A Helping Hand

Chapter Fifteen: A simple life

Lovino and Antonio have now lived together for a year since the fight with Frederick. Of course the Vargas name kept that out of the records and made sure no one got in trouble for it, so they can live a normal life. Feliciano is moving in with Ludwig today, since Gilbert has moved out to live with Matthew. Ironically enough the only one of the three Vargas sons who has any interest in taking over is the youngest, Marcello. He is thriving under Romulus' order and has even fallen for a young blonde boy by the name of Peter from his town.

On weekends he'll call Lovino and ask for Antonio so he can get advice on how to 'woo' a dense person. Really though, he should be asking Lovino since Antonio's the most dense person he has ever met. He doesn't mind though, his boyfriend talks to his brother about the mushy stuff and he gets to talk to him about the family business, which in his opinion is far more interesting.

Speaking of business, the café is a huge hit and Antonio has finally agreed to let others help. Abel and Raivis mostly, who, as Lovino expected, ended up together. The store has increased it's customers by over 80% from when Antonio was running it on his own, giving them the option for a bigger home if they so want, which Antonio doesn't and Lovino doesn't much care. Instead they go on trips every two months for a week. It's nothing like Lovino dreamed for himself as a kid, or even as a teen, but this is what he has ended up choosing.

"Lovi! Abel and Raivis have gone home so it's time to clean up!" Antonio calls, pulling Lovino out of his thoughts.

"Ah, right, I'll go makes sure everything in the kitchen is off." He says, walking back to the kitchen as Antonio washes down the tables.

As the two work on shutting the store down, a group of men come running in wearing ski masks and holding knives. "We're here for the Vargas!" A man in front of the rest yells at Antonio, bringing a knife up to his throat. "Hand him over!"

"Haha! Hey, Lovi, we have visitors!" Antonio calls in an amused tone.

"Well get rid of them!" Lovino groans, unable to see what is going on from the kitchen.

"If you insist", mumbles Antonio, a dark smirk coming to his face before his fist connects with the man's gut and sends him to his knees from the strong impact. At the sound of the groan Lovino pokes his head out, watching as Antonio seamlessly takes each one of them down before tying them up to chairs.

"…Huh…" Lovino mutters, staring at the men dully.

"So…" Antonio begins, cracking his knuckles and staring down at the men menacingly. "What do we do with them?"

"I already told you to get rid of them." Lovino reminds him, watching as Antonio grabs the men and drags them off. Of course he couldn't expect to get out of such a life so easily. Admittedly, while their lives are mostly peaceful, there are still men who try to take down the eldest son of the Vargas family. With Antonio around though Lovino rarely actually fights the people himself, opting to let his boyfriend take care of it because Antonio acts before he can, and when the Spaniard is angry or shows off his strength it's ridiculously hot. Not that he would say that out loud.

Antonio quickly comes back, his normal smile in place. "You're like a creepy guy beacon, Lovi!" He teases, leading the way back to their house.

"Yes, thank god for my brave boyfriend." Lovino counters, watching in amusement as Antonio smirks.

"Does your brave boyfriend get a reward?" Antonio ask, not waiting for any sort of reply before pinning Lovino to the door as soon as it's closed.

Lovino smirks. "I'll get you some nice socks."

"Ahhh, my Lovi spoils me~!" The Spaniard coos, nuzzling his face into the crook of Lovino's neck.

"Yes, well, I'm just a great guy like that."

"How very true." Antonio agrees as he brings one of his hands from Lovino's wrist and rests it on his hip, pulling his body closer.

"If beating men up turns you on we have some serious issues to deal with." Lovino teases, his breath hitching as a brazen hand moves from his hip to slide into his pants and cop a feel.

"Don't be silly, Lovi", mumbles Antonio as he begins to lazily stroke. "I had this planned when we got up this morning."

Lovino chuckles under his breath, giving in and allowing Antonio to do as he wants. He follows the man into a heated kiss, leaning into the roaming touches of strong hands until both land on his butt.

"Wall or bedroom?" Antonio asks in a hushed tone, his lips grazing Lovino's ear.

"Bedroom." Lovino answers simply before his thighs are lifted from under him, making him wrap them around Antonio's waist as he's carried to the bedroom. Inside their now shared room, Antonio goes to lay him down, only to trip and make them both topple over unceremoniously onto the mattress. The two of them sit there laughing for a minute, Lovino teasing him about how clumsy he's become until Antonio rolls onto him, silencing his taunts with another kiss.

Limbs entangle and soon bodies are connected as Antonio slowly moves inside of Lovino. The Italian lets out a low moan when Antonio hits that special bundle of nerves, his fingers burying themselves in the messy brown hair. The room is filled with the sounds of both men moaning, the other's name on their lips when they climax. Lying next to each other, Lovino allows Antonio to pull him into his arms.

"I would like fluffy rainbow socks." Antonio says, making Lovino stare at him incredulously.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"You said you'd buy me socks. Gilbert got some fluffy yellow ones a few weeks back from Matthew when he got scared of some giant spider."

Lovino snickers. "Matthew got scared of a spider? Isn't he some sort of computer wizard?"

Antonio stares at him for a minute. "It…it wasn't…Matthew…" He says slowly. "That got afraid…"

Lovino blanches for a moment before covering his face and laughing hysterically. "Of course! What was I thinking? Why would Matthew be afraid of it? That's fucking hilarious! He bought his boyfriend a gift because he got scared! Man, Matthew is a more impressive boyfriend than I thought!"

"Now Lovi, Gil is allowed to be afraid of spiders. You cried last time you saw a snake, remember?" Antonio points out, effectively silencing the Italian beside him.

"Never tell anyone about that and I will buy you those rainbow socks." Lovino mutters and Antonio smiles.

"You've got yourself a deal, Lovi!"

It's not a fantastic life on the edge, or one even filled with power and prestige. Most days are fairly predictable and laid back and unbelievably domestic, something that used to disgust him. Thanks to Antonio, though, such a mundane life is perfect to Lovino.

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