Private's POV

I woke up quite sluggish this morning as I noticed that Kowalski, Rico, and Skipper hadn't gotten out of bed yet. I heard the faint sound of the zoo's bell ringing as I nudged each of my teammates to get up, while each of them groaned as they opened their eyes. Each of us raced up the ladder and waddled out of the HQ to greet our morning visitors with our smile and wave routine. As we performed for the humans, I noticed that Skipper wasn't giving us any orders or compliments on the stunts we were doing. Instead, he just stood around or did a flip into the water and watched Kowalski, Rico, and I do our routine. When our visitors left, Skipper said he was going to get some coffee and went into the HQ. Kowalski, Rico, and I gathered around each other to talk about Skipper's weird behavior this morning.

"I think there is something wrong with Skipper, guys." I replied.

"Something wrong how?" Rico grunted.

"I mean something is wrong because Skipper hasn't given us any orders or compliments today. Plus, he barely did any of our new routine a few minutes ago." I explained to Rico, while Kowalski pondered on my answers.

"I have to admit that Skipper has acted strange since he escaped from Dr. Blowhole's Lair on Coney Island, but what can we do to make him tell us what is really going on?" Kowalski asked.

"I don't know, but we need to find out what happened on Coney Island." I answered.

"Definitely." Rico and Kowalski agreed with me as Skipper came out of the HQ.

"Definitely what, boys?" Skipper questioned us suddenly.

"Private was just saying we should go out for snow cones later, if that is all right with you?" Kowalski said.

"Sure, why not! we haven't had snow cones in a long time." Skipper stated in an excited tone.

"Snow cones!" Rico exclaimed.

"All right, snow cone day!" Kowalski and I shouted excitedly.

Dr. Blowhole's POV

I growled as I stared at my four penguin foes on my computer screen because Kowalski, Rico, and Private were still determined to figure out about what happened when I had Skipper as my prisoner. X, my head lobster henchman, had scurried out of the room when I had begun to rant on and on about how much I loathed my enemies' determination. The only fortunate matter at hand was that Skipper was not resisting the power of my mind control chip at all, which was excellent in my opinion. I knew that I was going to have to separate my other three flightless foes, so they couldn't protect each other before they forced my pawn and their leader to tell them what happened here. I noticed that X the Lobster had returned as I finished my agitated rant and was waiting for what devious plans I had in mind for my enemies.

"Do you have any plans that involve separating Kowalski, Rico, and Private from each other?" X asked me.

"No, I don't. Actually, I'm waiting for Private, Kowalski, or Rico to be alone with Skipper and that is when I will strike." I snickered.

"That is a great idea, Boss." X announced.

"Thanks, X. But the wait is going to be unbearable." I sighed.

Rico's POV

I waddled slowly behind the others as we headed back to the zoo from the snow cone stand in the park. I knew that we had to find out what happened to Skipper at Dr. Blowhole's Lair on Coney Island, but a small part of myself didn't want to know what happened and just wanted to get back to normal. Private and Kowalski had come up with a great plan to ask Skipper about what really happened at Coney Island, but I was still worried that the plan might fail. The plan was to have one of us to have a one-on-one conversation with Skipper, but I feared that one of us would get hurt if we separated and found out that Blowhole had done something horrible to Skipper. I know and so do Kowalski and Private that Skipper is the best fighter out of the four of us, which makes perfect sense since he is our leader. As I finished up with my thoughts, I saw immediately that Kowalski was talking to Skipper as Private came waddling towards me. As we headed into the zoo, Private announced that he and I were going to take a walk around the zoo before lights out, while Kowalski and Skipper just replied all right.

"Are you okay, Rico?" Private asked as he noticed the worried expression on my face.

"Yeah, buta I'm worryed thaat the plan mighta fail (but I'm worried that the plan might fail)." I sighed.

"I don't think there is anything to worry about, Rico." Private answered.

"Okay, buta whata about Kowalski (but what about Kowalski)?" I muttered the my question.

"I am certain that Kowalski will be all right too." Private confided.

Kowalski's POV

Skipper looked at me with concern as he waited for me tell him that Rico, Private, and I were worried that Dr. Blowhole had an evil plan in mind for him. I began to explain our reasons for worrying about him and frankly, I was feeling bothered about the idea that Dr. Blowhole could have plan up his flipper that would end gravely for our team. I noticed that Skipper was looking solemn for a few moments as I continued to talk and I was about to tell him that he shouldn't blame himself for what happened to him, when he just tackled me to the ground. Skipper slammed my body against a lab table that sent a couple of beakers flying and shattering into pieces on the floor. I stared at my leader in fear as he grabbed a large shard of glass and slowly moved it across my face, while a malicious smirk was spread across his beak. For some reason, I notice that malicious smirk that Skipper was giving me, but the strange thing is that the only animal I have seen that had a smirk like that was Dr. Blowhole. As I realized this, Skipper began to talk to me in a sadistic voice, which sounded horrifying to me.

"Kowalski, I think you and the boys would have been better off if the three of you just believed me last night when I said Blowhole only tortured me for two weeks. But it is like they say about curiosity, which is that curiosity could be the death of you." Skipper sighed evilly as I felt the sharp edge of glass slice through my cheek.

"The boys and I do trust you, Skipper, it's Dr. Blowhole we don't trust. Now if you don't mind, could you please place the shard of glass down on the ground." I said in calm voice, regardless of my panicked mind.

"Good-bye, Kowalski." Skipper replied as he lifted his flipper that was holding the broken glass and about to stab me in the chest.

"Arghhh! Skipper, PLEASE STOP!" I yelled frantically as I slammed my eyes shut, waiting for the inevitable.

"KOWALSKI! OH MY GOSH, KOWALSKI, WHAT HAVE I DONE TO YOU!" Skipper shouted in his normal voice all of the sudden as I opened my eyes to see my leader looking utterly confused and terrified.


"All right Kowalski, I'll tell you." Skipper answered in a sad voice.