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some people never change

they just stay the same way

{change – the young veins}

As she looks on as he kills each person, one after another, she thinks it's beautiful. She got dragged into this wonderful mess, and she doesn't regret it. It's a wonderful world out there, but she loves wrecking it. And she will forever.

It's not just love for the damaged world she's helped die. It's more love for him. Him, who kills people without a second thought, who will live forever. He, who worries just because an old relic is gone.

Why does he do that? Why doesn't he pay more attention to me? she thinks. She is his right hand man, or woman, she should say. He owns her, but why can't he see what he feels for her?

He's too busy, she guesses, and sighs. Narcissa sees, and just ignores it, plain scared that maybe, just maybe, she'll be the next victim on the ground, dead. Bellatrix, bored and stressed, kicks a body. After it stops moving, it groans and Bellatrix laughs at the person's attempts to act dead.

She quickly silences the man by uttering avada kedavra and silencing the man's voice forever. She steps away and sees if her lord saw it.

No, he was too busy. As usual.

She sighs and leans against a wall, and pretends to be normal. While inside she's lovesick and just a schoolgirl.