"Vince you got an update for us?" Dean says as he is driving to the scene with Lara in his vehicle with him, phone on speaker.

"Multiple causality's, Dean no-one is sure why the grandstand collapse it was just checked over two days ago as well. They have cleared everyone out just in case. People on the ground there have said there are several trapped and there is a large number unaccounted for."

"Any idea of numbers?"

"Over five hundred so far, before everyone leaves their ticket stubs are being collected. I'm on my way there as well with more gear. Michelle should be there on the ground already, team two should arrive in a few minutes, and they have been told you're over running both teams but each team does answer to their team leader, but Dean if you so no to something they have to listen."

Fifteen minutes later the team are busying looking at the mess in front of them.

"Ok Ben this is what I am thinking. You and your team go to the other end of this mess and start working towards the middle, my team we will start at this end."

"I'll do what you say boss."

"Nope don't say that Ben we both have highly functional teams that work great for us. You lead your team and do as you see fit and see best. We do this all the time I don't see the point in asking me before you do it. Unless you think you need our help."

"Ok sure thing." The two teams then break up.

Over the next hour they find and treat a number of people, young, old, male, female.

"Dean this is Ben come in over."

"Yes Ben, Dean here."

"Hey I need you and your team over here; we need extra air lifting bags, your combi tool as well and bring three extra back boards please."

"Sure thing how many injured?"

"We have ten trapped in one small space, but if we lift one side it will press down on the other side we need to lift in several locations to get into them to even assess them to get them out."

"Heidi and Chase are good and small they might be able to get in for us."

"Good thinking." They say over the radio as the two teams meet Dean See's what Ben is talking about.

The two teams work side by side, after five minutes they have managered to get Heidi, Chase and Lucy down in to the area where there are trapped rugby fans.

"What we got down there Heidi?" dean asks through their portable radios.

"There is five trapped and three that aren't but they will need assistance to get out of her. I need equipment to stabilize two broken legs and the other is experiencing back pain." She says and the team get to work, they decide it is best to get enough of a gap to them lift the injured out on back boards. There is just so much metal around that Dean is worried if they shift it too much it might collapse more or worse someone else who is trapped might end up worse off. They cut off some of the metal and make the hole bigger then they get everything they need then they start the slow process of winching out their patients with Ambo on standby close to take over once they are out.

It takes a good hour before they finally get out the last patient then work on their team members.

Three hours later.

"Thank you everyone for you great work today." Michelle says to the group, as they all stand around her. "Ben, Dean your teams did an excellent job working together it's great to see when we need it you two can work so well together." Michelle into a few more details with the team before they leave. The team have to leave some of their ropes and gear behind till the scene has been released by the police.

"Well our secrets out now babe, you ok with that?" Lara asks Dean on their drive home.

"Well it had to come out at some stage and it saved us deciding when to tell them." He replies as she rests her hand on his leg as they drive back home.

The two are only home for about ten minutes before there is knocking on their door.

"Great can't even have five minutes peace before they arrive." Lara says as she watches Dean shower in their brand new bathroom, as she puts on a bathrobe to go answer the door.

"Honey leave it and get in here."

"Dean they will stay out there till I let them in."

"So what and anyway if Chase is with them or Lachie they will be inside within a few minutes now get your behind in this shower now." He says to her with some cheek. She gets in to the shower with him. The two wash each other and enjoy the time together before getting out about 15mins later and drying themselves off, of course the whole time they have shared a number of kisses.

"Shhh" Dean says as they both are quiet and step out of the bathroom and quickly head to their bedroom.

"See told you if the boys where here they be inside in no time."

"There goes our quiet evening then."

"Like that was going to happen anyway. How's your head you look a little pale?" He says as he notices her completion is not as colourful.

"I'm tired, got a slight headache and just won't some time alone with you." She says as she walks up to him and wraps her arms around his waist.

"How bad is the headache?" he asks her and he places a kiss on the top of her head.

"Only small I think it is because I'm tired and with helping out at the scene this evening hasn't helped either."

"Well I told you to take it easy but you wouldn't listen."

"And the Ambo's needed a paramedic to help them and you can't say it wasn't a help being able to off load straight to me."

"No your right it was a help, I was just worried that is all you took a nasty hit a few days ago."

"Anyway we should head out that lot sound like they are getting noisy." She says as the two head out to the lounge to be greeted by their team and also Shane and Fiona.

"I see this lot know about you two now then?" Shane asks Dean when the two are in the kitchen.

"Yes they sprung us this afternoon before we got called in." he replies back to his dad as the two sorts out the food for everyone.

"Thanks for getting this dad." Dean says as he sorts out some food for Lara and gets her some pain meds.

"Thank Chase he was the one who rang and asked if we could get it for you all and having seen the live updates over the TV of what you guys were doing I didn't mind. You all would be too stuffed to cook."

"That is what frozen meals are for dad, those nights when we can't be bothered cooking or are too tired."

"You mean you're not living off takeaways as much as you use too."

"HAHA dad, we still do that too." He says as he walks away with Lara and his plate of food while the others tuck into what they want.

"Well at least there is still another game we can watch." Lachie says as they all get comfortable in Dean and Lara's small lounge room. Though Shane, Fiona, Dean and Lara sit at the kitchen table and talk while the others watch the game.

"Well it's nice to know my son has met someone worth redoing that horrible bathroom of his for."

"Thanks Shane it was rather horrible wasn't it?"

"Sure was how could you withstand those lime green tiles for so long Dean?" Asks Fiona.

"Well…" Dean is cut off by his brother.

"Hey you four get over and watch the game with us." Lachie says as Michelle and Vince turn up as well.

"We heard the party is here tonight."

"Michelle who's with James?" Comes straight out of Dean's mouth. No hello or welcome just concerned about his son

"Grommets with him tonight Dean." And he relaxes knowing he isn't with Ian.

Over the next two hours the team relax and watch the game on the TV, Lara only makes it half way through before she ends up falling asleep on Dean, Michelle having fallen asleep on Vince. The noise being made by the boys not even waking the two. Heidi and Fiona are playing cars at the kitchen table, watching Lara and Michelle and how comfortable they are sleeping on the two males.

"Ok everyone time to go now." Dean says once the game has finished and they have seen who has gotten player of the match.

"Oh come on Dean we can watch one of the other games." Chase moans to his brother.

"No Chase time to go home you and Lachie can watch the other game at your flat." He says as Shane and Fiona help guide Jordan, Heidi, Chase and Lachie outside. Shane drives Lachie car and takes Lachie and Chase home while Heidi had only drunken one drink drives her and Jordan back to their places.

Dean moves and Lara accidently wakes.

"Go crawl into bed honey I'll be through shortly." He says other and she gets up and walks to their room half asleep.

"Vince what do you two wont to do head home or stay here?"

"I think we will head home not sure how well Grommet will handle James overnight." He says as he gentle wakes Michelle.

"No Vince baby five more minutes please?" Comes out of Michelle's mouth.

"Do not say a word of what you just heard Deano." He says as he mangers to wake Michelle up and the two say goodbye to Dean.

Dean locks the rest of the house up puts all the trash in a bag, turns the lights off before he heads to bed.

When he arrives into his bedroom he finds Lara already sound asleep in their bed, he quickly changes before getting in himself pulling Lara into his body as sleep claims him as well.