Happiness... sadness... pain... love... That's what happened in my life. It seemed like the world stopped rotating and everything around me disappeared. All I could see was the dark shadow that stood protectively in front of me. BAM! I screamed as the bullet hit my protector straight in the chest and cried as he fell to the ground looking lifeless and dead. Someone else stood in front of me but the same BAM! echoed again in my ears. Blood sprayed at my face, and I screamed and cried louder realizing who was shot. The stench of the blood made me feel dizzy and I couldn't stay awake any longer. The shooter slowly approached me and pointed his gun at my head. I shut my eyes tight, tears still streaming down my closed lids. I wanted to die now. What's the point of living if you didn't have the people you love? The blood pulsing in my head from the smell of the rust and salt was too strong and staying continuous seemed impossible. I fell to the ground and pain struck my head. The last thing I heard were sirens ringing as the blackness began to takeover. That's when I thought of it... does life have a happy ending?