"Back in 3, 2, 1," the camera technician says counting back to the show.

"Welcome back, Dame Julie Andrews is a star of stage and screen and she has also authored several books with her daughter. We know her as Maria from the Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, and the younger generation knows her as Queen Lillian from the Shrek movies and Queen Clarisse from the first Princess Diaries movie. She's here promoting the second Princess Diaries movie today. Please welcome the lovely Julie Andrews!" Colleen says excitedly. She loves Julie Andrews.

Julie Andrews walks out onto the set in an elegant, black pant suit and a lilac blouse and scarf. She carefully sits down and looks at Mike and Colleen. "Thank you for having me on the show."

"What is the attraction for you of doing and making children's films?" Colleen asks the always elegant Julie Andrews.

"Well, I've got grandchildren now and making movies like Victor Victoria and Thoroughly Modern Millie just didn't make much sense. I think more carefully about the movie roles I choose now."

"So what is your new movie about? At the end of the last movie Anne Hathaway's character, Princess Mia, is flying to her grandmother, Queen Clarisse's, homeland of Genovia." Mike asks having read a synopsis in advance.

"It's a continuation, really. It starts with Princess Mia graduating from college and flying back to Genovia. The movie is entitled A Royal Engagement and it's a lovely movie you can take the whole family to see. The movie does have a twist near the end, but I won't give any clues." Julie says with a smile.

"Well, we have a clip of you in your new movie from the bridal shower scene, I believe. Let's watch." Colleen says sweetly. Mike and Colleen and Julie turn towards the monitors and watch the scene which shows Julie, Clarisse, walking into Mia's bridal shower wearing her powder blue pyjamas and walking her poodle, Maurice. The princesses who are at the party are all mattress surfing, but poorly, and Clarisse decides to show them how it's done. Before she's gone down the large ramp Princess Mia says, "I thought you didn't slide." Clarisse replies, "I don't, but I have done a lot of flying in my time."

"Did you do that stunt yourself or did a stunt person do that for you?" Mike asks as the clip ends.

"I actually did that scene myself and I had a great time trying it." Julie says as she turns back towards Colleen and Mike.

"Well, it's great to have you on the show again and I hope you come back and see us soon." Colleen says smiling at Julie.

"Thank you so much." Julie says gently.

"After the break watch Colleen try my sweet and sour chicken. We'll be right back!" Mike says happily.