History!

Jessica Rabbit….


Lola Bunny!



Lola Bunny? Please! I have a better chance of winning/

Oh wait. That's the ending. Let me go back to the beginning.

Think you can destroy me? Well come on, let's dance!/

You'd probably cheat on your boyfriend if you had the chance.

I shot you with tranquilizers, I'm your game warden/

And you were only made to work alongside Michael Jordan.

Bugs Bunny needs a knockout from Roger Rabbit/

I'm afraid it's time to drop you like a bad habit!


You're a flat cartoon character in the 3rd dimension/

And with the outfits you wear, you always seem to dress for attention.

I'm famous and I know it. Also I'm not gonna tell a lie/

But you're a tart and Roger always acts like he's high.

You wear too much make up for anyone to fall for you/

Which always makes me ask, what would Judge Doom do?

You're a freak of nature, something that God forbids/

And for goodness sake, stop flashing your gold mine to little kids!


You play well on the court but you're not all that grand/

Bugs Bunny's only your boyfriend because of your one night stand!

Your skills with a basketball in Space Jam was just mediocre/

Go spend some time with the Looney Tunes cast playing strip poker!

Your 15 minutes of fame have become your immersion/

You were better at your job in that Loonatics Unleashed version.

You're the easiest rapper I ever beaten and fought/

While bouncing balls over the basket ball court!


Well Miss Jessica Rabbit, where on earth do I even begin?/

I'm popular than you because I'm showing off more skin.

Allow me to ask: are you just wrong in the head? /

'cause it's time you stopped rapping and to Toontown you fled.

Here we are, you're middle-aged and I'm still young/

I'm a lyrical Houdini, you're just a slip of the tongue.

I've been to so many places and seen many faces/

But I've dropped your reign like Skrillex's basses!

Who Won?

Who's Next?

You Decide!