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Story Summary: A young Akita pup, son of Echo this Generation's leader is about to imbark on his own aventures. And he must along with his friends must save Gajou from the crual Alpheus, not knowing Alpheus is apart of an international evil organization that plans not only Japan, but the world.

Chapter Summary: A yound pup, while learning to hunt meets Kevin an American Setter, then Kevin and his friend Luka the Shiba-Inu get in trouble with an foreign animal.

Echo's POV:

I'm an Akita like my father Orion his father Weed, and his father Gin, I've inherited the position of Leader. Hawk is second in command, and Brook is third in command, Nyoko his two Brothers Galahad and Hacker are Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mixes, Galahad is a noble solider, and Hacker can charm his way through defenses, he uses his skills to gather information and/or infiltrate if necessary. And also Hawk has a sister named Sheila she went off to live with a human family who were visiting their relatives, then they with Sheila went to America. Annually for five years when Sheila's owners come back to Japan to visit with their relatives, she visits us back here in Gajou, then after one week or two she goes with her owners back to America.

During her visits here Sheila told us that she's part of a secret Organization over there in America, she showed us the techniques they've trained her, this was surprising for us, Hawk also teach her his techniques to add to hers. She was incharged to defend her home in America to stop these Mad Scientist from taking over where she lives now. Every year, annerley she visits us. But on the fifth year her Nemesis came to Japan as well, and did an experiment and turnning himself into a Werewolf who almost took over Gajou, but as you can see we came on top. I have a mate named Rebecca, she's also an Akita and she is expecting, then we heard word, and rumors about this Dog named Alpheus saying that he has been recruiting Dogs into his pack causing some problems and some other things about S.I.C.O., so I will have to check in on this.


32 years ago, there was an Evil Bear named Akakabuto made the hill Gajou, Human and Dogs tries to take down the Bear, many dogs were slaughtered, then Gin uses Zetsu Tenrou Battouga to take down the bear, from then Gajou been prohibited by Humans, there was 14 years of peace.

18 years ago Ago, Gajou was attack by a Monster Dog named Kaibutsu, Smith took Weed mother away from there, six months later Weed made it to Gajou with Mel, GB, and Smith, they met some of the dogs of Ohu take down Kaibutsu. Two months later an evil Great Dane Hougen abducted Gin, and John, after tring times and events losing John, making some allies, Weed the son of Gin fought Hougen for Gajou and after Weed nearly died, but survives, the spirits of the fallen Ohu dogs appeared around Weed, then he uses Zetsu Tenrou Battouga hitting Hougen in the head several times, then after taken the punishment he eventually fall, but he barely survived. Gin was about to finish off Hougen, but his son told him not to, saying with they don't forgive their enemies then the wars won't stop, so they speared him…. Then Gin was impressed of Weed's integrity and given his son's the position of the Leader. Then Hougen moved on top of Gajou, mocking them and the Ohu feared he will rule and then Hougen was stuck by lighting. They then buried their fallen even Hougen.

12 years later, 6 years ago, Then Weed had pups, his oldest son Sirius, his second oldest Orion, a daughter Bellatrix, a youngest sibling Rigel. Then a violent Volcano erupts separating them from Weed. While searching for his family, Orion got attack almost get killed by Ryo and his Pack when Heizo jumps in and gores Ryo's eyes. Tyson escorted Orion to a safer location while the Park was distracted. After the fight have Heizo and Tyson now join in his group. Later on, Orion, and his friends stumble across Yamabuki fighting other dogs. Despite the promise he made Choro, he decided to help. Before his friends can help, he had already won the fight. There he told him about the fate of Kisaragi. Yamabuki joins Orion's pack for saving him, and then he reunited with Sasuke. Later on, after several trying times, other events and saving his siblings Eventually he manages to arrive back at Gajou, and fought Kurohabaki and taken Gajou back.

In early sping three Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mixes named Nyoko, Hacker, and Galahad came and are taken in as a part of Ohu. They had peace for three years...

3 years later, 3 years ago, Sirius and his mate Sherina had a son named Kaisuke, Orion and his mate Hiroko had a son named Echo, Bellatrix and her mate Raisuke had a Son named Kahlo, and Rigel his mate Karri had a son named Jose. The peace continued for two more years.

2 years later, 1 year ago, in the middle of summer, a mad scientist did an experiment on himself and turned into a Werewolf. That Werewolf attack Gajou, they have help fighting the Werewolf from Sheila, Hawk's sister Sheila who went to live with a humen family from America who visits their relatives in Japan yearly, Sheila along with her comrades from an Agentcy with Covert Secret Animal Agents, tries to reverse the transormation with a antidot before the Werewolf became a Permanent, unable to penetrate with the needle, Echo decides to use Zetsu Tenrou Battouga, the force of the attack pierced the needle into the Werewolf tough skin, the Wolf turns back into a man, after that Sheila still feels obligated to protect the humans she lives with, she with her comrades gone back to America, with Echo as the leader of Ohu, Hawk as his right-hand dog, and Brook as the left-hand Dog.

Chapter 1: His name is Valiant

Nyoko's POV:

I was teaching the Puppies how to hunt, then we heard a loud commotion, we came running, "What the heck is going on?" I ask with distress this was like what happened years ago. Galahad barked "There is a Monstrous Bionic Dog goes by the name 'Kaijū' attacking and slaughtering our Soldiers!" I replied "'Bionic'?" I turn my head and saw what exactly what he barked, a Monstrous Bionic Gerberian Shepsky terrorizing Gajou just like Kaibutsu did years ago. I can't believe this is happening again. Kaijū was thirty feet tall, his front right side was exposed, and his lower left leg is mechanical. Kaijū's right eye is mechanical as well and glowing red, his back right lag was mechanical, along his back was a steel spine there is a chain attached to his left thigh. His belly ridged, on his right shoulder was plated and has the English letters 'SICO' and 'LE-Ind.' whatever those stands for they're not good. Kaijū was slaughtering the Ohu soldiers left to right, I saw his face with Jose hanging limping in his mouth then Kaijū toss him to the side. "Take Rebecca she's carrying Echo's pups!" barked Brook the left-hand man, 3rd in command "But, I should stay and fight whatever that thing is!" "No!" barked Brook, then Galahad added "It's an order from Echo, the leader of Ohu." I sighed, and barked "Alright." And then I took Rebecca away from here.

-Seven mouths, one weeks later-

Unnamed Pup's POV:

My mother taught me how to hunt for birds or rabbits or anything I can get the hold of, I was in the woods, my mother told me she was brought here for similar reasons that my Great Grandfather was. She told me the stories of my Grandfather: Gin, who defeated the evil bear: Akakabuto, and my Great Grandfather: Weed who defeated Hougen and Hougen was stuck by lighting. She also told me about my father Echo who is the leader and part of the top three, and that when Sheila came to visit Ohu specifically her brother Hack. I was also told the story about my Father was almost overthrown by a Werewolf, Hawk's sister Sheila helped when she visited. Then before I was born, Gajou was attack by another Monstrous Dog named "Kaijū" and Nyoko had to take my mother from there, then she then given birth to me.

I was hiding behind bushes where I saw a group of birds on the ground feed on some bugs in the spring grass, scanning which one I will hunt down, I think I'm ready to put what my mother add taught me to the test, I'm not a skilled hunter just yet. I run at the birds, they flew away, "You stupid kid!" a dog barked, and the dog snatched the bird out of the air as it flew by, I barked "That's mine, I saw it first." Then the dog jumped on me I look at him, "What the heck do you think you're freakin doing?" I replied and pleaded "Please let me go!" I whimpering "I am still learning, please let me go!" Then he sighed, he muttering something I didn't catch, and then he let me go and barked "That's no reason to steal." I felt ashamed, then he let go of me "Take it before I change my mind." I did as he told me and he called me "Hey, kid." I stopped and look at him, then he barked warningly "You really should get away from here, this is Neville's Territory." Kevin sat down and continued "He doesn't take- I mean really doesn't take kindly to trespassers." then I replied "Thanks, so what's your name?" he answered "I'm Kevin, Kevin the American Setter." Then I gladly barked "Thanks Kevin." Then I run off.

I return to my mother and she was smiling and sitting, "I found some food." then she replied "Good job, Honey." we starts to eat, Rebecca my mother look up at me "What happened?" she's look at my wound "You're bleeding "Nothing happened." I answered, look up at me with a 'tell me what really happened' look, "Okay, when I was hunting I fell." She stare for a moment the replied "I'm glad you're alright." Then we starts to eat again, "I'll go get more."

Kevin's POV:

"Kevin!" I heard my boss calling "Get your rear end back over here!" I look back to the direction of the center of Neville's Territory and retorted "Shoot, Neville's calling me!" I run back and returned to my clan lead by Neville who is a Siberian-Husky our clan is under control of Alpheus' clan. When Neville saw me obviously without food, he ran up to me and before I can flinch, he grabbed me by the spine and toss me into a tree. Darn it, how do I get myself into this whole mess? Neville barked angrily "You dared to show your cruddy face here with nothing, you scum?" I whimpered "S-Sorry, N-Neville, b-but you ca-" "SHUT UP!" Neville cut me off, "NOW GO BACK OUT THERE AND DON'T COME BACK UNTIL YOU FIND SOMETHING!" Then growled harshly "Or it will be you who'll be the main course." I was terrified, Neville is a cannibal. He's eaten puppies I once taken in into the clan, he also eaten some small breed dogs, I replied "Y-Yes, Neville."

It was night now and I found a open feald in the middle of the woods and saw a couple of rabbits just hopping around "Great some rabbits!" then I heard someone calling me, I turned around and saw a Shiba-Inu running to me "Luka, What are you doing?" I asked, Luka answered "Neville wanted me to assist you Kevin." I got low and single him to do the same "Hey, Luka." he looked at me "Be quite, you'll scare off the preys." I barked and he saw some rabbits "Okay, you'll go to the right side and I cut them off on the left, then Luka complimented me "I see, good plan."

We ran to the rabbit, then something jumped on Luka, it looks like a tiger? a tiger isn't native to Japan, I grabbed a rabbit, I saw Luka in the tiger's jaws, "Kevin, please help me!" the tiger tighten his grip on Luka's neck, and Luka was stuggling, "Please don't eat me!" am I really going to leave Luka? Neville scares me, if I don't give him this rabbit he'll rip me apart but on the other hand if I don't do anything, I'll lose my only friend, I can't do that, I just can't."Kevin, please!" then I just ran off, "Please let me go, don't-" then bite down harder, I stopped and look at Luka, Luka pleaded "Please Kevin, Help me!" Can I really leave my friend to die, I just debated with myself not to use him as bait, and I did it anyways. Should I really do it? I turn tail and left Luka.

Pup's POV:

I was drudging after an unsuccessful hunting, "Oh man!" I retorted "Hunting isn't as easy as I thought." I saw Kevin ran pass me with a rabbit in his mouth, "Whoa Kevin, where's the fire?" Kevin replied "Kid, I just need to take this back to Neville." I then heard a pained howled, and Kevin looked guilty I barked "A dogs sounds like he's in trouble, we should help him." Kevin the replied "I-I just can't, I can't help Luka." I then barked "Luka's your friend, is he not?" Kevin turn and sat with his head looking down, "You should always help your friend when they are in need." He just sat there still undecided "Well then, if you're not going to help Luka then I will" I run towards the sound of pain.

I got there I saw a... tiger? A tiger has a dog by the throat, "Let him go!" I slammed into him and I did it again, "Stop it kid!" growl the tiger "You better leave, if you know what's good for you!" I replied "Let go!"

Kevin's POV:

"Shoot!" I barked "What the heck is wrong with me?" I am again debating with myself "I just left Luka to a grip of furious tiger!" I told myself "I am such a slave to Neville." I had it with my cowardly self I am going to help Luka, "That kid is going to get himself killed with I don't do something!" I heard a pained howl from that kid. I ran back feald with the tiger. When I got there the tiger has that kid in a chokehold, "Scum-bag!" I ran there in anger and bait his ear, then that tiger let go of the kid then got a chokehold of me. Then the kid start to head-butt the tiger "Let go of him!" The tiger was growling at the kid, then I told the kid "Get out of here, Kid." That kid replied "No." and continue to try attacking the tiger.

The tiger let go of me and grabbed the kid, toss him into a rock, Luka cried out "Kid." Another dog came, it's a female dog "No does that to my son!" "Son!" Luka, and I excliamed, she then ran at the tiger, and he bite her then slamed her down, then the tiger starts to pummeling her then toss her, then the tiger turned to us growling "Hey!" we turn and turned and saw the kid panting and then he started to jump and then started to do spin, I gripped the tiger's pointed ear, and the kid severed it, the tiger yelps in pain, "It hurts, it hurts." Then he gets into pouncing position "What's a tiger doing here in Japan?" the tiger turn to Luka who asked and answered "I am from the circus, they didn't remove my claws or teeth, but they still humiliated us by making us do stupid and dumb tricks, at the first chance my mate and I escaped." He growled "Now that I told you my background I going to kill you NOW!" he shhok his head and show us the spot here his ear used to be, and growled "I make you pay for what you did t-" he stopped mid sentence.

"What's this?" we heard a new voice "Why you're so bloodthirsty?" asked a second, We looked up there were Nyoko, Galahad, and Hacker. the guard dog then was tumbling then, "Oh no not those three again, please don't hurt me!" then he turn tail and leaved, I then barked "Nyoko, Galahad, and Hacker." Luka then asked "You know them?" I answered "They once saved my life."


I was living happily as a puppy, there was a knock on the door, I feeling uneasy, but my owner how over walk to it, I tried urging him not to open it, but he did anyway, he was shot, murdered right in front of me, for only mere cash, the murderers got in a truck with his his kids, I've try to stop them from taking the them, but a dog held me down and after they got what they wanted the dog released, he jump in the back of a van, they have my owner's son and daughter gag in the back as well, they close the back door of the van, I saw the english letters "S.I.C.O." above the letters were the Japanese symblies for "Secret Criminal International Organization: Japan Dividsion" and under the letters is the samething but in english. I tried running to save them, if only that one time when we lived back in a America before moving to Japan, if only I would have taken that offer... maybe I could have save them, the van got pass an intersection, I was still chasing it, when a car almost hit me, but Nyoko, Galahad, and Hacker saved me but Nyoko took it hard and he lost his lag. They confronted me about my loss of family, that day still aced me to this day.

End of flashback

Then the female Dog get up, weakly, Nyoko came down "Rebecca are you alright?" then she nodded and answered "A little wound, but yeah, I'll live. then they then looked to the kid muttering something but I didn't catch it, we then look at the kid as well lying there "Kid, where did you learn that attack from." The kid then stood up "Attack?" then Luka stated "Yeah, that one when you were spinning like crazy." The kid tilted his head in confusion, and he notice "Mother!" she replied "I'm okay son." Then Nyoko asked "Is he your son, Rebecca?" Rebbecca nodded.

Then Nyoko, Galahad, and Hack bowed to her, she looked to her son then to me and then she paused at the sight of Nyoko who later bowed, "Nyoko." Rebecca began "It's good to see you three again." Hacker replied "It's good to see you again too, Rebecca." Then Rebecca got down and starts to lick the stub where Nyoko lag used to be "Please don't." Nyoko pleaded, Rebecca replied "I've want to, I always believe that the soldiers of Ohu would come." the kid walk to his mother "So this is Nyoko, Galahad, and Hacker you spook of?" Then she looks to Nyoko "Yes, they took me from Gajou when that Bionic Monster: Kaijū attacked."

Nyoko then barked "This child is the son of the leader: Echo." I was astonished I've heard rumors a year ago, Gajou was attack by a werewolf a year before, and with the help from the right-hand Dog: Hawk's sister Sheila and her comrades from America stop that werewolf, "What a second all of those story it's not just make-believe?" Galahad turned to me and answered "It is true, those story, and this boy is the son of Echo." Than Rebecca collapse, due to her injuries, their worst then we thought "Mother!" and looked to Nyoko "Nyoko, Galahad, Hacker I need you to promise me that you take my son to Gajou." Nyoko nodded his head and he replied "We promise." Galahad added "Just hang on Rebecca, we'll take you too." Rebecca close her eyes and replied "No, I won't be able." She looks to her son "My son I love you." The kid replied "I love you too, mother." Then Rebecca breathes out her final breath. "Mother?" the kid whimpered, "Mother? MOTHER!" the kid starts to cry, we started to mourn for her as well.

Then we buried Rebecca, the kid was crying I told the pup "Stop crying it won't bring her back, you're the hair to the leader be tougher." And he sat up "You now we got to stop calling you kid." I was thinking and Galahad barked. "I'm thinking we should name you "Valiant", because even when you didn't knew Luka, but you still help him, and you're courageous, and you possess great bravery and you're bold." Then Valiant smile liking the name wagging his tail. Nyoko then barked "Now Valiant, we've promise that I'll take you to Gajou." And Valiant start running happily "Wait, Valiant you're just crying only moments ago!" then Nyoko started to leave for Gajou with Valiant. I blurted out "Wait, hang on I'm coming too; I want to make a change." Then I remember something "I remember this one time when I was with my owner before we moved into Japan I was offer a Job for an Agency, but I was too cowardly of the danger and declined it, I not going to let another opportunity like that or this slip by again." Luka then add "I'm coming too I'm done with Neville, I going to look for my owners." Luka used to live with a human family before he ran away to join Neville, but soon will live with that family again. Then we stared at the mountains ready for our journey to Gajou.

To be continue…

Upcoming Chapter:

As Valiant and his new friends venture on with their Journey, they come across an S.I.C.O secret facility and a dog named Chaos has been influencing young to pups do his biddings, and Kevin soon learned of S.I.C.O.'s involvement of his Owners' dismiss, next time on Ginga Densetsu Valiant: Vengeance and Closure…

The legend continues.