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As they walked to his library Harry, and after the three girls were able to get him to calm down, was getting grilled by his friends. "Harry how are we going to get to your library if we're currently in Hogwarts?" This had been nagging Hermione since he offered to take them to it, but having the opportunity to see new books and later experimental research had temporarily overrode her need to question about it. But now that the they were on their way she was confused. So far he was heading back to the Ravenclaw dorms.

Harry thought for a few moments on the best way to answer his learning obsessed friend and finally decided to answer in the most infuriating way he knew how. "Magic, Hermione." This of course got a huff from Hermione and a crossed arms glare. Feeling this was the only answer she was going to get she let it go for now and decided to try another route of questioning. "Harry... how are you... well, how are you alive? I mean was the sorting hat lying when it sad you died?" This of course was not the best question to ask.

Daphne glared at Hermione for bringing up such a thing, and the teachers began listening intently hoping for an answer. Hermione could see the tears welling up in Daphne' eyes. Seeing this she instantly regretted asking that question, she knew how Daphne felt about her friend and realized how the idea of Harry dead was making her feel. Both of the two girl's thoughts were broken when they heard a sigh from Harry. "I don't honestly know Hermione," Harry stated while hugging Daphne closer to him after seeing her reaction. "I don't even have any ideas on how it's possible right now. I'll have to experiment a bit to guess what could have happened. I'll probably have to ask for some help from some contacts of mine who are better at things like this than me." He sighed as he thought about it, he really hated owing people favors.

Everyone perked up a bit after hearing about Harry possibly having contacts. He was still a Hogwarts student after all, even if he was the heir of an old house like the Potters. Professor Flitwick decided to ask the question this time. "Mr. Potter, if I may ask, who are your contacts? You must admit it is unusual for one so young to have contacts."

Harry thought about how to phrase his answer to not give away too much about the people who have helped him in the past. He didn't mind the question too much. His head of house had previously guessed how Harry's home life had been and how he felt about his personal matters and, though, Harry had neither confirmed nor denied it Flitwick could read between the lines and generally didn't ask personal questions unless it was important. Because of this he knew that Professor Flitwick only asked personal questions if he was worried about who might be contacting a twelve-year-old and didn't take offense to it. "My contacts...would prefer that I don't peak of them Professor." This caused the tiny man's eyes to widen slightly at hearing this and Harry knew the man got the message.

Everyone quieted as they approached the Ravenclaw dorms. After ringing the knocker in the mouth of a raven statue an animal appeared in the painting behind it. The animal itself was a raven and everyone who wasn't in the house thought it was somewhat redundant, thought ironic, that there were two raven's guarding the house of ravens. The raven in the painting, after taking a moment to survey the crowd, spoke. "He who builds me, does not need me; he who needs me does not use me; He who uses me, never sees me; what am I?"

"A coffin," Harry answered earning him a few looks at the promptness of his answer though Daphne, Hermione, and Luna were not surprised as this was the norm for him. "Come on, we're almost there."

The entourage quietly followed Harry wondering how he could have hidden a library in the dorms. After reaching his dorm room Harry strode a quickly as he could, since Daphne attached to him, to his trunk. "Everyone," he began, "welcome to my personal library." This caused him to be on the receiving end of many confused stares which caused him to sigh at the lack of everyone's imagination. "Honestly no imagination whatsoever." After shaking his head he turned to Daphne and whispered to her, "Daphne, you have to let go for a moment. You can hold my arm again when we get into the library but for now I need it" She looked up into his eyes and slowly let go and stood next to Luna and Hermione who both hugged their friend hoping to keep her calm until she could get back to Harry. 'Honestly,' thought Hermione, 'its obvious enough for me to see but Daphne can't.'

Harry knelt down in front of the trunk and looked at it admiring it for a moment. It was a deep red color with 4 leather straps evenly spaced that wrapped around the trunk from top to bottom. The leather was held together by black rivets and there was a silver plate under the lock that had Ravenclaw houses idiom: Wit beyond measure is a man's greatest pleasure. The lock itself was the same black metal the rivets that held the trunk together were made of.

His moment of admiring over Harry placed his thumb over the keyhole of the lock. Everyone could hear a sound of metal moving and seen Harry twitch as if he felt a small amount of pain. After a moment a lock click could be heard and the trunk opened automatically. All of the students were confused, including Harry's close friends. However the professors only needed a second to realize how the trunk's lock worked.

"Mr. Potter are you aware that blood magic has been labeled as a dark art by the ministry and using it can get the practitioner anywhere from a heavy fine to time in Azkaban? What do you have to say for yourself Mr. Potter" Professor Babbling yelled at him obviously not happy about the idea of a student practicing a magic as volatile a blood magic. Instead of a sheepish look like she expected, she received a small chuckle from Harry.

"Professor I have never even attempted blood magic. I've read about it in the Potter Library and somehow the idea of a failed ritual or spell killing me isn't appealing." This earned him a glare from the professor and Hermione, the former because of the casual disregard for her concerns and the latter because of the idea of talking like that to a professor that didn't do anything wrong. "You actually might appreciate this Professor. It's actually a rune locking sequence with my blood as the key. Once it's opened it vanishes the blood and it re-locks when its close again." Everyone, including Babbling, looked impressed at that, if little disconcerted that it used blood as it's key.

"Mr. Potter," questioned Flitwick, "is it safe to assume this is the cause of your fellow Ravenclaw's hair random changing colors throughout their classes?"

Harry just smirked and opened the trunk. Everyone looked in and seen a ladder that descended approximately ten feet into the trunk. The professor's, and the students who grew up in the magical world, faces had a look of understanding at how a single trunk could hold a private library. The muggle-raised students looked shocked at the expanded dimensions of the trunk causing Harry to chuckle at the look on their faces.

"Well, no point in wasting time," he said with mirth clear in his voice. "I have a feeling that everyone here wants to see my books and I need to get in contact with some people." He quickly climbed down the ladder and waited for everyone else to come down. He was not surprised that Daphne was the next down or that she latched onto his arm again the moment she touched down. "Daphne," he whispered, "you don't have to worry. I'm alive and intend to be alive for some time yet. When we get into the main library I want you to enjoy yourself and look at any books you want to. I'll be in there with you the whole time. I just need to talk to the professors and them hopefully some friends of mine and then I can answer any questions you have about what you, Hermione, and Luna have read. So just relax and have fun, okay?" She looked into his eyes and seen that he was telling the truth and slowly nodded which earned her a smile.

Once everyone was down the ladder they could see they were in a twenty foot long and ten foot wide hallway of sorts. At the other end of the hall was a door with three rings with symbols on it (a/n think of it like a bulls eye and every ring has symbols on it.). Guessing what this was everyone, friends included, stared at the boy. "What?"

"Harry are you feeling paranoid?" It was Daphne who voiced the question that was on everyone's mind. At his confused look she continued, "I mean, you have a lock on the outside that requires your blood and now another lock that's inside?"

"Oh, no I don't think I'm paranoid. The friends of mine who picked up the trunk for me told me I should put at least two security measures in the trunk if I'm putting anything that I want to keep secret in it," he answered absently while staring at the rings with a look of concentration on his face. The apparent disbelief Harry showed by waving off their apparent concerns of his paranoia made everyone chuckle or giggle at him.

"Aha!" he suddenly yelled causing everyone to jump, with the exception of Flitwick, at the unexpected noise. He walked the few feet towards the rings oblivious of the glares he was receiving and spun them around, much like one would a lock for a locker. After a moment of turning the rings three or four symbols glowed on each ring and a magical pulse could be felt "I think just over a minute is a new record for me," he declared proudly.

Again everyone stared at him. "Harry," Hermione began," are you telling us you didn't know the combination to you own... runic lock?"

"Good guess Hermione. This is a runic lock but it's also combined with some muggle ideas for puzzles. I can also tell you that I had no idea what the combination is. It randomizes every time someone closes the trunk." At this point everyone decided to let the fact that when it came to his books, Harry was a tad paranoid. Daphne thought this was probably why they hadn't seen the books and research till now.

Oblivious to the thoughts running through everyone's mind, Harry pushed on the wall with the runic lock and everyone watched as a door sized section of the wall swung back on invisible hinges.

Behind the door was what appeared to be a fifty-foot by fifty-foot room, give or take five feet. The ground was carpeted with a dark blue and had the Ravenclaw house crest on it. The walls were painted the same blue with a soft gold trim.

In the far left corner were a few bookcases, which were a deep mahogany brown color. The far right held what appeared to be a thin box on a desk, which was also mahogany colored, with a black board in front of it and a small ovalish object next to that. Next to the desk was a bigger looking box with black rope coming out the back (a/n: it's a computer described wizard way). There were also a few other boxes near the desk. One had what looked like white parchment coming out of the top. Two others looked like they were made of metal and had two handles in front (a/n filing cabinet).

To the groups immediate left after walking through the door they spotted a couch with a table in front of it. The couch was a much paler blue than the rest of the room and had very light yellow trimming around the edges. On their other side looked like a potion lab with some other strange devices around the cauldron.

"Welcome to my actual library," he said grandly. He looked over at his friends teachers and people who were just interested in more books. Noticing the awed looks on many of their faces at the look of his library made him snicker. "Come on let's go to the bookcases. Everyone can pick out a book to read and before you leave I can conjure a one day copy." He finished this statement with a yawn which got a worried look from a few people since it was still early in the day, still only about two o'clock in the afternoon.

"Harry are you okay?" Daphne asked looking up at him with worry evident in her eyes.

"I'm fine Daphne. After talking to the teachers and sending some mail I'll take a nap on the couch."

Daphne frowned at that. "Harry you shouldn't sleep on the couch. I don't know what you went through down there," she teared up just thinking about it, "but sleeping on an uncomfortable couch isn't going to help."

"I'll be fine Daphne. If there's one thing I learned, it's that sometimes muggles have much better ideas that us wizards." A few people sent him incredulous looks at this so he continued, "The couch pulls out into a bed if needed. This wouldn't be the first time I've fallen asleep in here," he finished with a lopsided grin. This also earned a glare from Daphne at the thought of him falling asleep in a trunk.

"Daphne, Luna, Hermione. Go pick out some books to read. You can come back later if you don't like it." He watched them go off fondly before turning to the professors. "Sorry to keep you waiting. Let me just grab the books and I can show you why I asked you to accompany me." Saying this he walked over to one of the big box shaped objects a opened a drawer that they couldn't see from a distance. Pulling out three paper back books Harry walked back to the waiting professors.

"Mr. Potter before you show us what you have there may I ask you how you afforded this trunk? From what the sorting hat said you didn't get too much money from your parents. After all this trunk must have cost you thousands of galleons," Professor Flitwick asked as he seemed to become the professor's unofficial spokes person, most likely due to his status as Harry's head of house.

Harry seemed to shift his wait from his left foot to his right and then back again, looking decisively indecisive. After a few moment of hesitating he came to a decision and answered the small man. "I sold had my contacts sell a few spells to the ministry for me. It payed for the trunk and some other things." This seemed to satisfy Flitwick who nodded his acceptance. It wasn't surprising he created spells, after all the Sorting Hat had told that to everyone.

"Thank you for your honesty Mr. Potter. Now what is it you wish to show us?"

"These," he said holding up three books written on that strange white parchment, "are books I've written in my best subjects. One if for arithmacy, however I integrated it with the muggle math called calculus, or at least as much as I understood. It teaches the basic idea behind the mathematics of spells and numbers as well as a rough overview on how to simplify existing spells and an even rougher overview on some spell creation." He handed the book to Professor Vector. "This is a book for runes and rune creation. I integrated with the muggle math geometry and trigonometry to create more precise and more powerful rune clusters." He handed the book to Professor Babbling. "And finally I have a book on basic general magical theory. It describes how magic functions and how to best make your spells work with the least amount of power necessary for the core magical subjects. It's mostly directed for muggleborns to help them with the disadvantage of not knowing about the magical world, but it'll work for anyone." He handed the last book to Professor Flitwick. "I wanted the three of you to read the book and critique it when you have time. I was actually hoping we could put some copies in all the common rooms for people who are taking the classes if you find them satisfactory," he finished sheepishly.

The professors decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and at least read the books. Harry was ecstatic to know that his plans for those books were coming along nicely. "Oh one last thing Professor Flitwick. Do you know how to conjure something and make it last twenty-four hours?"

"I do Mr. Potter, why do you ask?"

"All of my books have a rune on them that prevents them from leaving this room. I was going to send some mail and then take a naaaaaap," he said yawning again. "Luckily the runes won't affect conjurations, and I was hoping you can do it for everyone who wants to take out a book. This way I don't have to track it down."

"I can do that for you. And thank you Mr. Potter, for trusting me with this."

"No problem Professor. You're actually one of the few adults I have even a shred of respect for."

With that Harry walked over to his box and seemed to tap the board for a while though the professors couldn't tell what that would do. They were fascinated however, when he pulled the cushions off the couch and pulled out a bed.

Harry had no idea why he was had suddenly tired in the last half hour but he had a feeling that Daphne was right and something unprecedented happened down there in chamber. He hoped his contacts got back to him soon so he could start his research in earnest. There was only so much he could do with his current equipment. With that last thought going through his mind, Harry laid down and closed his eyes before falling asleep for a quick nap.

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