I don't really know what I was thinking at that point in time. I had really thought that I had loved Patch. I still do, but I don't know what in the world possessed me to think that he loved me. Looking back on it all of the times that I had said that I had loved him he would say I know or thanks.

Now I know that I am three weeks pregnant with Patch Cipriano's baby. To bad he left me for that not in a good way whore Marcie Millar. Well here goes nothing.

I can't do anything about it. I don't know whether to keep it or to have an abortion. I mean here I sit staring at a tiny piece of plastic that could change my life forever. Do I really want to give my childhood up? No. Could I take a life? No!

I'm a child that might have a child.

What do I do?

Should I give birth to it?

Should I keep it?

Should I give it up for adoption?

Do I get an abortion?

Should I tell Patch?

These are all questions that are running through my head. There is really nothing I can do. I take a shakey breath and pull my phone out. I dial in the number and wait for it to ring



Then they pick up.

"Hello?" i hear them say. One more breath, and then

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Should she get an abortion?

Should she tell patch?