Hey Arnold Fanfiction Project~

Hey all! This is my first Hey Arnold Fanfic, and I'm doing it as part of the HA Fanfic Project. Check out the Save the Jungle Movie fan page on Facebook for more info!

"May" by Belle Epoque, Coffee Prince Original Soundtrack

You know, standing around the park at night on Valentine's Day is really depressing.

Especially on your own.

"Stupid football head and his stupid parents…" I grumble, kicking a rock as I gripped my grey hoodie's pockets tight. For a Frebruary, it was rather cool and a sweater was necessary to be outside. I walked on the path, kicking the rock at every stop. On every bench, those annoying couples were joined at the hip. There was even one kid couple, with a blonde kid giving a little redhead a Transformers valentine, much to her delight.

I sighed. What I would've given to get at least one Valentine from that football head.

I really had no business here at the park. Gerald and Phoebe were at Dinoland, having fun on their third Valentine's Day date. The entire gang must be gone as well, with their own dates. Even Big Freaking Patty had her own date with some French exchange student.

The luck of some people.

I had to admit, though, it did make me happy to see that other people weren't as miserable as me.

"Crimeny, really?" I shouted at the sky as she passed an older couple cuddling under a tree. Of course, I waited until she was out of earshot, but my frustration towards this dreaded holiday was really getting to me.

"I should just go home," I grumbled, throwing a piece of lint out of my jacket pocket and spinning on my heel.

I had just passed the playground when my phone rang in its respective pocket. With an exasperated sigh, I probably realized it was Olga, or Miriam, or even Big Bob wondering where I was and why I hadn't gone home. I flipped the phone open without a glance to the caller ID, brusquely putting it to my ear.

My answer was harsh. "Hello? Miriam, I told you I wasn't going home early-"


I froze in my tracks, and in good time too. I'd made it to the sidewalk by the street, about to cross with an incoming car almost hitting me. But that wasn't the only shock.

"Helga?" The voice asks again, it's shy tone making my insides burn and my hurt churn. Or was it the other way around?

"Is this the right number?" He asks breathily, anxious. "I'm looking for a Helga G. Pataki? This is Arnold Shortman."

"No freaking way…" I whisper in disbelief.

"Helga? It is you!" He says happily. "Look, I know its short notice and I don't have much time, but I just wanted to say-"

"How did you get my number, Arnoldo!" I shout, still in shock. He laughs.

"That's not important. Look, what I'm trying to say is-"

"Not important? That's freaking creepy! Crimeny, you could be a stalker for all I know!" I don't know why I'm freaking out, but I am, and I'm paying part attention to Arnold trying to talk to me.

"Helga, seriously, look I just want to say-"

"What? Spit it out, football head! I don't have all freaking day, it's like 11:30 over here or something, and hey this is the first time in months you call, bucko! Thanks for the love, jerk-"

"Happy Valentines Day, Helga. I miss you."

And there went my stomach, dropping down ten stories of whatever. My lips quivered into a funny looking smile.

This Valentines Day wasn't so bad after all.

So...? Please don't hate me! D: