It was 6 in the morning and I jumped out of bed quickly. I was looking forward to the day when I finally got some time to bond with the women who stole my brother's heart. For the longest time I thought my older brother was gay and he was afraid to come out. I don't think any of us would have had a problem if he brought a man home; we all just wanted him to be happy. Christian never really discussed it with any of us but we knew something happened to him before he joined our family that still affects him until this day. But I am so pleased that he has found someone that makes him happy.

Ana was so beautiful and polite the first time I met her, I know I can be a handful but she was so kind to me. I know my parents are dying to know who she is and what it was about her that grabbed my brother's attention. Since I have absolutely no shame, I took one for the team. I decided to call her up and invite her out to lunch knowing she would never refuse. As predicted she agreed and we decided we would meet up today! I have been tossing and turning all night, I couldn't sleep out of excitement and nerves.

I started today just like any other day with my vigorous work out regime. Today's goal was to run from my place to the end of the park and back, then go for a swim to cool off. It was a beautiful day and I just wanted to exercise outside, it would be a shame to let this beautiful day go to waste. I changed into my exercising gear, tied my hair up into a topknot, grabbed my iPhone and took off on my run.

The air was crisp and clean and I was in the zone. I needed to just get rid of all my anxiety before I met her. I began to play different scenarios of our lunch together in my mind and this kept me distracted enough to realize I was halfway past my goal. Running felt good, it was so freeing. I closed my eyes for a split second and tripped.

"Shit" I gasped and I hit the ground in the most ungraceful like manner. Thankfully no one saw me fall and I get back up and I try to walk it off but I trip over a rock? "You've got to be fucking kidding me!" I yelled.

Suddenly I see someone running over to me. "This is just great!" I'm visible upset I hope to god I'm not injured, I specifically went shopping for today! Not only that someone saw me trip, how embarrassing! I take my headphones out of my ears and set my iPhone on the ground beside me.

"Are you okay?" it's a young males voice asks me and lends a hand to help me up. I take it.

"Yeah I'm fine," I say and I'm clearly out of breath. "Sorry."

"What are you apologizing for?" he asks, this guy is full of questions. I look up at him, wow he's gorge! Big blue eyes and blonde hair. I took my time before I answered his question because I didn't even know why I said that and his beautiful face was distracting.

"I'm leaning on you and you're a stranger and well… I guess it's mostly because I'm extremely embarrassed right now" I quickly reply and I gaze down at the floor.

"No need to be embarrassed love, here let's get you to a bench" he smiles and he has the most beautiful teeth. He puts my arm around his shoulder and helps me to a bench and sets me down. He's got some decent muscle and he must be in his mid-twenties.

"Are you hurt, uhh…?" he's asking for my name… I panic for a second I can't remember anything.

"Do you know what year it is?" he asks, I must have looked so confused.

"2011' I reply.

"Good, for a second there I thought you might have hit your head" he's concerned for me? Who is this guy?

"Mia" I say breathlessly.

"What?" he asks, what is with all the questions with this guy?

"My name, it's Mia" I look straight into his eyes. I don't know why I'm so shaken. I feel breathless, anxious and sleep deprived. I'm embarrassed, sweaty and smelly and this guy is effing hot. I'm just overwhelmed right now; I need to get out of this situation NOW!

He gently grabs my left hand "you know Mia, it's more so the idea of falling and getting hurt than the actually physical pain that is most bruising" he says. Who does this guy think he is? My shrink? I want to just snap at this guy but because he helped me I'll let it slide.

"I don't think I'm hurt, I'm just a little shaken that's all" I put my right hand over his hand "thanks for your help and concern but I should be getting back to my work out" I get up to leave.

"Sure no problem. Have a nice day Mia!" he yells as I bolt in the direction of my home. "HEY! MIA WAIT!" he calls but I just pretend not to hear him and continuing running.

I finally arrived home and I'm breathless I must have gone into overdrive on the way home. I need to shake this odd start to today off. I quickly run upstairs and into my room and remove my clothing and jump into the shower.

Once I'm out of the shower I wrap myself in a white towel and walk over to my closet and open the doors. I walk into my closet and reach for the dress I specifically bought for today's occasion. I set my outfit and accessories of the day out onto my bed. I'm not sure if this is exactly appropriate for lunch with Ana so I decided it was best to call lily up and ask her opinion. But knowing lily she'll be extremely jealous if I go into detail about my lunch since she's jealous of any girl that Christian accompanies. I'll just tell her I'm going out to lunch with a friend I haven't seen in a long time. I reach into my work out gear to look for my iPhone and I can't find it.

"Breathe Mia, Breathe" I closed my eyes because I'm about to lose my mind. What is wrong with me today? I continue searching because I might have misplaced it. I retrace my steps in my house and I'm frantically looking for my lifeline. I manage to run down the spiraling stairs and Andrew Norton, who is my British butler, takes notice that I'm looking for something. He's been working for me for 2 years now and he's a great friend. I suspect that he's gay but he never really goes into detail about his relationships.

"Miss Grey? Were you looking for something? Can I be of assistance?" He asked. Norton is in his mid-forties, strong built but lean. He had silver hair and a receding hairline but he still looked younger than his age.

"Mr. Norton, I'm looking for my IPhone! I swear I had it when I got home" I said in a panicked rush

"Calm down Miss. Grey I'm sure it's somewhere around here. Now if you can remember the last place you saw it-" I stop him before he can finish his sentence.

"OH MY GOD HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO STUPID AND ABSENT MINDED?" I screamed "When I fell! I left it on the floor and that guy helped me. He was calling after me and I ignored him! I need to go back!"

"Miss. Grey I will call the driver up for you, when will you be ready?" Norton asks

"I need my phone now! I'll just head over there myself" I darted out the door

I begin to run down the path towards the gate and Norton is calling after me "Miss. Grey! I suggest you put something on"

But before I could stop and look down at myself the young man who helped me near the park earlier locked eyes with me and I stopped dead in my tracks. I'm wearing nothing underneath this towel and I'm not about to give this guy a peep show.

"MIA!" he yells jogging in my direction "I called after you earlier but you just ran off! You forgot your phone" He smiles. Gosh he has just beautiful teeth, SNAP OUT OF IT!

"Sorry I didn't hear you" I lied.

"Yeah I figured" he replies sarcastically. Oh no… he can sense that I'm lying. I flush because I'm a big fat liar and I'm naked underneath this towel. Some kill me already.

"Thanks so much for bringing my phone back, my whole life is on this thing"

"Of course I know how it feels to lose my phone and the worst part-" he puts his hand up to cover one side of his mouth as if to tell me a secret "when it isn't returned to you" he laughs

"Oh that really sucks" I smiled "I can't thank you enough for bringing back my phone, I must repay you please allow me to offer you a ride home or anywhere really."

"Oh no that's okay, I was just headed down to the park to walk around and observe my surroundings"

"No please I insist, Mr. Norton please tell the driver to be ready as soon as possible to take-" I realized I never got his name "I'm sorry I don't think you gave me your name"

"Yes that's because you didn't ask" he said annoyed. Take aback by his reply I step backward and My old self is just knocked right back into me. He laughs.

I prepare myself with all my feist I take two steps forward and we're practically chest to chest. I look up at him "Mr. Norton, please get the car ready for John" I narrow my eyes at him "or do you prefer Mr. Doe?" I cocked my head to one side like Christian does. My brother is the king of intimidation and it always seems to work for him.

He looked surprised by my reply and steps back; yes two can play this game, I step forward and he keeps stepping back. Thank you Christian and your creepy intimidation ways "uhhh I was only kidding Mia I didn't mean to upset you" he holds his hands up and shrugged his shoulders.

"Look I don't have time for games I am quite a busy woman and I'd like to get back to my life thank you Mr. John Doe for helping me find my phone" I snapped and with that I slowly walk away "I assure you that Mr. Norton will assist you in any way he can and I bid you a farewell John"

I strut all the way back into my home making sure my towel is tightly wrapped on my body to show my curves off and once I reach the doors I turn right around smile at him and wave. I slam the doors shut and I immediately want to call Lily but I halt. The irrational no-filter Mia is back and she's taking no prisoners tonight. I quickly turn and open the doors before I can change my mind.

"OH JOHN!" I practically sang and he's right by the door by now. "I'm sorry if I snapped at you it's kind of been one of those days you know?" he looks like he's sweating I must have made him nervous or something. God bless my big bro, I must thank him later. I am back with a vengeance! This is perfect!

"Oh my, you're sweating John, here" I take my towel off and hide my nude body behind the front door and throw it at him. He's shocked and his jaw hits the floor, "good day-"

"E- than," He stutters "Ethan" he corrects himself before I can use John Doe again.

"Good day, Ethan" I wink at him and slam the door before I get any other crazy ideas.

"Ethan" I whispered breathlessly.