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A sudden crashing sound filled the chamber as Harry Potter dodged the first strike from the twenty meter (60-ish feet) basilisk that Tom Riddle had released. He could barely hear Riddle taunting him as blood pumped in his ears and adrenaline surged through his body from the mere sight of the beast, let alone getting attacked. He was watching the shadow of the beast waiting for the proper moment to possibly put a spell into it's mouth, but he knew even that might not actually harm the monster. It was just about to lunge again when suddenly Fawkes the phoenix flamed in front of him a dropped the battered old Sorting Hat. However Harry knew he didn't have time to wonder what the phoenix could do as he had to be prepared to dodge for his life.

Luckily for though the phoenix was distracting the enormous snake. As he watched the shadow he could only guess that Fawkes was ripping out the monster's eyes, and a quick look up confirmed that idea. Looking down Harry figured that Fawkes must have brought the Sorting Hat for a reason so he quickly put it on his head as Riddle and the basilisk were currently distracted by Fawkes.

"Hello Mr. Potter it has been quite a while since I've poked around in your mind," the hat whispered in his head.

"Hello Mr. Hat. Not that I don't appreciate you but is there anyway you can help me out here," Harry responded while slowly and silently making his way into a pipe off the side of the room.

In response to this something hard and heavy seemed to fall out of the hat and hit Harry quite hard in the head nearly knocking him out as stars swam though his vision. Just before he took off the hat to see what had hit him he heard a very quiet whisper , so quiet he wasn't sure he even heard it, "Use it well Mr. Potter."

When Harry pulled off the hat he was most definitely surprised. Here in his hands was the bloody sword of Gryffindor. This made no sense, he was a Ravenclaw after all. He suddenly heard Riddle shout at the basilisk to ignore the phoenix and find him. A plan suddenly formed in his head. It wasn't as good as his usual ideas and plans but desperate times call for desperate measures. As quietly as he could he snuck out of the pipe and into the corner of the room, making sure to stay out of Riddle's sight as he did so. When he finally made it to the corner he could see Riddle looking at Ginny Weasley hungrily as if he couldn't wait for whatever ritual was going on to be over. Looking behind Riddle he could see he basilisk moving around the room trying to find him. It was time to enact his plan.

"Hey Tom, are you upset your pet snake over there is blind?" It seemed to do the trick as Riddle looked furious, Harry didn't know if it was because of the fact the beast was blind or if it was the use of his real name that enraged him, probably both.

~KILL HIM!~ So far so good in his plan as the basilisk began moving toward him and raised it's head ready to strike. Harry held up the sword waiting for the perfect time to do this. He was ready. The adrenaline in his system honed his reaction time to be perfect. His higher brain functions seemed to dull once he taunted Riddle and he was running on instinct now. Suddenly the snake truck and Harry knew this was the moment to attack. Just as the snake lunged he threw up his hand with the sword in it piercing the roof of the basilisk's mouth right into the brain killing it.

Harry was overjoyed that his plan worked, until the worst burning pain was felt in his bicep. Looking at it he could see the fang that pierced his arm spreading the lethal venom through his blood stream. Every beat of his traitorous heart spread the venom farther down his arm and closer to his chest. He fell back a combination of pain and shock ripping the fang from the basilisk's maw. Fawkes landed near him with the book in his claws as Riddle seemed to gloat about his death but he couldn't tell, he was in too much pain.

He did, however, notice the journal that Riddle seemed to care about. In one last feat of strength Harry ripped the fang out of his arm and stabbed the journal hoping to achieve one last act of defying the idiot who killed his grandparents. What happened when he stabbed the journal was not what he expected in the least. The image of Riddle seemed to scream in pain yelling at him to stop. After mere seconds of stabbing the journal, the furious screaming visage of Tom Marvolo Riddle seemed to explode into light. He was immensely relieved that at least with his dying act he would stop the bastard from being resurrected. He could feel his vision swimming for a moment before the pain started to ebb. He was incredibly confused until he seen Fawkes crying into his wound. 'Of course,' he thought, 'phoenix tears heal almost any wound.'

However, he could still feel the pain and he somehow knew that it was too late, that even with the tears in his system he was going to die, and strangely he was okay with that. He didn't mind giving his life to save his friends. Amazingly after thinking this he could see Ginny waking up from her diary induced coma.

She sat up suddenly looking around frantically yet not seeing anything in her terror. When finally calmed down enough to think straight she spotted Harry looking pale with a phoenix on his lap. She did the only thing she could think of and ask a question, "What happened?"

"I came down here and killed the beast. You need to go back Ginny. Your brothers are worried about you," he replied barely keeping the pain out of his voice, "Just go back through the tunnel and use the ladder to go back up. You should be able to find everyone in the great hall waiting to leave Hogwarts."

"But... what about Tom? What about you? Are you alright?"

"He's gone Ginny he won't hurt you anymore. I'm fine, just have to rest a moment then I'm going to explore the chamber see if anything else here is important," he quickly lied, he didn't want her to see him die.

"Are you sure your going to be alright?" she asked again only to receive a nod in return and quickly fled the chamber.

Harry sighed in relief that she left, "We were great weren't we Fawkes?"

The bird seemed to understand and trilled a response that seemed like an affirmative.

"Can you do me a favor Fawkes?" He received another trill in response. "Can you get me the sorting hat? I need to talk to it." Fawkes looked at Harry for a moment seeming to try and decide what the boy wanted with the hat but after a moment decided to get it for him. "Thanks Fawkes." He grabbed that hat after Fawkes gave it to him and put it on his head.

"Ah, Mr. Potter it seems that you were successful in your endeavor to kill Slytherin's monster."

"I need a favor hat. I'm dying." This seemed to get the hat's attention and quickly agreed to the favor if it was within his power, this boy did after all save the school he was apart of.

"Thank you. I need you to give a eulogy for me to the school. And I also need you to give my last will and testament... I can already feel myself fading. Just search through my mind to see what I wish to give everyone as well as the material for a eulogy." If the hat seemed surprised at this it didn't show it. Harry could feel the hat against his occlumency barriers and quickly let them drop so the hat could perform it's task. He could feel himself fading quickly and knew his time was short. It only took a minute for the hat to complete sifting through Harry's head for all the information it needed and was saddened by what it found. "Thank you hat... and thank you Fawkes. I'm afraid... this is where we say goodbye..." And with that Harry Potter expelled his last breath. Fawkes let out a sad trill and flamed away with the Sorting Hat.

Back in the great hall most students were anxious wondering when they were going to leave the school. The professors were hoping that whatever took Ginny Weasley down to the chamber wouldn't be coming up to where they were. The Weasley's were distraught that their sister wasn't getting rescued and Charles Potter the boy-who-lived was spouting off nonsense about being able to save her if he would just be let go. And lastly three girls, a large group from Ravenclaw, and Professor Flitwick were worried about the other Potter that seems to be missing along with Ginny Weasley.

The worrying was broken by the screams and starts of most people as a large flash of fire exploded in front of the teachers table. Everyone relaxed when they seen that it was Fawkes with the Sorting Hat in it's grip. The phoenix dropped the hat to the table and sat next to it. Right before the hat could speak Ginny Weasley opened the door to the great hall once again startling everyone thinking it was Slytherin's monster. Relief spread through many students at the sight of the girl everyone thought was going to die. The biggest relief was seen in the Weasley's as they rushed forward into a group hug asking questions as fast as they could. Are you okay? What happened? How'd you get out? They kept asking questions until the hat, feeling annoyed at being interrupted before he could speak, yelled out, "QUIET!" Instantly everyone, including the teachers quieted down as no one had ever heard the Sorting Hat yell like that except when announcing someone's house, and even that a quieter than what he yelled. "I have two important announcements that need to be made. Slytherin's beast is dead!"

This announcement was met by cheers from everyone, staff and headmaster included, though the Headmaster's was a but more reserved. The cheers subsided when the hat continued to speak. "Yes, good new. However it is my displeasure to announce the death of Harry Potter."

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