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Hinata would wake up every morning to go to the gym learn swordsmanship, sai, and senbon. She spent every day working hard; even Ao would tell her go home and rest. At the beginning her whole body felt numb and sore but then her body started to get used to the amount of work out. Her body looked even more defined, which she didn't think was possible anymore.

The Konoha girl realized it wasn't as hard for her as it was to other people. She had the flexibility of a Hyuga and at the same time she had that strong force. She loved dancing, and moving with the sword as she practiced the eight directions it felt as if it was part of her body. The part she was having more trouble with was making straight cuts when practicing tameshigiri, test cutting with dummies. She couldn't cut all the way through them. Chojouro was the one teaching the classes and they developed this friendly bond.

The sai reminded her of the jutsu she had invented, Shugo Hakke Rokujuuyonshou, and moved her arms with agility, never cutting herself. At the moment five new students had cut themselves trying to show off.

Ao was right about the Senbon, they were thrown like shuriken but at a more precise point. Her Byakugan allowed her look at the chakra coils and from there she knew where to hit the pressure points. Using the dummies was hard since they didn't have chakra running through them but if it were a real person she would have killed them in a second.

During her free time she spent most of her time with her roommate. With Himawarii, she had great times outside and inside of the house. Himawarii had an outgoing personality; she said and did what she felt like doing when she felt like it. She was loud but not annoying and she was hard working in the field but lazy at home. Every boy turned to look at her because she was smart and beautiful but never easy. The blonde girl also loved making perverted comments and make Hinata blush. Himawarii was everything Hinata wasn't but they complemented each other.

After long weeks of training, Hinata had taken the habit of waking up every Saturday morning to peer review the novels Himawarii wrote. At the beginning she had been reluctant to read a book with such topic. Not even with her friends from Konoha, Sakura, Ino, and Tenten, had they ever touched the subject of sex. They were all virgins; even Ino was all talk, so nobody ever gave details about anything because there was nothing to say. They most sexual thing she had ever seen was when Naruto did his perverted jutsu, which transformed him into a woman. But she was a woman, everything she saw, she had. The beginning of the plot was very innocent: This teenage girl goes on a mission for her village and she goes undercover. Soon she was immersed in the plot, the first time she had read the M rated scene she shut the book closed. Hinata was blushing and couldn't believe people actually did those kinds of stuff. Different positions, places, and… holes. But she wanted to know what happened with protagonist of the story, which man would she choose, so she picked up the book and started reading it till the very end.

Now, the erotic scenes had no effect on her. She found it quite intriguing and was amazed at the imagination Himawarii had for making every scene different. Reading the book also made her want to feel touched and experience what these fictional characters were feeling but she wanted to do it with someone that was special, someone that really looked at her.

Overall it was a great experience for her as her family's pressure was gone. Without the glares of pity, disappointment, disgust she was able to become a more outspoken person. Well, according to her, outspoken meant talking without a stutter and making her own decisions with confidence without the help of alcohol or a broken heart.

Konohagakure: Six months later after Hinata left

Naruto started questioning people more about Hinata's whereabouts now that he hasn't seen her in almost six months, everybody always said her mission got extended or she went on a new mission. Many of his friends didn't even look at him in the eyes when they said this and made an excuse to leave. At beginning he had believed them, but for Hinata to be doing so many missions without taking a break was something that Tsunade-obachan would never let anyone do.

He had gathered everyone claiming he was throwing a party but in reality he was going to question them.

"Alright, mina! I am here to ask you something!"

"I thought you were making a party," claimed Kiba.

"You at least have food, right?" asked Chouji.

"No, there is no party! I want to know where Hinata is! You guys have been avoiding me and the only ones who don't know where she is, is Sai, Sasuke, Sakura, and I. Why don't you guys tell us!?"

The gang looked away; they knew they could only fool him so much. Sakura, more insightful than him, was already getting as impatient with them. Even Sai knew something was wrong; Sasuke could care less though. Naruto looked at the expectantly but no one answered, "Fine! I can't believe I didn't do this sooner," he jumped out the window and ran towards the Hokage Tower. The rest followed trying to make an excuse.

Tsunade let out a loud sigh of content as she saw the stack of papers she had just completed. She was now drinking her special sake and enjoying the peace the afternoon gave. Closing her eyes she listened for the chirping of birds, the soft laughter of children, and the loud stampede of ninjas coming her way. Wait, what? She opened her eyes knowing that her relaxing moment was too good to be true. Tsunade turned to the window and squinted to see Naruto being followed by his friends or more like pursued. She started to grit her teeth, knowing that they had just done something very bad or very stupid, or maybe both. Naruto was the first one to enter, or run into the window before he could stop himself, he composed himself quickly and asked, "Oba-chan where is Hinata?!"

Tsunade, of course gave him a quizzical look; she was about to talk as the others interrupted her spouting all of this nonsense. A vein throbbed on the Hokage's forehead showing apparent anger. "Quiet!" she roared. Everybody stopped talking immediately, "Now, everybody is going to take turns talking and tell me exactly what this is about. Sakura, you first."

Sakura, who had followed Naruto in order to get the same answer took a deep breath and explained, "We would like to know where Hinata is, unless it's of course confidential. Naruto and I haven't seen her in a while so we were wondering why you keep sending her on missions."

"Missions," Tsuande questioned, "I haven't been sending Hinata on missions. Who the hell to you that," she demanded as Sakura glared at the gang in an accusatory way.

I thought you knew she left to Kirigakure for the Shinobi Exchange."

"WHAT?!" exclaimed and outraged Naruto, "Why would she do the exchange?!"

His friends as exchanged looks, knowing they would have to cover this up somehow. The first to talk was Ino, "Well, um you see Naruto, she said she wanted to be stronger and as the Hyuga heiress she went to make more acquaintances and allies."

Naruto just stared at her, "Yeah but why didn't you guys want to tell us? My group only."

By this time even Tsunade was staring at the group intently, she smirked inside wondering how they were going to cover this one up. She turned to look at Neji who stepped up to speak.

"Naruto… we know that you want to keep us together because we are like your family. We just didn't want you to react like you did with Sasuke when he left. We were afraid that you would stop Hinata from leaving Konoha because you would just keep her from getting stronger."


"Its true Naruto," Kiba stepped in, "Don't tell us you wouldn't have gone to the docks to stop Hinata from leaving."

Naruto just stared at them. They were right he would have stopped Hinata from leaving but he knew that not for the reason they had in mind. Recently there was something about Hinata that always made her pop into his mind and he didn't know why. Although part of him thought something wasn't clicking, he let it go.

Sakura more intuitive knew there was something wrong overall.

Kirigakure: A year after Hinata left

"You and Chojouro would make a great couple, Hinata," Himawarii commented slyly as they had breakfast.

Hinata rolled her eyes, her roommate couldn't be more dense sometimes, "What makes you think that Himawarii-chan?"

"I've seen the way he looks at you; I've caught him a couple of times".

Hinata smiled gently, "are you sure he wasn't looking at you? I think the one he likes is you".

To Hinata's surprise, Himawarii blushed instantly and whispered, "I kinda have someone already".

This made the Byakugan user stare at the blonde. How could Hinata not have noticed a man in her roommate's life?

"Ah shit," Himawarii broke the intense atmosphere, "We are going to be late for the ceremony. Quick, help me decide what to wear Hina!"

She sighed reluctantly, "I told you to pick something last night to avoid the situation in the morning."

"Aw come on, you know you love me."

Today was an important day for both girls; they had both completed their training. Hinata's ceremony was the most surprising of all. She had been able to complete all of the levels of learning at such a rapid speed and with diligence that she had been selected to give a speech at the ceremony. It was also Himawarii's ceremony, who decided to wait for Hinata half a year so they could graduate together. After trying on clothes for a couple of times it was finally decided that Himawarii was going to go to the graduation with a mint colored dress while Hinata was going on a white dress.

"You guys are late," hissed Ao although he only stared down at Himawarii for making his favorite student late.

"Oh chill old man, we are late by a minute and 31 seconds," Himawarii said to Ao nonchalantly he was about to say something but got cut off by Mei who had just taken the podium.

Mei made speech, then Ao, and then Hinata. As Hinata went up the stairs to talk she smiled at herself knowing that her past self would be dying of mortification. She had definitely grown.

After the ceremony there was food and where there was food Himawarii was there. Hinata was giggling as she saw her friend wolf down her food and make very inappropriate sounds that her dad would probably get into catatonic arrest.

"Excuse me Hyuga-san," said a feminine but firm voice behind her as she took a bite of her food. Hinata turned around to see the Mizukage staring at her, "Can I talk to you for a second?"

Hinata could only nod as she tried to not choke on her food and followed Mei.

"I've never done this before but I think it would be a nice experience. Because of your high performance and dedication while learning weapons I have decided to ask you if you wanted to be my apprentice for three months. I could teach you high level water release jutsus, which I have heard is something difficult to learn in Konoha since most people are Earth release."

"Uh- uh," Hinata was speechless from the unexpected surprise, "O-O-Of course! It would be my pleasure Mei-sama."

Mei chuckled and smiled at Hinata gently, "Okay, then I'll see you on Monday in the training grounds at six in the morning."

Hinata's new training consisted of the shed of blood, tears, and sweat. Mei first told her to meditate sitting on the surface of the lake for twelve whole hours. At first Hinata thought it would be simple but then she realized that it was not so when she was drowning after she lost concentration thinking about what she should do for dinner.

Sometimes Mei and Hinata would just talk. Apparently Terumi Mei was just another girl like Hinata. She wanted to be loved and have a family with someone. Sadly she would scare men away with her sudden "bipolar rages." She was afraid she would end up with no one. Mei was also an advocate for women; apparently there was a shortage of women ninjas because they were really old fashioned with their beliefs and many people believed that women should just stay at home, "I was surprised when I was elected as Kage but it is a step forward."

Two years

A couple of months after Hinata fininshed her training she was put in a team with Chojouro and Himawarii. Chojouro was named leader; he was really shy about his title but pleased and proud.

Himawarii, Hinata, and Choujoro were once again in Mei's office. Although, as a kage, has was almost always composed this time she looked beat dead. The three just stared at her as she went through many files almost at the verge of tears. I wasn't for a while that she finally spoke, "I am giving you three an S rank mission."

Himawarii gawked, "Really?!"


"Oh my god, when do we leave? Where are we going? What do we take? What are we doing?" the blonde asked many questions.

"You arent going anywhere. The mission is within the village."

"Huh," the girl's spirits suddenly dropped. Even Hinata and Chojouro showed a face of disappointment and confusion.

Mei kept on talking, "we have been keeping this a secret from the village but there have been several disappearances. All of them are ninjas and all of them were off duty during the time they disappeared. Not even their bodies have showed up."

"Excuse me," spoke Hinata, "but why did you decide to keep this quiet and how was it kept that way.

"Many of those ninjas were going on a mission the next day so people never found it suspicious when they were gone next day. It was decided to be kept quiet because during these situations villagers tend to freak out. If ninjas are disappearing that means they are not safe either," Mei responded.

If you guys do good and find the culprit I will send you to an S ranked mission outside of Kirigakure but first stay close. Don't trust anyone because the murderer could be one of us already. Here are the files of the victims; it seems that besides the fact they were all ninjas it was all at random. Am I understood?"

"HAI!" they said in unison.

Hinata stayed back as the others left and said, "Congratulations on the baby Mei-sama, I am sure Ao-san is going to be happy."

Mei blushed and then said with a smile, "Don't use the byakugan on me!"

Hinata giggled as she waved good-bye, remembering the time that Ao-san had accidentally insulted Mei-sama again. This time it was so bad it made her cry that she hadn't even threatened Ao. She just ran to her room; Ao, with worried went to talk to her. Seconds later you could her the room thrashing, Hinata was worried they were fighting but when she went to go check it seems that the only thing they were doing was acting out one of Himawarii's novels. And so that was the start of their relationship.

The group of three rapidly began the search. They looked within the files of each victim, their style of living, where they live, their friends, their family, the places they frequent, and their habits. There was nothing new; it was all the same information they started with. A week turned into two and a month turned into three. The number of clues was zero but the number of bodies kept piling up every month. All were men; all about to leave next day for a mission. Some were drunk, others were naked but they were all mutilated.

Hinata's eyes were opened but looking at the side wall as she lay in bed. The only light coming in was from the moon. She hoped, she wished, and wanted more than anything to not hear the window open once again or the door creak as it opens. She didn't want to believe it and she couldn't. Every time Himawarii would go out into the night a man would appear dead the next day.

She could feel Himawarii moving towards the door as Hinata tried to find courage to speak, "Himawarii... where are you going?"


"I- I am going to meet my boyfriend Hina."

"Boyfriend?" Hinata rolled around to look at her, "Why so late?"

"… He is married…"

"Married? Do you love him so much?"

"I-yes, of course. I- I was just embarrassed to tell you so."

"Who is it that has you so in love?"

Himawarii avoided to look at her, "…Haru."

Hinata sighed, "Well then go, what are you waiting for?"

The blonde looked at her skeptically, "Really? You aren't going to stop me?"

Her friend smiled, "This is your life, if he makes you happy who am I to judge?"

They hugged for a second and then smiled at each other good night. As Hinata closed the door she felt her legs weaken from the tension.

Haru isn't married, I just talked to him last week and told me he had gotten a divorce months ago.

With fast motion, Hinata put her clothes on and grabbed the senbon and shurikens. She quickly searched throughout the village: first Haru's house, which was empty, then the training grounds, the bars, and finally the jungle.

She saw two figures with her Byakugan at the edge of a cliff and approached them carefully. As she approached to them she could hear giggles and chuckles. She sighed in relief as she saw Himawarii lay down next to Haru in perfect harmony. A quick pang of guilt struck her as she realized that she was wrong all along about her best friend. Hinata turned to leave before she was caught.

"I already got a divorce for you Himawarii-hime, why don't you want to make our relationship public?" Haru whined. In an instant the aura seemed to change from flirtiness and love to tension and seriousness. The beautiful girl next him face expression changed to complete and utter coldness something Hinata has never seen her do outside of battlefield. Hinata stared at her as she spoke with an amused tone,"

"Relationship? We aren't in a relationship. What we have is just a ahhh bodily connection, you may call it."

Leaving Haru look at her with shock and betrayal, "But you- you said if I were to break up with her you would come to me."

Himawarii laughed with malice and as she stroked his face she said, "And why oh why, my dear Haru, would I go out with someone that cheats on their own wife? So you could do the same thing to me? Please," she drawled," you aren't a man. I've met a real man and you arent him."

"Get off," Haru growled as he threw her off, "If you were going to do this then why did you invite me here!"

"Well, so we could have a last time together of course," as she walked towards him with a smirk.

Haru for a second looked unsure if he wanted to give into temptation and the he smiled, "What the hell? Just come here already."

"I promise I'll give you the best feeling ever," she purred as she sat on top of him.

"You better fucking do-," Haru was cut off mid-sentence as he felt a sharp pain on his back. He looked around in panic to find his chest covered with blood, "You- you, it was yo…"

Himawarii was up and retracted the blade that had pierced Haru's back and started cutting the dead man limb by limb.

Hinata watched it all, she had seen worse before but this, this brought tears and the acid taste of bile to her throat. It took her moments to get a hold of her self

"Himawarii," she stepped out of the plants.

"Hi-Hinata! Hinata!... I just found him like this! Oh my God, who would do this?!" Himawarii started crying Hinata would have believed her if she hasn't just seen what occurred minutes ago.

Painfully she asked, "Is that what you were planning to tell me when you got back home?"

Himawarii's face changed to the expression of darkness and cold from before and smirked, "how long have you been there for?"

"Just enough."
"I see," she nodded, "Shame. I never wanted to kill you, but I guess we can't always get what we want."

She swiftly ran to Hinata while holding the bloodied blade.

"Why?!" Hinata demanded as she blocked the attack by crossing the sai.

"We all have secrets Hinata!" she screamed, getting ready to make another blow but Hinata was too fast and injured her leg.

Hinata took this opportunity to perform a Suiton: Kirigakure no jutsu, the mist technique. The mist started rising and gathering. Now the Byakugan user had the upper hand for now.

She looked for her best friend through the mist, at that moment she couldn't help but to think, 'Naruto and Sasuke'

She ran towards the figure in front of her and once again their blades came into contact.

"Himawarii, stop this," she pleaded.

"Never," in that moment she threw up her blade to distract Hinata and shouted, "Raiton: Kangekiha."

The lightning touched Hinata's sai and she gave a screech of pain as electricity was conducted throughout her body. Himawarii round-house kicked her almost to the end of the cliff. The lightning user positioned herself on top of the water user before she stopped feeling numb. She put her hands on Hinata's neck and started adding pressure.

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