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Part Two

I screamed as the most amazing pleasure I'd ever felt blasted through my body, causing me to shake violently and clutch at the sides of the bed. The orgasm was by far the greatest I'd ever felt and my entire body felt strange yet pleasant tingly sensations. As I lay there moaning, my eyes rolling into the back of my head, I quickly realized: it wasn't stopping.

Too…much…pleasure! I screamed in my head, unable to prevent the smile from forming on my face as I moaned constantly. "!"

"I know," I heard her coo, yet her voice sounded distant.

I couldn't see anything; my vision was blurred and the only thing I could make out was the flashing lights that I believed were stars as I panted and writhed about. I could feel my heart pounding away in my chest like a jackhammer as the pleasure continued to grow, numbing my body and preventing me from doing anything to stop it.

I closed my eyes and tried my best to relax, but it felt so damn good. I didn't know what to make of what I was feeling; was this what Heaven felt like or was it Hell? It was…oh God!

Another powerful wave surged through me from head to toe and I balled my hands into fists as tears began forming in my eyes. I tried to reach out to Alice, wanting her hand for comfort, but before I could, everything started to grow hazy and I ultimately fell unconscious. Even unconscious, though, I still felt the effects of the change.

I don't know how long it lasted for, but it felt like weeks. The overwhelming pleasure never went away, either, to the point where I honestly believed I was going to die from an orgasm, which I had many of throughout it. One thing that didn't change was Alice's presence. Even though she kept her distance, I could hear her soothing words and feel her there with me. It comforted me.

My body felt like it was changing amidst the earth-shattering ecstasy I felt; my temperature grew colder, my limbs felt lighter, yet not once did I feel any discomfort. As time went by—agonizingly slowly—I started to feel disconnected from my body. It was the weirdest feeling I'd ever experienced, yet it alleviated the painful amount of bliss.

Suddenly my connection was reestablished, just as my heartbeat began to slow down, relaxing to the point where it was almost non-existent. Then it stopped completely, and I faded, blanketed by nothingness, drifting near death's embrace. A chill ran through my body, but it was a delightful chill that spread to every inch of me. How I felt this, I didn't know.

Time passed. I was still drifting, but little by little, I was being pulled back until I finally had the power to open my eyes. When I did, I was amazed. Staring up at the ceiling, I could see everything as clear as crystals. The specks of dust floating in the air, every detail of every inch of the ceiling above me…it was all visible and it felt normal to see.

I blinked, but doing so was odd, like it wasn't necessary. There was no reason for it anymore, so I kept my eyes open and tried to move my arms. Feeling my fingers move was breathtaking; the fluid motions of my hands as I lifted them into the air to examine them left me without words. I moved my fingers and clenched my hands, marveling at the display.

Is it really that interesting? I thought, letting my arms fall to my sides. Each movement was relaxed and at ease, and since I could hardly remember what it felt like to do the same thing as a human, I had to admit that it was interesting.

I ran my fingers around the bed and gasped—another unnatural reaction—at how utterly soft the bed was and how my fingers seemed to absorb the softness. Was this what vampires felt whenever they touched something? I didn't know, but I didn't dwell on it because I realized I was still lying on the bed and I wanted to get up.

I sat up in a half a second, amazed not only at my speed, but at the fact that I actually knew it was half a second in the first place. How strange. My eyes moved down to my body, intrigued by how pale my skin was—was it always this white?—as well as how detailed every inch of me had become. And defined, too. I hadn't grown any muscles or anything, but I looked…good.

A gasp reached my ears and something in me came to life. My body tensed, my stance shifted to a crouch as I looked around the room, my teeth bared as I tried to find the source of the noise. I wasn't alone; someone was there with me. Friend? Enemy? I didn't know. Couldn't think. I growl, staying still, waiting. Must defend territory.

"My God, you're beautiful," comes a voice that makes my insides melt. The voice also awakens something else within me, a burning desire. Mine. My eyes find the source of the voice standing in front of the door. Her eyes met mine and blacken instantly. My mate. My Alice.

I growl. I want her. Make her mine. MINE. She growls back at me. Our eyes remain locked, pulsing. Hunger. Desire. Love. Lust. I need her. I lunge off bed at her, but she moves. I hiss and turn and lunge again. Another miss. I glare at her. She growls at me and points to the bed. I ignore it. I want control. Want it. Deserve it. Yearn for it.

We circle each other. Teeth bared. Not in malice. One must submit. I won't. Don't want to. I can take her. Same height as me. 5'2. Fast. Agile. Strong. A challenge. Won't give up. No. I hiss, run in, try to grab. Miss. She dodges. Graceful. Beautiful. Deadly. She spins. Behind me! I try to move, but can't. Too late. Her arms around me. Teeth brush against neck. She growls.

"Submit," she demanded.

"No!" I snarled.

Force myself from her grip. She growls. Anger? No. Instinct. Pride. We circle around. Then lunge. Same time. My hands wrap around her. Hers around me. We growl together. Roll around, struggling. Movements are fast. All over the place. I try to outmatch her. Can't. Newborns weaker. Not as strong. Not as durable. I'm at a disadvantage. Still. Won't give in. Not yet.

I break away. Dodge when she lunges. Roll around. Grab her from right side. Pin her arm, push her down. I grin. Her throat. Weak spot. Go there, make her mine. I try. She ducks chin. Glares at me. Left hand comes up, pushes me. She's strong! I fall off. Get back to feet and try again. Doesn't work. She's a step ahead. Grabs me. Throws me onto bed.

She pounces. I dodge, but barely. Her arms curl around me. Pull me back. Pin me to bed. She hovers over me. Too strong. Can't break free. Won't submit. I tuck my chin. Hold her gaze. She bares her teeth. Hisses. Leans down, keeping me in place.

"Show me your throat," she demanded. "Submit."

"No," I hissed.

She growls. "I am the dominant one. Me! You are MINE Isabella! Mine."

Her words. They hit me hard. Seep into me. My being. Instincts kick in. My desire drops. Will diminishes. I realize. She is the dominant. I am not. Cannot be. She wins. I whimper and lift my chin. Expose my throat. My weak spot. She growls and leans down. Her teeth brush against it. I grimace. Expect pain. Nothing. No pain. A kiss. Nothing more.

Her lips glide to right. Bite. Light, not painful. Same to left side. Then she pulls away. Looks down at me. Eyes still black. Soft. Tender. Body relaxes. Tension dissolves. Need to be dominant gone. Vanished. My thoughts clear up. I look into Alice's eyes and feel only love for her. There's another sensation, though. The desire is still there. Only now, it's stronger.

"Mate with me," I whisper.

Alice doesn't say anything. Instead, she kisses me. Her lips are soft, but drenched in her flavor, flavor that filters into my nostrils when I breathe in for the first time. She smells heavenly. Tastes the same. It's wonderful. I close my eyes and let her kiss me. Her kiss is passionate, firm, full of her emotion. She deepens it herself. I moan.

Alice pauses for only a moment to reposition herself and relax on top of me. My hands wrap around her, hers around me, and then she continues to kiss me. I deepen the kiss this time and run my hands up her smooth skin, which is the same exact temperature as mine and feels softer than silk, and bury my fingers in her equally soft messy locks.

I run my fingers through them as her tongue traces across my bottom lip. I don't hesitate to give her access, nor do I bother to battle with her tongue over control of my mouth. It is as if my instinct is to let her do what she wants, and it doesn't bother me in the least bit. Her motions speed up. Faster. More passionate. Hungrier.

Her tongue swirls around wildly. Hands cup my breasts, thumbs circling my nipples. She doesn't stop kissing. Doesn't have to. I don't breathe. Never again. My fingers knead into her hair, gently. Kisses are stronger. She pulls away, grinning. She kisses my nose, then goes down to my throat. Loving kisses. Then nuzzling. She breathes in my scent. Sighs contently.

"I love your smell," she murmured.

Then she bit me. Left shoulder. I gasp, but not from pain. The bite felt good. Alice purrs. Her body starts to vibrate against mine. I shudder instinctively. Another bite. Right shoulder. Just as good. My body is vibrating. I'm purring? Cool. It feels nice. Alice likes it, too. She presses herself against me, and bites me again. I moan. Warmth is pooling in my stomach.

"Love bites," Alice purred against my skin, nibbling and licking the area.

I moan again. Alice begins to travel lower, to my breasts. She squeezes the left and moves to kiss the right. She kisses all around it. Nibbles around it. Licks every inch. Then she bites it, gently, lovingly. My hips buck. The warmth is growing. I nearly tear her hair out from the pleasure. I chew on my bottom lip. No pain.

She sucks on the area tenderly, then moves to my left breast. Same attention. Another bite. I'm writhing under her, moaning repeatedly from her touch. Alice pulls away, moves lower. She trails kisses down my stomach. She stops to swirl her tongue around my navel. She dips in. I moan again. Her tongue explores the divot. Another bite. I buck. I try to press my center to her.

My hands shoot out as she goes lower. Kisses down the "love trail." Her hands roam down my body, reach around to grope my rear. She teases me with her tongue. Moisture builds. I start going wild. I want release. I claw at the bed. Alice grins against my skin. Her tongue enters me. I nearly lose it. Her tongue, lips and fingers work together. They bring me over the edge.

Then Alice stops. She climbs back on top of me and sucks on her fingers. I don't pant or gasp for air anymore. I simply relax into Alice's embrace. But while I'm content, Alice isn't. I have yet to touch her. Taste her. Make her mine. I want to. I cup her cheeks, gaze into her eyes. She smiles sweetly and kisses me. I can taste myself on her lips. Not bad.

"Your turn," Alice purrs. She moves so she was lying back, giving me full access to her heavenly body. I stare at her longingly and look into her eyes for certainty. "Bella, my love, make love to me. You've earned this right. You earned it a long time ago."

I smile, then crawl on top of her and kiss her. It feels odd to be the one in control for once, unnatural, like blinking and breathing. I like it, though. I kiss her as she cups my cheeks and pulls my face as close as it could get. I don't use my tongue. My instinct is to pleasure my Alice, to make her happy the way she made me.

I pull away from Alice's lips after several minutes and begin to trek downward. I kiss all over her throat and neck, the urge to bite her quickly forming in the back of my mind. I look up into her eyes and she nods. I bite her. Right side of her neck. Alice moans and so do I. Her skin tastes amazing, and when I pull away, I see the faint lines of the mark left over.

"Again," Alice says. "Please."

I don't hesitate to move to her opposite shoulder and bite it in the same place. She hisses, but it is a hiss of pleasure. I suck on the skin there, kissing and licking it before I move on. I kiss her throat several times, then go lower. Alice's hands bunch into my hair as I give her the same attention she had to me, only faster.

Her breasts and nipples, her stomach…I pause there the longest to give her loving attention to her navel ring, a barbell with a little fairy at the end, kissing, biting, and tugging at it, then dipping my tongue inside. Alice is going wild by the time I finish and go down more to her hips, moaning, groaning, and writhing the same way I had.

I don't tease her, though. I give her what she wants, what I want. It doesn't take me long to bring her over the edge. She screams my name in ecstasy and I taste her sweet nectar on my tongue. I moan and enjoy the taste as I move back up, curling into Alice's arms.

We remained that way for several minutes of complete silence, then Alice sighed. "I love you, Bella," she said, kissing the top of my head. "Thank you for a fantastic experience."

I nuzzled into her neck as she hugged me tightly. "Thank you, Alice."

"It was my pleasure," she replied. "Let's take you hunting."

"Hunting?" I asked. "But I don't—"

My words stopped dead in my mouth when a burning feeling formed in my throat. It made me clutch my throat and shoot up in pain, choking as Alice place a soothing hand to my neck and rubbed it as she nodded her head to the door.

"You need to hunt, Bella," Alice said. "It's important. You can't put this off. I'll go with you and help you, alright? Forget clothes, just follow me into the forest, then let your senses do the rest. I've seen that there are no humans around, so you'll be fine. Come."

She jumped off the bed and I followed her wordlessly, holding my throat with one hand as we surged down the stairs and out of the house in less than a minute. Part of me wondered where the rest of the family was, but I pushed it away when I stepped outside and felt the grass beneath my feet, a sensation that caused me to freeze in place and ignore the burn.

I stared down at the grass in awe and wiggled my toes around. The grass was warm and a little rough compared to my skin, but not unpleasant. Then there was the smell. I could smell the grass, the dirt, the trees…there were so many different scents filtering into my nostrils at any given moment, I wasn't sure what to make of it.

Alice was looking at me with wonderment in her eyes, but if vanished quickly. "Sweetheart, I know you want to marvel at everything and you can, but you're going to be in agonizing pain if you put off hunting," Alice said.

She was right, too; the burn came back even stronger and I fell to my knees, wincing from the pain. Alice helped me, then helped push me forward to the forest. As soon as we got in far enough, my nose picked up numerous other scents, but only a few caught my interest the most; they were more potent, more noticeable, and they made my mouth water.

"Go, my love," Alice said calmly.

I focused on the scents and surged forward through trees, growling when my ears picked up the faint sound of heartbeats. Heartbeats. Blood. BloodbloodbloodbloodBLOOD! My blood! Need to feed. Kill. KILL. Find prey. Where? Where is it? Look. Left. Right. Up. No. Forward! There. Four legs. Frightened eyes. It runs. Fool! MY MEAL! My life.

Dash forward. Teeth bared. Easy to catch. Weak. Helpless. I grin. Sink teeth into neck. It twitches. Kicks. Breaks foot on my chest. Pitiful. I grab it. Hold it. Drain it. Blood. BLOOD! So sweet. Warm. Tangy. Odd flavor. Still satisfying. Eases burn. Doesn't live long. Blood is gone. Creature falls, dead. I growl. Not finished. Burn still there. Want blood. Need blood.

Breathe in. Find scent. Close by. Follow. Hunt it. Prey is bigger. Mountain lion. Growls at me. I growl back. Lunge. Still easy. Puts up fight. I scoff. Still weak. I snap its neck. Sink teeth into its flesh. It writhes. Tries to get free. Fails. Blood. Delicious. Pours down throat. Soothes burn. Burn dissolves away. Body drops. Drained dry. I let out a hiss. Kick the body away.

My senses clear. The burn is gone. My thirst is quenched. I breathe inwards, at ease. I quickly remember Alice, and my desire to be with her is enough to pull my body in her direction without me having to move it. It didn't take me long to find Alice, though; she was leaning against a tree with a dead deer several yards away, a bit of blood smeared on her face.

I slowed my sprint when I saw her, noticing the droplets of blood covering her angelic body, and I realized I hadn't really taken in her beauty until now. My eyes started at her cute feet, then slowly moved up, taking in her shapely legs and hips, her cleanly shaven mound, her curved, flat stomach with the delectable navel and piercing, her shapely breasts, toned arms, then finally…

"Enjoying the view?" Alice asked, licking her lips. "I am pretty sexy, aren't I?"

I nodded, unable to speak, for there were no words. I stopped at her eyes and felt drawn to them like a moth to an inferno, and I was soon enveloped in her arms. Alice held me close and smiled lovingly at me, her honey eyes full of all the things I'd seen in them before, only now, they were more powerful and seeped into my being.

"Alice, I…" I didn't know what to say, but I didn't have to, because Alice kissed me and her lips spoke the words my undead heart ached to say. I tasted the blood on her lips and moaned, both at the intensity of the kiss and the mixture of flavors.

"I love you, Bella," Alice said when she pulled away. She touched my chest where my heart was and flashed me a brilliant smile. "This is mine to hold and cherish." She took my hand and brought it to her chest. "And this is yours. Together, we are one being, one soul, one love. And nothing will ever break that bond. We are eternal."

"Yes," I replied. It was really the only word I could think of, but I knew it was the right choice.

Alice stroked my cheek. "You're quite the messy eater, my Bella."

"I am?" I asked.

She giggled. "You're covered in animal blood, Bells. It's splattered all over your face and your body. You're messier than I am." Her eyes darkened considerably. "It's fucking hot." Her lips attacked mine as she switched our places so I was against the tree. "I want you again, Bella."

"Take me," I whispered without even having to think.

She did, too. We made love twice more in the forest, destroying trees and frightening away whatever wildlife dared to get near us. It was spectacular, even better than the first time, and I wondered—during a brief moment when I had a chance to pause—if feeding had somehow made our desire even stronger. It didn't matter in the end, though.

After we finished, we lay there on the forest floor in a small crater that formed during our moment of passion, my body snuggled closely into Alice's. Just being there, in her arms, was relaxing and made me feel content. This was where I belonged. There was no question of it.

"Thank you, Alice," I murmured. "For turning me."

"You're welcome," she replied, rubbing her nose against mine. "I'm glad I didn't hurt you when we struggled over control. How do you feel, by the way?"

I thought about her question for a few seconds. "Odd," I replied, looking around at the trees and grass, taking in the little things I'd never noticed before. "It's nothing like I thought it would be from what everyone said about it. I mean, I thought I'd be wild and unruly, but I can think fine and I don't feel the desire to rip anything apart."

"Had I not been with you, there's a good chance you might have ended up that way," Alice said, kissing my cheek. "When vampires awaken without a mate, they have nothing to tie them to their human emotions, so they're left more wild and animal-like. They can't tell friend from foe, they prey on any human they meet, and their instincts are twice as powerful.

"That doesn't mean you aren't going to go through that, Bella. You're calm right now because you have me, plus we've mated twice today and you hunted. If you were to smell a human right now, however, you would lose it, and if we were to run into any vampires, you'd think we were in danger and try to fight them, even if they were someone from our family."

"Is that why no one else is around?" I asked. "Because of me?"

Alice smiled sadly at me. "It isn't your fault, it's just a precaution. Remember, Maria and Jasper have dealt with newborns in the past. They know how a newborn can appear calm and be thinking straight one moment, then go crazy the next. Had they been present, even if we never left our room, you would have sensed them and wanted to kill them."

I grimaced at the thought. "I don't want to hurt them, Alice."

"I know," she replied, stroking my cheek. "You wouldn't have been in control of yourself, though, like when we fought for dominance. Your instincts would see them as threats regardless and you would have acted on them. They'll be gone for about a week and a half, which gives you plenty of time to grow more comfortable as a vampire. Plus, we get the house to ourselves!"

I smiled and started playing with her navel ring. "You know, I just realized something," I said, admiring the shiny item as if it were the first time I'd ever laid eyes on it.

"What's that?" Alice asked.

"I'm naked and it doesn't bother me," I replied.

Alice laughed musically and I stopped what I was doing to listen. I couldn't remember what it had been like to listen to her laugh as a human, but here and now, it was the most beautiful sound to ever enter my ears. I silently memorized the wondrous sound until she stopped.

"Oh, Bella," she said, smiling again. "You're the best."

I went back to playing with the dangling fairy with interest. "So…I guess you're the dominant partner in our relationship, huh?" I asked.

"Yes," Alice replied, shrugging her shoulders. "I'm a little surprised myself, but then, I guess I always figured I was the dominant one. I mean, I've been whipped since the day we met, so I suppose I knew then I'd be the one on top." She giggled and winked at me, and while I knew I couldn't blush, I would have were I still a human. "I'm fine with it this way, honestly."

"What's that mean for me?" I asked.

"It means that your instincts will tell you to act a certain way to please me," Alice said. "And I want you to know right now, you can ignore them. I want a mate, not a servant. From what Esme and Carlisle have told me, that part of your psyche will dissolve after a while. Eventually, you'll simply experience a few specific feelings or urges related to me. Oh, and I'm always on top."

I looked at her then and saw the underling severity in her eyes. "I didn't think it would be that big of a deal," I said. "Is it some kind of ego thing?"

"No," she replied. "It's part of our nature. The dominant partner is always on top unless they say otherwise; they're usually the ones that make the decisions…it's kind of like what you would expect from humans, but we vampires have a better sense of things. There are no petty arguments over a choice, for instance; we'll make ends meet without thinking too hard."

"In other words, you're the leader and I'll follow you willingly," I said. "But if I want to do something different, we'll make an agreement on it?"

"Exactly," Alice chirped. "Either way, I'll only do what makes you happy. And since I'm whipped to the extreme now, that practically makes you the dominant one. Almost."

"You're weird, Alice," I said.

"You still love me," Alice pointed out with a giggle.

"That I do," I agreed.

After another hour of cuddling and talking in the forest about my new life as a vampire, we headed back to the house to shower together. When we arrived, my instincts kicked in because I could smell the lingering scents of the others, and like Alice had predicted, my first instinct was to snarl and fight. Alice calmed me down, though the urge never went away.

For two full weeks, Alice and I had the house to ourselves. During those weeks, I learned what it was like to struggle with my newfound animal side. The desire to mate with Alice, my yearning to please her, and my instincts flaring up whenever I saw something in the woods or smelled a scent I didn't recognize. There were even a few times when Alice had to assert her status.

It was all fast and surreal to me; there were times when I wondered if I was just an animal, a beast in human skin, but Alice would always be there to soothe my fears, and with her love and tenderness, I stopped letting myself think of such things. It wasn't easy—none of it was, since I had to learn how to act more human—but by the time the other Cullens returned, I'd adjusted.

Of course, it wasn't what I expected it to be. In fact, only Esme and Carlisle came back at first, since they wanted me to get used to them, then gradually reintroduce me to the others. When I first caught wind of their scents, my instinct to fight nearly took full control of me. It made things tense and awkward, because I couldn't see them as my parents. They were intruders.

A few hours of my growling and pacing later—neither moved a muscle in that time; they stood completely still with placid expressions on their faces—I started to relax and eventually I calmed down enough to remember who they were. Even though my mind told me not to, I immediately threw my arms around them, happy to have my parents back.

It took a few days for me to grow comfortable around them and accept them as part of my coven, something Alice helped me to do. Apparently, vampires had to go through a sort of ritual to truly accept one another. With Esme and Carlisle, it wasn't difficult in the slightest. Then Maria and Jasper returned, which made things a bit easier due to their knowledge and abilities.

Rosalie and Emmett's return was a bit more awkward, because I knew how physically powerful the two of them were, and it made me fearful and untrusting of them. While Emmett kept his distance the way he knew to do, Rosalie walked right up to me and hugged me. Nothing happened. Somehow, my best friend managed to quell my instincts with a simple gesture.

The hardest part came when Leah and Amara came back. If I thought my instincts went crazy with Emmett and Rosalie, they skyrocketed beyond insanity with the two tallest women in the Cullen family. Amara was a Fire Child, one of the strongest vampires in the world thanks to her gift, strength, and fighting ability. I was terrified of her when she came back because of it.

Leah, on the other hand, was a shapeshifter and my natural enemy, but because of her being mated to Amara, my instincts were a mixture of terror, anger, and hate. It took me a solid week before I was able to control myself and realize they were also my best friends. Even though Leah stunk horribly, I couldn't resist hugging her when I was able to.

Two months went by before I finally adjusted to everyone. I saw them—Leah included—as my coven, and while they'd always seen me as a part of it, I was officially inducted into the family at that time. I got my own crest that I wore around my neck, and while there were still hardships for me to get used to, overall, I was happy to finally be an immortal with my Alice.

"Why do vampires like shiny things so much?" I asked her. It was Thursday afternoon, two months and twelve days after my transformation. I was in our room, admiring the Cullen family crest around my throat, and I couldn't pull my eyes away from it.

"That, my dear, I haven't the faintest clue about," Alice giggled. She came to stand behind me and pulled me into a loving embrace, my body relaxing into hers naturally. "What I do know is that you look even more gorgeous with it on. Not that you didn't look gorgeous enough already; you were always beautiful, my Bella. Your turn simply heightened your beauty."

I smiled shyly. "Thanks, Alice. It's weird…I can't find the heart to disagree with you."

"Good," Alice said. "If there's one thing I don't ever want you to say, it's that you aren't or weren't a lovely young woman. You may have seen yourself as average, but I saw you in a different light when we met. That light has never left, it's only become brighter."

I turned around to gaze into her smoldering honey gold eyes. They held the conviction of her words and so much more, it made my insides melt. Alice's eyes…I could stare into them for hours on end and often did so when we were alone together. There were so many things about them that I loved, and no matter what anyone else said, they made me feel at peace.

"What would you like to do today?" Alice asked.

I bit my lip. "I'm not sure. What's the weather going to be like?"

Alice cocked her head to one side for a moment, then smiled. "It's going to rain."

"Ooh!" I grinned excitedly and started bouncing on the balls of my feet. "Can we go play in the rain together, Alice? It's been so long since I was in the rain! In fact…it was the day you turned me, wasn't it? That's how long it's been, right?"

Alice laughed merrily. "Yes, my love, that would be true." She then started bouncing on her feet with me giddily. "And yes, we can play in the rain!"

I beamed. "I would've gone regardless!"

"I know," Alice giggled. "We should drag the others out into it, too. Even the stinky dog."

I wrinkled my nose. "Ew, Leah's gonna smell even worse afterwards."

We laughed together at poor Leah, then headed downstairs in a matter of seconds, joining our siblings in the family room as they played a round of a shooting game. Emmett, Jasper, Leah, and Amara were all getting into it, shouting, cursing and doing everything they could to beat one another, which reminded me of the time I'd accidentally cost Alice her victory.

Alice and I sat down next to Rosalie, who pulled away from her magazine to give us both a friendly nod and smile, before returning to scanning it. Maria was sitting next to Jasper, cheering him on and cussing at Emmett in Spanish. Overall, it was an entertaining scene to take in.

"So what brings the dwarves downstairs?" Rosalie asked.

Alice and I rolled our eyes in unison at the "dwarves" bit. "We live here," Alice replied. "What, do you want us to pay a toll to come downstairs and be in your icy presence?"

"That's actually a good idea," Rosalie remarked dryly. "I should also charge a toll for every time I can hear you two fucking upstairs. That goes for Amazon and the mutt, too." She shot us a look, then turned to glare at Leah and Amara, who grinned wickedly at her remark. "I know Emmett and I are bad, and so are Jazz and Maria. But you four? You make us look tame."

"Thank you," Alice said happily. "Bella and I have an amazing sex life and I'm glad you've taken notice, Rose. You could learn a few things from us."

"Dude," Emmett breathed as he suddenly paused the game. He wiggled his eyebrows at Rosalie and I knew what was going through his head. "Threesome?"

"No," Rosalie replied, sighing. "Not in a million years."

"Aw," Emmett whined, hanging his head. "What if you got drunk first?"

Rosalie pinched the bridge of her nose and I giggled. "I don't think Rosalie would be able to keep up with Alice and me if she were to join us."

"Damn straight," Alice agreed.

Rosalie turned to scowl at us. "Is that a challenge?"

"Ooh, ooh, ooh!" Emmett crooned, grinning like a fool.

"Ay caramba," Maria sighed.

"It's a challenge only if you want it to be," Alice replied with a smirk.

Rosalie snorted. "Forget it. I'm not that desperate."

Jasper snickered to himself at something, then turned to Emmett. "Are we going to continue or do you plan on pouting at your wife all day, Em?"

Emmett grumbled and resumed the game and everyone went back to what they were doing. I was a bit confused by Jasper's snickering, but I shrugged it off and cuddled with Alice while we watched everyone play. I didn't fail to notice, however, what looked like Rosalie winking to Alice out of the corner of my eye. I quickly turned to my mate and saw her grinning.

"Later," she whispered, low enough for only me to hear.

A sound caught my attention, one that wasn't inside the same room, but rather outside. I listened intently to it and knew it was the sound of rain starting to pour outside. It made me smile and I quickly stood and ran to the nearest window to peer outside. My mouth fell open in amazement when I saw how clear the rain drops were, and how much detail I saw in them.

I didn't even bother to say anything; I rushed outside to be in the rain, to feel it against my skin for the first time as a vampire. I smiled in astonishment as I felt the lukewarm droplets touch my skin, then slide down to the ground. I stretched my arms out and opened my palms to the sky, watching some drops gather together to form tiny puddles.

I moved my hands to the side and watched the puddles drop to the ground, smiling at how cool it was to see every detail and feel the rain on my skin. I also felt it on my hair and whipped my head around, spraying tiny droplets everywhere.

"Hey Bella!" Alice shouted. I turned just as she crashed into me, tackling me to the ground. It took me a second to frown up at her as she grinned down at me. "Heads up."

"Funny," I said.

"Aren't I, though?" she giggled before leaning down to kiss me. "Love you."

I smiled against her lips. "Love you too."

"Body slam!" Emmett shouted.

Alice scooped me into her arms and rolled us out of the way as Emmett slammed into the ground, splashing water and mud everywhere. He quickly got up and shook his face up, grinning sloppily at the fact that Alice and I were now drenched in mud.

"Ew," I said, grimacing.

Alice growled. "Emmett, I'm going to kill you!"

She started chasing after him as he ran around the house, laughing and purposely splashing around just to annoy her. The others slowly filed out of the house shortly after, Jasper, Maria, and Amara instantly joining up with Alice and Emmett to start their own "mud war," which of course Alice tried to avoid, but failed at rather miserably.

I laughed when all four of them slung mud at her together, effectively ruining her wardrobe and coating her in it. Alice did not look amused, however, especially with her darkening eyes fixated on me, and I quickly clamped my mouth shut. I dashed back into the house before Alice could get to me, only to be stopped by Esme, who crossed her arms and scowled.

"Young lady, you know better than to track mud into the house," she chided.

"Yes, mom," I replied.

Esme and Carlisle's authority in the home—especially Esme, since she was the Alpha female of the family—was rarely questioned. Still, I didn't want Alice to come after me with a glop of mud in her hands. I got an idea, though, and decided to keep changing my mind on whether or not I wanted to go outside to keep Alice guessing.

I flung the door open and saw Alice outside, waiting for me, evil smirk in place. "Come on, Bella," she cooed, motioning me forward. "Come to your mate."

The urge to go to her was nearly overwhelming, but I stood my ground. "You stink, Alice!" I shouted, sticking my tongue out at her.

Alice's eyes darkened and she immediately ran at me, flinging what was in her hand. I easily ducked under it and heard the splatter as it hit Esme dead on and heard the growl rumble from her chest. I looked up to see Alice's face full of terror as Esme smoothly moved past me to stand in front of her, hands on her hips as her face was dripping with mud.

"Mary Alice Cullen," Esme seethed. Part of me felt the urge to jump to Alice's aid, but that dissipated the moment Esme pushed Alice onto her rear into more mud and laughed. Before I could laugh, Esme turned around and grinned at me. "You're next, Isabella Marie Cullen."

I yelped and ran back outside as my mother chased after me, but it was Rosalie who ultimately sprang from out of nowhere to tackle me into the mud. Things turned into chaos shortly after, with globs of dirt and muck being thrown everywhere, wrestling matches starting up, Leah joining in as a wolf, and the rain picking up, making the ground slicker and muddier by the minute.

I was having the time of my life, though. Alice sprang on top of me and we started rolling around, giggling like giddy school girls as we played in the rain. While the others—Carlisle included, thanks to Esme goading him on—did their thing, I focused on Alice as she pulled me up and we stood there, the warm rain clearing away the dirt from our faces.

"I'm glad I met you," I said quietly, gazing into Alice's eyes. "If not for you…I don't know how my life would have turned out. I'd probably be dating some random guy I didn't even like or something, knowing how I was before. I—"

Alice cut me off with a kiss as she pulled me tightly into her arms. "Forget about it, Bella," she said without pulling away, her eyes holding me. "There's no reason to think about such silly things. We're together, forever. That's all that matters to me. I have the family I've always wanted and the woman of my dreams. It can't get any better."

I nodded in agreement and we kissed again, the rain helping us make the moment even more impactful. Before Alice, I hated rainy days because of how abysmal and depressing they made me feel. Now, they were a symbol of something much greater, one I would always keep in my heart whenever we were out playing around in it.

Alice suddenly broke the kiss and pulled me with her as a huge ball of mud moved past us and we turned to see our family members all grinning at us.

"Ah, fuck," Alice grumbled. "We'd better start running."

"Get 'em!" Amara shouted.

Alice and I took off, laughing together with our family hot on our tails. "Maybe we should've gone out here alone," I said.

"Nah," Alice laughed. "This just means we get to have our revenge later on!"

"Good point," I agreed.

I knew one thing for certain: my life was never going to be boring again.


A/N: Whew. Finally got this done with.

Not sure what to say other then to thank my beta for dealing with the random tense changing moments when Bella "vamped out". Those bits were kind of fun to write, though. I've always enjoyed being able to go into how I think vampires would think and react when they're focusing purely on their animal instincts and not their human emotions, you know?

Other than that, this was a blast to write and I hope everyone enjoys it. On to the next story!