Colleen and Mike arrive at the television station at the same time and go up in the elevator together. "What are you cooking on the show today?" Colleen asks as a means of friendly conversation.

"I've got a recipe for sweet and sour chicken that I like, so I'm going to make that. Do you want me to save you some?" Mike asks as he pulls his recipe out of his inside pocket.

"Why don't I taste test your dish, when it's finished, live on air?" Colleen suggests quietly. She doesn't want to disrupt Mike's routine.

"That's actually a great idea. People aren't downloading my recipes because they don't think they're good because I'm the only one eating them." Mike says enthusiastically.

"Great, what do you put in your sweet and sour chicken? I just don't want to have an allergic reaction to anything." Colleen says as the elevator stops.

"Just pineapple juice, brown sugar, soy sauce, pepper, vinegar, and oil." Mike says as they enter the morning meeting.

"That sounds great! I can't wait to try it!" Colleen says kindly.

"It's so nice to see you two getting along so well." The executive producer, Becky Fuller, teases her on air personalities.

"I think we've discovered that we're a lot more similar than we first imagined." Colleen says as she pulls her notes out of her briefcase.

"Isn't that just the truth. I can honestly say that I can't wait to go on location for once in my life. When are we doing that?" Mike asks as he scribbles something on the top of Colleen's sheet. He never remembers his own.

"We're leaving Saturday night so we can get there on time. I should warn you though you and Colleen will have to share a room. This is a small town and we've taken all the rooms they have, but we're still short one." Becky says honestly.

"I don't mind sharing a room with Mike as long as he doesn't mind." Colleen says trying to be cooperative.

"I don't mind sharing either if that's what needs to be done." Mike says trying to catch Colleen's eye.

"Good, well, that's settled. Mike, what are you making on the show today?" Becky asks. She's surprised at Colleen and Mike's reaction to the situation.

"Sweet and sour chicken," Mike says nonchalantly.

"That's all prepped, right?" Becky asks calmly.

"Of course," Mike says as scrawls on Colleen's paper.

"Good, meeting dismissed. See you on set in 15 minutes." Becky says gathering up all her papers.