Their number was somewhere in the building, planning on downloading some very inappropriate photos of a co-worker for a blackmail ring. Finch's eyes were pinned to the red blob on the thermal surveillance camera feed. Its blinking reminded him of a heartbeat.

The only audio with this vague visual was the noise from John's mouthpiece. Heavy, yet calculated breathing and if you listened really well, you could hear a faint licking of the lips. Very faint. For Harold, it was easy to picture the rest of the scene from far too much firsthand experience. When on the hunt, Reese's eyes narrowed just barely than their usual squint and his whole body looked pinched. His face aged and darkened an extra ten years; he had a pout of concentration he would never admit to. A weapon in his hand was like an extension of his hand.

Since the Root…incident, there had been a subtle change between billionaire and operative. An openness that Finch had never realized was not present until it was…if that made sense. Either way, it was refreshing and both sides adjusted to the new step in the relationship after a month or so. More and more, Finch was finding himself checking up on John without an excuse of a number – with no excuse at all really but to mention a certain sports game Reese might want to go to or lightly pressure him into going to a tailor. The non-reasons were wide in variety but equally pointless. For a first time since leaving Grace, Harold felt like he had a true companion. Not just a gun for hire to help save the people he so damned was his machine. Someone who cared for him and someone he cared for. Someone that didn't get terribly flustered at his four in the morning calls about new security in the library. Someone that would do little adjustments to the library office space, like added pillows, and not comment on Finch's need for them. At the same token, John was someone who he would handle a gun for. Someone he subconsciously check the GPS location of, besides Grace, at random times in the night. Someone he would honestly die for if needed.

Harold finally had a friend and his name was John Reese.

AN: Just caught up with Season 3 and got around to ending this story ^^ I just wanted to end with some short fluff.