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Chapter Summary: While Galahad and Robert the Badger forced to fight each other, Valiant and his party requested help from Strider to shut down another SICO base.


On their journey, the Coronel set Rouge Agents after them; Serra the female German shepherd fought Valiant who defeated her with the Battouga, then they realized that the Rouges captured Galahad and transported him to the SICO secret island. Where he found out the descendent of Hougen: Hannibal is a Double Agent for SICO. Nyoko told of Strider who's a police dog who help fight the Werewolf and they asked him to help to shut down a SICO base. Meanwhile Galahad if forced to fight a Badger…

Chapter 4: Raging Battle to the Death

Robert's POV:

I stand there behind the gate, I thought back of what I saw on my way to this gate, I saw grim site of past fallen dog and badgers in the arena on the other side of the fence, some of which I recognized from the Agency, one was female my long-lost girlfriend: Shirley, laying there dead facing the fence, I saw her ribs exposed and her once was beautiful amber eyes are now a sickening rotting color with pale tannish-yellow instead of white around her now paler sick yellow and orange eyes, meaning she's been laying there for a while, I've cried and I'm sure Galahad could hear me cry. I walked feeling really depresses to anger changes to rage. This thought… this image of my dear sweet Shirley's corpse engraved into my mind only enrages me even more. If the Coronal's intent was to make the battle more furious and brutal by making the badger and dogs feel this way, then I guess it worked.

As soon the gate opened I charged at Galahad, one will have to kill the other, if either one of us hold back or hesitate even the slightest then the Coronel will kill my Host-Family. If I use any of my Secret Agent skill, then the result will be the same. I maneuver past the corpses of badgers and dogs. I got up to Galahad I bite him at the throat biting hard, I heard him gaged. He starts to swing me around trying to throw me off, but I held on.

I don't want to take out my anger on Galahad, but on the Coronel instead. But if I don't then my family dies. I think Galahad can sense my grieving feelings, because cause when he throws me off, I saw a solemn look on his face. But knowing what will happen to my family he charges at me, bite me in the back and toss me causing me to hit the cage hard and I landed on a badger's rotting corpse, I felt the delicate expose ribs of the corpse break, the corpse was Shirley's. I got off of Shirley's corpse, and charged my way at Galahad.

Nyoko's POV

We lead Strider to a field where the base is station as we look down from a hill. "This is the base when they took Galahad." I told Strider, "Great, thanks you all, the both cases of abductions of children and dogs are one and the same, and it's now solved." He exclaimed. Valiant hunched down "Get down, they may spot us." We did as he said. Ron then pointed out "Look they got another plane coming." and when it touched the ground it slowly come to a stop after going several yards. Hacker barked quietly "I think it's the same plane." Ron added "Wow, that's fast." Kevin growled "They're properly going to transport more dogs." Then Strider barked "Not that this time." Then he ran back where we came, "I'm going to get my comrades and bring them here!" I was the Fox, the Wolf, the Shepherd Spaniel, the Cat and Albino Badger came out of the plane. Indeed that plane is fast.

Tamika's POV:

Man, that was aggregating, the Sakuma Yakima the criminal Strider and I caught confessed that he's involved with murdering family's and kidnapping the newly orphaned kids, but he yet to turn in his associates and the head of this operation. Therefore, we have him taken to his cell. I came out of the police station rubbing the bridge of my nose annoyed, with how thing are going. Then my two fellow police officers came out one was Duran he has blonde hair, green eyes, and Officer Jane she has brown should length hair tied and folded back, she has blue sapphire eyes. They came up to my side and Duran sighing folded his arms and stated "That Sakuma is a real stubborn"

Barking from my K9 partner Strider cut him off, then the officers look at Strider and Jane stated me "What's with Strider?" I look to her and back to my K9 officer answering, "He's trying to tell us something." Strider ran up the street, stopped turned and barked at us, turned back around and started running again barking over his shoulders, I stated "I think he has a lead." Then the female officer stated "So what are we waiting for let's follow him!"

Strider's POV:

I lead them to the hill next to the S.I.C.O. base, "Okay they're coming." Valiant and his group turned to me and Valiant barked "Good, now-" He was cut off when as we heard yells. The yells were from the copse I brought with me "Tamika." I barked worried. They are caught in a net hanging on a branch with a crow perched on it. The captured cops are surrounded by six other animals standing on their hind legs, there's a fox, wolf, a dog, cat, an Albino Badger, and a bear. I came running to save my human comrades and was about to tackle the Fox, but the bear roaring "Oh, no you don't!" smack me and send me flying as I heard Tamika yelling "Strider!" and landed hard on the ground.

The other Dogs came running, as I got up weakly, and fell. Valiant came by me and asked "You're alright Strider?" Kevin stared at my wound exclaiming "You're bleeding!" I replied still struggling to get up "I've been shot, stabbed, and ran over by criminals before. This is nothing." Nyoko came on the other side and Kevin along with Valiant help me up. Hacker then barked "They are the ones, specifically that Fox are the ones who took away Galahad!" Nyoko added "Though the bear's new." and turn to the animals "Tell us what you've done with Galahad." Then the bear answered "It doesn't matter." And Hacker growled "It does matter!" Kevin the added with a growled "You better tell us." then the bear replied "Or what?!" Valiant step up and demanded "Or I'll take you down." And the Fox asked "And who the heck are you to demand us?!" Valiant answered "We're Valiant, Kevin, Nyoko, Hacker, Ron and Strider."

The Fox stepping up, in front of the animals "I'm Fargo the leader of this squad." Kevin replied looking at the bear "I would think the bear's the leader." Fargo replied "You mean Barnard?" and shock his head "Oh, no he's the new muscles, the wolf is Waldorf, the badger's Brian, the shepherd spaniel is Stephen, and the cat is Kat with a 'K'." then he growled "The German Shepherd was Serra."

Ron looked at my trapped human comrades and demanded "You better release them!" Fargo replied "Why don't you just you make us." Then he pointed to us "Get ready for a battle to the death and commanded his Squad "Get them!" Valiant, seeing the animals coming at us, ordered "Alright everyone, attack!" We charged at each other, then I felt the pain in my back I paused to see Waldorf coming at Kevin, who bit Waldorf's neck, but he was flip onto his back by Waldorf, Hacker tackled Stephen and the started to roll, they are biting each other. Ron bit Kat, and Nyoko bit Brian's back while the badger has him by the legs. Fargo tackled Valiant, Barnard is coming at me I ignored the pain of my wound, jumping to bite the Muzzle.

Galahad's POV:

We've fought for who knows how long, as we war-chief each other, I see Robert's deep wound on the right-side of his chest and a wound on his stomach I gave him, I also ribbed his left ear off, I am missing my right, I have some scratch marks on the left-side of my muzzle, and wound on my lower belly. "I'm sorry I know some of these badgers and dogs were your friends." I said sympathetically, Robert retorted in tears "One of them was my love Shirley!" he jumped and bit my right thigh then he got off. I try to bite him, but he jumped up bit me in the head blood sink into my eyes, I shack him off and he land on and shattering a dog's skeleton, in got up ran at me, I jumped up and jump off the fence coming at Robert who dodged me, started biting me in the right foreleg, biting down hard I could hear and feel my bone cracking. I bit Robert's back pull him off of my leg managing to pull off some of my own flesh in the process. I pinned him down biting down on his throat, I can hear the sound of me biting into his flesh it sounded like tearing into leather, but then he slashed at my left eye, his hind legs scratched my chest and under my jaw. All the pain from this fight made me staggered which allow him to move out from under me, jumped up and slam his jaw on the left jugular, I could feel blood gushing out, my world started to blur then clear, then it blurred again and then clean and so forth. I was losing my breath. I'm still too staggered to move, when I tried I collapsed. My version blurred into a blot, I coughed up blood as my sight blend together it then darken, and I then see a light.

Robert's POV:

I stood there shocked about what I just done, unable to moved. I stared down at Galahad, looking into his eyes. I actually saw the light left his eyes. He had a steady expression, "I-I've j-just killed." I chittered holding up a tear of what I've done "I k-killed him." I am just looking down at Galahad, feeling sick of what I just done with mix feelings of sorrow and guilt, "I have killed Galahad." I thought how will his family and friends who will never see him alive again. I just stared at him. It was all silence except for the sound flies buzzing around the corpses of those who's fallen here before "We could have been friends if weren't for…" I look up to the window where I see a figure that I know is the Coronel. I glared at him I see he has a bird perched on his shoulder. I look back down at Galahad, then the human security pick me up before they carry me out, I took one last look at Galahad who will stay there left to rot like all the other corpses around his.

They put me into the cage where I was first in where they took me from my family to this… this Forsaken Island! This is where I'll live for the rest of my life, sit in a cage, and first to fight dogs to the death. And I can't just take a dive in his blood sport. Because if I do the Coronel will kill my family, nor can I hold back, or use my secret agent skills the grim end results will be the same. I really hate this, one minute I was living happily with my owners, and being with them in the Badger theme restaurant, then the next I was hauled off by that fowl only be to carry to an Island where I just wait for my next battle to the death with dogs.

I began to wail, and cried very hard, harder than I ever had before. "Poor Badger." I heard someone mentioned, but I just continued to weep. "It isn't easy to have your life tragically changed." I heard another, I heard the first barked "After my first fight on this island, I will never be able to see dog fights the same way again." I am feeling terrible, sorrow for me being ripped away from my owners and killing an innocent dog, anger toward the Coronel, and a lot of bad feelings beyond what I've ever had felt before.

Valiant POV:

Fargo and I War-chief each other, I started by biting the Fox on the neck, then he turn his head biting me by the neck also, pulling me off slammed me down hard, pinning me down and Fargo is tightening his grip. As I struggle to get the fox off of me, I saw Nyoko killed Brian by crushing his head and tossed him to the side then he charged at the Fox knocking him off. I got up and told Nyoko, "Nyoko don't interfere, help Strider against the bear!" he nodded and bit Barnard in the right arm while Strider is holding onto Barnard by biting the bear's muzzle. I turned to the Hacker he's helping Strider against the bear Barnard.

While I fight Fargo he taunted "Come on kid!" I growled in my fighting pose "Aren't you ashamed of what you're doing working for an evil Organization bent on conquering the world!" Fargo then charged at me "Shut up and fight." I jumped out-of-the-way then I rammed bite him hard and brought him down, he got up weakly, stumbled to stay up getting in an Agent style fighting pose intent "I won't yield in defeat. He's bent on fighting to the death. On the corner of my eye I saw Hacker after fighting with Stephan receiving some wounds on his chest, Hacker slashed at Shepherd Spaniel with his teeth killing Stephen, and jumping on the left foreleg of the Bear. I growled at Fargo "Look I don't want to kill you." Then I jump on Fargo bringing him down, down hard. Fargo's not dead but unconscious.

I then saw Ron took out Kat killing the cat the way Ron almost killed me. I heard a yelp from Kevin, Waldorf and Fargo has him against the tree. "I thought I knock Fargo out could." I growled and turn to Ron and saw Strider being knock off, but then jump at the neck "I'll help Kevin go help the others!" he nodded he jump at the Muzzle of the bear and I ran at the fox and wolf, "Fargo two against one is not an honorable way of fighting." Then I jump on Fargo biting him, "Fargo you're still my opponent!" Kevin tackled Waldorf the Wolf.

Fargo order "Barnard kill this brat!" Nyoko scowled "You coward!" while he is still biting the bear on the foreleg, Barnard shadowed over me getting ready to strike I jumped at the bear, but he knock me over to a branch of the tree breaking it, I looked at the shape end and got an idea.

I grabbed it jump up the tree and called out "Hey Barnard!" he looked up and Nyoko, Hacked, Strider and Ron jumped of knowing what I'm planning, then I japed the branch down his throat. Barnard stumbled and collapse over Fargo who has his eyes widen. The bear has fallen on top of Fargo crushing him. Waldorf got scared and ran off the opposite direction of base the others started to chase and Nyoko tackled him and was about to kill the SICO Wolf Agent but I barked "No! Just let him go." The other was surprised by this except for Nyoko and Hacker. Strider and Kevin barked "What?" Strider was growling "He's a criminal, if we let him go, he'll inform the Coronel!" then Nyoko barked to "Strider!" and the wolf whimpered "No! No! I won't!" then Strider then signed and barked at the wolf "You better not." Then I told the Waldorf "You must promise not to help the Coronel any longer." Waldorf nodded in fear and Nyoko let him go and the wolf ran off.

Strider's POV:

We released the cops from the net, and Tamika, Duron and Jane whipped of the dirt, Tamika bent down to my level and patted me "You were great Strider." Then he looked at Valiant and the others and asked Strider "Are there our contacts?" Strider barked "Yes they are?" Duron asked "Is that a 'yes'?" Then Strider walked over to the end of the hill, and showed the humans the SICO base. And saw some other dogs getting dragged into the plane and some Human SICO agents in army-like vests, and Jane stated "I think this case is about to be solved."

Robert's POV:

The cage open and I saw two Security SICO Agents they are both boars. "Okay, the Coronel wants to brief all new comers that survived their first arena battle, they both grabbed me holding me on each foreleg. I did not have any resistance against fearing resisting will lead to my family's death.

They haul me to a large spacious room where other prisoners, "Attention all captives!" I looked up to see it is the Coronel standing on the steel walkway above. I couldn't see his face because his standing in the shadow, "Some of you been in this meeting before, but for the sake of the new comers I shall rely what you need to know." He stood up looking intimidating "if you're here it means survived you one of many battles in the arena, and you'll be force to continue to fight in these matches-to-the-death. Unless you join forces with me, and I'll choice one of the following to assign you with: You maybe able to go home, but you'll have to give me intelligence from Agency, failing to do so and your family dies. Another option is that I'll assign you to Alpheus or to any other packs of his Subordinates. On the other hand, I may assign you to my army. And if you refuse you'll continue to fight in the arena." The Coronel folded his arms all the other agents are actually considering their choices given. I'm also considering the choices, thinking it over, if I choice to join him then I maybe able to see may host-family, but at the price of betraying my Agency, my friends and my family. If he takes over, what are my owners going to think of me when I help him complete his goal? Some of the Agents nodded, but others shock our head reluctantly.

The ones who agreed and released by the SICO Agents and they walk over with their head down in shame "Guy don't!" I chitter only to be silence by the boar that was holding me. The ones who joined reluctantly trudged to the Coronel who comments, "Wise choice, some of you may be lucky enough to be assigned with the first." The Coronel turn to the SICO Agents that was holding the Agents that joined and ordered "show my new recruits where they need to go." they Saluted and left the room." The Coronel turn to use who refused then stated 'now since you refused, I'll give you the rules. You will not eat or drink except to the small drops of water into selected cages that will occur at random days for one hour. Only time you'll be able to eat, is the moment you win your next battle in the arena, you'll only have a short time to get as much meat form the loser as you can before you'll be brought back to your cage." I can't believe that we actually had to savage on ones we're forced to fight. The Coronel continues, "Another time is once every week, that we may bring some of the corpse from the Arena to your cage. I suggest you conserve your meals so you'll have some strength for your fights in arena which will every day, at the same time as before which is two hours after from the time we have brought you here."

I feel worst now the Coronel is a Psychotic Sicko putting animals in situations like this, the Coronel concluded "That is all these meeting will take place next week." After that the Boars carry me back to my cage, I curled into the corner, and the Dog next to my cage was lucky enough to has his cage to have drop of water coming into his cage, as he started to lick up the small puddle. I began to cry, crying myself to sleep.

Tamika's POV:

An hour later after Duran made the call about the Location of the hideout of Sakuma Yakima's cohorts, after seeing his reaction about finding it. His expression's all we need to shut that illegal facility down. We are now arresting all the criminals on this facility and capturing all the rogue animals, I saw Strider looking up and seeing glimpse of the dogs that help Strider.

After that, it was dark and I see Strider nowhere, "He's out helping those wild dogs again like last year." I know he is, and I hope he comes back like he did.

Nyoko's POV:

We are sleeping it was a long day, in the morning we set out. After dawn brock. We got up from where we' were sleeping. I stretch out my legs and Valiant stood up stated "Alight let's keep going." Then we heard Strider yelling "Wait up, I'm coming too." Valiant turned to him and replied "You sure, what about your-" "He'll be fine, besides after what you told me when you first got here, I figure I should help." I nodded and barked "You're welcome to come along." And we head our way, just a litter farther to Gajou, there we'll have to face the Bionic Monster Dog: Kaijū."

To be continued…

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They have finally made it Gajou they soon meet up with the dogs of Gajou. But soon they will have to face Kaijū, but soon the dogs of Ohu were told of SICO's involvement in this mess…
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