And She Shall Be Called Sanaa

Nyota unwrapped her hair and looked at it in its shoulder length bob... maybe she wanted to be certain to put it up, just in case this day got hectic and she did not intend on having hair all over her neck while she was swollen and pregnant. That could get quite frustrating, extremely quickly. Styik, as though reading her mind, uttered, "Put it up."

She nodded and agreed. A delicate bun in the back of her head was what she decided on. She looked at the black Starfleet Academy uniform that she wore and how it hugged her baby bump. Instead of being surprised by the arrival of Sanaa, their daughter to be, as they had been with their son, Sytar, Nyota decided that she would get off of the ship at seven months into her pregnancy and get settled in on Earth. Her eldest son, an adopted half-Romulan half Vulcan, Styik and her firstborn, Sytar were both with her, but Spock remained on the ship for a time longer.

The break helped a little. Nyota Uhura missed her husband so much that she dared him to try to be anywhere but their bedroom for the first entire day that he would be back... which should be some time this evening. Styik frequently traveled the hallways of Starfleet Academy, taking in lessons from the minds of the most prolific teachers in the building, while his mother was at work. One could never have too much knowledge, after all.

Sytar spent days being an adorable, but somewhat mischievous toddler – generally in the eleven year old, Styik's care, but occasionally being sent to a sitter, if Styik had an unplanned exam or an emergency lecture to catch on his comm, and Nyota was still working.

She took the two months that she had been on Earth to teach Advanced Xenolinguistics and training to be the Supervisor of Alien Languages Studies – a position that she would not begin to work in until after the birth of her child and her return to work following the inevitable leave of absence.

Spock would be the Chief Advisor in the Department of Scientific Studies and returning to his old playground of programming the Kobayashi Maru. Nyota was excited at the thought of being involved in that program, again. Although it once caused much stress between she and Spock, he now was disciplined enough and centered enough to where he would not require the tight-fisted regimen that he formally followed in order to do the job. Nyota smiled at her reflection and said, "Well, I sincerely hope that my last day of work isn't the worst."

"Even if it turns out to be, Father will return to us, tonight. The evening will be one to celebrate. I have already obtained the ingredients for our first dinner as a family and I intend to help you prepare, as well," Styik replied.

"Me too!" Sytar volunteered. She smiled at her boys, loving them so much, but being extremely eager to meet their sister, as well. Hopefully, the girl would come when she was supposed to.

From conception, almost, Sanaa had been quite disagreeable. Nyota was sick nearly every single day and today would have been no different, had she not been on a strict vitamin circulation that helped to nourish and calm the fetus... but she still would wait until Nyota slipped into the deepest and most rewarding sleep to begin to kick and punch everything within her reach – the girl liked to beat the hell out of her mother's womb and only at times when Nyota needed it the least.

Without Spock there to calm her, she would sometimes tough it out, not wanting to wake her preteen son and beg him to try to reach out to his sister for some peace. She wanted Nyota to eat all of the cookies, cakes, donuts, pie, ice cream, confections, candy, and sugar that she could think up and when Nyota was done – she would not only feel restless and wired up, but sick and nauseous. However, when she tried to eat regular food and healthy things, the baby immediately rejected them. What kind of girl would this child be? Nyota was interested in knowing, but more eager to just get her out of there so that the bodily troubles could cease.

Spock worked as though this day were no different than any other. Most of his shipmates were having emotional reactions to the fact that he would be leaving the ship, again, for a year; but many expressed their happiness that he would be reunited with his family. While it was not within his nature to discuss such matters, there was nothing that Spock looked forward to more than connecting with his children, and being with his wife again.

Captain Kirk kept looking at him with a sad smile. Spock had already explained that unless in the event of one of their deaths in the duration of the next year, they would be seeing each other again within at least that span of time – possibly sooner in the event of a special mission that he would have to be recruited for or one that would entail Kirk coming to Starfleet. Kirk would not press the issue of missing his dear friend. The last time Spock and Uhura were off of the ship, Kirk missed both of them every day.

Hawkins, bless him was a good communications officer, but he was no Lt. Uhura and no one was any type of officer such as Spock. He supposed that he would be spending ample time with Bones for the next year, if he got bored. Which, he knew that he would. He didn't like to bother him too much and take away from the time that Bones and Rand would want to spend together, but he would need SOME form of entertainment, other than sexual encounters with alien females, since he couldn't just go around the ship hooking up with his crew members.

"We are now in orbit," Lt. Sulu announced. Kirk sighed and stood up from his chair as Spock wrapped up a few things on his console and allowed the science officer waiting to take his place to step in. Kirk and Spock made their way to the turbo lift and rode in silence.

Nyota was there, leaning against Scotty's work desk, laughing and talking with him. Spock paused upon seeing her in person. She had rounded out more and her skin was bright and shiny. She froze when she saw them and rushed to hug Kirk and to touch Spock's arm and say, "You have been missed, Mr. Spock."She held out two of her fingers to him and he met them, with controlled pleasure. You are in for the night of your life, as soon as I get you alone... He fought a smirk threatening to throw off the calm of his face. "Where is Dr. McCoy?"She asked.

"Bones is probably pouting about the fact that he won't be delivering your baby, this time around. He had his heart set on it, but Starfleet Command simply would not approve his taking a short break from the ship, at this time.

The crew members began to have a conversation about general things – what the ship would be like without two of its most prized members, etc, when Nyota grabbed her stomach and groaned. Spock quickly placed his hands on her and tried to assess her condition. "That feels like contractions," she said.

"You can't get off of the ship, yet," Captain Kirk reminded her, then looked at Spock for confirmation.

"In the event of going into labor or possibly being in labor, no person is permitted to travel through a Starfleet transporter," he verified. "Mr. Scott, if you would alert Dr. McCoy."

Scotty saluted, with a smile and contacted Dr. McCoy.

"Are you kidding me? I may have to wait another month before I can have sex with my husband?" Uhura grunted. When her water broke, she threw her hands into the air, then folded them, letting the fluid simply pour down. "I think she hates me," she said, then curled over when another contraction hit. "If the start of this one's life is any indication, she is going to be one tough cookie."

Dr. McCoy came joyously rushing down the hall with a wheelchair to collect his friend and check her with a tricorder. "Everything looks normal, and even though you're having contractions, she's still got some time before she comes. Let's get you to medical bay."

Kirk contacted the bridge, as Spock followed Dr. McCoy and his wife towards the infirmary. "Bridge, this is your captain. Hawkins, contact Starfleet Command and let them know that we will be slightly delayed. Lt. Uhura is onboard the Enterprise and is going into labor..." He heard crew members on the bridge cheering and expected at any moment that one or more would be making their way to see about their friend, happy that she could share this moment with them, again.