Author Note: Alright, I'm going to have to tell you the warnings that couldn't fit on the summary. This story contains horrendous scenes, and mentions and references to interfacing. Now that is now off my chest, you may now read on!

Megatron yelled at the top of his lungs as he noticed the Autobots were trying to shoot the Nemesis down to the ground, "Those cursed Autobots! Knockout, Dreadwing, go and squash those Autobot pests!" He clenched his fists, turning around to the two Decepticons.

"Yes, Lord Megatron." Knockout and Dreadwing replied, and quickly ran off to from stopping the Autobots from attacking the Nemesis.

Soundwave looked from the window, staring at Knockout and Dreadwing. They were already getting injured, and it hadn't become a klick!

Megatron was probably watching as well because he screeched in fury. "Those weaklings don't deserve to fight with the Decepticons!" he growled, and then slowly turned to Soundwave, "Can I trust you with defeating Optimus?" His voice was somewhat calmer than a few seconds ago, but Soundwave knew he was frustrated over Knockout and Dreadwing.

Soundwave slowly nodded, and walked off, ready to destroy the Autobots.

He leaped off the Nemesis, and transformed into a jet. He sped off to the direction of his opponents. He passed Knockout and Dreadwing, who were surprised to see Soundwave coming to fight their battles.

"Megatron thinks Soundwave is better than me…" Knockout growled, clenching his fists tightly.

Dreadwing looked at Knockout.

"I…I mean…Us." Knockout corrected himself, smiling a little, but as he turned to watch Soundwave, he grumbled to himself, and bit his lip in anger.

Soundwave transformed back into a robot far from the Autobots. He extended his tentacles, one to his left and one to his right. He extended the two towards the nearest Autobot: Arcee. He easily grabbed Arcee by her legs, and lifted her up into the air.

"Scrap!" Arcee muttered, and transformed her servos into her guns. She quickly fired at Soundwave, but the Decepticon was too swift. Soundwave dodged her attacks, and managed to get close enough to the Autobot. They locked eyes for half a second, and Soundwave swiped at Arcee's body with the sides of his servos.

Arcee fell from the grip of the tentacles, but she flew across the clearing, and landed with a loud thud. She groaned as she struggled to get up. As she lifted her head up, something shot her in the shoulder. She looked up in the sky to see Lazerbeak, one of Soundwave's mini-cons.

As Arcee was dealting with Lazerbeak, Soundwave discovered his opening, and he walked up to Arcee calmly.

Arcee, already greatly injured by Soundwave's mini-con, looked up from Lazerbeak, and stared at Soundwave's visor.

Soundwave raised his tentacles to strike at the weak Arcee. But, Arcee just gave him a small smile. Confused, Soundwave looked around for a second or two, noticing that Lazerbeak was on the ground, nearly destroyed by Bumblebee.

Arcee quickly got out her blades, and deliberately slashed at Soundwave. She scratched Soundwave's visor, and after a series of slashes, she kicked Soundwave in the visor, cracking it almost entirely with her great strength, even though she was much smaller than Bulkhead.

Soundwave staggered, barely able to see through his visor. She looked around, wondering where Arcee was. Then, something hit him from the back. Hard. He fell to the ground, managing to get a glimpse of his attacker: Bulkhead…With his wrecking ball. He could slightly see Lazerbeak struggling to get to him, until Bulkhead stepped onto Lazerbeak, nearly destroying the drone. He reached out a servo to Lazerbeak, until something extremely heavy pounded against his head, and he plummeted into unconsciousness.

He woke up to see no Autobots…No Lazerbeak…And no Nemesis. He looked around, but his visor was too cracked for him to see a good distance away from him. He turned on his com link, trying to reach any Decepticon onboard the warship.

It was Knockout who answered his call. "Soundwave? What is it?" he sounded angry because of something.

Soundwave stayed silent…Like he always was.

"I saw what you did back on the battlefield. You were foolishly knocked out because of Bulkhead! When Dreadwing and I reported you to Megatron, he was furious! He couldn't believe that you fell to an Autobot!" Knockout paused, and then he began speaking again with a soft cackle. "The only thing that made Megatron slightly happy was to hear that you were killed! Of course, he was still upset that you were terminated…After all, you were one of his greatest warriors, but save some spotlight for other bots, will ya?"

Soundwave was about to say something, until Knockout began speaking once again. "Now, you can't go back to the Nemesis! You don't want Megatron to be frustrated that you were defeated by Bulkhead, and thought you would still be in your high rank, would you?" Knockout cackled once again, "You're alone now, Soundwave. Your visors cracked, and you can't track the Nemesis down. No one will help fix you up. Well, that's what you get for being one of Megatron's greatest Decepticons." Knockout ended the communication.

Soundwave just stood there in thought. He tried to call back the Nemesis once again, but it seemed like his com link wasn't working anymore. He begins to think of looking for the warship himself. It would use up my energon, but it is worth to serve Megatron once again, he thought. He tried to transform, but something was keeping him from transforming. He suddenly realizes that his T-Cog is missing! Autobots, he thought, and punched a nearby wall in anger. He walked off, barely able to watch his step.

Thirty minutes later, Soundwave discovered a grey wing tip underneath a rock. He crouched down, and looked at it. It reminded him of someone: Starscream. He stared at the wing tip, thinking of destroying it, but soon knew it would just be a waste of his strength, but if the wing tip was there, Starscrea would've been near. He extended his tentacles to protect himself, unable to scan the area because of his visor.

One minute went by…

Two minutes…


He thought of keeping his weapons out, but he was wondering if he was just becoming paranoid. He sighed in his mind, and looked down at his feet. As he was about to put the tentacles away, a seeker came from behind him, and he quickly fell into stasis as a blue beam of light hit him with its great energy.

He woke up to see a slim figure in front of him. His back against a rock wall, he stared into the eyes of Starscream…Only it wasn't. It was Slipstream, a female clone of Starscream. Soundwave quickly tried to unleash his tentacles at her, but it was like his weapons weren't there in the first place.

Slipstream laughed at him, "Stasis beams work really well when it comes to stopping weapons like yours."

Soundwave immediately got up, and unleashed his own servos at her. With swift attacks, he managed to get Slipstream off-guard, and hit her in the wing, but she was too fast enough for his other attacks. She swiftly knocked the Decepticon to the ground with one kick to his chest. She leaned over him near his cracked visor, "Not so powerful without your weapons, are you? Knockout is right. You're just trash."

I still have one trick up my sleeve, Soundwave thought, and sent out Lazerbeak. But then, he noticed that Lazerbeak wasn't with him! His cracked screen showed his astonishment, and Slipstream obviously read it.

"I don't think you should bother attacking me with your drone. I have hidden that pesky bird somewhere you will never find it." Slipstream smiled evilly.

Soundwave signaled the drone to return to him, but after a minute or two, nothing came back to him. He pushed Slipstream off of him, and he stood up. He began walking off to find Lazerbeak himself.

Slipstream began following Soundwave closely. "What are you going to do after you find Lazerbeak?" she asked.

Soundwave stopped in his tracks, and pondered for a moment. What was he going to do? The Decepticons thought he was dead, and Megatron is ashamed of him. He then looked at Slipstream, staying quiet.

After a few seconds, Slipstream began laughing softly, "That's why I like the silent-type. All of you guys go about wanting to protect your reputation." She gave the Decepticon a little wink, but it meant nothing to her, however.

Soundwave just ignored her comment, and began walking farther away from Slipstream.

"Hey!" Slipstream cried out, and took one of Soundwave's servos to stop him from walking. "You're so stupid! You're just like Starscream!" she yelled, looking at the back of his head.

That comment began angering Soundwave, and he clenched his fists.

"You can be less dumb, and I'll unlock your weapons from stasis, help you find Lazerbeak, and help you get back to the Nemesis in exchange for a place in the Decepticon ranks." Slipstream explained, uncrossing her arms.

Soundwave's broken visor slightly brightened, and he turned around. Slipstream smiled as he slowly nodded one time, and looked away from her.

Slipstream placed one finger underneath Soundwave's chin. "Now, was that so hard?" she asked with a dash of evil in her tone.

Soundwave said nothing as always, but looked into her red eyes, seeing the same eyes as Starscream's. Because of that, he felt like ripping out her spark, but he knew to wait until Slipstream offers her side of the bargain. He began walking off, and Slipstream followed close to him.

After a few minutes, Slipstream began talking in embarrassment, "The thing is, I don't know where Lazerbeak is."

Soundwave made a faint hissing sound, and walked off, planning on leaving Slipstream behind. He didn't turn around, but he knew that she was trying to transform. She was successful on transforming into a jet, but she didn't go airborne. She plummeted to the ground with a loud thud. She groaned, and transformed back one again. "What the frag?" she found out that one of her wings' tips chipped off. She began frantically searching for the missing part underneath the rocks.

Soundwave turned back around, and gave her a look that meant: I know where it is, but I choose not to show you.

Slipstream laughed, "You're trying to give me payback, aren't you? Well, good job on thinking of that…But next time, work on your plans." She placed her hands on her hips, and smiled a little. "Look," she began, "I'm willing to help you return to the Decepticon warship if you are willing to help me."

Soundwave thought about his decision, and looked down at the ground. After a moment or two, he nodded, and they shook servos.

When their hands touched, an electrifying feeling came from his hand to his cracked visor. He wondered in confusion and curiosity, What was that?