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"The best way to not get your heart broken, is pretending you don't have one."

-Charlie Sheen

The fourth war was finally over. To many it was a relief to finally walk around Konoha without fear of being attacked and it was all thanks to Naruto-kun, who fought bravely against Madara.

Sasuke came in just when Naruto was loosing more chakra than ever. Everybody watching Naruto's fight was dumbfounded at the unexpected appearance of the last Uchiha.

"hey Dobe need help?" a hand extended to help the exhausted teenager who as on his knees.

"w-w-what!" Naruto said, looking up and surprised at the sudden turn of events.

"are you deaf? I asked you if you need help defeating Madara?"

Then Naruto's face changed to a suspicious one, "who the hell are you?"

"I'm Sasuke, you dumbass!"

The idiot could still tick him off easily.

"well if your really Sasuke what made you change your mind?"

"I-I talked to Itachi... When he was in Edo tensei. He told me the truth... I... I just want to get rid of Madara, who started all of this. I also figured, that-well- I was wrong. I should have stayed and grown strong protecting people, that's how Itachi got strong, protecting The village… and me."

"about time bastard!" yelled a what seemed a very ticked off Naruto who was actually smiling in the inside.

"tch whatever usurutonkachi." smirked Sasuke as he picked up Naruto from the ground. A warm and familiar feeling went through them. They looked at each other in the eyes transferring thoughts only the two could know. They knew they still had it in them to fight together as one, just like they had when they were young. They knew that after all the pain, death, betrayal, fear they had gone through, and denial from Sasuke their bond was still there. The bond of best friends and rivals.

"distract him, ill be there in five minutes."


Naruto sat down and started summoning nature chakra. With the help of Kurama it was much easier and faster.

Sasuke gave many blows at him, but there was no luck. He kept evading them -Madara didn't want to harm the last Uchiha.

Naruto came in and they started noticing the five second interval.

"Remember our first mission Naruto? Lets do that!"

"You mean chase him around like we did with the cat?"

"Not that one, Dobe! Our first fight with Zabuza!"

"Oh, heh. Nice idea teme, Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!"

They defeated Madara and became heroes of Konoha.

And I?

Well I am about to go talk to him. It was hard after all he is important now and a great hero. I was almost there, I could see him talking to Sasuke. I was about to walk beside him.

I must not loose my nerve!

I could feel myself shaking and the blood already rushing through my face. My hear was beating fast, just as fast as the wings of the hummingbird flutter.

"Na-naruto-kun." I said but it only came out as a whisper. I shut my eyes and forced myself to say it louder but a flock of girl rushed towards them asking for their autographs. Naruto looked embarrassed and Sasuke looked annoyed. My courage was dissolving slowly, I stood there like an idiot trying to blend in with the wall. Two girls noticed me, looking at me with a look of annoyance and disgust, as she commented to the other one. "Look at her, she is so pathetic and annoying. She is still following Naruto-sama around, even when she got rejected, no wait she didn't get rejected, she got ignored. She doesn't have any dignity, she has no right to be called a Hyuuga. She is such a hindrance; to even interrupt Naruto-sama's battle with Pain."

I just stood there looking at Naruto to see if he had heard anything but he was so entranced with the autographs, his head jerked suddenly and ran to a pink-haired girl. "Sakura-chan, good morning! Ne ne! Go on a date with me Sakura-chan!"

The pinkette got annoyed quickly and punched him in the head, sending Naruto to a pole, "I wan't to talk to Sasuke, Naruto!"

I started crying and ran the other way into my comfort place. It hurt, it hurt so much. Everything the girl said was true, she gave up her life and confessed while he had just ignored it. He ignored it like if it was not worthwhile.

After so much running I stopped crying and I finally got to the place I loved, my refuge, the book store. Its kind off silly but when I read it's like I enter a new world and forget about the troubles of my world. I went into the romance section and a new book caught my attention, 'kill me with your love, Romeo." a twist to Romeo and Juliet. It grabbed it a checked it out, not knowing the book will change me.

The book was about Juliet who had fallen in love with a man named Romeo. They were both from families who has a dispute for years. I thought the ending was going to be different but in the end Juliet faked to be dead and was buried waiting for Romeo. It wasn't until she was dead that she knew that Romeo had left with Rosaline, a girl who he had loved before Juliet, because she was pregnant so the eloped and burned the church where Juliet and Romeo married. The girl had sacrificed more that other girl for Romeo and in the end she was heartbroken and dead.

Now that Hinata thought about it, it was kinda like her love life. She fell in love with someone who didn't value her, she had tried so hard to walk next to him, to be acknowledged by him, but in the end they were not even in the same road. He loved Sakura, a girl who loved Sasuke, a girl who preferred a quiet, mean man, than sweet nice Naruto. Hinata was never a jealous person, in fact she would be happy as long as Naruto was happy even if the person he loved wasn't her, but why, why couldn't Naruto see her or even say something to her. After she sacrificed her life for him he didn't even say thank you to her.

It hurt and it was breaking her as a person.

"Hinata-sama," someone interrupted her thoughts, "Lord Hiashi says to come to the dojo and fight Hanabi-sama to see who is more appropriate as the successor of the Hyuga title."

She sighed. Not this again.

She got up reluctant to fight her sister again, she was still frustrated and unknowingly mad at herself and her foolishness.

Every month Hanabi and Hinata fight to see who is truth was Hinata had always lost, the truth was that Hinata was stronger anyways…

As she entered the room she noticed the undying scowl and look of disappointment her father gave her. Of course he didn't know that she was only trying to not hurt her sister for a promise made long ag. He only saw weakness and shame.

Neji was also there with a worried look on his face.

She bowed and then stood up in front of Hanabi who has a cocky smirked plastered against her face.

Hah! This is going to be easy, thought Hanabi.

Hanabi who was always been able to beat Hinata had no mercy for her older sister. She had always felt that the youngest always had to look up to the eldest especially if their mother was long gone, but Hinata had never been able to complete even one of those expectations. Now Hanabi was stuck with being the strongest and the heiress of the Hyuga title because her oldest sister was weak. She hated it, she was supposed to be a kid and have fun not have this great burden on her that makes the other kids move away from her and feel uncomfortable. This was all Hinata's fault and she liked to beat her up for it, for that and for that gentle, pathetic little face she had.

I'll just avoid Hanabi's hits and maybe I wll last longer in the fight,.

"start." Hiashi commanded.

"Byakugan!" the both yelled. And so the fighting began.

Hanabi gave quick swift blows to her sister, trying to block all chakra points, and thought it will all be over in minutes but she couldn't even hit her once. Hinata was avoiding to get hit at all costs. She looked as if she was dancing and it was graceful, as if she was floating in the air and moving as swift as the wind. Hanabi was infuriated, what the hell? This is not supposed to last this long!

Her movement faster and rash, Hinata had to keep up, but it was difficult since she couldn't harm Hanabi back. Her little sister was about to kick in the face, Hinata was about to block her but hesitated and got knocked down.

I can't believe she still gets knocked down by that like when we were younger. Hah!

Hinata, still on the floor turned to see her father and all his anger directed towards her. She kept looking into his eyes as of wanting to communicate with him. She was yelling in her head, "can't you see I am protecting her! She is my sister, my imoto! I made a promise to mom, I am protecting, someone that bad, that worthless, does no one care! First you, and now Naruto-kun."

Little Hinata was in the garden, picking up so beautiful white roses. She stood up and ran with so much energy trough the corridors, everybody greeted her and she smiled back. She entered a room where her mother was laying down in bed.

After the birth of Hanabi their mother was even more weak and she didn't have much time. Hinata went up to her, "Here oka-Sama! I brought you some flowers."

The woman, even I'd she was pale, was still beautiful and smiled down at her daughter, "thank you Hinata, they are beautiful."

Hinata told her about her day and how Hanabi was doing, but she had to finish soon because her mother got tired rapidly.

"Hinata before you leave, I want to ask you something." Hinata listened curiously, "you must take care of Hanabi when I am not here anymore. Protect your little sister, don't hurt her."

And she did.

Now she was sacrificing her dream of becoming heiress because her younger sister had never said anything about not taking the title and because to hurt her if she did.

Sacrifice; something that Naruto took for granted and something my father saw as weakness.

Fine! FINE! If that's what you want ill stop protecting and fend for myself! I will fight for myself and for myself only.

Hanabi was about to get ready to leave but Hinata stood up again with a different type of expression. Hiashi straightened a bit, Hinata never stood back up she just stopped the fight, and the glint in her eyes was more powerful and strong.

Hanabi was loosing it and soon they were fighting again. Hinata blocked everything Hanabi had to give. Hanabi never thought her sister was this fast nor agile, distraction was gone when she felt a hard jab in her shoulder; she had been hit.

Hanabi began to spin like a top, creating a whirling vortex while releasing a large of amount of chakra from her tenketsu.

"Hakkeshou Kaiten!" Hinata was thrown off into the wall; causing the wall to break.

She stood up again, "Juuho Soushiken- Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists!" Spectral lion heads formed around her fists.

Neji and Hiashi stood up; was this an intent to kill?

Hanabi could barely keep up, not one chance to hit back. She could only stare at her sisters face who was really obscure and furiou at the moment. The youngest Hyuga knew she couldn't keep up much longer. Hinata kicked her leg causing her to fall back first. As she fell back Hinata swerved, taking the Jutsu off, inches near Hanabi's face. There was a moment of silence and tension where you could only hear the two sisters huffing, then Hinata made a roundhouse kick sending her Sister to the wall.

Hanabi glared at her sister while clutching her broken arm, "When did you become so strong?"

Hinata walked up to her and looked down on her, "Don't get me wrong but I've always been stronger, I just has to keep a promise to Mom about protecting you. Seeing that you are already old enough to take care of yourself there is no need for that."

Mom? Mom told her to do this for me? To never harm me?

She walked to the door, not knowing what she was doing or how she was doing it, but she liked it.

"where are you going Hinata-sama?"

"I am going to buy a dress for the party tonight."

"but Hinata-hime, you already have a dress for the party."

"not that party, that party is only for the heiress which I am not-yet- I am going to the village party."

Hiashi frowned; She didn't even ask for permission, she said she was going and that was that.

As she was leaving Hinata unzipped her jacket and dropped it on the floor.

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