Forgetting My Life


The ground was wet from the rain and was stained with streams of crimson as the girl lay in the alleyway unconscious and with blood streaming from her head. Her name was Mikan Sakura. A stray cat wandered past her, only noticing the rats scattering away. The birds continued flying over head, too busy enjoying their freedom to stop. And the crowds of people moved along outside the alleyway without a second thought to what could be down there.

A woman stepped away from the busy streets to take a cigarette break and set it ablaze with her lighter. She leaned against the alleyway wall and tapped her foot impatiently. She looked around her and then down the alleyway. She dropped the cigarette and screamed at what she found.

"Oh my god, are you okay?" she shouted, running over to Mikan. She shook her a little bit and stopped when she saw her bleeding skull. She took out her phone and instantly called 911. "Hello? Yes, I'm um in between 18th and 19th in the alley. I-I found a girl. She's unconscious o-or dead, I-I don't know, and she's bleeding a lot. Help."

The sirens wailed and the policemen swarmed. The kidnapped girl that disappeared a week ago was found.