Colleen and Mike walk towards their dressing rooms together. "Sharing a room together ought to be interesting." Colleen says looking over at Mike.

"Yeah, you aren't an untidy roommate are you?" Mike asks as he cups Colleen's ass quite daringly considering that she has never shown any inclination toward him at all.

"Of course not. I'm a very tidy person despite the appearance of my dressing room." Colleen says as she pauses at her door.

"That's good, I can't stand messy roommates." Mike says as he walks back towards his dressing room.

Colleen walks into her dressing room and pulls a pink sweater and white pants out of her wardrobe and slips them on along with a pair of white loafers. She steps out of her dressing room and walks towards the set. She sits down in her chair behind the news desk. A few moments later Mike comes out and sits next to her.