Title: One Touch Is Enough...
Linked to: Consequences of Being Touched
Category: Missing scene, romance

Set: The Broca Divide (1x05)
Spoilers: The Broca Divide (1x05)
Pairing: S/J
Summary:What really happened when Sam jumped Jack in the locker room and he hauled her off to the infirmary? When did they change her into scrubs, who did it and how were they able to do it when she was so out of control by the time they got her strapped to a gurney? Prequel of sorts for CoBT but can stand-alone.

Rating: M
Warnings: language, graphic sexual content
Disclaimer: see profile

A/N: This fic is linked to my other fic, Consequences of Being Touched, and could be considered a prequel, yet I would suggest reading the other fic first (if you want, it's not necessary). Some paragraphs from this story appear in the other fic as I wrote them simultaneously for CoBT's dream sequences. It had been my intention to publish this a few weeks after CoBT's completion but forgot about it until I came across it today.

Level 25, Stargate Command,
Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs
March, 1997

Patting his face dry with the towel, Jack winced as he inadvertently touched the cut above his eye. It felt like the skin was starting to pull after his shower. He gingerly touched it with his finger, making sure the butterfly bandages from the new doc were still there and grimaced.

Trying to ignore the cut, he focused on getting dressed, glancing at the towel in his hand. One lousy towel wasn't enough to dry all of him, but at least he'd been able to dry his lower body and get his BDU pants on already. His hair was done too and though he'd quickly toweled off his chest it wasn't completely dry yet. The towel on the other hand was pretty much soaked, so he tossed it in his locker and grabbed his black long sleeve.

His head snapped to his right when the door to his locker slammed shut and it took him a moment to process his second-in-command was leaning against the lockers… "Carter!" Jack quickly donned his shirt. "Sorry, didn't know you were in here," he mumbled, frowning. She shouldn't be in here, since it was still the men's locker room. Last he heard Daniel was helping her take some readings from the gate. He himself had decided to get cleaned up because half an hour before the debriefing wasn't enough as it had been the women's turn for the locker room.

All of a sudden, she pushed against his shoulder, the momentum turning him towards her. Startled by the behavior – and attire – of his normally by-the-book 2IC, he racked his brain to try and find a reason for her behavior. He wondered if he should ask her what was wrong or reprimand her fo–

His brain short-circuited when suddenly her hands were in his nape, her nails scratching his neck and she pulled him towards her, her mouth pressed against his. "Mmmph!" It took him a few seconds to realize this was wrong on so many levels, his hands already moving to cup the back of her head. Instead, he moved them helplessly in the air until he pushed her away. "Carter, wait! What the hell is going on?"

Her hand still clutched in his shirt, Sam didn't bother tearing her eyes away from his deliciously sculpted lips. "I want you," she curtly informed him, her hand back on his nape to pull him close and her other arm grabbing his shoulder from behind, to keep him in place. She pressed her soft body against his hard planes, reveling in his silent strength.

Her soft lips molded against his, despite her aggression. "Why?" Jack mumbled in wonder as her tongue traced the contours of his mouth. God, that feels good, his befuddled mind thought. "I mean no," he protested, pushing her away as he once again realized this was totally out of character for her. Yeah, she was hot but she was also a junior officer, his 2IC, who didn't only have an impressive record but also a spotless one. "Carter, this is a little out of line," he scolded, trying to use his badass colonel-glare at her. She simply stared at him with those blue eyes and dilated pupils. "Don't you-"

Grabbing his shirt with both hands, Sam groaned and threw him on the bench next to her.

"-think? Ah!" He uttered, the breath leaving his lungs as his back impacted with the wooden bench. Before he could do anything else, Carter straddled him.

"You want me?" She asked as she leaned forward, her dog tags almost hitting him in the face. Moving her hips, she ground against him and kissed him.

"No," Jack replied weakly, his voice muffled by her mouth on his, as his body betrayed him and moved against her. "No, not like this," he tried to convince her. Him. Both of them. Pushing her away, he scowled at her. "For crying out loud-" the rest of his words were cut off as Carter kissed him again and he couldn't help himself but respond for a few moments. Grabbing her shoulders, he pushed her away. "Carter! What's gotten into you?"

Ignoring his questions, Sam captured his lips again. He couldn't lie to her; she could tell he was enjoying this. That he wanted her as much as she wanted him! Covering his body with hers, she pressed herself against him, wanting to make him hers.

Fuck! He couldn't withstand much more if she kept this up, he was only human for crying out loud! Wrapping his arms around her, he rolled them over, slamming her body onto the ground. She groaned her protest; either because he changed positions and took lead or because of the impact, he wasn't sure.

Nevertheless, she kept rubbing herself against him and he was enjoying it far too much. "It's about time you saw a doctor, Doctor," he told her, trying to remain professional as those mesmerizing blue orbs looked at him, almost pleading with him.

Jack tried to ignore them – her – but he couldn't help himself as she lay back and rocked her hips against his. The movement exposed the slender column of her neck and he quickly pressed his lips against the alabaster skin to taste her, before pulling her up off the floor. "C'mon Carter," he urged her as he hauled her up by her arms, holding her wrists tightly in one hand, keeping them pressed against his chest to immobilize her.

She kept moving her hips against his; it was the only part of her body she could freely move with his strong arms around her. Her breath was coming in short pants and her cheeks were burning, her senses all too aware of his presence. "I want you," she murmured breathily, reaching up on her toes.

He quickly evaded her mouth and looked around the locker room for some help. There had been plenty of men around when he came out of the showers, surely one of them could give them a hand with his captain? Jack groaned when she nuzzled his neck, her tongue darting out and he felt a surge of arousal go through his body at the electric contact. Keeping his hold on her, he dragged her out of the locker room and into the corridor.

This could not be happening… he'd been in lust with her since that first briefing last month and constantly had to remind himself that she was his 2IC and that it was wrong all the time those first few missions. She had proven to be capable, more capable than he'd expected a captain – and scientist – to be and he'd finally started to see her as one of the guys, his 2IC.

Then the mission to P3X-595 had happened and she'd started taking off-No, not going there! But he'd remained in control of his urges and thought everything would be okay if he just thought of her as Captain and Carter. Then they'd met the Shavadai and she'd been wearing that blue dress that made her Samantha. Christ, not thinking about that right now! "Carter," he barked as she tried to rub herself against him.

His body still reacted the same to her presence since that first meeting but now that she was so… scantily clad with that sweet little tank top number showing off her taut stomach and lean waist, it was even worse. God, how he wanted her. Just take her, but he couldn't! It was wrong on so many levels and damn, he had to get her to the infirmary.

"You want me," Sam stated, knowing he did. Why was he resisting? He was hers, she just had to claim him, mark him as hers. The others weren't worthy of him. All she could think about was him, how much she wanted him. The other men paled in comparison, he was the true leader; the most capable and attractive. She bit the tanned skin of his neck, licking the wound afterwards. "Want you."

"Fuck," he muttered, tearing himself away from that delicious mouth of hers. Her eyes, her entire face, lit up and he quickly pulled on her wrists as he bent through his knees, realizing what he'd just said. "No, we're leaving Carter," he mumbled, lifting her upper body over his shoulder and rising with her in a fireman's carry over his frame.

"Yes," she replied, fire burning inside of her as arousal coursed through her veins. They needed to leave, before the other men would challenge his leadership. His hand snuck around the back of her knee to grab her left wrist, which was hanging over his shoulder and she reveled in the touch of his rough fingers around the delicate flesh.

Jack tugged the hem of his shirt down with his free hand and looked around the corridor. It was deserted. Great, just what he needed. Groaning, he moved quickly, his thumb subconsciously tracing lazy figures on Carter's soft wrist. He felt her pulse race as they proceeded down the corridor.

Still no one in sight, which wasn't too strange considering Johnson and Carter were both acting weird so there were probably more affected people. Yet he'd expected some of the SFs to be around here… he jerked when he felt something against his upper arm, before realizing it was Carter's tongue. Damn it! "Carter, stop it," he growled, ignoring the itch he felt in his nape. She'd scratched him with her short, but apparently sharp nails earlier and now her lithe body was practically draped over his shoulders. He couldn't scratch the itch, it would be too tempting to scratch hers!

"I want you," she murmured, licking the skin that was showing through the tear in his sleeve. "Take me, Sir."

Clenching his fingers around her wrist he froze in the middle of the corridor. Her whispered plea was almost too much, especially when she moved her hips as well. The movement allowing her tiny top to ride up even higher and he could feel the warm skin of her stomach against his neck. He felt her grinding herself against his shoulder and immediately grabbed her left wrist with his free hand to still her hips with the other.

Too late did he realize where he was placing his hand. She moaned, rubbing herself even harder and he flexed his fingers in response, the tips digging into her BDU-covered six. "Damn you," he cursed. In one smooth move he had her back on her two feet and glared at her.

Sam grabbed his shirt and pulled him flush against her, her hips grinding against his. "Want you," she told him, her eyes darting around the corridor for her quarters. She'd come from them, before feeling the need to find him, touch him. He was in the locker room, she knew that, and it wasn't that far from her quarters. But now the arousal was clouding her mind, her senses filling with his proximity and his scent as she tried to inhale deeply to clear her head.

Jack tried to pull her off him, his fingers digging into the soft and warm skin of her waist. It was like her hands were everywhere, her arms wrapped tightly around him. He dropped his head to her shoulder, trying to keep himself under control as her short nails dug into his back and her other hand grabbed his six, making sure he couldn't move as she ground against him. Logically, he knew he could overpower her; though she was already level three advanced, he was level IV and had been working in black ops for years. But he didn't want to hurt her – much – and her supple body felt so good pressed against him.

Splaying his fingers over her skin, he felt her muscles tense under his palms and her nails dug even deeper into his back. The feeling elicited a small frisson of pleasure in him. "Carter," he groaned, his nose still buried in the crook of her neck. She had showered earlier and though there was a faint scent of a nondescript shower gel, her pure Carter-scent was invading his nostrils. The natural scent and warmth of her skin arousing him even further. Reining in his desires, he moved his hands up and straightened her top, trying to cover as much of her bare skin with it as possible.

"Let go of me," he ordered, trying to push her away. When it was obvious she wouldn't obey and simply kept nuzzling and biting his neck, he grabbed her hips roughly and backed her into the wall next to him.

The air left Sam's lungs on impact, the back of her head painfully connecting with the wall. She winced, biting her lower lip. "Ow," she moaned, tightening the grip her fingers had on his shirt. Her heartbeat quickened as he stepped closer, his chest pressing against her aching breasts to keep her in place. His body was like a looming presence casting a shadow over her much smaller figure when he straightened to his full height. The fingers of his left hand dug almost painfully in her side as his right roughly grabbed her chin, tipping her head back – her head hitting the wall again – so he could look at her with narrowed eyes.

He saw her wince as her head bumped against the wall but this time she didn't utter a word nor did she move. Her eyes widened though, as he came closer and those delicious pink lips of hers parted, her breathing becoming shallow. Jack's eyes roamed her face, lingering on her lips as her tongue peeked out to wet them and he had to restrain himself, his muscles tensing. He leaned in without volition, drawn in by her mesmerizing eyes and the promise of her swollen lips.

Her pupils were dilated, only a small dark blue ring was left of her iris and emotions were flashing through them. Lust, hunger, need, desperation, desire, determination… fear. He vaguely realized his size and strength intimidated her now that he was in control, that she was pressed against the wall with nowhere to go.

Sam's breath caught in her throat as a slow, predatory grin formed on his handsome face. His eyes were dark in the dim lighting, almost black and it made him look… feral and dangerous. Involuntarily she pressed her back flat against the wall, his grip on her tightening. She gasped and could taste him on her tongue as their breaths mingled due to their closeness. "Sir," she whispered in a hoarse tone.

Inhaling deeply, Jack briefly closed his eyes, trying to focus on the situation at hand. His thoughts were jumbled though and Carter's presence was overwhelming to his senses. Her scent, the feel of her arms, the softness of her skin under his hand… he flexed his fingers experimentally and she nearly jumped. Jack smirked, his other hand releasing her chin to slide down her throat.

Her eyes were wide, staring at him slightly apprehensive and he felt her swallow hard under his fingers. Following her delicate collarbone, his eyes dropped to her heaving chest. Her full breasts were pressing against his chest, the hard nipples brushing his torso on every breath. All he could think about was yanking off her clothes and taking her, right there in the corridor!

Fuck, no! He couldn't, it was wrong! Shaking his head to clear his befuddled mind, he placed one hand next to her head against the wall and pushed himself off. "Crap," he muttered absentmindedly rubbing the back of his neck, instantly regretting moving away from her as the loss of her warm body registered. He was this close to giving in, the self-control he prided himself on almost completely gone and all he could think about was making her his. What the hell was wrong with him?

Now that he wasn't keeping her in place, she moved off the wall. Silently stalking towards him, she still wanted him despite his rough treatment of her. It was insane, he was dangerous and stronger than she was, but she needed him. She ached for his touch, for his lips. They were alone, no one to interrupt them and no other woman to claim him. She'd seen him first, dammit!

She'd fight anyone who'd try to lay a claim on him! "Want you," she whispered, cautiously taking a few more steps towards him. It had been a bad idea to throw herself at him here now that the shock had worn off. She had to take precautions because he could tear her to pieces if he wanted. Rip her in half with those strong arms if he let go of his precious control.

Fisting his hands, Jack tried to keep a clear head. Something was wrong, Carter was like a wild animal and it was extremely out of character. Sure, he wanted to fuck her since day one and there had been some flirting, but she wasn't seriously interested in him. He was older, way less intelligent and her commanding officer for crying out loud! Ignoring his throbbing hard-on, he lunged forward and grabbed her by the arm. "You're coming with me," he growled.

"Yes!" She agreed as he yanked her with him, moving through the corridors. "I need you, Sir," Sam purred, her smaller hand closing around his wrist.

Whipping his head around he immediately noticed the desire and lust were back in her eyes. "To the infirmary, for crying out loud," he hissed through gritted teeth, pulling on her arm.

Sam clenched her jaw, standing her ground. "No," she replied, pulling back. The male nurses would separate them, might even challenge him or try to take her! And all the females would offer themselves to him. He was hers!

"Captain," Jack hissed in a low, threatening tone. Before she could react, he moved forward and ducked, throwing her over his shoulder and started towards the elevator again. A bit more uncomfortable than his previous hold on her but safer as he had his arm wrapped around the back of her thighs to keep her in place. At least she couldn't wiggle her legs or hips now.

Hanging upside down, she briefly admired his rear and squirmed in his arms, testing his hold on her. "Sir," she protested as the blood rushed to her head. Moving her bare feet, she brushed them against him. "You want me," she said smugly, holding herself up with her hands resting on his lower back and pressing her heel against the evidence of his arousal. When the need to find him had overcome her, she'd still been clearheaded enough to remove her boots so she could tread lightly and take him by surprise. Sam gnawed her lip, letting one of her hands slide lower to squeeze his ass and moved her hips against his shoulder.

Momentarily distracted, he tightened his hold on her legs and pushed her feet away from his tented BDU pants. "God dammit Carter," he huffed, moving one hand up to still her hips. Before he realized what he was doing, his hand was caressing her sweet six and she moaned low and loudly. A shiver of desire ran through him at the sound, making him wonder why he was refusing her again. He scratched his neck with his free hand, moving his head to the side. His face pressing against her hip, he nuzzled the fabric of her BDU pants.

Sam used his distraction as an opportunity and with a sudden move she made him lose his balance and landed safely on the floor. Before he could react, she pounced on him, throwing her weight against his chest. "Mine," she growled, her hands fisting his shirt and pushing him against the nearest wall. She was not letting another woman get her claws on him; he was hers, damn it! He might be strong, but he was still holding back and she could easily hold up her own with her newfound strength and determination. Somewhere in the back of her head she realized what she was doing was wrong, but her need for him was too big.

Jack let her slam him into the wall, bracing himself for the impact. Silently wondering how far his little captain would go. Hers? He wasn't too sure about that… yet. Her eyes were bright, desire and lust burning in them and he found himself wondering what they would look like if he would make her his, thrust inside of her to claim her. With a quick move that belied his earlier inattentiveness, he grabbed the back of her head, his fingers threading through the blond strands and pulled her lips against his. She gasped and he used that as his entry, thrusting his tongue into her warm mouth. His other hand grabbed her hips, pulling them against him before swiveling them on their feet.

Finding herself with her back against the wall again, Sam held her own, tugging on his hair as she dueled with his tongue. He was hers! She let out a low moan as he thrust his hips and ground herself against his pressing erection. One hand trailed down his back, clutching his tight rear to press herself more firmly against him. "I want you," she managed to say between kisses.

His lips were devouring hers, tugging, nipping and licking and she kept coming back for more. Her lips followed his, trying to thrust her tongue back into his mouth as he pulled back and sucking on the muscle when he claimed hers. He finally pulled back as something kept nagging at him, telling him he shouldn't be doing this. But he wanted to do this, do her.

Panting, he looked down at her. Her lips were swollen and glistening in the dim light, her tongue peeking out to lick at them. Moving his hand from the back of her head to cup her jaw, he traced the bottom lip with his thumb. Brushed against it, pulled on it and touched the pink tip of her tongue as he pushed it between her lips. "You want me, Carter?"

"Yes Sir," she replied breathlessly. She reveled in his reaction; the hand that had found its way to her ass tightening, his hips pressing against the apex of her thighs and his thumb smearing her saliva over her lips. His hold on her only allowed minimal movement of her hips, but she still ground against him. Her tongue darting out to taste his thumb as her eyes held his. "I need you."

Jack smirked, feeling powerful with her quivering body in his arms. He could take her right here and she wouldn't object. He wanted to, but he shouldn't, he knew that. But why not? She was offering herself to him and he'd be damned if he sent her off to the infirmary only for her to throw herself at someone with less scruples.

"Need me?" He questioned, enjoying taunting her a bit, pleased with her reactions to him. She was so… responsive. Leaning forward, he brushed her ear with his lips. Darting out his tongue out to follow its contours, he bit the lobe. "You couldn't handle me, Carter."

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