Teal'c silently moved through the corridors of Stargate Command, the strange Tau'ri projectile stun weapon in his hands. He felt more at ease with his staff weapon but he had sworn his allegiance to the Tau'ri and unlike the Goa'uld or his fellow Jaffa they appeared to value the lives of everyone. Even those that turned on their own.

Something had occurred today, causing the Tau'ri to behave erratically and rather primitive. Doctor Fraiser had theorized it was some kind of disease affecting certain individuals but was still awaiting more results.

In the meantime he had offered his help in tracking down affected individuals and bringing them to the infirmary so they could be looked after and taken care of without endangering the rest of the personnel.

His staff weapon was too lethal to use in defense and instead he had been given one of the projectile weapons O'Neill and Captain Carter used on missions, just without the lethal ammunition.

Now the weapon's effect was non-lethal, much like the zat'nik'tels he used to have before becoming a shol'va, and would result in the Tau'ri losing consciousness. Together with some of the unaffected Tau'ri he had patrolled the corridors and taken care of several fighting and coupling members of Stargate Command.

General Hammond had not been willing to take any chances after the Marines had been affected and wanted to protect the rest of the personnel against the ones who were showcasing primitive behavior. In the meantime Doctor Fraiser was searching for a cure while Daniel Jackson was doing research in his lab. O'Neill and Captain Carter were suspiciously absent and after finding several prominent Tau'ri in compromising positions Teal'c feared the worst. It was very much unlike O'Neill or Captain Carter to derelict their duties.

The last mating couple had been taken to the infirmary by his companions and now he was on his own, which perhaps was for the best in case he would come across O'Neill and Captain Carter and they too turned out to be affected.

Teal'c had never come across a disease or people with this behavior but he was aware of the primal urges the primitives seemed to have. He had also witnessed an attraction between his two teammates, something which apparently was forbidden on this world. Therefore he thought it would be best if there would be no witnesses once he located them. Hopefully he would succeed in securing them both without requiring the aid of others.

It did not take him long to find a damaged yet closed door in the former sleeping quarter section. There did not appear to be anyone else present on this level. However, the mark on the door could easily be that of a kick as he had witnessed other personnel using the same method to break through the doors on other levels.

The door appeared to be barricaded from the inside, fueling his suspicions that at least one of the affected personnel was present in the room. Most likely two or more, considering the quarter's accommodations and its former purpose.

Securing the projectile weapon in his right hand Teal'c placed his left shoulder against the door and pushed with all his strength in the hopes of opening it. Preferably as silently as possible as not to alert the room's occupants of his arrival. He had already been attacked several times today, keeping his prim'ta occupied with restoring his injuries and he did not wish to fall victim to this disease as well because of his prim'ta's inability to keep him healthy.

The door slowly gave way as a crash sounded from its other side and suddenly the barricade was gone, allowing Teal'c entry. Steadying the still unfamiliar weapon in his hands he cautiously stepped inside, wary of the danger that went with entering a wild animal's lair. He noticed an old mattress with an occupant underneath its woolen blanket against the wall moments before he saw movement from the corner of his eye.

Teal'c was unable to use the primary function of the Tau'ri weapon before his attacker was upon him but he managed to use its butt to hit the man on his chest and strike him with his fist in the face. Once the man was thrown against the wall with a yelp and slid down to the floor Teal'c realized it was O'Neill! Another survey of the room showed there were no other occupants than the two of them and the still sleeping form on the mattress.

"I apologize, O'Neill." Teal'c leaned down next to his comrade and studied his still form. It appeared he was merely unconscious from the impact with the wall, a small bump present on the back of his head. A bruise was already forming on his chest but otherwise he seemed unharmed.

Looking around Teal'c noticed the discarded clothing but decided to check on O'Neill's companion first. As he had suspected it was Captain Carter. She, too, appeared unconscious rather than merely asleep. Similarly to O'Neill she was undressed underneath the blanket, he noted as he lifted it.

A cursory exam of the discarded clothing articles showed that those of O'Neill were still intact but those of Captain Carter were torn. Teal'c collected the different clothing items and went over to O'Neill with the man's clothes. Having dressed several Tau'ri already today it didn't take him long to help the unconscious O'Neill into his clothing. Once he was done he left the man on the floor and went back to Captain Carter.

Lifting the small pack from his back Teal'c retrieved a set of clothing from the infirmary. After finding several members of Stargate Command partly or completely undressed one of Doctor Fraiser's aids had handed him and the others the blue clothing items to dress the affected Tau'ri before bringing them to the infirmary.

Teal'c laid out the blue clothing items and pulled the blanket off his female teammate. He quickly put the oversized top on her first, covering her modesty efficiently. Just as he reached for the pants he heard a soft moan behind him.

"Oh… for crying out loud," O'Neill muttered. "What the hell happened?"

Raising an eyebrow Teal'c went over to his comrade and helped him sit up. "Do you not remember, O'Neill?"

"Oy!" Jack grimaced when he felt the jolt of pain as he touched the small bump on his head. What was the last thing he remembered? "I don't know. I think… Carter attacked me?" That was very unlikely considering what a by-the-book officer she was and he really doubted she had tried to seduce him. In the locker room of all places! No, he probably had a concussion-

"Indeed," Teal'c confirmed. "It appears you are both affected similarly as Lieutenant Johnson."

"Who, me? No, that was all Carter! It was like she was nuts or something! I had to restrain her and dragged her off to the infirmary… hey, how did I get here anyway?"

"It would appear you did not reach the infirmary and instead sought sanctuary here with Captain Carter."

Jack huffed and got up to his feet. "Where's Carter?" He asked as he tried to right his clothes. For some reason they felt different than usual. He remembered hastily throwing on his shirt in the locker room once he'd spotted Carter, so maybe that was why.

"Over here," Teal'c said as he walked over to the mattress to continue his task.

"Whoa!" Jack quickly averted his gaze when he caught sight of her long, bare legs and the short hem of that blue shirt she was wearing. "What, eh, happened to her?"

"I do not know."

Well, he certainly had a sneaking suspicion! Not one he was going to share with Teal'c, though. Seeing the tranq gun on the floor he cautiously glanced at the Jaffa, trying to avoid catching another glimpse of Sama–Carter! Christ, what was wrong with him? Clearly something was up with the captain and yet he couldn't stop thinking about those amazing legs and what they would feel like around his hips… Shaking himself Jack cleared his throat. "Did you tranq her?"

"I did not."

"Oh," Jack whispered. "So maybe you should, before she wakes up and goes nuts again."

"Indeed, it appears she is waking now." As he reached for the pants Teal'c noticed Captain Carter began to stir! Unwilling to chance it he stepped back and used his weapon to shoot her with one of the darts from a few feet away.

Jack took in the room and then made his way to the damaged door to check out the corridors. They seemed deserted, just like when he'd dragged the captain off to the infirmary. Why couldn't he remember what had happened between then and now? Oh Christ, what if he had taken advantage of her? "Teal'c-"

"Captain Carter is decent," Teal'c interrupted him. Standing up, he easily lifted the woman in his arms. "I am unsure as to why you have reverted to your normal behavior, O'Neill. I think it is prudent you accompany us to the infirmary."

"Yeah, sure. Wait, did you tranq me?"

"I did not. I merely defended myself when you attacked me."

Rubbing his aching jaw Jack suspected the Jaffa was responsible for it. "You knocked me out?"

Teal'c walked over to the doorway to join him. "Indeed. You lost consciousness when you hit the wall."

"Maybe that's why I'm back to being me," he suggested.

"Perhaps it is merely temporary, O'Neill." Teal'c said, making his way to the infirmary. Hopefully the tranquilizer would be enough to keep Captain Carter unconscious until they reached their destination. It appeared the sedatives were more ineffective the longer one was behaving erratically.

"We'll see. Have to get Carter to the Doc first." He followed him down the hallway and up the stairs. "Where's Daniel?"

"Daniel Jackson returned to his office to research this phenomenon."

Jack nodded in understanding as they reached the infirmary. Casting a sideways glance at his friends he noticed Carter was already starting to stir. "I'll take her to the doc, you go check on Daniel. Maybe he has some progress."

"Are you certain, O'Neill?"

"Yeah, go. We're already here and there's nothing we can do for her anyway," he replied as he took a step closer. Jack reached out and grabbed the captain's hands as she started trashing in Teal'c's arms and then immobilized her arms as the Jaffa let her legs drop to the floor.

"I will return shortly," Teal'c said, grabbing hold of his projectile weapon once more before turning around in search of Daniel Jackson.

"It's about time you saw a doctor, Doctor," Jack said as he tightened his hold on Carter. Surprisingly she stopped fighting and instead went limp in his arms, a soft sigh her only reaction. Taking a chance he placed his arm under her knees and lifted her in his arms, with no protest from her at all. As a matter of fact she seemed to burrow closer to his neck! Ignoring the little thrill he felt at her proximity and the feel of her against him, Jack went into the infirmary. "I need a little help here!"

A couple of orderlies immediately came over as well as Doctor Fraiser, making Carter trash and growl. Suddenly Jack was relieved from her weight as five men carried her off to a bed. He watched with concern as she started wailing and kicking as they strapped her to the bed and someone injected her with a sedative.

"Don't worry, Colonel," Fraiser said as she followed his line of sight. Turning to her staff she called out instructions. "Keep her from hurting herself until the sedatives take place."

"This pretty much what Johnson has?" Jack asked.

"Oh, I'd say so, and the other members of the team. This is the strangest thing I've ever seen! Come on, take a look…"

The End