"Lara I won't you in my office first thing in the morning" Michelle says to over the phone.

"I will be there."

"Good cya tomorrow Lara." Lara puts her back down on the coffee table and takes a sip of her wine.

Rescue Special Ops base the following morning.

"Lara I'm not going to accept your resignation."

"But Michelle I'm a risk to the team to myself and our patients I have to go the last few days has shown I'm not firing off all cylinders properly."

"I know that but I have a compromise I won't to run past you. First I won't you to finish off all your reports and paperwork that is outstanding and then I will give you three months paid leave. You have 10 weeks annual leaved saved up and I can get you two weeks paid medical leave due to smoke inhalation. I won't you to spend that time deciding what you really wont to do, go travel see things take some time out. But I would really hate to lose you Lara. You're an asset to the team. If at the end of the three months you still feel like you can't come back then I will accept it or if you won't to come back on a trail bases I will do that too. So what do you think Lara?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"Nope not really, this way Lara you still have pay coming in to meet your bills, food this way you can sit down relax and think without worrying about those things. Now how many days will it take for you to get up to date on your paperwork?"

"Should have it all done by the end of today for you."

"Good now go to it oh and by the way you to stay here in the station no call outs for you Lara." Lara just nods her head as she leaves Michelle's office.

As the morning goes on Lara has noticed that Dean hasn't come in yet for the day. By the end of the day Lara is all up to date on her paperwork and hands it all over to Michelle before going down to the pub with the crew for some drinks before heading home.

Five days later

Dean is at home sitting down watching the sports channel when there is a knock on the door, he gets up and goes and answers it finding Lara on the other side of the door.

"Lara, um what are you doing here?" He says to her, his voice sounding surprised to see her there, having not heard from her since that night at HG when she told him she was leaving.

"Could I come I would like to talk to you."

"Sure come on in, how have you been?" He asks not sure what she won't to talk about but maybe they can do some friendly small talk. She walks over to his couch and sits down on it placing her bag on the table beside the couch. Of course for Lara she wasn't expecting him to allow her in so easily she was expecting some sort of fight from him about how she hasn't rung for a week, or at least him having a go at her about leaving Rescue.

Dean watches her and can see she has something to say but is not sure how to go about it. The years of working together and being such great friends they can read each other like a book, he sometimes wonder if their close working relationship is what broke up her marriage to Hamish, but he was pleased when that ended but before he knew it she was with Cam he had no chance of being able to get her for himself.

"Lara, what's wrong?" He asks her, she looks up him their eyes meeting, as she bites her bottom lip.

"Did you mean what you said on the roof top last week?" her voice very quiet as if she is worried about his reply.


"Why now? Why did you do it then?" she asks him, and he knows he owes her the truth.

"I'm not sure why I did it, I just had too. Lachie had been at me about it and I felt like if I didn't say it then I may never say it. Also you were saying you were going to leave and I thought that if I don't do it now there may never be another chance to tell you." He says as he is sitting beside her, both looking at each other as he tells her, she can tell that he is telling her the truth.

"How long have you had these feelings for me?" she asks.

"I think you know how long Lara, it's just been a case of ignoring them."

"Is that why you asked me not to marry Hamish but could tell me why?" She asks and he nods his head.

"So what is your plan now you've left Rescue?" Dean asks trying to change the subject.

"Michelle has me on leave for three months. Time to re-evaluate my life, decide if I do won't to stay or not."

"You will keep in touch won't you?" he asks and she can hear the hint of worry behind his voice, and she can tell he is allowing her an out if she wants to take it without being so hard on him.

"That all depends on you Dean." They look at each other again, and instead of talking Dean leans in and kisses her, it's a soft gentle kiss, both unsure if they should be doing this, unsure of what the other will do once they click to what is going on.

"Does that answer your question?" He asks after they have broken apart their foreheads touching each other.

"Yep it does." He then puts his arms around her pulling her to his chest as he leans back on the couch with her lying on top of his chest between his legs. They don't talk they just lay there in each other's arms watching the TV.

Lara has been away for two months now, the team have noticed how Dean hasn't been coming down to the pub as much if at all, He often stays late to finish paperwork, won't go out with them on weekends and just often keeps to himself. Everyone thinks it is because of Lara leaving and the fact she hasn't spoken to anyone since she left. But that is not why he hasn't been going down to the pub, he's had more important things to deal with the pub not being one of them.

"Dean can I talk to you in my office please?" Michelle says to him as the team are sitting down writing incident reports for their last rescue.

"What is it Michelle?"

"Close the door please." She says, and as Dean closes the door everyone in the team wonder what is wrong, as Michelle only does that if it is highly important and not good news.

"I got this today." She says as she passes him a letter from the firm Pavin Genetics. Dean starts to read it as Michelle goes and sits down.

"You're joking right?" Dean says to her.

"No I rang them, it's true."

"So do we need to send in new samples and have you told Johnson yet?" he asks her.

"No I haven't told Ian yet, I just thought I should tell you first before him." Dean can see Michelle is upset.

"Michelle we will get through this, let's just wait and see its most likely correct don't worry about it till you get the next letter."

Dean leaves her office a few minutes later. Thinking that he might be James father after all, but he decides to not get his hopes up as the test could have and most likely was correct.

Two weeks later

"Michelle its Lara, do you have time to talk?" Lara says over the phone to Michelle as she sits on the couch.

"Sure do Lara what can I do for you?"

"I was wondering if there was any refresher courses going, my Paramedic stuff needs updating soon or I lose it all."

"So you've made a decision then?" Michelle asks her.

"UM not fully, I won't to do these refreshes and see how I feel after that."

"well I can put you through them but if you don't come back I will need you to reimburse us the costs."

"That's not a problem Michelle but there is another problem."

"You and Dean." Michelle says a smile going on her face. So far she is the only one who knows about the two as Lara has stayed in contact with Michelle since leaving, plus when Lara when on holiday Dean came to the pub a few days in a row.

"How did you know?" Lara asks sounding shocked.

"Well there was the time you went on holiday and Dean was all of a sudden happy to come to the pub when before he wouldn't, you've been sounding a lot more happy plus the other day when I rang on his RDO I heard his voice in the back ground talking to Vince. Plus there has been no sign of him chasing any woman."

"Oh." Comes from Lara.

"Look Lara as long as it doesn't affect your work it will be fine but if it does then we will have to look at it."

"I fully understand."

"I'll get the info to you by the end of the Day I think there is a refresher week coming up within the next week or so I will see if I can get you onto it."

"Thanks Michelle." The two talk for a few more minutes before saying goodbye and hanging up the phone.